Wayward Pines: The 10 Biggest Reveals From Dr. Pilcher's 10-Cent Tour

Wayward Pines Episode 6 Spoilers

On Fox’s Wayward Pines this Thursday we got a look “behind the curtain,” seeing how Dr. David Pilcher fka Jenkins keeps the town humming along and safe from our “distant cousins,” as well as gained insight into how he first hatched this (really, really) forward-thinking plan to preserve a doomed humankind.

Here are the 10 biggest bits of intel gleaned from Ethan’s tour, punctuated by Pilcher’s flashbacks.

♦ Nurse Pam is Pamela Pilcher aka Dr. Pilcher’s sister.

♦ During Ethan’s tour of the hollowed-out mountain that houses the almost self-sustaining Wayward Pines’ inner workings (including the volunteers who fake the outbound phone calls), he discovers they have at least one captive “abbie.”

♦ Back during our time, Dr. David Pilcher was dismissed by the global community as a crackpot as he authored books and led lectures about humanity’s doomed fate and next stage of (d)evolution. With nudging from his sister, he siphoned profits from his tech company and other sources to fund his cryo-preservation plan, calculating that 2,000 years would be enough time for the planet to “reset.”

♦ Rather than wait for his predicted vision of end times to actually near, Pilcher acted proactively — beginning with recruitment.

♦ Arnold Pope had been just a mild-mannered security guard at Pilcher Technologies, until one day Pilcher approached the onetime druggie/wannabe cop with the offer of a “second chance,” by helping him “recruit” others who got a “bum deal” in life for the experiment — starting with a doctor, Charles Keen. Other eventual residents, like hypnotherapist Megan, joined on as like-thinking volunteers.

♦ It took two years to build — or at least pull up 2,000 years’ worth of weeds from! — Wayward Pines, once Pilcher and others emerged from their cryo state.

♦ When Ethan raises the question many of us had – Why not just tell the adults the truth? – Pilcher reveals that he in fact tried that, with the original batch of thawed-out citizens. But the reality proved too jarring and the people either ran away (into the abbies’ waiting, savage arms), caved to despair and killed themselves, or unleashed anarchy, as seen in a flashback to a decrepit, burning Wayward Pines. Ethan, Kate, Pope at al were thus “Group B”!

♦ Pilcher specifically woke Ethan from his cryo-slumber because the town was again becoming “unstable” under Pope’s ruthless rule, and he needed someone to “make things better.”

♦ Pilcher’s rallying cry for Group B is to protect the First Generation, the youth who are educated on and more open to the town’s twisted truths. But there is a “new threat” out there, Pilcher warns – led by, we discover, Kate and husband Harold, who have covertly assembled a bomb to take down the fence. “After what happened to Peter [McCall], I’ve had enough,” Kate tells Harold, who apparently has a fiancée “out there.” (Note to Harold: You don’t.)

♦ Elsewhere during the hour, Theresa struggles to evade her nosy boss and investigate the mysterious Plot 33, which is undeveloped and overgrown amidst other, fine properties.

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  1. Ed says:

    This show is awful.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thought you were “out” after Episode 2…? Huh.

      • Ed says:

        Gave it to episode 5 (because there was so much press about that being the big reveal and game changing episode). However, that episode was a huge, laughable letdown that confirmed to me that the series is just a mess that falls apart the moment you think about it for more than two seconds. Bad plotting and writing. Such a shame, as I love shows with elevated concepts. Fox has done shows like this well (Sleepy Hollow is mostly solid, and Fringe was probably the best network show of the past 10 years), but Wayward Pines is a huge fail. Sad when a show like this gets more viewers than a quality show like Hannibal.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          I totally disagree with your view on this show. Its been great the whole way through

        • Howard says:

          I agree with Ty. Do you even watch the show because your complaints are so vague. What is laughable about the show? How does it fall apart if you think about it for “2 seconds”?

    • SUSO says:

      I agree with Matt. Your sentiments are getting tired and its obvious you don’t actually watch it because your complaints are vague and repetitive. Every week. Please go away and stop bothering us.

  2. Mare says:

    This show has grown on me. The first episode was so painfully slow I really had no desire to watch more. But it’s summer and there’s but much on so I tried the fourth episode and was interested in the story enough to continue on.

    I can kind of understand the despair thing. The people who didn’t volunteer were forced into a cryo chamber only to wake two thousand years later to find the world they knew gone and everyone they loved gone. That would be horrible. I know Pilcher says he had good intentions but it was criminal of him to force that on people IMO. Ethan was lucky, he got his family. Not everyone was.

    • Ann says:

      I don’t trust Pilcher. I think he had ulterior motives. I also think that his lab created the abbies; that’s how her knew it was coming. I also think there might be other towns out there that thrived during the 2,000 years they were frozen and Pilcher knows this but is keeping that hidden grin everyone. I haven’t read the book or anything yet…these are just guesses.

  3. the commenter says:

    forget the troll known as “ed”,this show is awesome,one of the best shows in years,by the way ed,hannibal sucks,these are facts.

  4. AngelWasHere says:

    I think I’ll be following this shows via recaps now just for curiosity. (Why I’m here now.) I can’t bring myself to watch the actual show anymore. Its like a completely different show from what it was at the beginning. Am I the only one see the gaping plotholes?

    • eliot says:

      No, you’re not the only one. For a while I was thinking of making a record of all of the holes and inconsistencies. Then I realized that it would be too big a project. I’ll keep watching it till the end — for the same reason that I watched Sharknado.

    • JR says:

      I don’t think they are plot holes as much as they intentionally omitted information. They are filling in a lot of the “holes” as they go along. Each new bit of information helps you to understand things that didn’t make sense in previous episodes.

      On the other hand, they are squeezing 3 novels into 10 hours of tv. Not everything can be as fully fleshed out as in the books.

    • Jason Becker says:

      I love the show. There are some holes in it…..but any show like this is going to have those. I take it for what it is. Entertainment. And I am very entertained by W.P.

  5. Kev says:

    If they are. 2000 years in time how the the hell did the sheriff tamper with the car. You also see the pilcher talking to Ethan’s boss when his wife was looking for him????????

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That all took place in the past.

      • Pedro says:

        Matt, let’s assume that Ethan’s boss talked to Pilcher in the past while Ethan was already asleep in that cryo thing, and that Pope sabotaged Theresa’s car in the past, even though he was posing as a police/sheriff and being his mean self, and not the scared one that captured the doctor.

        All of it, does not match with the “Group B” plot, because Pilcher was present during the extermination of group A, he was already in the future when this happened. So how did he go back to the present to “recruit” Group B, which obviously included Ethan, and thus the scene under the rain of Pilcher talking to Ethan’s boss, and later on his family when they started to look for him.

        Also the story does not explain how did Pilcher build the town and the facilities in the future if there’s nothing in that era. Did he put the cars, bricks, etc, etc in the cryo things too?

        Those two inconsistencies are what bother me the most.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          1) Group B wasn’t recruited separately but thawed out separately.

          2) Dunno, don’t really care.

          • John says:

            The hair piece added to the scientist was misleading, because he had the hair when he woke up 2000 years later and was balding when he talked to his boss in 2014. I guess he went to bosly before being frozen. Otherwise, the show is great.

          • herman1959 says:

            To answer John’s question: It kind of makes sense – if he was frozen with (some) hair, he would wake up with it,and in the following 14 years the process of balding would continue. I think the real problem is the “big reveal” (episode 5?) when the teacher explained all. That was the weakest episode and it was probably the one that caused a lot of people to stop watching. If I recall correctly, in Matt’s interview with the EP/showrunner, he stated that the scene was in a later section in the book, and he moved it for the sake of exposition…BIG MISTAKE!

        • Marshall says:

          Pikcher and Pope were actively recruiting the non volunteers through staged auto accidents as well as simply gassing people unconscious when they rented rooms in the town.

          Pilcher owned the town before he went to sleep for 2k years. Some if his weird financial dealings is what got the secret service involved.

          The cave system they built was immense with enough materials to rebuild the town five times over. The entire place was sealed in vacuum dieing the 2k years.

          These are all minor details mentioned in the books, and I have not given any spoilers here.

    • Marianella says:

      I think the same. Even the boss said It was late to take him out. I am not completely on those 2000 years. I think is an experiment in the present and de created those creatures.

    • AnaFonseca says:

      That is a flashback.

    • Curly Girly says:

      Geez people. Anything that happened with Pilcher/Pope and the now inhabitants of WP were in the PAST, In 2014, When Pilcher started “recruiting”. He put everyone in a cryonic state in 2014 and then started thawing them out 2000 years later. I think he explained things pretty well in last night’s episode. So the events you described all happened in the past (2014). As for Ethan, he was taken (and “frozen”) first (in 2014), and then after Ethan’s family came looking for him, they took them as well.

      • MikaC says:

        I like the show, but some of the “time” issues don’t seem completely resolved.

        Pilcher’s shown forming the project in the late 90s, but didn’t Juliette Lewis’s character get abducted in the late 80s or early 90s?

        • Curly Girly says:

          There was a really good article on EW about the timelines (See Wayward Pines Guest Blog). I was wondering about Beverly (Juliette Lewis’s character) too. She was actually abducted and “frozen” in 1999. So I misspoke earlier, they had been abducting people since 1999, until 2014 and putting them in the cryogenic chambers and started waking (some of) them up 4014.

  6. laurelnev says:

    I don’t think the good doctor realized what a narcissistic megalomaniac Ethan was when he froze/woke him. Ethan appeared to join Team Pilcher tonight, but only with certain codicils. (Loved the Stalin comparisons.) How long will it be until he gradually starts letting folks in on the truth? So coming up, we’ll obviously see several loyalties tested: Ethan/lover, Ethan/wife, Ethan/son, and Ethan/self.Ben appears to have drunk the kool-aid, so it will be interesting to see how soon they let Mom in on at least some of the truth.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Who says he joined? AFter Nurse Ratchet.. I mean Creepy patched him up he grabbed his gun and looked like he was gonna get his own answers. He didnt wait for the Dr to come back for him he just wandered off (obviously they were keeping a camera on him though). Hes just playing along till he gets a chance to do something about it. I dont believe at all he will keep the truth from Group 2.

      (Also at some point they are going to run out of resources to rebuild Wayward Pines. Its already been destroyed once, and they would only have so many people on ice and concrete to rebuild things)

      Theresa is too smarty/ sarcastic to let things slide. She used to be secret service too and if it wasnt for her douche boss she would have found out a lot more.

      The son seems to be the one drinking the coolaid currently.

      • Marshall says:

        Theresa was not secret service. She just knew ethans boss. If I recall, the books said she was a paralegal. This wasn’t a spoiler.

  7. N says:

    I still love this show!

  8. lawman7117 says:

    WP is perfect summer entertainment! It really makes you think and although some aspects are kind of “out there” you can certainly wrap your head around the quality performances and dynamic writing. I mean it’s tough to take three books worth and condense into 10 hour long episodes and have it all make sense. To answer some lingering questions….Pope tampered with Theresa’s car in 2014, before anyone was frozen. Ethan was targeted by Pilcher for addition to WP in 2014, before anyone was frozen. Are there other towns besides Wayward Pines? Maybe. Is Pilcher up to something besides “preserving life” in Wayward Pines…keep watching or pick up the books. Blake Crouch is a talented storyteller and as much fun it has been to see the characters of the books come to life, the show doesn’t do Pines, Wayward and The Last Town justice.

  9. Viv says:

    I just watched The Other Woman w/ Natalie Portman & realised Charlie Tahan plays her stepson. Fantastic cast & he was so great in it–just as intuitive & subtle as he is playing Ben. He’s got such a great future ahead of him.

    • hud says:

      Harmless summer fun. Watch it for what it is. Don’t try to read anything into it. It will play out. Some will be happy with the ending, others not. Richard Dawson in the Running Man, “it’s TV everybody loves TV.

  10. Becky says:

    My daughter and I watched this show (we usually love M. Night’s works), but the last episode we watched it seemed like it was a “Godless” show and left a bad taste in our mouths. =/ We won’t be watching this show again.

    • Emor says:

      M. Night had almost NOTHING to do with this show!! He directed the pilot episode and was given “Executive Producer” credit so the network could use his name to sucker you in. That is his complete involvement. And what does ‘God’ have to do with any of this??

    • Whatever says:

      It’s a mystery that pretty clear from outset that it can only be explain with science fiction. If you feel God and (fantasy) science don’t mix I really don’t understand why you are watching this.

  11. Will says:

    Going back and forth on WP.

    I like it to an extent, but believing the whole future of the world is just white people (with one or two minorities thrown in) is just insulting. But I guess in reality that is what rich people would want no?

    • Marcus says:

      It’s Idaho; almost 90% of the population in Idaho is white. Stop trying to view everything through a racial lens.

  12. Sarah says:

    I love Matt Dillon’s reaction to everything Pilcher was saying. He just had that totally unimpressed face the entire time it was all being explained to him. Maybe it was bad acting, but I choose to believe that is just the character of Ethan, and I love it. And he called him out on everything I wanted him to. I was so happy when he said he was going to do everything to stop more people from being killed then added “and not by you.” Great summer show!

  13. Darren says:

    Just waiting for the series to be another cancelled one although it is rather good but hey what do we know we only watch them

    • Whatever says:

      Pretty sure the current series cover the complete, close-ended book trilogy. So straightly speaking there is nothing more to go on when the series is done.

  14. JimVincent says:

    Global warming bulls**t has really made me lose interest in this story.

  15. Holly Cuzzone says:

    I happen to love the show. It makes you think about what is the point the author wants to make. I just find a lot of things unbelievable.

    It took millions of years for the evolution of Homo sapiens from primates. Was the abbies natural selection? If so what catastrophic event occurred to mutate these creatures so rapidly. Somewhere in the back of my mind, these abbies were either genetic modifications by a mad man or are they Team A ( a cryogenic mishap)? How does these hairless abbies survive the winters in Idaho?

    The selection process is flawed, I mean really would you select a drug addict (Pope) and nurse Pam? How come he didn’t include some of the greatest minds of the time, like artist, musicians(the schools focus), scientists and doctors?

    What is the connection between Jenkins and Hassler? Make it seem as if the gov’t was behind Waywood Pines.

    Jenkins is a monster, period. The taking of individuals against their will, making them submissive by fear, public executions, the loss of freedom and the brainwashing of children…makes me think about slavery, the Third Reich and the Middle East.

    How does Waywood Pine generate energy, provide food (animal and plant sources), building materials and clothing to the people of the Pines/

    Lots to think about and can’t wait to find out how this concludes. Right now I do not believe anything the gate keepers have to say (Jenkins, Pam or Megan Fisher).

  16. Maryann says:

    I am loving the show! At first I thought it would be like Patrick McGoohan’s old show, The Prisoner, in which some mysterious organization has created an “idyllic” fenced-in small town to retire government agents to who know things or are somehow dangerous to the organization. I am glad they did not take that route. As things are, I only have a couple of issues and questions, and I don’t know if they are the result of bad writing or secrets yet to be revealed. 1) It would be impossible for the human race to evolve into such creatures that quickly without intervention from scientists; try at least five to six million years (or more!) if it were to happen without human ( or alien) direction, even in the face of some mysterious environmental factor. So if we are realistic, either the abbies were created on purpose by humans, or there is another twist coming in which they were created by aliens or six or more million years have actually passed. 2) The other issue is more one of unanswered questions. Ethan saw only a small part of this new world. How can he know for certain that this is not some isolated setup in the middle of nowhere, with the world as we know it still existing? The entire area that Ethan saw could have a larger fence around it, with only a couple of packs of aberrations to keep anyone from exploring further? Or how can he know if this is the only “ark” in the world, or if there are other groups of humans left, just a long way from here?

  17. Sherry says:

    Makes me wonder if all the missing people are ending up in a place like Wayward pines…

  18. Leila says:

    If you the books along side and its easier to watch. Fills the gaps you say are gaping holes.
    We are really enjoying the series x

  19. Holly Cuzzone says:

    Just a random thought. Where does Waywood Pines get their hamburger meat? Do you think the SWAT Team harvests the abbies?

  20. Montie says:

    My husband was flip-flopping on this show (he called it “slow” which is usually the kiss of death for him) until the reveal. Now, he’s enjoying it more.

    A couple of episodes back, when Ethan fell over face first, did anyone else yell “Dallas!” No? Just me? ;)

  21. Toni Simoneau says:

    I like the show so much I joined a fan page to discuss the episodes. Since we have several hundred members, I assume quite a few other folks like it as well. It sure beats the hell out of another cop/hospital/fire drama!

  22. Gayle Miller says:

    I have throughly enjoyed Wayward Pines since the first episode. But, I can say emphatically state that I disagreed with and disliked the last episode that killed off two of the main characters which was enough for me to question if I would watch a season two if it’s available. Really, the next season will be about the warped younger generation who views had been seriously distorted by the teacher, who will be more controlling then Piltcher and more reckonings. Poor Ben will be the pariah of Wayward Pines. Of course Ben will either become a hero or be murdered by the new regime .