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NCIS Season 13: Gibbs Was Left Bleeding — What Happens Next?

NCIS Season 13 Gibbs Dead

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

Rule No. 45 tells us, “Clean up the mess that you make” — and CBS’ NCIS will have to do just that when Season 13 arrives, seeing as Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) was last seen getting shot, twice, by young Luke Harris.

Gibbs, DiNozzo and CIA Officer Joanna “Dorneget’s Mom” Teague had tracked Luke to Zakho, Iraq, where he was spirited away by the kid-targeting terrorist group known as The Calling. There, Gibbs split off from the others to track a suspicious girl through a marketplace. She ultimately gave Boss the slip, leaving Gibbs out in the open, where Luke coldly popped the NCIS leader, first in the leg and then in the chest.

TVLine readers gave the cliffhanger finale an average grade of “B.”

Two things to keep in mind as you weigh in on “What Happens Next”:
* Mark Harmon is signed on for Season 13 (premiering Sept. 22)
* Show boss Gary Glasberg has said that the premiere will pick up right where the finale left off

Rewatch Season 12’s final minutes below, then review our poll options and share your prediction for how the cliffhanger will shake out.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. skrable2 says:

    It’s a ruse. Gibbs and Luke had started to bond after the murder of Luke’s parents. This was a setup to make the terror group believe Luke was on their side.

    • Larc says:

      I agree. Gibbs fell into it way too easily. It’s not usually like him to be so careless.

      • grace says:

        I agree

      • Marcia says:

        Yep . Gibbss reaction was too slow. Its not his way. He had had time enough to react and shot Luke back between the first and second shot he got. Its the fact that who had shot him was a child???… I really dont know. He had said once ( in the conversation with Paloma Hernandez) that he had killed men and women serving his country… dont remember if he said “children” too. So… Its hard to believe he didnt fire because the shooter was a child. And he had the choice to react with a non fatal shot…
        The situation is a bit too forced.

        • Pat says:

          Gibbs not acting like Gibbs is typical of Gary Glasburg when he’s working extra hard to come up with another Gibbs drama. He’s run out of ideas because Gibbs has done every scenario multiple times already. If Glasburg and company could suck it up and give someone else a big story or arc he wouldn’t have to keep repeating previous scenarios or writing everyone out of character in order to feature another Gibbs drama. The writing has become so overly contrived in order to give Gibbs more heroism or tragedy. They could fix it but they probably won’t as featuring Gibbs at all times seems to be the unvarying objective.

          • Neither Mark or Glasburg know how to keep this show on top. I expect it to go even further down because of these 2. The team isn’t a team any more.

          • Leia says:

            you do know that the show has been at its ratings height during the tenure of GG, Season 7and beyond. SO your thesis is wrong. The loss of Cote forced them to go back to a more Gibbs centric, show until Bishop became a stable part of the team, which didn’t happen until this yr. The other members have gotten more time esp Tim, finally. Tony will apparently have his time again now too as He will be in the lead for the beginning of 13 and beyond. HE had plenty of lead last yr too. The team in 12 was so much more a team than before, pairing off moving together again, Gibbs not going off solo cowboy like in 7, Sometimes I really wonder what people are really watching, Or is this more TIVA sour grapes.

          • Catherine Nelson says:

            I could not possibly agree more with this comment. I’m amazed at the OOC and re-tread writing. And the ghost!Mike having to be Gibbs’ confidant when he has a perfectly good Senior Field Agent. Who is alive.

          • Oh, and I meant Pat’s original comment about the focus on Gibbs as a trope more than as a person. I for one would like to see him more a piece of his own team. He’s become a bit of a cypher. I also prefer the team to guest stars. Team is good, but sometimes feels like a sideshow. Also, a true SFA would have a more important role, and sometimes it seems that is reversed, giving us a hapless, out-of-the-loop Tony. Respectfully, that doesn’t even make sense. Too, canon once gave us an actual friendship between tony and Gibbs, who now rarely seems to care for or like his own SIC of fourteen years. Still love the show and cast, just some tough love here. :-)

        • aph1976 says:

          I think Gibbs has a problem with killing kids because of his daughter.So he may not want to want a another parent to go through what he went through.Yeah Gibbs could have shot the kid in a non fatal way but there was always that chance the kid could still have died.As for Gibbs next season i have a feeling that it might not be a quick recovery physically or psychologically.

    • Tracy Beason says:

      that is what i thought too

    • Barbara Nemeth says:

      I hope your right, the show wouldn’t be the same without Gibbs

  2. Teresa says:

    I agree with skrable2…..I think it was a trick. The leg shot might be real but the chest is probably fake, just to make Luke look authentic.

  3. amysue4772 says:

    Not too many seasons ago, NCIS left the fate of literally the entire team up in the air in the season finals, so this wasn’t really surprising. I would just like to point out that being signed for next season does not actually prevent them from being killed off as certain shows on other networks have already proven this year.

    • If Gibbs was really gone they definitely would have had a bigger and better storyline than this.

      • Annette says:

        Well, the showrunner seemed to think this was a big storyline for Gibbs!!!

      • bbicecream says:

        The show runner isn’t capable of big storylines.

        • Red Vines says:

          Bahahaha. I love this comment. Touche. LOL

        • Anna D. says:

          Yep, Glasberg should be banned from writing storylines period. If not, at least ban him from season finales and openers.

          • Annette says:

            Well, I agree. He has good intentions but they fall flat!!

          • Pat says:

            Glasburg is obsessed with writing drama for Harmon’s Gibbs. As usual, tragically tortured super Gibbs will have tremendous angst and wind up heroically flattered. No one else can have any flattering attention because Glasburg needs for the show to be the super Gibbs show instead of a show about an entire team of great agents. Gibbs is the only one allowed to shine. I guess Glasburg wants to keep his job and knows who butters his bread. The rest of the team stands impotently around in awe of Gibbs. This show used to be so much fun but now it’s excruciating and predictable. Super Gibbs, smug SIC McGee, let’s try this with Bishop and see if she catches on, and butt monkey insignificant Agent silly man. It’s sad.

  4. znachki says:

    If he wasn’t wearing a bullet-proof vest, I’ll eat my hat. Rule #4 and a variant of Rule #9. Heck, maybe we’ll get a new rule out of it.

    • Karen Padecky says:

      I agree..he was wearing a bullet proof vest

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Look at when Gibbs falls down on his back, when his t-shirt flips up. They’d better not suggest there was body armor under there.

        Also, the people claiming it was a ruse: Was the plan for Luke to shoot Gibbs first in the leg? Because that’s a tough shot. And then hit a specific location in his chest? Because with the kickback on a scrawny armed tween, it’s easy to miss and hit, like, the head.

        • Mel says:

          And then there’s the blood. Hard to fake that even with a squib, as Luke would have to have a very good aim to activate the fake blood.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Playing along with the “ruse” theory…. Even if the kid was firing blanks, how RANDOM to have him “miss” and hit the leg first.

        • LeeH says:

          Well … yeah. But this is TV. Where Gibbs can make it from a sniper nest to a Somali prison in 20 seconds after taking the perfect shot at exactly the right time. And where Tony can make it from DC to Norway in six hours. And where McGee can hack into any site — no matter how secure or secret — in less than a minute. And where DNA can run through every database on the planet in the time it takes for Gibbs to hand Abby a Caff-pow. So … a teen who has possibly never shot a gun before pulling the trigger, adjusting for kickback, and avoiding a femoral artery? Piece. Of. Cake.

          • Red Vines says:

            Applause & standing ovation for this one. Lmao. Shots fired. What’s continuity anyway? 😏

        • Also, let’s not forget Luke walked past Gibbs after shooting him and the screen zoomed in on Gibbs’ face before it faded to black.

        • Pat says:

          I don’t think Gibbs is wearing a bullet proof vest. Glasburg wants to play the poor tortured Gibbs card for his next Gibbs arc, so he needs Gibbs to look sympathetic for trusting the boy. It’s going to be more Gibbs angst as usual. Harmon fans are the only fans who matter.

          • Chris says:

            Damn straight Harmon fans matter, so what’s your problem? Considering it’s his show–duh…….. (Ever thought about changing the channel? Win, win–you don’t have to watch a show you obviously despise, and everyone else doesn’t have to put up with your constant whining.)

    • Marcia says:

      errrrrrr… well. he was bleeding from the second wound…. so….

  5. tyranthraxus says:

    Like I have said previously, I hope they change up Gibbs character this season. Perhaps give him a limp or an issue with his leg because of the wound. When you think about all the stuff he has done over the years in the show, physcially he is still pretty active. If he was now impaired then his whole lifestyle would change and it might breathe some new interest into the character

    • prish says:

      Well, it might be too difficult to keep up a physical problem, especially, since he is an executive producer of two shows. Actors who had done so, in past shows, shared regrets at their body problem choices for that reason.

      • bbicecream says:

        Hugh Laurie managed fine.

        • bj says:

          Not really. Laurie was nearly forced to quit the show because of the damage to his leg from the limping. He was was starting to have problems with his knees because of all the hip work involved with hobbling around with a cane and he still has problems because of it.

          • bbicecream says:

            I didn’t know that. But to be fair, he did it for 8 years. NCIS is on its last legs, so to speak.

          • tyranthraxus says:

            Harmon might only have to do it for another season. Pretty sure he could manage.

    • Karen Padecky says:

      There isn’t any lack of interest in Gibbs.. He’s a favorite & fans love him

    • Karen Padecky says:

      NCIS isn’t on it’s last leg.. It was awarded most popular show in the world 2nd year in a row..

    • mary says:

      He already walks with a slight limp because of his football injury in college.

    • aph1976 says:

      I agree that a physically impaired Gibbs might be interesting to see because he may not be able to do the same stuff that he used to do and limit him in the field a bit.Plus if next season is the last for NCIS maybe Gibbs getting shot is the start of it in a way.

  6. bbicecream says:

    He obviously won’t die. Stupidest cliffhanger ever. I’m tired of everything being about Super Gibbs. There’s a whole other cast.

    • Annette says:

      Well, get used to it. This is The Gibbs Show now….the rest of the characters are there just to make Gibbs look like a superhero. Which is sad, cause I loved seeing the team interact and connect on a personal leave. Now, that’s all gone, just because Glasberg decided that Gibbs is the omnipotent one!!!

      • Pat says:

        I agree. The super angsty Gibbs show might be must watch tv for Harmon fans but as a Weatherly fan, the show is not only not must watch tv, but it’s incredibly disappointing. I don’t know what tptb have against Weatherly but it’s pretty obvious they’re interested in ruining him by writing his character as an idiot and worthless as an agent. Meanwhile Gibbs saves the day at great personal risk yet again. Yawns. I’m looking forward to watching the Muppets live instead. I’ll just read fan reviews and decide if I want to bother to watch later or if it’s just going to be another super Gibbs/idiot Tony episode – like most of them are now.

    • deja vu says:

      No no! You’re wrong. There’s no other cast. Just Gibbs. Where have you been for the last two seasons?

  7. Marcie says:

    Gibbs is seriously wounded but mends throughout season 13. Season 13 is about how he deals with it, and Luke, how the team deals with it and DiNozzo on the rise getting constant advice from a ‘healing at home’ Gibbs. The best shocker would be if Ziva shows up, because her only remaining father figure may not live and she comes home to her family. Would be even more interesting if she came home with a 2 yr old child…. Just as DiNozzo is considering settling down with his current squeeze.😍Gibbs can do plenty from home while healing but can’t be in the field.

    • Dean says:

      Cote dosen’t want to come back so your fantasy of Ziva having Tony Dinozzo the third isn’t happening.

      • Red Vines says:

        Sounds like you haven’t read her last few interviews. I’ll take her word for it over what you believe. 😉

        • You mean like the one she gave last month where she said she left NCIS at the last moment because she wasn’t happy doing it any more, and that she’s more interested in making movies than tv now because it doesn’t take as long?

          • Annette says:

            Oh, you mean where Cote has NOT ruled out the possibility of guest starring if its the right circumstances!!! ☺

          • What do you expect her to say? “No, I’m never going to appear on the show again.”? She’d be cutting her nose off to spite her face. And, since she doesn’t go into what “the right circumstances” are (which is her right), it’s a pretty safe statement to make as she doesn’t have back it up.

          • Red Vines says:

            That’s your perspective of what she said and or meant, and it is rather generalized. Her intent to return was there until negotiations reached an impass. Most likely based on what she has said she may have been asking for a lighter schedule with more money, maybe a shorter contract. But no one could agree. Yeah she wanted more time for her personal life, but she did not say she was unhappy being at NCIS. In every interview she states she is open to returning, and has stated before that her exit was an end to a chapter, not a story. Part of her terms may have also been having an influence on storyline. This appears to be important based on the conditions she attaches to a possible return. No its not to save face. Plenty of other actors have they moved on and have no intention of returning. There’s nothing scary about that.

    • Up until the crap about Ziva you had a good storyline going. And can you answer a question that no one else seems willing to answer for me? Why do some Ziva fans believe that she is a big enough b**ch that she would hide not only a pregnancy but also a child from its father for over two years? And why do they believe that her supposed soulmate would take advantage of an emotionally-fragile woman (which is what she was portrayed as in her final episode) that way?

      • I’m a Ziva fan but I do have to agree with you about the pregnancy idea….that’s just too far fetched and reeks of soap opera. Well, that kiss between Tony and Ziva was not a friendly kiss, I’ll just say that. :-)

    • Darlene says:

      With a plot like that, Cote would have to agree to come back full time or close to it. Something she seems very uninterested in doing. Or are you advocating that we get weekly updates from Tony regarding where he’s at on the angst scale with regard to Ziva and their child (but never see either)? I think that would be disrupting and unworkable.

    • midnghtldy says:

      Can really see this scenario happening in what would bring Ziva back. Would make for great future story lines involving her and Tony. Also they could send the no personality Ellie Bishop packing. Her character is dull to say the least.

  8. Joni says:

    Not that I want it to happen this way, but my money’s on “A” (he’s right as rain pretty darn fast) since NCIS has a track record of big finale’s that don’t have a premiere that measures up.

  9. Sheldon W. says:

    I would not be surprised to see Gibbs actually die, but can’t see the show actually pulling that trigger. I like skrable2’s ruse theory, but think that might be too obvious a call.

    More likely, is that Gibbs is critically injured and the team has to figure things out without him for a while. (*CAMP FIRE!*)

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Critically injured in this show is what 3-4 episodes? :)

      • Marcia says:

        yes, this is what GG said. The situation will be solved in a 3-4 episodes arc. (Well see what finally happened around november first ep… ) That means five eps…

    • bethduffy95 says:

      Gibbs interview on the Talk, he said that when they presented the storyline to him….he thought it was the right way to go….but I don’t think that means death!

      • Red Vines says:

        And then he said on James Cordin that someone was going to be killed in the finale. Whoops, he gave away the cliffhanger. But did he? Most likely he just lied.

  10. Jimpy says:

    You never saw who killed Luke’s parents, but you did see Abby say it was disturbing. I think the shooting was a ruse by Gibbs to lure the leader out.

  11. Paloma says:

    Or E. The man isn’t stupid and is wearing body armor.

  12. Red Vines says:

    Mark Harmon said in a recent interview that he’s coming back season 13 & plans to participate. So my money’s on a brief recovery and back to the same ish, different day. Tony may take over the case but it will be short lived. Unless they pull off a miracle and fire Harmon. Highly doubt it. The chest wound didn’t appear to hit the heart, so…This show will continue to be all about Gibbs now that MH & GG were successful in obliterating Tiva, & it will continue to be ground into dust. Kind of pathetic & sad.

    • Cassie White says:

      Strange, the only pathetic & sad thing I see, are the usual whiners and complainers. Blah,blah,blah–Tiva’s “obliterated”, well, Tiva bit the dust when Cote left to do other things. But, somehow, it becomes the fault of everyone else but the person who left. Yes, there is a whole conspiracy afoot to “obliterate” Tiva, and it falls on the person who left, kind of hard to have Tiva without both being there. Wow–do you ever read what you prattle on about? SMDH

      • Red Vines says:

        Actually if you were paying close enough attention, it was a contract impass. I shake my damn head at you ppl who are delusional & blind. No conspiracy here. Just the plain old, cold, hard truth. It’s not worth my time to list out every single detail for you.

        • Actually, in an interview for The 33 Ms. de Pablo said that she decided to leave at the last minute (her words) because she realised she wasn’t happy doing the show as her personal life was suffering and that was more important than the money she was making. While I don’t support HOW she left, I can understand and support WHY she left. She also said she was more interested in doing films now, as they don’t take as long to make.

          • bbicecream says:

            Can we please not play Interview Wars?

          • Red Vines says:

            All points agreed, with the exception that there were negotiations going on, and she asked for things that CBS couldn’t agree to, and vice versa. Had she been given a lighter schedule, more money, and/or a shorter contract,

          • Red Vines says:

            Fat fingers. As I was saying, if all those things were agreed t, hands down she would have signed. The pursuit of other projects is a BY PRODUCT of not agreeing to terms. The last minute thing is because it was an extremely difficult decision to not just agree to sign, bc of how much it means to her. The intent to return was and has always been there until it became a no win situation for her. Now that’s my perception, it’s not going to change, and you have your perception. This become a circular argument about what she said what she meant and what she didn’t. Pointless. 😊

        • Cassie White says:

          Actually, I was paying close attention (as was TechnoMistress) in the interviews given for The Dovekeepers as well. Shall we talk about delusional and blind again? My time is more valuable than arguing with people who start talking nonsense “obliteration” theories and firing the star/producer of the show–so, enjoy the cold, hard truth of that.

          • Red Vines says:

            Feel free to see my replies to TechnoMistress. I’m sorry I insulted you with the delusional and blind comment. Mostly what you have done is insult and mock my comments, actually just the last part about Gibbs central & Tiva, just bc I stated an opinion about them bc I felt there was a connection to the subject. Feel free to disagree, but that’s really all that’s necessary. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of noise. Have a nice day.

        • Pete says:

          I HAVE been paying pretty close attention and nowhere have either CBS or Miss de Pablo stated that there was a contract impasse – or even that her decision was based on the actual negotiations. (Unless of course, you were one of the many fans who appear to have been a party to those negotiations, and know what was offered and demanded?)

          The phrase “contract impasse” was used as a conclusion by a journalist who interviewed her and failed to elicit any actual reasons for her not signing beyond that it was “personal”. That same journalist also concluded from that interview that she did not wish to return to working on NCIS but might consider an appearance in the final ever episode, a conclusion that her more ardent fans are quick to dismiss even as they cite the first conclusion.

          Of course she could change her mind, just as she appears to have changed her mind about staying on at NCIS for season 11. Being out of work can make a previous job seem appealing again, just as having a demanding job can make freedom seem appealing.

          The cold hard truth is that only a very small number of people know for sure why she chose to leave.

      • Karen Padecky says:

        Thank you Cassie White. . Well said!

      • janfan says:

        cote decided not to retun, which showed she didn’t care what her leaving would do to the work already completed by the writers, or the effect of her key character’s departure would have on the show or on the livelihood of her co-workers. it was a completely selfish move and it’s very upsetting that her decision to leave has led to very derogatory comments about the others who stayed with the show and tried to right the ship. i liked the part of ziva, but, i hated her and tony together. i thought it didn’t work at all—to me, they had no real romantic chemistry. her coming back would be interesting, but, don’t make it about her and tony because then i would have to quit watching my favorite show.

  13. Stewart says:

    He cant be dead, he still hasn’t finished the table and chair set i ordered from him 6 months ago!

  14. Mary says:

    Don’t kill off Gibbs. He’s the glue that holds it all together. I love the other chacters but the show will fail without Gibbs and the story line deserves better.

  15. Bark Star says:

    Slow news day, huh ? Letting the readers do your work ?

  16. Corry says:

    Killing off Gibbs would literally kill the show.. Gibbs is the glue that holds everyone together.. It wouldnt be the same without Gibbs

  17. lee says:

    Don’t think the bullets hit any vital organs……This is a minor setback, and a
    SMOKE AND MIRRORS technique, no doubt. What’s NCIS WITHOUT GIBBS?
    Anxious for the new season to begin!! GREAT CLIFFHANGING SCRIPT!!

  18. Susan says:

    Oh Gibbs, you broke rule no 10! And it’s a child……he was too trusting of this boy who is clearly brainwashed….speedy recovery Gibbs, we miss you!

  19. Donna Rainville says:

    The show will not survive without Gibbs.

  20. Lucille Ryder says:

    Personally, I think that Ziva David is there doing undercover for the Mousad and she finds Gibbs lying in the street and makes sure he gets the help he needs just in the nick of time! Anyone?

    • Jerri says:

      Keep dreaming Lucille.

    • Why would she have rejoined Mossad after she quit NCIS because she was tired of all the killing she had done both while she was with NCIS and Mossad? It doesn’t make sense.

    • Darlene says:

      Ziva finds Gibbs lying in the street? Now that is worrisome to me since Joanna and Tony are right there and heard the gun shots. Tony is looking in Gibbs’ direction. If Tony needs Ziva to help him find Gibbs, who is just a few hundred feet away, Tony should resign from NCIS and find a job he can handle.

  21. Daniel says:

    Gibbs is really hurt and will recover, but is saved by another agent that happens to be in the area investiganting the same terrorist group.And so, reappears the lovely Mossad agent Ziva David :)…I loved her…I want her back on the show :)…

    • Jerri says:

      Ziva wanted out of that whole life, what makes you think she’ll still be working for Mossad when she went back to Israel? And given your use of :), twice in three lines, I doubt you are ‘Daniel’

  22. Rule 11: When the jobs done, walk away. Job isn’t done, so Gibbs won’t walk away.

  23. Beverly A. Austin says:

    keep gibbs on the show, he is my reason to watch , he makes the show

  24. Marie Beeman says:

    If they kill of Gibbs I’ll stop watching, because the show won’t be the same. I’ve watched NCIS from show #1. And watch reruns until the new season starts.

  25. thepartspro says:

    NCIS wouldn’t be the same without Gibbs, I love Mark Harmon as LeRoy Jethro Gibbs no one else can fill those shoes I know Tony is good but if Gibbs doesn’t recover then I will be disappointed and probably quit watching except if they bring Tonys dad to fill in for a while just saying

  26. Karen Padecky says:

    He was probably wearing a bullet proof vest like Agent Kate and just got the wind knocked out of him, leaving him with just a leg wound.

  27. Jean Yoder says:

    It’s not NCIS without Gibbs! He’ll be ok!

  28. Paula Fisher says:

    You can’t kill mark harmond off hez the show well all love him and we’ll be pissed like when you killed off Mike franks

  29. Lynda Ramsay says:

    I was shocked at Gibbs getting shot last night! Crying. I hope he isn’t quitting the series to concentrate solely on Directing? 😱

  30. mlsturt says:

    I have read some of the comments. I for one would miss the most well written show on TV. It has been on the air so long because it’s focus is about a decent storyline every week. Not just sex, sex sex. If they would take it off the air, that would make me turn off the TV for good. Reality TV is not TV it’s commercialism, for the sole purpose of selling ads. How low has the populations IQ sunk?

  31. Ragmuffin says:

    Gibbs has had some really bad injuries before and always healed after some time, he will this time too. I love this show, and no one else could be Gibbs except Mark Harmon. I wish I could afford to buy all the seasons collections.

  32. Linda says:

    I would not be surprised if he was wearing a flak ja jacket

  33. Karen says:

    If he is off the show, I will Never watch it again, as apparently many others feel the same way!!

  34. Mary Quiett says:

    Don’t call Gibbs off you do no one will the show. You will lose a lot of viewers and your raterings will go down. Please keep him alive.

  35. Jeannie says:

    Gibbs is a main character. He can’t go if he is exit from NCIS? Thai will be a big problem!

  36. Harold says:

    The bit of grey under his Gibbs shirt indicate he may have been wearing a vest and it might be a squib vest.

  37. Lynn Richart says:

    Best case scenario would be for both Mike and Gibbs to survive and come back to work! Mike Franks was so perfect as Gibb’s mentor/guardian. The writers should get busy and bring him back as they did his FBI buddy.

  38. Mel says:

    How about option E: Gibbs stops listening to a ghost spot off useless clichés, and actually starts listening to and interacting with his TEAM again? You know, the team that Gibbs used to care about and protect fiercely, but now seems completely estranged from? *That’s* what I want to see.

  39. Charles says:

    If Gibbs leaves so will the fans.

  40. GeeMa says:

    Gibbs survives. Tony kills Luke. Can you imagine the emotional ramifications on that?

    • Erin says:

      They won’t have Tony kill Luke because only Gibbs can have serious drama these days. They don’t give Weatherly any juicy acting opportunities anymore. He’s been turned into the show’s insignificant running joke. Harmon and occasionally Murray are the only two actors that they give material to that allows them the opportunity to shine as actors. It’s a shame and a waste but it’s gotten worse the longer Gary Glasburg and his GIbbs obsession make every story and arc about Gibbs.

      • bbicecream says:

        Tony is the assclown who holds the clicker and babysits Agent Useless.

      • Elflord says:

        Well, Murray’s McGee was glued to his desk and the “forgotten one” most of the time. So I think he really deserves more screentime.

        • bbicecream says:

          Here’s a crazy concept… both McGee and DiNozzo can be real agents.

          • Pat says:

            I agree. I just find McGee rather dull and really miss seeing Tony do anything but click the clicker or be the evening’s joke. Sounds like we’re in for more of the super tragic Gibbs show again this season though. It’s all Glasburg and co care about.

  41. bethduffy95 says:

    There no way Gibbs dies in a foreign country. I think like some of the others…it’s a ruse or something. That little boy shot his leg first….he wasn’t a great shot….there is no way he could shoot him right in the heart. Gibbs and team are trying to flush him out so they had to know this is something that could happen…and for him not to have a best on? Please….

  42. Tom Elliott says:

    You don’t tug on Super Man’s cap, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull on the mask of the old Ranger, and you don’t mess around with GIBBS!

    • Erin says:

      There’s no way Gibbs is being killed off. This just sets up the next melodramatic Gibbs arc. Personally, I wish that Gary Glasburg would allow the writers to write a good arc for Tony but that’s not gonna happen. Everything and everyone and every arc and every dramatic or suspenseful moment now have to revolve around super/tortured Gibbs. I’m so tired of it. No doubt as Gibbs recovers we’ll have many episodes of angsty Gibbs doubting himself but still heroically saving the day whenever a spectacular save is written. Meanwhile, Tony fans will be treated to Tony portrayed as ass clown Gibbs wannabe with McGee and Bishop making fun of and correcting him. The formula never changes. Gibbs is everything and Tony has been demoted from smart, brave, essential Agent DiNozzo to silly inferior window dressing so that Gibbs can be pumped up even more. This show has become a real disappointment to most Tony fans and folks who liked it better when it was about a team of competent agents instead of Gibbs being the only competent agent who closes every single deal.

  43. Bridget Kindlon says:

    Yes hopefully hes not dead and Ziva saves him and comes back. She is 100% better then that other girl whos names escapes me. There is no chemistry between any of them anymore.

  44. Jane says:

    He has been shot multiple times but miraculously heals entirely within 30 minutes just as has happened numerous times on this show to Gibbs and others.

  45. As a fan from the beginning, I hope season 13 brings better story lines. It feels a bit lost at times, like it’s reaching for something. Maybe it’s me knowing all the episodes and watching them on DVD and reruns on USA constantly, it’s like an old friend. But, it’s become a bit predictable. Even with Gibbs being shot – 10 seasons ago I would have been in a panic all summer but I didn’t even flinch this time. He’ll be back. I’m not worried. However, it does make me question just how indestructible can one person be, even Gibbs? It, to me, appears to be a ruse set up for the terrorists sake. As I stated on one NCIS board last season, we also need to feel something for Bishop. She’s constantly maligned and put out as “that girl who replaced Ziva” – the writers must do a better job this season of investing in her character. We need to feel a connection to Bishop but nothing has happened yet to make that connection. Until that happens, hardcore fans are going to trail off into silence. Many of us didn’t like Ziva at first because we thought she was a double-agent and ultimately wanted to take down Gibbs. BUT, she proved herself by killing Ari and became a favored agent through time. It’s almost as if Bishop is there just filling holes with idle banter. She needs a kick ass storyline real quick.

    • bbicecream says:

      They’ve had two years to do something with her. I’m done. I hope they give her no more stories and stop wasting our time on her. She’s a bore and there’s nothing they can do to fix her at this point.

    • Well, I thought that’s why they wrote ‘Lost in Translation’ episode, to showcase Bishop as being someone who feels and can be kick ass???

      • bbicecream says:

        And then the following week, she instantly forgot all her brand new skills when they had a new terrorist case. She was back to being a space filler. And she will never kick ass.

      • Karen Padecky says:

        Everyone criticizing NCIS & saying the show should do this or that remember it’s going into its 13th season..How rare is that in todays..cable, All Access, Satellite etc, etc.. House didn’t make.it 13 seasons.. So its easy being a back seat driver..but if everyone is so smart go to Hollywood and put your own show on the air. I also read this show was based on Gibbs..so yeah his character is more important. .

        • bbicecream says:

          Make all the excuses you want, but the show has gone downhill. Maybe they should have canceled it before this point. It’s sad to see a once great show go down.

          • Pat says:

            All the show is now is a showcase for Mark Harmon. They’ve all but forgotten the other fine actors playing formerly multi dimensional and formerly interesting characters. As a Tony fan it’s been heart breaking to see how they’ve decimated diminished and demeaned him to the point that I can’t figure out any other reason Weatherly is on the show except to be insulted for “humor”. TPTB aka Glasburg, Harmon etc., obviously mean to make Tony as unlikable as possible. While Tony has always provided humor for the series, in the beginning his character was also a smart valuable bad ass agent. Not anymore. Now he frets over casseroles and loves a good bubble bath. What next? Clubbing baby seals?

          • Cassie White says:

            No, what’s sad is seeing the same little group showing up again with the same comments they did all last year. Don’t like it? Please, go watch the Muppets and take the group with you. Better yet, want some cheese to go with your whine? Your great excuse is the show has gone downhill–yes, that’s why it’s still going strong and back for it’s thirteen season–I truly love ridiculous statements like yours.

        • Annette says:

          Well, it really is all about Gibbs now!!!! Who cares about the other characters when Gibbs will magically save the day yet again? Oh, he’ll be alright by the end of 2nd epi. and they will go back to asking for Gibbs’ blessing to get married, have a baby, etc.

  46. Mary says:

    Long comment:Scenario A-Harmon, and the writers, have tried to keep ‘Gibbs’ human(even in ‘La-La Land’). With that in mind, ‘A’ wasn’t much of an option. Too much like ‘Wolverine’; Scenario B-It’s been done before. Each time the ‘lesson’ has been different. If the scene transpires, as written, hopefully it is the last time it is used. Dying, and coming back, MUST be hard on the brain; Scenario C-Didn’t Harmon just sign a 3-year contract? If it was only a one-year, given the GLOBAL popularity of the series, and the idea of ‘Going out on top’ & ‘quit while you’re ahead’, the ‘company’ would still need to ‘wind down’ the group; Scenario D-That was tried before. It worked out well with’DiNozzo’ as lead. When ‘Gibbs’ returned, that cemented the group and the series. Because the agency, as well as the people who staff it, continue to do their jobs, secretaries, agents, supervisors, directors, janitors, move around, get fired, get reassigned, retire…To wind this show down, I think ‘the company’ ought to show the real people going through the real process of a real case(as ‘boring’ to the general public as it might be), and thank these people for a seemingly thankless job. I’m just sayn’.

    • Actually, the last contract Mark Harmon signed was back in 2013! So if Matt is right that Mark is signed for Season 13, he must have decided to extend his 3rd year option on his current contract.

      I thought the point of this show from the beginning was to show how NCIS agents did their job, just like you described? I could be wrong though.

  47. Wayne Foulds says:

    ncis would be finished if gibbs left.

  48. All the actors of NCIS are awesome, BUT if you do kill off Gibbs, you WILL LOSE ME AND MY HUSBAND AS VIEWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Gibbs, No Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Justafan says:

    So, we have Gibbs on the ground, bleeding profusely from two gunshots, Tony standing a few feet away, and Dornie’s mom close by, but they should all just sit around and wait for ziva to don her cape and gas up the invisible plane so she can save Gibbs’ life?!?!
    What’s Tony actually doing? “I can’t help you Boss. I’m on the phone.” or crying and wringing his hands wishing ziva was there because he doesn’t know what to do?
    Pretty sure between mom and Tony, they have the skills and knowledge to help without waiting for help.

    • bbicecream says:

      Tony’s holding the clicker and fretting about his colon.

    • Well, I would think Tony should have been much closer to Gibbs than he actually was….as for Dorneget’s mom, wasn’t she on another street being blocked from trying to get to Gibbs?

    • Beverly A. Austin says:

      Tony will never make a good boss, he too self centered.

      • Erin says:

        Gibbs is the most self centered of all and they write him as worshipped by the team. Of course these days the writers aren’t the least bit interested in making Tony look competent or significant since everything of value or dramatic that is done must be centered around Gibbs. Same old, same old…

      • Oh, Tony was a good boss when Gibbs went on his Mexican Siesta. That’s the Tony I want to see more of. And no, he’s not all that self centered. Gibbs these days is the most self centered of all…cause they all must ask for his blessing before they can do anything.

        • Erin says:

          Tony was portrayed as a good boss when Gibbs left the time in the first of many angst filled Gibbs finales. That was when Don Bellasario was the show runner though. Bellasario obviously valued Weatherly and Tony and portrayed him as a smart, funny, heroic, brave agent. Now we have Glasburg who only allows Gibbs to be the one and only great agent. Glasburg seems to have the single goal of highlighting awesome tragic super Gibbs. Tony has been reduced to an incompetent, insignificant, team member who doesn’t seem to have any special skill except for being ridiculous. Glasburg’s and company’s love for Harmon and contempt for Weatherly is really limiting and IMO, ruining the show. So of course, if Tony takes over as temporary team leader, he’ll be portrayed as an ass clown with McGee and Bishop smirking and rolling their eyes until super tragic Gibbs comes back to take charge and save the day at great personal risk. We could all write this stuff by now we’ve seen the schtick so many times.

          • Marcia says:

            If you dislike Gibbs character you should stop watching the show. The show is TEAM GIBBS. Is NOT centered in Gibbs but in GIBBS AS A TEAM LEADER. There s a big difference.No Gibbs, no team.

        • bbicecream says:

          Grown men in their 40s can’t date anyone without Gibbs’ approval.

    • aph1976 says:

      Maybe the show wanted the season to end with Gibbs lying on the ground bleeding and next season begins with Tony and Donnie’s mom coming to his aid.

  50. Pat says:

    Hey Matt – I can’t seem to get the comments at the bottom to load even though I click on “load comments”. Any suggestions?