The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story: Judge Lifetime's First Cast Photo

Melrose Place Lifetime Movie

If you squint your eyes, tilt your head and down two bottles of wine, the cast of Lifetime’s Unauthorized Melrose Place Story (Oct. 10, 8/7c) could totally pass for the ensemble of Fox’s iconic primetime soap.

Lifetime has released the first official cast shot from its upcoming tell-all, which aims to reveal what went down behind the scenes of Aaron Spelling’s popular drama from 1992 to 1999. Curiously, several key Melrose players are missing from the group shot, including whichever lucky actresses been given the honor of playing Kelly Rutherford and Lisa Rinna.

For your convenience, we’ve gone ahead and blown up select portions of the cast photo to give you a better look at who we’re dealing with here. First up, from left to right: Chloe McClay as Josie Bissett (Jane), Ryan Bruce as Grant Show (Jake), Frank Bailey as Andrew Shue (Billy) and Ciara Hanna as Heather Locklear (Amanda).

None of these four look too much like the actors they’re portraying, though I have to tip my hat to McClay; she nailed that classic Jane Mancini smirk.

Melrose Place Lifetime Movie

Next, we have Joseph Coleman as Doug Savant (Matt), Brandon Barash as Thomas Calabro (Michael) and Ali Cobrin as Daphne Zuniga (Jo). In this trio, Coleman comes the closest to looking like the actor he’s portraying. Seriously, he could easily pass off as Savant’s son.

Melrose Place Lifetime Movie

Lastly, there’s Lanie McAuley as the oft-forgotten Amy Locane (Sandy), Chelsea Hobbs as Laura Leighton (Sydney), Rebecca Dalton as Courtney Thorne-Smith (Allison), Karissa Tyner as Vanessa A. Williams (Rhonda) and Teagan Vincze as Marcia Cross (Kimberly).

Melrose Place Lifetime Movie

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