Sherlock EPs Talk 'Definitely Dead' Moriarty in Season 4, [Spoiler]'s 'Huge, Hairy' Xmas Special Cheeks

Sherlock EPs Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue are pretty good at keeping spoilers to themselves, but series star Rupert Graves (aka DI Lestrade) spilled a few hairy details today during a chat with Michael Ausiello in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.

“[There are] two koalas mating on my face,” he revealed, when asked to describe his look during the show’s upcoming Christmas Special.

Moffat, for his part, shared that just as there’s never been an explanation for why his versions of 19th Century characters Holmes and Watson are living in modern times, there’ll be no rhyme or reason for why they revert back to Victorian times in the one-off installment, expected to air on TV (and in select movie theaters) later this year.

As for Season 4, we had to ask about the fate of super villain Moriarty, who’d shot himself in the head in front of Sherlock in Season 2 — and yet appeared menacingly on TV screens throughout England in the Season 3 finale. “He’s definitely dead,” insisted Moffat, with a sly smile. “The back of his head’s missing!”

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