Rookie Blue's Missy Peregrym on Andy's Baby 'Struggle,' Marriage Talk

Rookie Blue Season 6 Spoilers

Rookie Blue‘s bombshell that Marlo is pregnant with Sam’s child may have sent “McSwarek” ‘shippers into a panic, but star Missy Peregrym has her own feelings about the twist.

“I think it’s brilliant, to be honest,” she tells TVLine. “I love the storyline. This is one of my favorite seasons.”

“What I really loved about it is this is life,” she explains. “It’s not like Sam was sleeping with two people at the same time. He was in a relationship. I was in a relationship. It’s just something where you have to figure it out and go through it. We haven’t done anything like this before, so it was all new for me.”

While Peregrym says she didn’t have any concerns about what the unexpected baby news meant for Sam and Andy’s future, her alter ego is not quite so calm and collected in the upcoming season (premiering Thursday at 10/9c on ABC).

“Andy struggles with: Is it selfish for her to be with Sam when there’s going to be this kid who needs a father?” the actress reveals. “Should they have the traditional family? That’s something that is above her, it’s beyond her, and she has to really evaluate for another life what the right thing is.”

Below, Peregrym previews Andy’s “difficult” adjustment to Sam’s impending fatherhood and whether the couple will be contemplating marriage. Plus: Could the show go beyond Season 6?

TVLINE | When you’re building a life with somebody and this sort of obstacle comes in, how does Andy deal with it?
She doesn’t know how to for the first bit. The arc of the season is figuring out where her place is in this family that is inevitably being built. She’s on the outside. Obviously, Sam and Andy want to make this work, but it’s not the ideal situation. There’s a lot of grief and anger that Andy is super uncomfortable with in the beginning. Because you can’t hate Marlo for being pregnant. This isn’t ideal for her either. It’s not ideal for anybody. But I have a relationship with Marlo. I risked my career to help her, so this isn’t just anybody. This is somebody I’ve really cared about, in a complicated way, obviously. It’s difficult. That’s really what she’s trying to work through this year.

TVLINE | Andy is now connected to Marlo not just in a professional way, but also in a pretty permanent way personally. How does that evolve their relationship?
You’re going to see that in different aspects throughout the entire season. Like I said, Andy really has no idea what her place is and what the right thing is to do. Should she step away from this thing? Should she fight for it to be with Sam? I can’t even imagine what that situation would be like, going through that.

TVLINE | What kind of mother would Andy make? Have you thought about that?
We’re very similar. I’ve played her for so long, so I just feel like I’d answer that like how I would. [Laughs] She’d be strong and very empathetic and very invested in her child’s life. This is the stuff she’s got to think about because she couldn’t wait to have kids with Sam and that’s something that she’s always wanted. Then to have this experience [of] it’s not your kid, but also, potentially [having] a role in that kid’s life, that’s also incredibly tricky. Andy does everything a hundred percent; if she’s in, she’s in.

TVLINE | With all this talk about family and children, does the topic of marriage also come up for Andy and Sam?
Yeah, the topic comes up, for sure. We’re in a serious relationship, and we’ve finally got a groove going. We’ve had to work so hard to build our relationship up, and we tried everything else except for really, really being together.

TVLINE | There’s no word yet on Season 7, but do you feel like there’s still a lot of story left to tell?
Yeah, always. There’s always story to tell. It’s going to be a transitional time, obviously. We’re not rookies forever. So there’s always room to grow just like everybody else grows. If we have the opportunity, it would be pretty exciting to have us as more of the adults in the situation and have other rookies. We’ve been playing with that already [with Duncan]. We’re already dabbling with that and moving forward and having career changes in terms of our positions, obviously. No one’s leaving to be a painter. [Laughs] It’s already growing in that direction. Of course, there’s a million different ways that you can take it, just like anybody’s life.

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  1. maria says:

    Missy is nice to sell this story. I only watch for Sam and Andy. Marlo is really making it difficult. She is all over this season. I just want her and her kid to leave.

  2. jenn says:

    What else is she supposed to say, I hate this story line? I think the writers went too far with thinking fans will take anything as long as McSwarek stay together. And no way this “timeline” works I don’t care what TC says. Not interested in watching at all.

  3. Karen says:

    Sam’s an ass, Andy should have stayed with Nick.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    Missy is one of the hottest TV cops I’ve ever seen and even more hotter than Heather Locklear (TJ Hooker).

  5. S says:

    I admire Missy as a performer. That being said, Season 5 was pretty rough in terms of concept with Duncan (terrible) and the quick switcaroo from Andy/Nick and Sam/Marlo to Sam/Andy and everything is perfect. I don’t honestly know how much I will watch Season 6 if the baby twist is the crux of the whole thing.

  6. I would have preferred if Andy was pregnant with Nicks baby instead of Sam with this woman that’s been gone for a while and who isn’t even likeable. I think the drama would have been more interesting with 2 men dealing with 1 pregnant woman.

  7. Gina says:

    I really love this interview! Missy is the definition of class and grace. Although I’m not a fan of Marlo or this baby story, I’m willing to see where this goes. I love Sam and Andy and they are clearly what’s important here. Looking forward to their journey.

  8. Mari says:

    Rookie Blue was brilliant in its first 2.5 seasons.
    Then it became Gossip Girl, where everyone sleeps with everyone and the characters became aliens.

    Andy made her own family, the rookies, and for her to violate girl code and just get together with gail’s ex…

    And don’t even get me started on Sam, switching so quicly… First seasons Sam would never

  9. Karen says:

    Missy is great. Thanks for this interview. I love to hear from Missy. She always gives Andy’s POV in a way where I can understand her better. This will surely be painful for Andy. But she is so strong and I believe her love for Sam trumps everything. I do admit, I don’t like Marlo. I really do hope the season isn’t full of Marlo. I just want to see Andy and Sam get passed this storm and out all of it behind them and get to their happily ever after. They really have earned their happy ending. I’m looking forward to that. Can I just ignore Marlo this season? That might help. Thanks for Missy interview. Would love to hear from Ben Bass as well. He’s always so articulate when it comes to McSwarek.

  10. Darlene says:

    I heard that season 7 may not be, because canada never had a season 7 on their shows. I love rookie blue, i’m watching rookie blue on the Internet before it comes to the US. Then I’ll watch it on TV tomorrow night on ABC. I also have all 5 season of rookie blue on cd, and will buy season 6 as soon as it’s on sale. Rookie Blue is full of love, courage, hate, laughter, and sorrow. We live through our actors. We laughed, we cry, we hope, we hate , and we sometime feel sorry for the guys that mess up. Rookie Blue is one of the best shows. We can’t wait untell the next show. This season andy finds out that marlo is having Sam baby. We watch andy go through, if she should let Sam go because the baby needs a father, but Sam wants andy, but still what to be the baby’s father. I must say, andy has the courage and the love to stand by sam. Canada you have a HIT, please don’t cancel Rookie Blue. Go for as many seasons as you can get. If Canada’s doesn’t want Rookie Blue. I hope that US picks it up. We love these actors. God only knows Rookie Blue is fantastic. PEOPLE, this happen always happen in real life. This is a tv show. We much love, hate, laugh and cry with our actors. Get a life !!!! Sam at least wants to be the baby’s father. I beleave that Sam and andy will be ok if they talk to each other. Marlo will only be the baby’s mother.

    • DMK says:

      Not really sure what you mean. Canada has definitely had shows that have had a Season 7. For example, this September Murdoch Mysteries will be airing Season 9.

      Now, it’s true that Global, which produces Rookie Blue, doesn’t have much of a track record with shows going that long. Still, Rookie Blue is a huge hit for the network, so I imagine that they’d be open to continuing as long as they find some ways to keep costs down.

  11. Darlene says:

    Come on people, Rookie Blue is a show. we have to hate someone on a show, why not marlo, we must have love laughted, hate, courage, and most of all hope. Sam and andy work things out. What woman would love to have a man like sam, who loves andy, but who wants to be a father to his baby. With the courage and the love she has for sam, she wants to be with Sam and be a part of the baby’s life. Nick might be good for andy, but she loves sam. Nick has faults to, he has to get over andy, and what about gail??? He fell in love with andy while being with gail. He also has trouble in his life. He will find a new love in season 6. Rookie Blue is a fantastic show. I watch Rookie Blue on the Internet because i’m in the US, We don’t get it on TV until tomorrow night. Then I’ll watch it on tv. I have all 5 season’s of Rookie Blue on dvd’s, and will get season 6 as soon as it comes out. We need thelove, laughter, hate, hope and sometimes we need to feel sorry for the one’s who mess up. Canada never had a season 7 of any show, I hoping that they will continue for more of Rookie Blue. Canada you have a HIT. Do something about it. Please!!!!! For once in your live go for the show instead of the ratings. You might find out that if the Canadian can’t get past season 6, that the USA can. You have fantastic actors in Canada and great shows like flashpoint. Will you be putting on reruns of Rookie Blue? ????

  12. Chris S says:

    This story line is terrible, they broke up so long ago it just makes now sense & why the heck is Duncan still a part of this show, he is an absolute idiot & really takes away from the rest of the fantastic cast.

  13. Liz says:

    Thanks Missy for the interview, I love RB. I have watched and have every episode and will be watching season 6. I love this show so much that I introduced it to my family and a host of friends and their families. I do like all of the actors but Sam and Andy are my favorites because I have watched this couple grow, mature and bond through the seasons. I did not like Andy with Nick and I did not like Sam with Marlo but this a TV show. I hope this show continues for season 7 and more because it is a hit. I believe that Sam and Andy’s love is strong enough to get them through any obstacle at this point and Andy will love the baby because she loves children and this baby is a part of Sam, she loves Sam and she will love his baby. I hope to see Sam and Andy get married before the season ends. Please, please do not cancel this show.

  14. bomb says:

    crazy ep

  15. Derrick Bell says:

    Rookie Blue should be on year round. It would definitely give Grey’s Anatomy a run for it’s money. One thing it has in common with those TGIT shows, is the cast members are sleeping with each other.

  16. Jill says:

    Love love love this show! Sam and Andy are awesome! This Show is what a good drama is all about! Would hate for them to not continue this show. Please continue it!

  17. Aggie says:

    i am soooooo disappointed in the ending coming up for season 6. I CANT believe they actually had Marlo have a baby! That’s the end for Andy and Sam. I really thought she was faking this whole pregnancy thing. Its all about her isnt it. I wont be watching any more.


  18. kay says:

    I also watch for sam and Andy just reali hope it dnt go south for them