Teen Wolf Boss Previews Scott's 'Failure,' the Return of Aiden (Among Others) and More Season 5 Scoop

Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers

Teen Wolf kicks off its fifth season Monday (MTV, 10/9c) as Scott and his pack prepare to face their darkest prospect yet: the end of high school.

“We took this as a season to re-concentrate on the teens of Teen Wolf,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “And a big part of the season will be: What’s senior year going to be like? Can everyone stay together? When people graduate high school, a lot of friends go their separate ways, and we all thought it’d be interesting for Stiles to be the person most disturbed by that. He’s the character who fears change the most.”

Below, Davis and star Tyler Posey preview the first half of Season 5, including the end of Beacon Hills High, the mystery surrounding the new faces in town and the return of (at least) two fan-favorite characters.

TVLINE | Let’s start with the biggest surprise from those first six minutes: What can you say about this new, badass Lydia?
DAVIS | I always say that we like to take our characters from A to Z, not A to B. We like to see a progression, gradual as it may be. Sometimes, it’s frustrating for viewers because they want everything to happen right now, but we want to tell it like novels. We want the Lydia of Season 1 to be completely different from the Lydia of Season 5. So that character has changed immensely.

TVLINE | Obviously some time has passed since the end of Season 4, enough for Lydia to gain these powers and wind up in Eichen House. Can you say how big that time jump is?
[Laughs] In our show, it would be like a week. [Laughs] It’s further ahead, and a lot of big events happen between then. It’s something we will come back to in Season 5B, the second half of the season. All of 5A is a flashback.

Teen Wolf Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | And we know that Aiden makes a surprise appearance. How did that come about, and will there be more of him?
DAVIS | We’re always trying to find ways to bring characters back, because we like all of the people who work on the show. I spoke to Holland [Roden] and was like, ‘You have to help me get him back for this,’ and she said, ‘Yeah, absolutely.’ So we’re hopefully going to get to use him more, assuming [contracts and schedules] work out.

TVLINE | Everybody’s excited to see Cody Christian’s character in the mix. What can you tease?
POSEY | Theo’s a loner who’s looking for a pack. We haven’t seen him in years, and we don’t know what the hell he’s been up to, so it’s hard to trust him. But he’s very charming, and he seems so genuine, so I think Scott’s on board. Theo’s a mysterious dude who becomes a pivotal part of the season as it goes on.

TVLINE | With Derek out of the picture for now, will Scott step into his shoes?
DAVIS | Scott definitely steps into Derek’s role; we really wanted to build him up as a leader this season. Every season, we ask, ‘How can we test these characters? How can we put them through hell?’ Failure of leadership was something we wrote down for Scott. What happens when Scott fails? That’s what this season is about. You learn more from your failures than your successes.
POSEY We’ve done everything with Scott’s character in terms of growth, so I feel like the only place he could go now [that he hasn’t gone to] is a dark place. At the end of [5A], he gets beaten down. He gets to a pretty depressing state, so maybe that could transcend into something dark.

Teen Wolf Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Thanks to Twitter, we also know Braeden is coming back at some point. Would she have been a bigger part of the season if Derek was still around?
Hoechlin’s absence really didn’t affect her, actually, but it was so fun to have her back kicking ass. … There are several characters who aren’t in the first 10 [episodes] who we thought would be, but there wasn’t enough narrative room for it. What we realized is that we really needed to focus on the teenagers, get them back and get the mystery started. Argent, for example, won’t be back until 5B, and I told him he has to keep the beard. I desperately wanted to find a way to get him back in the first 10, but there wasn’t a place.

Teen Wolf fans, what are your hopes and fears for Season 5? Drop ’em in a comment below. (And come back to TVLine.com at 11/10c for a full premiere recap, complete with more Season 5 scoop.)

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  1. James says:

    Hopefully they work out the kinks that made Kira such a weak character in Season 4.

    • nate says:

      Please! Use her powers more often

    • A says:

      i hope they show more about the kitsune & her nine tails. last sason she wasn’t of any use. she has affinity to electricity & all they used her for was just to light up the bulbs. i need more badass kira.

  2. Dude says:

    I really wish Braeden would have a bigger role in the series. She’s one of their best recurring characters.

  3. Larry says:

    I want more Wolf in the show. I loved season 3A with all of the Alpha’s. Scott needs to show his dominance so other Wolves don’t try and come and take his pack. We also would love to see the difference between an Alpha and and Scott’s True Alpha. Give him special powers that only a True Alpha would obtain, show him to be more of a badass, help him with evolving, has the ability to go Full Wolf like Derek and Talia as well as his current Half Wolf with maybe a bit of something more like Peter (when he was an Alpha) or Duecalian and make him do like a Monster Wolf of some sort. That would be amazing!!! Also, more fight seens…definitely in wolf form…develop his powers, lets see some of the things he can do a little more frequently…

  4. John036 says:

    As long as Lydia actually gets the leading female credit she rightfully deserved after crystal left, I’ll be happy.

    (I would be lying if I didn’t want stiles and Lydia together too)

  5. Gross TV Line, why use that disgusting picture as the cover of the gallery? More Lydia for a better season 5, please.

  6. Sam says:

    SUPER excited to see Scott deal with all of this and for season 5 as a whole. I loved Malia so much and hope to see her playing an even bigger part this season with the whole desert wolf thing. Can’t wait to see that play out.

  7. Ari says:

    So no Derek and no Chris Argent in the first half of this season? I am heartbroken.

  8. Renan Falcão says:

    I really still have hopes that Alison returns to show, if she comes back I will be very happy

  9. Rook says:

    This is how Teen Wolf deals with the characters graduating high school.
    Scott takes a couple community college class because he can’t afford real tuition
    Stiles goes to the beacon hills police academy
    Lydia goes to Stanford but every time she turns around she ends up back in beacon hills and her grades fall so she might have to drop out or transfer to a closer school
    Malia has to re-take senior (to keep another character interacting with Liam)
    Not sure about Kira
    I think it’s better than all the characters going to UC Beacon Hills. But this is if the show gets a 6th season.

    • this seems more realistic than stiles plan. i’m like stiles’ dad cant even pay for stiles medical bills and scotts mom is begging the electric company to keep the electricity on in season 4. how on earth are they going to pull his plan off. if derek had let him keep the money in season 4 they would be able to pull stiles’ plan off.

  10. Jane says:

    I’m really just hoping that this isn’t the end of teen wolf. It seems like just yesterday they where just starting there junior year and now there seniors!

  11. Joseph says:

    Why Iz Scotts Not Transform Into A Full Wolf Almost Like Peter Bt More Superior Since He Is A True Alpha

  12. avishka says:

    Isaac needs to come back and I’ll be the happiest person alive.

  13. Alex says:

    I really wish they would bring Alison argent back some how but make her supernatural somehow

  14. veronica says:

    You need to bring Alison back he wrote a.a making us think .Use magic or something ,ghost I don’t know but do it.That would be perfect.

  15. Jordan says:

    I really hope they find a way to bring Crystal Reed back. aka Allison Argent.

  16. I wish that Allison,Derek Issac aiden and Ethan will all come back because I think season 5 will be better with everyone together.

  17. manuel says:

    get derek back on

  18. lesleydevine says:

    i dont want stiles and milea to brake up. I love sylia💙 but i also want scott and stile to stay friends coz ave never seen a friends ship like scott and stiles before💙 i love stiles and teen wolf so much💖

  19. Faith says:

    I really hope they bring Allison back this season in some way maybe like Kate but I’ve always felt more connection between Allison and Scott, not so much Kira! I would LOVE if they brought Allison back!

  20. Pam Sury says:

    I no longer receive Teen Wolf on my networks. Where can I find it?

    • Chloe Phillips says:

      you can find teen wolf on putlocker and the new episodes come out around the same time as on tv (unlike netflix)

  21. TWlover says:

    It would be amazing if Aiden was actually back and Alison, Chris and Derek too. I miss them all a lot. I think they should show Kira more and she would be more powerfull and fearless… I think that Scott’s pack should stick together and support each other like they used too.
    Although Kate and Peter should be back.

    Teen Wolf for life

  22. Adonis hudson says:

    My fear is that if there about to separate to go to college wouldn’t dat mean leaving beacon hills so if they leave beacon hills would season 5 be the last season ?

  23. Ki-Nyah says:

    Well Ik Im Late But, I Just LOVED Looking At Derek’s Sexy Ass😍😋💦😩💍