Blind Item Revealed: Sleepy Hollow, Bones Crossover Eyed for Spring

Bones Sleepy Hollow crossover

My hotly-debated crossover blind item is a mystery no more.

I can now confirm that Fox is planning to stage a crossover event between Thursday companions Bones and Sleepy Hollow this coming season.

The idea was initially eyed for fall, but logistical issues forced The Powers That Be to postpone it until later in the season.

Specific details surrounding the crossover, including which characters would appear in each episode, are not being disclosed at this time. But I’m told the EPs at both shows have an inventive idea in place that organically merges the vastly different Bones and Sleepy universes.

Thoughts? Are you in favor of a Bones-Sleepy mashup? Also, did you correctly guess the shows at the center of my blind item? Hit the comments!

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