Pretty Little Liars Recap: I Smell a Rat

Pretty Little Liars Charles Alive

Hanna Marin’s always been a bit of a klepto — don’t forget we first saw her swiping sunglasses in the pilot — but grand theft auto? I never thought I’d live to see the day!

It was all part of the girls’ plan to expose Lesli on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, a plan that somehow led them to an underground laboratory where they were attacked by a rabid raccoon and its back-up rats. (Snow White’s nightmare, basically.)

The girls were then ambushed by Mona, who insisted that Lesli was never friends with Charles. In fact, she’d only heard his name once, the night he and Bethany Young broke out of Radley. That’s right, kids, Charles was still alive when he checked out of the looney bin — and based on the creepy letter Mr. DiLaurentis found on the hood of his car, I’d say it’s very possible he’s still alive today:


Elsewhere in Rosewood this week…

DEAN’S ADMISSION | Before I continue, I have something of my own to confess: I didn’t even realize Toby was M.I.A. from this week’s episode until Dean mentioned him towards the end of the hour. You know Dean, right? Spencer’s hot sponsor “friend”? He came by to check on her this week, then totally lost it when she blew off her group meeting. “I can’t see you anymore,” he told her. “Every time you’re near me, I want to grab you and kiss you. The fact that you have a boyfriend isn’t the problem; the problem is that I don’t care.” On one hand, it feels pretty icky for Dean to pursue the girl he’s sponsoring — but on the other hand, you’ve got to respect a guy who knows what he wants.

pll-emily-saraEMILARA? SARILY? EITHER WAY, IT’S ON | Speaking of grabbing and kissing, Emily and Sara finally locked lips this week. (I say “finally” because it was bound to happen, not because I actually wanted it to happen.) A cute British friend from Emily’s last humanitarian trip came all the way to Rosewood to recruit her for a summer excursion to Thailand, but Emily was forced to decline because Sara was still too messed up to tag along. “I’ve only known her for a couple of weeks, but it’s been intense,” Emily told her friend, denying that she might have actual feelings for Sara. But you know what they say about denial; there was nothing platonic about that episode-ending smooch.

EZRIA… AGAIN? | After five and a half seasons, I’ve lost track of the number of times Aria and Ezra have gotten back together, but one thing I do know is that I’m totally ready for them to give their relationship another shot. (After all, does Ezra really serve that much of a purpose if he’s not dating her?) After stumbling onto Aria’s photo contest application, he offered to write a recommendation letter — and by “offered,” I mean wrote one and gave it to her without asking. It was sweet, and it seemed like she was totally ready to thank him for his kindness… until she spotted him with some trick at his café. (Damn you, ‘shipping gods, why must you torture us?!)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Charles’ impending return? Emily and Sara’s kiss? Drop ’em all in the comments section below.

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