Wayward Pines Recap: Power Play

Wayward Pines Recap

This week on Fox’s Wayward Pines, in the midseason drama’s penultimate hour, we saw just how impetuous Pilcher can be when he doesn’t get his way.

In the wake of resistance member Alan mowing a truck through the fence, to his (and already-dead Andy’s) detriment, there’s a rabid call for a reckoning, led by Pilcher and, separately, students in the first class of the First Generation. On the latter front, sheriff’s office secretary Arlene temporarily fends off bloodthirsty brat pack leader Jason, while Ethan implores Harold to cough up a list of his cohorts, lest Kate pay the ultimate price.

Alas, when Ethan brings the damning list of names to Pilcher, it is discovered that these rebels have gone so far as to all remove their tracking chips, an act of betrayal that irks the town’s puppet master. Meanwhile, when young Amy has a seizure due to brain swelling, Pam — after reflecting on an old photo of her and her brother David — decides to do more for those who seek answers, and to that end slips Theresa a card key and nudges her in the direction of Plot 33. Inside the shed on the disheveled property, Theresa finds stairs that lead down to a series of tunnels….

Back at the cop shop, Jason returns with his First Gen/First Class pals to subdue Arlene and seize control of the place. After they release the jailed resistance members, Kate and Harold included, Jason proceeds to coldly execute each of them with a shotgun. Harold is the first brutal casualty and Kate is poised to be the last… before Ethan arrives and guns down the wayward lad.

Theresa shows up and leads Ethan and Kate to the tunnels beneath Plot 33, inside which is a computer loaded with hundreds of video journals from, among others, their Secret Service boss Adam. In the found footage from September 4020, Adam — whom we knew to be in cahoots with Pilcher, as seen in the 2014 scenes — is gazing upon a decimated San Francisco, where he and his search party are being hunted by abbies.

Ethan & Co. then apparently plotted to put one over on Pilcher, by setting Kate up for a public reckoning but instead spilling gushes of truth, not blood. Mrs. Fisher tries to stop the outing of Pilcher (aka the “savior of all humankind!”) and the town’s secrets, but Theresa silences her with a solid slap.

The mad scientist, though, is determined to have the final word, and begins remotely shutting down power all throughout the town — and to the perimeter fence (!), where abbies are seen champing at the bit to scale the once-electrified walls….

What did you think of Wayward Episode 9 (of 10)? Any finale predictions?

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