Emmy Screening Room: Outlander's Sam Heughan Has an Empty Pistol

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June 26 — the cutoff date for the 2015 Emmy Awards nomination voting — is just days away. And that’s a source of both great anticipation and nameless dread for those of us obsessed with quality television.

Team TVLine has already brought you our Dream Emmy Ballots in 10 key Emmy races — click here to see our picks! — but we wanted to make one last push on behalf of a few favorites whose work was so outstanding this year that the possibility of a snub makes us want to channel Cookie on Empire and wallop some fools with a broom.

With that said, we present the sixth of our Emmy Screening Room submissions: Outlander‘s Sam Heughan, for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. We defy you to watch from start to finish and tell us he shouldn’t hear his name called when nominees are announced on July 16.

The setup: After the adrenaline has worn off following his daring rescue of wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) — and the subsequent heated argument between the two about her refusal to follow his orders — Heughan’s Jamie has a near-breakdown as he realizes how close he came to losing her.

Press PLAY above for the full scene, then share your thoughts on whether Heughan should/will make the Emmy ballot.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alichat says:

    I agree he deserves a nomination, and to win…..but I’m surprised that’s the scene you chose. I love that moment, but I’d have chosen a moment from the finale.

    • Carmen says:

      Amen! So many stellar moments throughout the entire season.

    • Mable says:

      That was an amazing scene for both actors!! Jamie calling Claire a “foul-mouthed bitch tore his heart open and he portrayed so heartbreakingly beautiful. That was a pivitol scene for them.

  2. B says:

    Very deserving of a nomination with so many exceptional moments throughout the season. The finale, the penultimate episode, the Wedding, this scene here, and some from earlier in the season as well. I wonder what he’s chosen for his submission.

  3. jj says:

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Outlander will be completely overlooked when it comes to the emmy’s. I hope I am wrong.

    • shelly says:

      I agree with you just because there’s far too much competition from so many others competing in the drama categories. Most I’d hope for with Outlander is a tech nomination or two but certainly no major nominations much less wins.

  4. Melissa B says:

    Sam Heughan’s gives us a stunning, layered portrayal of a young man living through war-torn Scotland during the lead up to Culloden. Rarely have we seen a leading man play scenes with both vulnerability as seen in his portrayal of a rape victim at the hands of sadist Jack Randall and bravado when fighting alongside his Scottish clansmen. He even manages to bring bits of comedy to what could easily have been controversy as he disciplines, read ‘beats’ his new wife for defying his orders. Congratulations to this stage actor for making the transition to the screen.

  5. It’s not a question, if he should get the Emmy award. It is a MUST. Sam Heughan masters all scenes with a high professionalism. He IS an outstanding actor!

  6. anafraserlallybroch says:

    Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

  7. Liz says:

    I think Sam, Cait & Tobias should be nominated! As well as costume, music… heck, the whole show is amazing! I hope they won’t be overlooked!

  8. Meryland says:

    Sam Heughan is brilliant in Outlander. Showed incredible range. He really delivered some of the finest acting on screen, small or big. Hope he gets the nom and win.

  9. Robin Zonghi says:

    Bravo to Sam as he is worthy of acknowledgements for this scene but there are so many more!

  10. Mable says:

    Thank you for including this scene! It was one of Sam’s best from the season and it’s great to see him get recognition for it (its also one of his favorite scenes). Sam, Caitriona and Tobias all deserve nods this year. Here’s hoping none are snubbed.

  11. sonya hernandez says:

    I definitely thought this show was amazing, because of Charlie Hunnan. He certainly deserves an Emmy! Great Actor!

  12. Rose says:

    Sam definitely deserves a nomination as do Tobias Menzies and Catriona Balfe. Stellar performances, particularly in the two final episodes. Heart -wrenching and startling in their fearless portrayals.

  13. I believe he deserves a nomination, and a win. This season has been remarkable. Sam has become Jamie…every scene has been perfect.

  14. Rebecca Mick Frith says:

    Mr. Heughan has proved he has the talent to portray a man who must travel a very difficult road and yet survive on his own wits. We like our heroes to be strong and Sam Heughan’s Jaimie Fraser is that and more. He deserves the accolade of the nomination and the win. We can only hope that political machinations will be put aside and the best man does win!

  15. Michele says:

    The acting Sam has brought to the screen is absolutely brilliant! He is an outstanding actor. All the emotions he has portrayed, from joy to being tortured and raped, has been riveting. He deserves the Emmy in every sense of what the award embodies.

  16. Melissa says:

    Outlander is the best show ever!! Sam Heugan does a wonderful job portraying Jamie Fraser. He brings the author’s character to life in such a way that makes me think this character was made for him. Sam is Jamie and Jamie is Sam! I love this show and the books!! I hope Sam wins!!

  17. One of my favorite scenes too, starting with set up with argument by the river. Just reblogged. Great post!

  18. MKAKOLYRIS says:

    From start to season finale Sam Heughan showed genius at his craft. He morphed into Jamie character and brought this beloved figure from books to nuanced life. The range of emotions depicted by Mr Heughan has been a marvel to watch. He so deserves an EMMY.

  19. Linda says:

    If Sam’s doesn’t get a nomination and win, there is just no justice in the Emmy’s. I hope it is based on acting performance and nothing else. If that is the case, then he will win. He pushed the bar all season, but in episode 15 and 16, he raised it and through it out the window.

  20. ShariG says:

    i could not agree moare. Sam was phenomenal whether during those intense scenes at the end of the season or in the quieter moments as the relationship between Claire and Jamie grew and developed. He was the focal point when he was on screen. Mesmerizing.

  21. Lindsey Prothero says:

    This was an extraordinary performance by Sam Heughan where he clearly portrayed the character’s deep emotional distress. I disagree that it was the thought of losing Claire; but for her arrogance and the fact that he risked his neck and those of his Clan for this flippant narcissistic unbook-like character who plainly sees nothing wrong with what she has done or caused to happen to those who have just saved her life AGAIN!

    • Mable says:

      I agree but I also think it was because of what she said to him about not wanting to be married. She called him “a brute and a fool” and was clearly only thinking of herself, whereas Jamie was falling in love with her.

  22. Carmen says:

    A testament to truly great acting is whether or not the actor disappears into the role / character he/she is portraying. Only a few working actors today can pull this off and Sam Heughan is one of those special talents. When one watches Outlander, we do not see Sam Heughan the actor playing a fictional character, but rather we see a “real” Jamie Fraser, the brave, loyal, loving, strong yet vunerable Scottish Highlander. It will be a huge mistake if Sam Heughan is not recognized for his stellar performance in Outlander.

    • Jackie says:

      Beautifully said! Sam Heughan does become Jamie Fraser! And I agree–it would be a huge mistake if he is not recognized, but I remind myself that the emmys are another cog in the political machine that is Hollywood so I won’t be disappointed! Sigh . . .

      • Tracey says:

        I agree totally. So believable, my daughter got me hooked on this programme and I am now reading book 7.
        Sam is Jamie and Jamie is everything that people have said here. I hope that politics don’t come into play but…..
        Good luck Sam you have my vote.

  23. Tamara says:

    Sam absolutely deserves to win, that scene is ok but no matter what scene you pick in outlander he is amazing.. I agree the final was the most incredible thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  24. Glenna says:

    Outlander has captured me, my family and friends. They all deserve recognition for adapting these loved stories to TV!
    PS Can Scotland be nominated?😆

  25. katruaidh says:

    Sam Hueghan should be nominated and WIN the Emmy for his stunningly layered performance of Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser. Sam embodies this character in every scene leading up to his extraordinary delivery of a tortured rape victim in the final two episodes. To watch Sam perform is to be taken on a magnificent journey through every emotion imaginable. Vote for Sam Heughan of Outlander!!

  26. cegluna says:

    Sam deserves a nom and the award. Outlander does as well.
    But I would not be surprised if it doesn’t happen; Emmy folk are too obsessed with the outgoing shows to recognize the new far surpasses them all.

  27. Linda Lynch says:

    Sam(Jamie)has played the best part on TV.he makes you feel the character he is playing an you live in that person as if you were there in that time.

    • ‘ve been alive as long as television itself, and I have never,in all that time seen any actor take on the character of a a fictitious person, as well as Sam has done. I feel as though I was transported, along with Claire,to be in the midst of the clan,and the best-looking Tall red haired Scot in full Clan regalia. Even his tartan is correct, for the Frasers of Lovat…

      • ingeborg oppenheimer says:

        i’m right in there with you, marilyn, as are many others, i’m sure. you said it very well!

  28. Sam had an everyday Emmy worthy performance. He is Jamie Fraser. The finale was were he shone as a celestial being. Don’t put me on a e-mail list or sell my address!

  29. Shannon says:

    Sam should absolutely be nominated and I hope that he wins. Many of his performances as Jamie have been so wonderful from the playful to the serious. His co-star, and the supporting performances have also been top notch. I hope the show gets some nominations and wins too. It has been such a pleasure to watch.

  30. CB says:

    Fearless, vulnerable and mesmerizing. Sam Heughan’s performances are unlike any I’ve seen on TV in my lifetime. Heughan, Menzies and Balfe offer a masterclass in nearly every episode. No one could make it through the final two episodes and remains unaffected. Heughan’s performance is the best of 2015.

  31. vic_canuck says:

    Sam has brought Jamie to life for me and this scene (my favourite episode) showed Jamie’s underbelly and allowed us to see parts..that until then, had been covered for self preservation. The final episodes are seared into my brain. Sam did very little talking and when he did I couldn’t understand but the emotions he packed into his looks brought me along on his terrifying journey while in the bowels of Wentworth and recovering at the Monastery. The man has serious acting chops and well deserves the Emmy..not because of the content but because of his skill!

  32. Carole Ahmadi says:

    Sam Heughan should definitely get the best lead actor nomination. His acting skills are outstanding and Outlander is the best series on television

  33. Marie trimboli says:

    this series has been amazing Sam and the rest of the cast was exceptional in their portrayals of their characters. They all deserve Emmys however Sam was beyond brilliant. Definitely deserves an emmy

  34. Sonia says:

    Absolutely a nomination at the very least!

  35. lynne cunningham says:

    Sam Heughans portayal of a young Scotsman enduring a war torn country, the jealousy and hatred of others all the while protecting the people and country he loves,has so many layers and is so richly performed that one cannot take their eyes off of him when watching his performance. I look forward to years of Sam Heughan’s great drama

  36. lynne cunningham says:

    The saying ‘behind every great man is a great woman’ well for Sam Heughan(Jamie Fraser)Caitriona Belfa(Claire Beachamp Randall Fraser) is that woman. Cait is the sugar to Sams spice and vice versa. Each actor can carry the show alone, both being strong excitibg performers

  37. lynne cunningham says:

    The saying ‘behind every great man is a great woman’ well for Sam Heughan(Jamie Fraser)Caitriona Belfa(Claire Beachamp Randall Fraser) is that woman. Cait is the sugar to Sams spice and vice versa. Each actor can carry the show alone, both being strong exciting performers, but together- get out of the way they will blow your mind.

  38. Sandy says:

    Most assuredly Sam Heughan deserves an Emmy for a lead actor in drama this year. There are many fine examples throughout the season; but his acting really came alive in the second half of the season.

  39. Amy Hruby says:

    Sam deserves the Nomination hands down one of the best actors on TV.

  40. Arlene LB says:

    I hope and pray that he wins. Outlander has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. All the actors, writers, producers, etc., have given us outstanding entertainment.

  41. Kate says:

    I vote for Sam to win the Emmy! He’s the best actor out there!

  42. theresa says:

    Sam deserves to win. He is sn excellent actor. He is the Jamie from the books. Bravo Sam on an awesome delivery of the charscter throughout every episode. I am a Sam fan. Give this man an emmy!

  43. Kate says:

    Sam for Emmy

  44. Sharon Blum says:

    I have watched most of the nominees and hands down Sam Heughan deserves the an Emmy ! His performance was courageous and amazing!He has the most expressive face!

  45. tamarak71 says:

    Heughan was absolutely brilliant in every scene he participated. His performance in every episode illuminated all actors who were around him. He is one of those actors who share amazing and striking chemistry with female and male cast members. He is very talented and brave actor, such a breathe of fresh air on TV and I hope further in international cinematography. Not only the nomination but the award itself is more than deserved.
    Standing ovations for him, as well as for Ron Moore and cast director for excellent choice of lead actor in this show.

  46. Nan says:

    Yes, he should win. Great acting in that scene and throught series!

  47. Balderman says:

    Yes yes yes. He should get a nomination and he should win!!

  48. carol says:

    Sam Heughan was brilliant in his performance. He has a natural ability for acting and yes….deserves an Emmy. We hope to see him someday in the big screen, as he has definitely superior skills at acting, vs many of the current popular actors

  49. Amy Washburn says:

    Did you even watch the last two episodes of the season? Yeah, this one was okay, but THOSE are why Sam deserves the Emmy!