Once Upon a Time Season 5: My Hopes for Dark Swan, Rumbelle and Others

Once Upon a Time Season 5

With the clang of the Dark One’s dagger — now emblazoned with Emma Swan’s name — on Storybrooke’s Main Street, ABC’s Once Upon a Time pointed itself down a very new and dangerous path.

The Darkness that has consumed assorted individuals over the course of centuries has fled Rumplestiltskin and — at Emma’s own, brave, selfless doing — found a new host in the onetime Savior. The twist promises wildly different storylines for not just Emma (dubbed “Dark Swan” in promotional materials) and Rumple, but also for those who love them, and until now have known them in a precise way.

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The mission to save Emma will apparently take viewers to King Arthur’s Camelot, where Merlin (AKA the Sorcerer AKA the one who can rid the realms of the Darkness once and for all) resides. But beyond that, little is thus far known about the fantastical drama’s plans for Storybrooke’s heroes. So until I tackle my bi-annual deep dive with series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, here are some of my hopes and wishes for the half-season to come.

Take a peek inside my (sometimes-scary) brain below, then weigh in with your own hopes for Season 5 (premiering Sunday, Sept. 27).

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