Did Masters of Sex Find Big Love? Who Killed Devious Maid? Boardwalk Stunts Beat Arrow's?! And More TV Qs

Masters of Sex

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Masters of Sex, The Strain, Devious Maids and Graceland!

1 | Would you watch a medical drama Defiance - Season 2spinoff centered around Defiance’s Doc Yewll?

2 | Did Killjoys intend for us to LOL when the surrogate walked out of the ship carrying the child she had given birth to mere minutes ago??

3 | Does Serena Williams’ comedically impressive 7 Days in Hell appearance make her a contender for a Saturday Night Live hosting gig?

4 | On Masters of Sex, how Big Love-y was Bill’s vacation with his wife, his longtime mistress and their weirdly blended family? And how is it that the children have aged considerably, but Virginia, Bill, Libby and George never seem to get any older?

5 | Didn’t it seem like it took True Detective‘s backup police cars an awfully long time to arrive at the shootout?

6 | Is the son on The Strain, like, totally different for Season 2, or just looks very different…? And is his dad actually making a run at Dutch so soon after bedding Nora? Lastly, did you see anything creepier this week than a group of blind kids immersed in a vat of soil?

7 | Is Big Brother‘s John the most obnoxious “Diary Room loud-talker” in the show’s history?

8 | What was the bigger crime: Food Network Star‘s Emelia 1) poking nasty fun at her fellow contestants during an improv cooking demo or 2) later boasting that she was “really proud” of her borderline-unwatchable performance?

Devious Maids9 | Place your bets: Who killed Devious Maids‘ Blanca? (Our money is on too-sexy-for-his-own-good Sebastien!)

10 | When it comes to Jeremy vs. Adam on UnReal, we’re all Team Adam, right? And on that note, let’s brainstorm: How can the show keep Adam around after his Everlasting season is over?

11 | Is The Fosters star Maia Mitchell’s Aussie accent more noticeable than ever this season?

12 | Chasing Life fans, are you so over Vanessa’s “I know so much more than you do” attitude?

13 | Do you even care who wins The Bachelorette at this point?

14 | In the name of Truth in Advertising, should American Ninja Warrior be titled Upper Body Strength Warrior?

15 | Who out there is watching AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies (which was, again, unexpectedly renewed)? We’re legitimately curious!

Suits16 | Do Suits’ Louis and Esther share any one single physical trait? Speaking of sis, is it safe to say Amy Acker didn’t practice her “Esther” signature much?

17 | For the 12 of you in the Major Crimes/Impastor Venn diagram overlap, how funny was it to see do-right “Rusty” playing a bratty pothead?

18 | Was there a single false note in Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPYs speech? (If so, we didn’t hear it.) And how do plan to shut down any weekend dinner-party yammering about how she wasn’t a worthy recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award?

19 | How does Boardwalk Empire keep getting Emmy noms for Stunt Coordination, over shows like Arrow, Banshee and Daredevil?

Rookie Blue20 | How much did you squee/swoon during this Rookie Blue scene?

21 | Mistresses‘ Niko slipped into bed with a passed-out Harry and merely duped him into thinking they’d done the deed, right? That said, if they did have sex, should we read anything into the fact that the skank bartender looks a lot like Harry’s ex Savi?

22 | Was this week’s Graceland brilliant in its deconstruction of the team’s elaborate ruse (and use of black-and-white/spot color for the flashbacks), or did it reiterate the axiom that a little Rhys Coiro goes a long way? (Or both?)

23 | Does Elizabeth Gillies rocking out on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll‘s killer soundtrack mean you’re likely to be giving iTunes even more of your cash this summer?

24 | Do we have confirmation that Geeks Who Drink is serving actual adult beverages? (We’re still lamenting how Hollywood Game Night was supposed to be, yet never was, about increasingly “tipsy” celebs.)

25 | The fast food chain that has a dopey voice chanting, “Go, bacon! Go, bacon!” at you — currently TV’s most annoying commercial?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!