Teen Wolf Recap: Without a Tracy

Teen Wolf Season 5

Guys, what the bleep-bloop happened to Tracy? Less than a week ago, she was merely a sweet, normal high-school student — ignoring her penchant for randomly puking up black gunk and feathers, of course — but after Monday’s Teen Wolf… I don’t know what she is.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I know she’s a Kanima, a fact Scott and his pals discovered after a trip to Doctor Deaton went south — and I mean Tracy’s-back-opened-and-her-spine-became-a-whipping-tail south. (Seriously, that was the grossest moment in Teen Wolf history, and I loved every second of it. Also, a moment of silence for Kanima Jackson. … Thank you.)

After a bit of banshee/kitsune detective work, Lydia and Kira deduced that Tracy’s victims — a list that included her father, her psychiatrist and two armed police officers — were all people who tried to help her. This led them to believe she was unknowingly suffering from “homicidal somnambulism,” the latter term I recall from that episode of The Powerpuff Girls where that zombie magician seeks revenge on the city. But I digress… The girls’ discovery bumped Mama Martin to the top of her to-murder list and put a serious dent in her date with Sheriff Stilinski. (Oh, yeah, that happened. Permission to freak out?!)

Anyway, Kira went full Dragon Ball Z on Tracy’s ass, emitting a blinding red light and slicing off her freaky spine tail. This left ol’ Trace in Malia’s hands, though she barely got a good punch in before their fight was broken up by the Doctors, who proceeded to terminate the little experiment they started last week. (Great first impression, guys.)

So maybe I should have been more specific earlier: Tracy was a kanima. Rest in peace, girl.

Teen Wolf Season 5INNER-CIRCLE | While the Teen Wolf veterans were busy getting physical with Tracy, Liam took Mason — who redefines what it means to be an eager beaver — on a fact-finding mission with Brett, who somehow managed to wear a shirt for an entire scene (though obviously not the scene pictured to the right.) Their mission didn’t yield any new information about Tracy, but the discovery of an empty hole in the ground did lead them to an unexpected conclusion: Someone other than Tracy (aka Donovan) was buried and reborn as something else in the woods. I’m sure Mason’s got a supernatural chubby just thinking about next week’s episode.

Teen Wolf Season 5BABY, YOU (CAN’T) DRIVE MY CAR | This week’s C-plot found Malia back in the driver’s seat, this time with Lydia as her passenger-side instructor. Ignoring the fact that this is totally illegal (don’t you have to be 21+ to ride with an unlicensed driver?), it also reinforced my preconceived notion that Malia + four wheels = danger. I assume the arrival of the Desert Wolf later this season will help to fill in the missing pieces of this puzzle, but I’m not so sure I want that to happen. (We all know the sooner she shows up, the sooner Stiles lands in a car-related predicament of his own.)

Tell me, Teen Wolf faithful, what’s your take on this week’s episode? Do you trust Theo now? And more importantly, do you support this apparent pairing of Stiles’ dad and Lydia’s mom?! Drop a comment with your every thought below.


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