Marvel's Agent Carter @ Comic-Con: Black Dahlia Mystery — and New Love Interests — on Season 2 Docket

Agent Carter Season 2 Spoilers

Love is in the air for Peggy Carter – but it’s not with Captain America.

“Peggy has put Steve’s memory sort of to rest, and has a couple new opportunities,” executive producer Michele Fazekas revealed at the Marvel’s Agent Carter Comic-Con panel on Friday.

Season 2 will pick up six months after last spring’s finale, among the old world glamour and grit of Hollywood in 1947 — and much more than locale has changed for the characters.

“Things are different. People are in different positions,” Fazekas previewed. “Not everyone is in New York anymore. There’s some history we’re not quite sure of. Some people aren’t talking to each other anymore.”

It’s also the year of the Black Dahlia mystery, so fittingly, “Peggy will get called to Los Angeles to investigate a murder.”

Meanwhile, Jarvis is in LA setting up Howard Stark’s new estate.

And according to an EW.com interview, Chad Michael Murray is confirmed to return in Season 2, as well.

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