American Horror Story's Finn Wittrock Talks 'Surprise' Emmy Nod and Battling Matt Bomer for Lady Gaga in Hotel

Finn Wittrock American Horror Story

It seems fitting that a woman’s scream is what alerted Finn Wittrock to his Emmy nomination Thursday morning for his role as killer clown Dandy Mott in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

“My wife had the [live stream] up, and I was like, ‘Ugh. This is too much suspense. Just tell me if I got one or not. I can’t deal with watching this,’ the actor recounts to TVLine. “So I made some scrambled eggs and coffee and then suddenly I heard her let out this joyful scream: ‘You got it!'”

Below, Wittrock reveals which fellow Freak he celebrated the news with, reflects on Dandy’s tragic life and “intense and painful” death, and previews his Horror Story rematch with Matt Bomer in this fall’s Hotel.

TVLINE | How does it feel?
I’m surprised. I didn’t see it coming. There was some talk about [the possibility of a nod] but I’m still in shock. It’s incredibly nice and humbling.

TVLINE | Have you hard from any of your Horror Story co-stars this morning?
Sarah Paulson and I have been texting. [Her nomination] was incredibly well deserved.

TVLINE | Where did you draw your inspiration from for Dandy?
Anthony Perkins from Psycho. Honestly, it was less about watching other psychos and more about finding your inner child, in a dark way. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You were asked to do a lot of out-there stuff in Freak Show. Anything make you go, “Um… wow.”
How do you pick a No. 1 between hacking Matt Bomer to bits, stabbing Patti LaBelle and bathing in your mother’s blood… The mass murder at the end finally made me like, “Oh, God. This is hard.” Killing that many people did start to take an emotional toll on me a little bit.

TVLINE | Do you think Dandy got off easy just merely drowning to death? Did he deserve a punishment more befitting of his crimes?
I think drowning is maybe the scariest way to go. [Laughs] And filming it was actually really intense and a bit painful. I’m sure they could’ve cooked up other more torturous [deaths], but I think it was pretty befitting.

TVLINE | When do you start work on AHS: Hotel?
Very soon. Two weeks

TVLINE | What can you say about your character?
I’ll be pretty involved with Ms. Gaga.

TVLINE | You’re in a love triangle with Gaga and Bomer, right?
Yes. Bomer and I will go head-to-head once again. Payback might be a bitch.

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