Doctor Who Stars, EP on Season 9: A 'Surprise' Resurrection, Classic Monsters and an 'Upside Down' Twist

Doctor Who, meet Miss Manners.

Season 9 of the hit sci-fi franchise won’t find Peter Capaldi’s version of the title character seeking advice-column solutions to his social awkwardness, but he might get some training from time-traveling companion Clara Oswald, the actor teased during an interview with Michael Ausiello in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Michelle Gomez, meanwhile, shared that the nature of her character Missy’s resurrection left her “surprised,” adding this very cryptic hint about the upcoming batch of episodes: “Something that you will come to witness is quite literally turned upside down. Quite literally.” That’s some timey-wimey talk right there!

Press PLAY above for the full Q&A with Capaldi, Gomez and showrunner Steven Moffat — then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!