Graceland Season 3 Premiere Recap: Mike Dropped?

Graceland Season 3 Mike Alive

The following contains spoilers from the Season 3 premiere of USA Network’s Graceland.

It took a couple of commercial breaks, but the Graceland Season 3 premiere eventually answered the question viewers had been left grappling with for months: Had FBI Agent Mike Warren in fact died?

As it turns out, yes, Mike did die.

But is alive.

Meaning, for some six minutes after Sid Markham fatally closed off hospitalized Mike’s oxygen supply, Mike had crossed over, only to be resuscitated by some doctors with defibrillators, after Briggs found his bud flatlining.

Everyone at Graceland knew that Mike had cheated the Reaper, but Sid was duped into thinking he had felled his foe — until toward episode’s end, when Mike raced out of his hospital bed to interrupt Paige’s meet-up with the crooked LAPD gang task force leader, suspecting as he did that it was a trap.

Paige meanwhile spent part of the hour dealing with her pangs of guilt, knowing that it was she who put Mike in harm’s way in the first place, by pointing Sid to the hospital where he’d been hidden away. But now Paige herself had a target on her back, one she hoped to erase by getting Sid on tape ‘fessing to murder and what not. When Mike eventually intervened, she at first lashed out — “Stop trying to save me!” — and then announced to the house she had put in for a transfer, and thus would be moving out.

MIA for the big Paige/Sid/Mike three-way was Briggs, who spent his day riding shotgun with Ari, a member of a top-shelf arms-dealing Armenian crime family. Briggs was strong-armed into the unsavory gig by Special Agent in Charge Logan, who had come into possession of the compromising Juan Badillo cassette tape (found among Mike’s effects). Logan’s idea of a “wash” is for Briggs to help do what no one has come close to accomplishing before, bringing down the Sarkissians — even if it means Briggs witnessing and being party to illegal, sometimes murderous acts, transgressions that likely will take him down along with any of his marks.

So… Mike’s alive, Briggs is in deep, Paige has Mike’s forgiveness but not her own, Charlie has a bead on money launderer Germaine, Johnny is still doing Carlozzzzz Solano’zzzzz bidding, and Jakes is fed up with people shirking the chore wheel.

What did you think of Graceland‘s return? And do I already see a line forming to help Paige pack her bags?

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  1. Cobra says:

    Definitely better than how last season left off, so hopefully it can get back to what made Season 1 so enjoyable.

  2. Bwhit says:

    Reminded me of the pilot which makes me happy. Mike is alive and this is already looking better than season 2.

  3. Alichat says:

    I don’t see how Mike could forgive Paige. If she’d been upset, slipped up, and gave away Mike’s location….that would be one thing. But she had time to think about what she was doing, tracked down the crooked cop, and then told him exactly where to find Mike knowing he would kill him. Iiii don’t know. Don’t think I could forgive that.

  4. m3rcnate says:

    Welp…it went exactly how i figured. Trying to play us (the viewers) with tears & self destruction to “fix” what they did to Paige to get us to forgive and move on (like they write Mike doing which is BS. Other shows have a cop working for IA and the friends find out and freak out and call him/her a rat, and a traitor…but Paige tries to assassinate a Federal Agent and its “i forgive you Paige”? WTF?!).
    This season would be fun if it wasn’t for the Paige stuff from S2. The stuff with the other characters is pretty interesting and decently fun, except the Sid stuff, it always bothers me when a show puts some a exposed easy to take down villain up on a pedestal, untouchable, for an entire season cause they need a ultimate bad guy or w/e. Well at least the teaser for Episode 2 looks like Briggs is trying to take him down by any means, but still…i’d bet you everything i own it fails and Sid is around for a crap ton more episodes.
    How far Jeff Eastin has fallen, from the perfect and very well written White Collar to S2 and now S3 of Graceland…where melodrama and unrealistic plots and bad character development thrive.

    • Shaun says:

      White Collar was frivolous fluff

      • Rob says:

        You say that like it’s a bad thing.

        And White Collar had excellent character writing and some deeper thematic levels. It was fun and smart. Graceland is neither.

    • JBC says:

      White Collar is my all time favorite show, and that is why I even gave Graceland a look. The only disappointment I had in White Collar was when Eastin tried to force in a new character (i.e. Sara Ellis), at the wrong time. Messed up last half of S2. She could have come in for 1 or 2 eps S2 and return in S3 if he wanted to go the route of Thomas Crown Affair theme. Anyway, most of White Collar was simply delightful. Tim Dekay, Matt Bomer and Willie Garson are characters you could always root for.

  5. Kait says:

    So the point of every season is to make us hate a different character only to try to redeem them by doing something “decent” and then make another character do something to try and make us forget for the last one we hated and hate them instead? Alrighty then…
    I’ll admit this first episode was better than the last half of the previous season. At least Mike is alive, otherwise I would have been done.

  6. MJ says:

    I can’t believe Johnny is working for Carleto and helping Sid get out. I know he loves the girl but he needs to tell the others.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    good season premiere episode. so glad and happy Mike is alive. sucks Briggs have to do a crazy undercover job cause of the tape Logan have to use on him. surprised Johnny help Sid get away cause of working for Carleto.

  8. John says:

    Mike forgiving Paige was some of the most disingenious writing I’ve seen in a long time. Briggs is a useless dolt, as usual.

  9. JBC says:

    Haven’t seen the episode yet but from reading the comments and recap I’m already disappointed that they tried to redeem Paige. The character needs to go, plain and simple. Cast a new actor/actress and add a new character to the house that will be more believable. Why did they have to mess up a good show like this? Charlie being pregnant is a stupid storyline as well.

    • Kubrick says:

      Making a judgment without seeing an episode either you like to talk or you just hate women characters.

      • Dean says:

        He probably hates women in general. I heard Vanessa the actress who plays Charlie wanted a pregnancy story since she is a mother herself in real life wanted to portray a pregnant woman in a job such as one of a federal agent. To call the storyline stupid as he did I’m sure JBC had a whole lotta love for his own mom.

        • ndixit says:

          To be fair, pregnancy on cop shows rarely works well. In fact, I don’t remember the last instance of it actually having worked out well for a show. As for Paige, she is pretty detestable. Its kind of hard to see either her or Briggs as hero characters.

        • JBC says:

          Wow, for your information JBC is a female. Please don’t insult me, I MISS my beautiful mother every single day as I lost her 3 years ago.

          Actors can give input into their characters but I think writers need to write smarter storylines for women.I agree with ndlxit about pregnancy and cop shows rarely working out well. To me it shows lazy writing. In this show I think Eastin is putting everything out there to see what will stick. S1 was much more cohesive.

      • JBC says:

        Just finished the episode. I still dislike the fact that they are trying to redeem Paige. They should have never gone there with her character in the first place. It is very unbelievable now. Mike can just so easily forgive her? Briggs at least called her out on it.

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    Hate the poor poor Paige BS. I was really hoping they weren’t going to go this route but they did. How long before Mike and Paige are in bed together. It’s completely ridiculous that he’s forgiven her so quickly. Lame. I hope she does leave Graceland, she should.

  11. Dean says:

    Gotta say even though they roughed things up last year the writers really took a step in the right direction Mike is still breathing literally and this move against Sid really hindered the dirty cop’s plans especially now that Sid’s on the run I’m a little mixed about Mike’s reaction to Paige on the one hand I’m surprised he was so okay with it with the whole I ‘forgive you’ line but I also get why he’d be so okay with it Lena was someone who Paige really wanted to help and Mike gave his promise to Paige he would help her, the fact Mike didn’t even bother telling Paige he got Lena killed and he covered it up I’d assume he’d understand why she did what she did Paige is now tail spinning and while its good seeing Serinda Swan acting at her best with what is give to her it makes me a little worried that Paige will become to Graceland what Andrea was to Walking Dead the season is still young though and I’m hopeful the writers can turn her around she ends up leaving the house voluntarily mainly because she believes that if she could easily sell out Mike, while it was sheer luck he survived what’s to stop her from doing it to anyone else in the house and lets be honest DEA agents don’t tend to last long in the house Donnie Lauren and Bates are proof of that Biggs for all his inspirational speeches makes me pissed unlike Mike he wasn’t so okay with what Paige did and yeah I get it as the top dog he’s suppose to be more harsh in judgement of the other agents and their actions but given that he actually physically killed agent Badillo I don’t think he’s in any position to judge right now probably still upset Charlie found out about he tape and that she and the little tike in her tummy don’t want anything to do with him Biggest surprise was Johnny while he’s probably doing thing to save Lucia he still his aiding a fugitive Good episode and like I said a step in the right direction.

  12. Coal says:

    Like Briggs said they ALL have made mistakes, if we can forgive Briggs for being a drug dealer, killing a fellow cop (mistakenly) then covering it up when he finds out instead of coming clean and Jakes for helping him with the deception. We forgave Mike for covering up that girls and sending a fellow officer on a wild goose and covering his on tracks for a botched job. I forgive Paige too.

    • ndixit says:

      There’s a big difference in the type of crime. Paige very intentionally gave information to Sid to kill Mike. She would have actually been an accomplice to cold-blooded murder if Mike had died. Briggs’ drug dealing is bad and its really perplexing that it gets overlooked by his room mates. The death of Juan was an accident and Jakes and Mike are guilty of cover ups. The drug dealing and him almost killing Mike in cold blood last year are the worst of Briggs’ crimes. Right now Johnny is striding into the same stupid territory of committing some unforgivable crimes.

    • tallsy says:

      I sorta agree with you regarding Briggs. But there’s no comparison between what Mike did and what Paige did. I hope Paige dies.

    • VPB says:

      Something needs to blow up in Paige’s. She needs to be taught a lesson. I could never forgive her. She lost a drug mule who she became close to (okay whatever I get it), but now nothing or no one else matters? She was willing to abandon the other girls to go after that one, what about them? And felt Mike deserved to die…there are casualties in war but don’t lose focus, do it afterward and if it’s too much then find another line of work…We could no longer be partners.

  13. alex says:

    I knew they wouldn’t have the guts to kill off mike

  14. MG says:

    I’m hoping Mikes “I forgive you” is a fake as he was in the beginning and he’s out to get Paige and take her down .
    Johnny I love but he’s a weasel – get some new tail who cares about that chick. You knew her 10 minutes

  15. Hollygolightly says:

    Recap didn’t mention that ending. WTF!? Maybe Johnny is helping Sid for other reasons? I so wanted Sid to get caught.

  16. kayth says:

    So doesn’t anyone but me think that Jeff Easton ‘ s take home theme is that when working to take down the most corrupt villains all or most good agents eventually get dirty? I thought Mike’s fox analogy in season 2 summed it up.