Vampire Diaries Video: Stefan's Deleted Dance, Kat Graham's Bisexual Bonnie Pitch and an Exciting Season 7 Couple

As The Vampire Diaries heads into its seventh season — its first without Nina Dobrev — there’s a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds for Mystic Falls’ finest. But know this: It’s going to be a big year for Bonnie.

Not only is the oft-abused witch going to be powerful, alive and in the present day this fall, but as executive producer Caroline Dries reveals in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview with the cast (above), Bonnie is “going to have her own love interest this year — and it’s not going to be Damon.”

While Kat Graham’s not opposed to a romance with Damon, she says she’d actually love to see her character fall for a fellow female witch: “I’ve pitched Bonnie having some discoveries, sexually, about herself,” Graham says. Paul Wesley, meanwhile, has some very strong thoughts about Bonnie’s love life, as you’ll see.

Speaking of Wesley, did you know that Stefan was supposed to have his own Damon-dance moment in Season 6? That’s in the interview too, along with a preview of the cat-and-mouse game he’ll be playing with Caroline this fall. (As Dries notes, she’s not going to fall for him as easily as Elena did; he’ll really have to work for it.)

Lastly, if you’re extra good and watch the entire video, you might also be treated a romantic scoop about another unlucky-in-love character. (Here’s a hint: His name rhymes with “Fatt Fonovan.”)

So hit PLAY on our interview with the TVD cast above, then drop a comment below: What do you want to see in Season 7?