Tut's Avan Jogia Talks Twisted Cliffhanger, Shares Pitch for Season 2

Twisted Season 2

Until Avan Jogia is reintroduced to television viewers as the titular pharaoh in SpikeTV’s Tut (July 19, 9/8c), he’s still Twisted‘s Danny Desai in our hearts. So before that transition occurs, we had to get the actor’s final thoughts on his short-lived ABC Family drama, including his dream pitch for a would-be Season 2.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions,” Joga tells TVLine of the murder-mystery drama, which was unceremoniously canceled in Aug. 2014 after one season. “When things come to an end like that, it’s upsetting for fans and for me; I don’t know what happens next either, and that’s a bummer.”

Jogia might not know what happens next — the season series finale ended with a gunshot — but that isn’t stopping him from exercising his right to wild speculation.

Twisted Series Finale“I pitched an idea a while back that [Danny] got shot and went into a coma,” he says. “I really wanted to do a Funny or Die or YouTube video about what I thought would happen after the cliffhanger. … Maybe the police chief went mental and popped all of us. Like, he finally just lost it. And then the next season would be the police chief turning into a crazy person; you think the whole time it’s going to be Danny, but he shoots everyone and goes on the lam. I want to watch that show — Sam Robards just covered in blood, running all over the street.”

At least fans can take solace in Jogia’s on-screen reunion with Kylie Bunbury (aka Twisted‘s Lacey), who plays Suhad, Tut’s love interest.

“Suhad and Tut have a mutual respect and a love that’s very modern in an old world,” Jogia explains. “It was cool to be able to work with someone you have built-in chemistry with. Going into this situation, I had no ida what it was going to be like, so knowing I was taking this on with someone I knew really helped.”

We’ll have more of Jogia’s thoughts about Tut as the premiere approaches, but for now, let’s talk Twisted: What’s your dream storyline for Season 2? Drop a comment with your best/craziest pitches below.

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