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Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Good Wife Gig: Julianna Margulies 'Closed the Deal'

The Good Wife Alicia and Alex

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on the fence about making a series-regular commitment to The Good Wife — that is until the show’s leading lady-slash-producer Julianna Margulies intervened.

In an interview with TVLine, the actor — who’s currently starring opposite Halle Berry in another CBS drama, Extant — explains what Margulies did that “closed the deal” for him to join the Season 7 cast. Morgan also addresses speculation that his Good Wife character Alex is both the ‘new Kalinda’ as well as a love interest for Margulies’ Alicia.

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TVLINE | When do you start?
I start on Tuesday. Right now I’m at my farm [in Upstate New York]. Doing farm crap.

TVLINE | CBS confirmed that you’re playing an investigator that Alicia hires, leading folks to dub you “the new Kalinda.” Is that a fair characterization?
I haven’t watched a lot of episodes of The Good Wife. I never even saw the show until I signed on, and then I watched seven episodes. I know he’s an investigator that goes to work for Alicia. Beyond that, it’s a little bit of a mystery. I’ve only read the first script.

TVLINE | How was the role pitched to you?
I can tell you that he’s an ex-lawyer who got into some trouble and finds himself now being an investigator. He’s got a laid-back personality and a quick wit. I like that kind of dynamic. And I think it will be a nice dynamic for Julianna to play off of.

TVLINE | Is he going to be a love interest for Alicia?
I don’t know. I haven’t been told that. I know there’s a lot of speculation.

TVLINE | Do they know each other?
No. It’s their first meeting.

TVLINE | Do they hit it off instantly?
She’s going to hire him, so, yeah, they do hit it off. She’s intrigued by his personality.

TVLINE | Are you and Julianna friends?
Yes. I’ve known her for probably 10 years. I’m excited to go to work with her. When the offer had come in I was in the middle of working [on Extant] and I had to think about it. To go from one show to another without a break was a little daunting. And I got a great e-mail from Julianna and that’s what closed the deal for me. I just wrote her back and said, “I’m in.”

The Good Wife returns Sunday, Oct. 4. Extant Season 2, meanwhile, moves to Wednesdays at 9/8c after Big Brother beginning July 22.