iZombie @ Comic-Con: Liv & Blaine Will Make 'Strange Bedfellows' in Season 2

iZombie Comic-Con Panel

Look alive, iZombie fans, because the cast and executive producers just dropped a few bombshells about Season 2 that should get you even more amped for the CW series’ Oct. 6 return.

As revealed Friday during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Aly Michalka will return as Peyton in Season 2, though she — and pretty much everybody else in Liv’s life — will remain, shall we say, skittish.

“Everyone does hate Liv right now,” EP Rob Thomas said, rather bluntly, at the top of the panel. “Major is still not quite over the fact that Liv did not let him in on her zombie secret, Peyton is still on her walkabout around Europe and for reasons you all have probably seen, [Liv is] on the outs with any surviving family members she has. … It’s going to be a depressing art film next year.”

But it won’t be all doom and gloom in Season 2; star Rose McIver revealed that, among the many personas her character will be assuming this fall, one of them will require her to play the guitar. And Thomas happily shared a few more: grumpy old man brain, “brolicious” frat boy brain and a Real Housewife of Seattle brain.

iZombie Season 2 SpoilersAs for Blaine, David Anders couldn’t be more excited to get in touch with Blaine’s non-zombie side.

“We’re humanizing Blaine, quite literally,” Anders said. “As an actor, your dream is to diversify your portfolio. When you can diversify within the same series, let alone within 14 episodes, that’s kind of a dream.”

And it sounds like Blaine and Liv’s relationship is about to get complicated — well, more complicated — as the head of Max Rager plans to eradicate Seattle’s zombie population.

“That’s going to be a big storyline in Season 2,” Thomas revealed. “Suddenly, the zombies who were on the offensive in Season 1 will be a bit on the defensive. It will make strange bedfellows of Blaine and Liv, who are both concerned about the dwindling zombies in Seattle.”

Your hopes and fears for iZombie Season 2? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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