Rookie Blue Recap: Brotherly Angst

Rookie Blue Nick Juliet Kiss/Sex

Full disclosure: I love Rookie Blue‘s Nick and I love Erin Karpluk (thanks to my obsession with Being Erica). So it goes without saying that I was fully into Thursday’s episode, which put a long overdue spotlight on the officer’s mysterious background — and ramped up his flirtation with Juliet.

The hour kicks off with Nick still trying to charm Juliet with gusto, so much so that Andy warns him, “I hope you’ll listen to your gut when it’s telling you to maybe get to know somebody better rather than pursuing them. Relentlessly.”

But Nick has his eyes on something he wants, and he’s not about to get distracted – that is, until his estranged brother Finn (played by Charlotte Sullivan’s husband and Rookie director Peter Stebbings) suddenly calls him with some big news. He saw the man who killed their parents in a car accident 18 years ago and left him in a wheelchair. “We’ve got a plan. We’ve been waiting a long time for this,” Finn says ominously.

So Nick lies to Juliet about having a migraine to get off work, then goes to track down the drunk driver responsible for his parents’ death. He starts chatting him up at a bar, trading stories about the horrible things they’ve experienced in their lives. The man begins to open up to Nick about the accident. After it happened, “I ran like a little bitch,” he confesses as Nick attempts to control his emotions.

They ditch the bar and relocate to a rooftop, and you already know where this is going. (Hint: it’s down). “You can’t just ruin people’s lives and expect to sleep it off,” the man says before begging Nick to let him fall to his death. He knows who he’s really talking to, but there’s more to the story. It turns out Finn was the one driving when the vehicle crossed the line into oncoming traffic, hitting the admittedly drunk and speeding man’s car. But this is upstanding Nick, and you know that as torn as he is, he won’t be able to let another person die. Still, Peter Mooney’s understated performance sold his inner turmoil. Juliet — who’s figured out what’s going on with her partner — finally breaks down the door to the roof as Nick orders her to cuff the man.

When Nick confronts Finn about what really went down that night, it becomes clear how much has been left unspoken between the two over the years. “You said you’d come back for me. I waited,” Nick tells his brother, who thinks he was better off without him. “No, I wasn’t… Eighteen years, we hardly know each other.”

And then perhaps most heartbreaking of all, Finn says, “When are you going to forgive yourself? Nick, I’m glad it was me. You’re my little brother. I never doubted that.”

Rookie BlueNo words are needed later when Juliet is cleaning Nick’s cut (in her apartment? His place? Whomever it belongs to, it looks nice!). He just grabs the hand at his face and stares at her piercingly like a silent, “Thank you.” (If anyone wants to wrap a gift like that up and send it my way…) Then when she’s done patching up the wound, he finally kisses her, and I might have made a high-pitched noise.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Oliver’s daughter is picked up at a party with ecstasy on her. The commissioner offers to make the arrest go away, but Oliver’s not sure what to do. It wound, after all, ruin her chances of getting into college. “Whatever you decide, you keep it to yourself,” Sam advises Oliver, who eventually asks that she be yanked from the system.

* Dov and Marlo’s investigation into the bombing gets shut down, but the rookie decides to take the “leftovers” home and keep working on the case.

* The case of the week (about a delusional woman who thinks she’s “married” to a prison inmate) helps Chloe acknowledge the fact that she’s alone because she’s hoping that Dov will return to her. “But he ain’t coming back,” she finally realizes.

* Gail sets about bucket making a list of things to do before she adopts Sophie, which leads Duncan to wonder if she’s dying. “I live in hope,” Dov replies.

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of Nick’s backstory? Was the kiss worth the wait? And are you praying Chloe and Dov get it together?

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