Teen Beach 2 Stars on That Big Twist Ending: 'I Like the Message It Sends'

Teen Beach 2 Ending

You don’t dive into Disney Channel’s Teen Beach 2 expecting to have your mind blown, so by the time the final twist is introduced, it’s too late to prepare yourself.

The sequel to Teen Beach Movie, which premiered Friday, begins simply enough: The first film’s “it” couple — Mack (The Fosters‘ Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Austin & Ally‘s Ross Lynch) — are adjusting to life back in the real world after a summer of singing and surfing with the characters of Wet Side Story, but they don’t remain separated from their silver-screen pals for very long.

After experiencing a taste of what life could be like as a fully-evolved, self-actualized young woman, Wet Side Story‘s Lela (The Vampire Diaries‘ Grace Phipps) decides to flee her limiting movie world for a new life with Mack and Brady. Naturally, Tanner (The FostersGarrett Clayton) tags along for the ride, one in which the musical twosome discovers the joys of our modern world, from selfies to segways.

Now, here’s where things get crazy: After a bit of back-and-forth about which characters belong where, Lela and Tanner eventually return to the world of Wet Side Story — but they’re not the same people they were when they first left home. In addition to Tanner now being a low-voiced Danny Zuko type, Lela has become so empowered that the entire movie-within-a-movie morphs from Wet Side Story to Lela, Queen of the Beach.

Naturally, this has serious repercussions for Brady and Mack, whose entire romantic backstory hinges on the existence of Wet Side Story. In the final scene of Teen Beach 2, the memory-challenged couple meets and falls in love all over again, this time at a sing-along of Lela, Queen of the Beach, which Mack — who’s now a surfer — helps organize as a fundraiser. (So for those of you keeping score at home, yes, it is like the first movie never happened.)

Teen Beach 2 EndingTVLine discussed the surprise ending with stars Clayton and Chrissie Fit, both of whom are in full support of the film’s total 180.

“We didn’t wrap it up in a nice little bow,” Clayton admitted. “We’re not a normal movie franchise, and I don’t think we ever have been. … I like the message it sends: You make your own choices in life. A lot of people struggle with that, and I love that Grace’s character represents choosing your own path. You might not know where you’re going, but you know you’ll be happy in the end because it’s your decision.”

Added Fit, “The girl-power in this movie is insane. It’s so cool to see healthy female friendships where the girls aren’t competing and bullying each other. So the fact that [Wet Side Story] changed to Lela, Queen of the Beach is really cool. And I’d love to see that movie! They could be totally different characters; maybe CheeChee wouldn’t have a beehive all of the time.”

Clayton believes that Tanner is more of an “action hero” in Lela, Queen of the Beach, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he gets to wear one of the last three remaining James Dean jackets from Rebel Without a Cause. “It wasn’t the jacket [Dean] wore,” Clayton clarified. “But it’s the company who made it, and there are only three left in the world.”

Speaking of things that come in threes, am I the only person already thinking of storylines for the next (inevitable) Teen Beach movie? Drop a comment below with your thoughts on the franchise’s future, as well as this movie’s big twist.


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  1. Kass says:

    my friends Macie is complaining and this movie sucks so bye and yeah the ending made me wanna kill myself

    • Y R ppl complaining the movie was good, it had a more humouris side of Tannar and a more serious side to Lela I think the ending was good because finally they twisted the ending usually they have the same, cliché, happy Disney ending but this one really surprised me

      • mike says:

        Yah but it kills the love. movie in the movie made them a stronger couple and they had to re meet each other and basically everything before was a waste. It was a wonderful movie. Til the end. Like tomorrowland that movies ending sucked

        • Sarah McMullen says:

          I know right. Like why would people make it. Worst movie ever.

        • Makenna says:

          That’s what I said yes it wasn’t cliche like everyone thought it would be but it definitely killed the love and the whole first movie shouldn’t exist😂

        • Gwen says:

          Umm… Excuse me? Tomorrowland’s ending was expected. And what did you think was gonna happen? Teen Beach 2 had a surprise ending and yeah, it was great. Keep your opinion to yourself

          • Yzz says:

            In reality, Mack wouldn’t be there because she stayed on the first movie cause the trip convinced her. So the romance is completely gone. I could go on and on. So. Many. Plot Holes.

      • JM says:

        Because it like the first movie never happened therefore Mack never met Brady in the summer, and if you remember the 1st movie Mack’s aunt was gonna take her away to study elsewhere. So Mack could not be back in the same school as Brady which would imply that they wouldn’t meet at all.

        • bailey says:

          omg thank you thats exatly what i said

        • Sassy says:

          however, it’s implied that Lela, Queen of the Beach is a feminist film about making your own choices, and since Mack is a surfer and is influenced by the film, she would have refused her Aunt amnyway without needing Brady to be a reason she stays.

        • Chris says:

          Then they met before that happened because i think they met on the first day of summer at the movie

      • Rick says:

        I agree it is definitely a surprising but great ending. I wasnt expecting it and deep down I kind of wanted a happy ending like the first one but this movie definiately shocked me in a good way. Obviously, I didn’t get it the first time but it still is a great ending to a great movie.

    • natalie says:

      If you didn’t like it lets see you film a movie

    • aby says:

      you are so mean

    • Mike says:


      • Davin williams says:

        I agree MAKE A THREE PLEASE

        • Randy Mayes says:

          W nee Teen Beach 3 so much. I need to see Mollee Gray, Chrissie Fit and Jessica Lee Keller in bikinis again to say nothing about the most adorable teen on the planet, Maia Mitchell. I originally thought Disney should have added Laura Marano in the lead but now understand Maia is a better choice. I do believe Lauren Taylor needs to be added for Teen Beach 3. She was born to be in that movie and is already familiar with time travel from Best Friends Whenever, a really good new show.

      • Tyler says:

        I would much rather see a series so that they can go into more depth of each of the characters and maybe reintroduce the movie within a movie concept for the relationship between Mack and Brady.

      • Meu says:

        WE NEED A THIRD!!!

    • Mads says:

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s different when you bring “killing yourself” into the situation. I understand you don’t like the movie but bringing suicide in is unnecessary. Change your attitude child

    • therealjonpalmer says:

      This movie was great. Great acting, singing and dancing. Great sets. Maia was looking hot. So were Grace and Piper.
      I think the ending was a cool twist that almost certainly leads to TB3.

      BTW: I thought ‘Silver Statue Guy’ was a great little extra. I really enjoyed that whole little scene.

      P.S. The writer of this article got one thing wrong. Mack didn’t suddenly become a surfer at the end of TB2. She was a surfer all along. That is how her and Brady wound up inside the movie.

      • Andy Swift says:

        That’s a small detail. I forgive myself.

      • Riley says:

        Yes she was a surfer but not as much. She wanted to go to college and only surf in her free time as a hobby or something. At the end she said the movie “Lela, Queen of the beach” is what made her want to surf which made her a real surfer as her life not just as a side hobby.

    • therealjonpalmer says:

      This movie was great. Great acting, singing and dancing. Great sets. Maia was looking hot. So were Grace and Piper.
      I think the ending was a cool twist that almost certainly leads to TB3.

      P.S. The writer of this article got one thing wrong. Mack didn’t suddenly become a surfer at the end of TB2. She was a surfer all along. That is how her and Brady wound up inside the movie.

    • therealjonpalmer says:

      This movie was great. Great acting, singing and dancing. Great sets. Maia was looking hot. So were Grace and Piper.
      I think the ending was a cool twist that almost certainly leads to TB3.

      P.S. Mack didn’t suddenly become a surfer at the end of TB2. She was a surfer all along. That is how her and Brady wound up inside the movie. (regardless of what this review says)

    • Alexis says:

      I dont think the movie sucks and I dont know why people are complaining about it. I think the corography, wardrobe, and music upgrades made the movie 100 times better. Tanner was shown as a more improved person by coming back to help Mack and Brady. While, Lela was shown as more the grown up type by the wize words she uses while she is in Macks world. I am torn between liking and not liking the ending of the movie. I like the ending because its not like any other endings disney creats to where everybody “lives happly ever after” but i dont like it because Mack and Brady have to basically re do the whole summer to where they can get back to where they were before. I want to see another movie to see weather or not Mack and Brady get back to where they were before and to see if they ever remember Tanner, Lela, and the rest of the crew. Please make another movie you have many fans that want another movie.

      • Katie says:

        I agree with what you said it rocked and I think it would be great to see another movie to we need to know if Lela and Tanner are happy and if Brady and Mack rediscovered their love for each other.

    • Wei Schuhart says:

      Dude this ending was absolute poo. I mean, what the flying french fry. I mean, did Brady even get his fancy surfboard back? So many loose ends not explained. Wait a second, he made that board for him and Mac. So now, he has no cool talent that will impress her. They’re just gonna have the same problems they had all over again. Also???? The only reason Mac stayed at the beach last summer was because of Brady and all that they went through. Gosh Disney, you’ve really messed up this time. I am so disappointed. They better make a third one to explain all these discrepancies. P.S. The only saving grace for this movie was Tanner.

      • zoey says:

        Ikr! I totally loved the movie until the end… it was so messed up! Oh yeah and BTW they are going to have a 3rd movie ( which will be the last one)
        hopefully it’s MUCH better and actually makes sense. ._.

    • Brittany says:

      How dies the ending wanna make u kill your self??

    • Brittany says:

      How dies the ending wanna make u kill your self?? That’s so stupid….

      • Anna Pollard says:

        Because you’re like, “he’s putting in so much effort so that their memories and relationship isn’t altered or erased and it all just goes through all that for absolutely NOTHING!” And it makes you want to die.

    • Jade says:

      I think in the third movie they should make a thing where they get trapped in the new movie but Laila and Tanner remember everything and they end up remember all 3 movies. I hope that happened because I completely agree this movies ending was terrible and I was disappointed. I love the happy endings because of the love plot. If the love plot wasn’t interesting this ending wouldn’t have bothered me as much but it was just sooooo disappointing

  2. Dekhaira says:

    I think it shouldn’t have ended like that it’s fine like that if your planning to make a 3 then that’s awesome but for a Disney movie it shouldn’t have ended with them forgetting everything that happen and everyone from wet side story and lala shouldn’t have tooken over that movie

    • Alyssa says:

      I wouldnt be upset if they hadnt forgotten each other. I mean, dont get me wrong, the message was great and it was good that they added a twist, but it just stinks they forgot their memories from wet side story. :( I thought the movie was great, its just it should have been them bonding over the lessons the cast from tge movie taught them. Technically, Brady and Mac dont remember the lessons Wet Side Story taught them becayse they forgot about the whole movie completely. All im saying is that i wish they got their memories back and sense they didnt, they should make a 3rd one. Maybe the writter and Disney did that so they had a reason to make a 3rd one. Other than that, the movue was pretty good.

    • Hannah says:

      I agree with you, Leila’s story movie thing could have been a sequel to Wet Side Story instead of taking over it.

      • Mac said feel free to change the movie so it’s your movie and second what’s with Lela throwing the jacket to Mac and mac catching the jacket and Lela winking could she see them. GREAT MOVIE LOVE IT

    • BG says:

      I was hoping the Wet Side Story actors, would meet the adult actors who portrayed them in the movie. Then the older actors would volunter to pop back into the movie and live, and the younger versions would be allowed to live now in real life!

    • Kids mom says:

      Tooken is not a wotd! Just saying!

    • Mitch says:

      Agree… ta king over the movie was too egotistical and self-centered. They should have made it about all of them, and call it Teen Beach Movie, that would have been kind of cool, making everybody part of it.

  3. Katerina says:

    My daughter thought it was a huge disappointment. She is only 8 and had enough insight and said…why did they take away all their memories after everything they learned about themselves? I know it’s just a movie but it really was a total letdown. The first one was sooooo good. This one was all over the place and the girl power point could have still been done without taking away everything that happened previously.

    • They didn’t take everything away. Layla’s wink at the end implies she recalls everything from both movies. It’s only Brady And Mack who don’t remember it all.

      • mike says:

        Yah but then they don’t remember anything at all. They have to remeet and they don’t even know about them I think their relationship was bonded stronger with the regular movie.

      • Nevaeh says:

        Yea so what Mac and Brady should have been the ones to remember eachother not layla

    • Meu says:

      I feel the same way too.
      Even Leila and Tanner helped them in the last.
      If there was a Teen Beach 3, it should be based Mack and Brady remembering their memories in the past. The memories when there was “Wet side story! Somehow…

    • Flower says:

      First of all, sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish. So I hope you can understand me. I´m very confused with this movie, and I´m 24!!!
      In the middle of the movie, when Brady and Mack explained Lela and Tanner that they are movie characters, Brady says that he and Mack met in that movie. I really didn´t understand that part. And, almost in the end, Mack tells Brady that if Lela and Tanner vanish, and the movie doesn´t exist, that means they never met.
      Really, i feel so confused…

  4. Kevin Nguyen says:

    The ending was so horrible. I can’t belive that Brady and mack just forgot abouteach other. If they were going to make another beach movie then that would be great. But teen beach 2 sucks.

    • Riley says:

      I agree I mean I thought they said that if Lela and tanner made it back then they would remember each other or at least something would have made them remember I mean they need to make a third one where’ll a and tanner come back and help them remember everything and maybe Lela and tanner can stay in the real world and the others can make the movie their own so it won’t disappear or something but I wish Mack and Brady would remember everything

  5. liz says:

    They should have to meet the actors that play Tanner and Lela as their older selves. Or Brady and Mack go back to the movie world, there’s a whole new movie within a movie there!

  6. jaelynn garrison says:

    really y u have a ending like that cause really its so sad that now they dont even remember each other me and my sister really where looking forward to watching this movie and then at the end our mouths just drouped in horror plz take this message into consideration and make a team beach 3 because a movie should not end like that i know u are trying to send a message about do what u want in life but if u just make a team beach 3 maybe next time ill give it an a if they just start remembering each other im mean really u might just think this is just a little kids comment that u dont have to care about but trust me im smart enough to know that people what a happy eading so please make a team beach 3 and make them remember just please im begging you

  7. jo says:

    I saw the ending and know I’m just irritated. If they do a 3 then it’ll be fine but if they don’t I never wanna hear about teen beach 2 again!!!

  8. Jared says:

    I have mixed feelings on the ending. I thought it was clever but I don’t like how they forgot everything before. I think it also makes it nearly impossible for there to be a third installment “shrugs”. Oh well, I do have to give it to Disney and Teen Beach Movie for delivering a shocking twist.

    • alex says:

      how is there not gonna be a third? there’s so much ideas and concepts that you can use to make 5 more!!

    • Kath says:

      I’m with Jared; I haven’t even considered a third movie because I think that’s that: Wet Side Story characters can now have more fun with their new title, and our reality couple gets a re-do with their relationship.

      I loved everything in the movie, minus the ending. I even enjoyed Lela’s development and movie change, but I really think it could have been integrated into the ending without the loss of memories. So it’s cool to see Mack and Brady practically switching personalities, (what with her liking a movie and being willing to sing/dance, yada yada), but oh-so-disappointing sinultaneously.

      • Kath says:


        Sorry. My own personal typos make me cringe.

        Since last night, though, my mind’s been racing about possible storylines for a third movie, though! So even if there isn’t a third, I’m content because in my head, everything’s going to be more okay (according to me).

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Honestly it wasn’t all that bad of a movie but nowhere near as good as the 1st. It’s like High School Musical. The first one was the best, the second one sucked a** and the third one wasn’t as good as the first but way better than the second. Let’s hope Disney learned from HSM and makes the third one better than this one.

  10. Tori Watson says:

    I really liked the movie until the ending. I really wish they hadn’t made it to where Mack and Brady forgot all about Wet Side Story and how they first met. They had that huge experience and memories and now it’s all erased and after getting to know each other too. Big letdown. If they make a 3rd one they should make the ending just a dream. Maybe Lela did change the movie but it didn’t effect how Mack and Brady met or any of their memories.

  11. Yenzi says:

    I loved it but at the end Layla shouldn’t have gotten her own movie. I think she was being self centered.Also she said that tanner was being self centered!!! And also i did not like that Mack and Brady lost there memories it was pointless why cant be like any other ending “HAPPY!” so since Mack got winked by Layla and a vest appeared i’m thinking that there will be a third movie. LISTEN TO MY ADVICE PL Z !!!!! :)

  12. Esninsky says:

    The ending was awful. What was the point of making the first one if it was gonna end like this??!? We don’t even know if Mack and Brady will get together ??!? Horrible !

    • LaDajia. Johnson says:

      Ikr tht was a waste of time

    • Alyssa says:

      I wouldnt be upset if they hadnt forgotten each other. I mean, dont get me wrong, the message was great and it was good that they added a twist, but it just stinks they forgot their memories from wet side story. :( I thought the movie was great, its just it should have been them bonding over the lessons the cast from tge movie taught them. Technically, Brady and Mac dont remember the lessons Wet Side Story taught them becayse they forgot about the whole movie completely. All im saying is that i wish they got their memories back and sense they didnt, they should make a 3rd one. Maybe the writter and Disney did that so they had a reason to make a 3rd one. Other than that, the movue was pretty good.

  13. jennifer says:

    I am confused I mean Layla and Taner made it to the movie world than why did Mack and Brady forget everything

  14. lady says:

    ok so i loved the movie until the end. i really don’t lie that they don’t remember what happened in the first movie and that they had to meet again. I can’t believe that they don’t remember anything!!!!! I have been dying to see this movie for months for Brady and Mack forget about everything!!! I also didn’t like that LaLa changed West Side Story completely. I loved the songs and the plot, just not the end. I will like the ending if there was a 3 part. If there is a 3 part then i guess i will like the movie more but if there is no 3 part than this movie was a total letdown. I really hope there is a 3 movie cause i really liked the first movie and it would be nice for Brady and Mack to remember what happened. Plus they ant through so much together and they got closer but unfortunately they don’t remember anything. Sorry for typing so much but I’m just annoyed by the ending of this movie. The movie was great I am just not pleased with the ending. :(

  15. Riana says:

    I actually loved the ending. It showed that Mack and Brady are destined to be together no matter what. They may not remember what they had, but they can make new memories.

  16. jennifer says:

    Im confused Layla and Taner made it to the movie world than why did Mack and Brady forget everything

  17. It was sad in the end because Brady and Mack forgot everything and they didn’t know each other and the things that Brady liked Mack likes them know and the things that make liked Brady likes..I hope for a teen beach 3 but if u don’t is your decision….and people should not tell you things because what happen in the end

  18. Teen Beach Fan says:

    I really liked the First movie and most of the second!! But in the first and second Mac and Bradey new each other from the beginning and then at the very end they forget everything that has happened in the last movie and most of the second they ,and forget they have ever met. Don’t get me wrong I loved the movie it’s just that little thing at the end. Please make a third movie please!!!
    If you do here’s some advice. In the third movie as Mac and Bradey see each other more and more they start to remember each other and and what has happened in the last 2 movies.
    Remember I love the movie just please consider what I’ve said.

  19. riley says:

    i think that there should be a third one because like mac and brady didn’t know each other so the 3 one should be them realizing that they already met and ya because then they have to start all their lives over again its so sad i just finished watching the movie by the way so ya bye!!! :) :)
    :( so sad for them they have t start their lives over again its so sad so ya bye going to go now ya bye

  20. In the end Mack and Brady get back together because Mack remember because she saw the bracket that she give to Lela when Lela was doing the movie Lela the queen of the beach

  21. Canadian says:

    So…that ending was different…and the last thing I ever expected from Disney Channel. Now I didn’t like it either, but Disney’s earned some respect from me for not being predictable. I don’t see how a TBM3 is possible now, but given the consensus on the ending, it’s probably for the best. I’m really interested in seeing the ratings, especially if it can beat High School Musical 2 and it’s 17.2 million viewers.

  22. LaDajia. Johnson says:

    I was confused at end cuz I thought tht since Lela and Tanner were sent on their way to where they lived I thought tht Mack and Brady would still remember about everything tht happened and when they didn’t I was kind of mad then I thought tht Mack and Brady would remember everything when she was puttin the bracket on him but they didn’t and the whole change of the name of the movie was like a “huh” moment ..At one point of was thinkin about writing a letter to who ever wrote the script and like go crazy cuz I had been waiting all year..all month..all week..all day..every hour,minute,and second to see the movie and to be bummed and confused at the end I still wished the endin came out different I mean it was a good endin if u makin a 3rd one but if your not then it doesn’t make since for them to not remember anything of Lela or Tanner or anything please make a 3rd one cuz if your not then the endin was dumb

  23. NaStacia says:

    Well the ending was a little disappointing but I liked the fact that it made me think about what happened. I also was confused because how did that happen. It was clever how they basically changed the movie and started everything over but I was already thinking that there was going to be a third movie and I think it might go to the theater. Overall the movie was funny and I liked it.

  24. loviey says:

    I HATE HOW THE MOVIE ENDS its just to much to handle, it made me sad about how mac and brady forgot about each other THEY HAVE SPENT TWO YEARS AS A COUPLE the creators shouldnt have done that

    • Maggie says:

      Actually they met in the summer and we’re together for 2 months before going back to school. There was no years. Just months.

  25. Rylee Ballew says:

    I hated the ending! I know it’s supposed to be “happy” but seriously! Why would you want to restart the whole relationship! I loved their old relationship!! Are you kidding me! I’m literally in tears right now!! Am I the only one feeling this?! My tv cut it off early because it was a recording so please tell me that I missed some and it was just Brady or Mack dreaming or something and they go back to normal or did they actually never meet and have to do it all over again?!?! They didn’t even kiss!!!! I feel this literally ruined the whole movie!! If this is how it ends then they should at least have a third Teen Beach!!

  26. Tomster says:

    I watched it with my daughter, and yeah, the ending did kind of suck. But, if you caught the clues, I am pretty sure there will be another TB movie. When Mack and Brady are dancing in front of the screen, and Layla winks at her, she gets that look on her face like she knows something she doesnt really know, then shakes it off. That would be a great hook for the next film: Layla and Tanner have to return to Brady and Mack’s world to set things right again between them or to help them remember.
    While I do agree the ending was pretty lame, I do applaud them for daring to be different. Who wants to watch a movie you already know the ending to?

  27. alexis says:

    I got confused i thought that mack and brady knew eachother before the movie

    • LaDajia. Johnson says:

      They did but Brady was watching the movie one day and Mack walked by and it started tht conversation wit the Awesonist and mango smoothie and all tht and tht is how they met by watchin the movie

  28. Monica says:

    that ending was completely unreasonable!! there was no point for the first teen beach movie if it ended like that. all of the memories were erased, Lela and Tanner never met Mack and Brady so there’s no point I don’t understand why this movie was made! I love the message it sent but it ruined the whole movie for me! I feel like it was a waste my time watching that movie! please consider making a teen beach movie 3 because teen beach movie 2 sucked

    • therealjonpalmer says:

      Without the first movie Mack & Brady would have never been drawn into ‘Wet Side Story’ and met the characters. Without that there is no reason for Laila to want to leave the movie world to find Mack.
      Therefore, without the first movie there is no second movie. I think that makes the first movie pretty darn important.
      BTW: I loved “Silver Statue Guy” and how he interacted with Laila and Tanner. It was a nice extra touch on the movie.

  29. Daniella says:

    i did like the ending but the title of the movie “Leila, the Queen of the Beach” made the whole ending be centered on her and not on the whole cast. In other words the title made sound like it was all about Leila instead of everyone. And the fact that Tanner was actually inventing stuff was cool, I dont understand why they made him look so “dum” at the end. All in all I think it was good movie. And would definitely watch it again.

  30. lauren says:

    I didnt like the fact that they had to fall in love over again because all that happened in teen beach movie 1 never happened so i wish they hadnt changed the movie and they had not fallen in love again thumbs down for this

  31. Abbie says:

    I loved the movie but the ending was kinda confusing. It was very sad for me because like Brady and Mack never met so pretty much everything in their relationship never existed anymore. And Mack was still at the beach with her hood up so does she still exsists but Brady does’nt? In my opinion it was a pretty sad ending for a disney movie.
    Like i said awesome movie but kinda upseting ending. I would sugest a 3d movie to make up the ending.

  32. Melissa says:

    I was just pissed that there was no kiss between Brady and Mack. They just ended it as if they only just met and that was it. I do not approve. Damn Disney.

  33. Melissa says:

    I was just pissed that there was no kiss between Brady and Mack. They just ended it as if they only just met and that was it. I do not approve. Can’t believe Disney this time. I definitely prefer the High School Musical franchise.

  34. I was so proud for sighing in i love teen beach 2 and my 4 year old brother dose. my name is william and i cant wait to see all of you guys i cant wait tell i see you i love your movie and you i want to see the teen beach people im soo happy im 7 years old cant wait to. Mack and Brady and all of you by see you im so proud right now but I’m sorry that I’m texting so late sorry see you when I get there by Mack and Brady

  35. Breanna says:


  36. Logic says:

    Okay so most people are complaining about the ending….
    First off, it was an amazing movie and if you’re honestly calling a movie bad because of it’s ending then you clearly haven’t heard of Romeo and Juliet. The songs were great and the plotline was awesome.
    Second, the memory loss was confusing at first, but it makes so much more sense. Even if Brady and Mac DID forget, Lela and Tanner didn’t. The ending caught us all off-gaurd so I say bravo Disney! Well done!
    Third, I’m willing to put money on the fact that a third will be announced. I’m sure of it.
    Please stop complaining about the ending and actually respect the movie as a movie.

    • therealjonpalmer says:

      Yes, everybody listen to what @Logic says.
      I couldn’t have said it better–or more logically–myself. I loved the movie, the songs, the dancing and especially “Silver Statue Guy’. That scene was great.

  37. Tyler says:

    I really do like how the ending was way different than typical Disney movies; I believe it sets up a great story line for a TB3 movie. However, why do Mack and Brady completely forget meeting? These two clearly had a relationship at the beginning of TB1 before they met everyone from West Side Story.

  38. Bryan Salton says:

    I hope you going to make teen beach 3 then I can watch it can you make a tv series with the cast of West side Story gang with tanner and leya and the bikers and the others as well that be so great

  39. Casey Clements says:

    Honestly everybody is talking about how they forgot everything but I think the characters changed meaning the lessons they learned are applied to the new them (if that makes sense). And remember how in the beginning Brady said they only know the summer them this gives them a chance to start over in the school year and really get to know each other.

  40. Amelia says:

    Please just make another sequel to this movie please!! The ending to this 2nd movie just let me down!! I know it was supposed to be a good and happy one, but it’s terrible that everything they knew about each other and everything they’ve been through together is gone. It just stinks dude 😂

  41. Kevin Stern says:

    Isn’t that dude still trying to destroy the beach? How did they all bond without teaming up?

  42. Kevin Stern says:

    So, their movie lives just repeat? Yet they seem somewhat aware of the repeating?

  43. Sophia says:

    Love the movie but Omg the ending really made me really mad I mead after all thay been together I still don’t believe it and like mac was mad at brady I mead wow thay really mest up I mead ross look a amazing in it but really what ever

  44. Sophia says:

    Loved the movie hate the ending

  45. ndixit says:

    I admit that the ending was a little weird but I guess the point was to emphasize that Mack and Brady are “meant to be”, no matter what their path to that point is. But it does take away from the sweetness of their reconciliation which was a pretty nice scene. Apart from the ending, I think the movie was pretty good. The dance choreography was pretty excellent. Ross is a talented dancer. He was pretty awesome in the “Gotta be me” dance number. I did like that the film focused a bit more on Brady and what he wants to do, since the first film was more about Mack and her decisions. No offense to the ladies, but the whole feminism angle was a bit too on the nose. I mean I know that this is Disney which means its not going to be subtle but they lay it on a bit too thick. The fact that plays pretty heavily into the ending also ticks me off a bit. Overall, it was still fun.

  46. Hannah says:

    I like the whole Leila gets a happy ending, but if Teen Beach 1 never happened, how did Mack choose not to go to that prep school, because without the incentive of being able to stay with Brady and making her own choices she wouldn’t have made that choice. They really screwed with the fans that wanted the happy ending not a way to completely make the previous movie irrelevant. Besides Leila’s movie could have ended as a sequel to Wet Side Story so it wouldn’t have gone away. I was looking forward to a kiss at the end as well.

  47. mike says:

    The movie was great till the ending. It was like tomorrowland. It’s ending sucked too. The ending ruins the whole movie in teen beach 2

  48. natalie says:

    I think the why the left the end the should consider a third movie and find out that the have met before wouldn’t that be cool and the people that hated the movie you have no you guys are wrong

  49. Jeremy Burch says:

    I chose awesome for the movie, although their was some temptation to choose fail. I had some problems with the fact that the ending erased the first movie for Mack and Brady. But they did meet and fall for each other again and they seem to mostly be the same people with the same friends and only lost out on 3 months of a relationship which isn’t nearly as bad, as the TV series Chuck which erased 6 seasons of memories. Also, i though this movie was funnier, the dance numbers were awesome, i loved that the other characters got to do a lot more and finally the fact that Disney channel of all channels gave us a twist ending like that. so i had to choose awesome.

  50. Cameron says:

    I didn’t like the ending, neither did my sister. It just ruined the whole romantic side of Brady and Mack. It was a kill joy for Brady and Mack fans and I don’t think that the producers thought through the whole ending, it just enraged fans.

    • Angelina says:

      Actually I thought the ending was even more romantic, because in the end the met again. And only special couples would meet so perfectly like that. I thought the ending was perfect, Lela changed the movie. I thought it would be so boring if it was all HAPPY HAPPY in the end. It was a unique ending, which for me is even better.