Supernatural Cast on the Season 10 Gaffe You Didn't See: 'We Messed Up'

Supernatural screwed up, and it’s all Felicia Day’s fault!

At Comic-Con earlier this month, co-stars Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard confided to Michael Ausiello that last season’s 21st episode — AKA Day’s swan song as Charlie — was shot out of sequence due to the actress’ busy schedule. And the rejiggering caused a few problems behind the scenes.

“We messed a few things up,” Collins acknowledged, before elaborating on what specifically went wrong (you’ll have to press PLAY above for those details).

Collins and Sheppard also dropped a few hints about the “apocalyptic” Season 11 premiere (airing Oct. 7), and what impact The Darkness’ release will have on both Cas and the presumed-dead (or, per Sheppard, the absolutely 100 percent dead) Crowley.