The Last Ship Season 2 Premiere Recap: Guns N' Doses

The Last Ship Season 2 Quincy Dies

I was rather hesitant to cue up my screener for The Last Ship‘s two-hour Season 2 premiere (and to do so, I even scrapped plans to run down the street to catch Inside Out, grrr), given how the TNT drama’s freshman run ended.

As Season 1 closed, I was surprised to see the Nathan James get safely to port so soon into the series, and I frankly dreaded the idea of the show becoming land-locked as our Navy heroes butt heads with some misguided, headstrong, armed-to-the-teeth ersatz government based out of Baltimore. I’ve “seen that movie before” on Revolution, Falling Skies

As such, you can imagine that I came away from the Season 2 premiere quite pleasantly surprised, as well as quite entertained.

Picking up where things left off: Aboard the Nathan James, Slattery, Doc Rios & Co. tended to wounded Quincy while keeping the primordial hidden from Avocet boss lady Amy Granderson’s goons. The rest of the crew was corralled, but not before O’Connor made a run for it and jumped overboard. He’d ultimately shimmy up the anchor chain and signal to his comrades that he was back on board. Quincy meanwhile barely hung on by a thread; when his captors then threatened wife Kelly, he claimed he hid the primordial, before ripping open his wound to bleed out.

On shore, Chandler and Green infiltrated the Olympia complex (where the dead were being burned for power/electricity), while CMC Jeter kept watch over Chandler’s dad and kids as they holed up in an abandoned apartment. The only “drama” on that front: The son upchucked a bit and developed a fever, forcing Jeter to make a pharmacy run and in turn get spotted by a street rat who ratted him out to some Avocet goons. But Jeter and Papa Chandler fended them off.

Inside Avocet, Rachel made a “deal” with Granderson, that if she were allowed to disseminate the few doses of the cure she had handy, to “undesirables” on the street, she’d help Avocet manufacture more — as long as it’s dispensed more broadly.

During the attack on Olympia, Chandler made nice with an asset of the “warlord” Thorwald, then met with the rebellion leader himself. Operating off the “enemy of my enemy…” principle, the gents allied to infiltrate Avocet from underneath while Green powered off the lights — which happened just in time, since Granderson’s lead scientist was about to extract stem cell somethingoranother from Foster’s unborn baby, to act as a new primordial sample!

Back on the ship, Miller and Cruz sneaked off to meet up with O’Connor and they stormed the armory, while Slattery slipped away to monitor and assist in their takeover from a comm room. Since many Avocet troops had left to help deal with the Olympia attack, the Nathan James soon enough was reclaimed.

The seizing of Avocet LAST SHIP, THEmeanwhile was abetted by Tex, who had gotten wind of the “new world order” and infiltrated the complex as a security guard, where he promptly got a bead on and protected Rachel. During the takeover, Alisha got shot, while Thorwald was fatally felled as he broached Mama Granderson’s office. In the end, Chandler faced off on the roof with Granderson, whom he urged to surrender, seeing as her only choices were “trial or death.” She agreed to surrender… but then jabbed herself with the toxic cocktail her people had been handing out to the unworthy citizens.

(Note: If you read my Season 1 finale recap, you may recall me wondering, “How key of Season 2 players can Titus Welliver and Alfre Woodard be if they both are headlining new series, Amazon’s Bosch and NBC’s State of Affairs?” Though the latter series wound up being moot, that question was sure enough answered!)

With Amy Granderson dead, myriad minions gunned down and the people she was providing harbor to now wise to her insidious grand plan, the Avocet threat was neutralized, as the Nathan James crew gathered to bid farewell to those they lost, now wary of the dangers and surprises potentially lurking at “home,” on land.

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  1. mike says:

    that was awesome those two hours went by quick

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Seriously! The first hour whooshed by. Plus, I just love Die Hard scenarios (outnumbered heroes craftily usurp the baddies).

    • bj says:

      I was totally surprised at how fast it went by, a sure sign that I was definitely fully engaged.

  2. shaw says:

    This was awesome. That’s how u do a season premiere!!!

  3. what was the tune at the end?

  4. Phredd says:

    What was the closing song

  5. Jlz says:

    Great season 2 opener. Time did fly. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

  6. Chloe says:

    Definitely awesome! I just worry, like you, that it will turn into Revolution if they stay on land. Let’s hope that after they check on their families & he finds a place for his kids, that they head back out to sea!

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    I was so hoping this season would open strong and it did not disappoint. I’m all IN!!!

  8. Lizette says:

    OMG! It was an awesome season premiere. I was on the edge of the my seat the whole time watching the two episodes. Did not disappoint me at all! Keep them coming!

  9. GeoDiva says:

    Glad I was not the only one nervous about the show being on land for season 2. Lookimg forward to more sea adventures.

  10. d_grouchy1 says:

    I was also worried about season 2 suffering a similar fate as falling skies, but alas it was a good opener. I’m relieved it won’t be stuck on land as well. Good opener!

  11. bobC927 says:

    Excellent season premier(s). Hope they keep it going.

  12. I liked it, what I can remember of it. Too many ads, far too many.

    • tvjunkie says:

      That’s what DVRs and time delayed viewing is for. Waiting until a bit after 9:30 to start watching made the commercials literally fly by.

  13. brenna says:

    Loved it. Those two hours flew by.

  14. george says:

    Great show was working had to tape it . Watched it twice already

  15. Falling Skies premise only aliens were americans, etc: pregnant mother, rebel association, kids in peril, woman doc.

  16. Donna Choy says:

    Time now in Singapore is 0020 Hrs,23 June. Really loved the camaraderie of all on board The Last Ship. Really got me glued to my tablet even though I need to be up by 0630 Hrs, less than 5.5 hrs from now!

  17. Pat says:

    I gave it a big A. I absolutely, loved it and I was not disappointed by any of the scenes. This was one of my favorite summer shows that I watched last season and I am so happy to see the start up of season 2.

  18. Archy says:

    Take the spoiler out of the headline please, I was looking for the air-date of season 2 and google listed the title and spoiled it for me. It’s poor behaviour to spoil tv shows and movies so easily.

    • pauladuffy says:

      You didn’t think there would be guns? What other word in the title was a spoiler? Doses?

      • Katherine215 says:

        It says Quincy dies in the address. I have to say, I get trying to avoid spoilers for a show, but life goes on for the rest of the world. If you’re going to watch something time-delayed, you have to recognize that there are going to be spoilers pretty much everywhere. It’s my choice not to watch something live, and I do that knowing that TV sites are going to post spoilery things, even in their web addresses. They need to make their money, too.

        • OutshineLA says:

          I get that. It’s also not a show on the scale of Game of Thrones where a spoiler is a huge deal. But I wanted to look something up while I was watching the show, and less than 24 hours after the original airing. This is the headline:
          ‘The Last Ship’ Season 2 Premiere Recap — Quincy Dies
          TVLine‎ – 2 days ago

          Spoilers don’t really bother me (and this show is pretty obvious on the foreshadowing so this anti-hero had to die) but I can understand Archy’s annoyance.

    • Normandy says:

      TV Line does it all the time with every show. It’s nothing new and it’s certainly not by accident. They put spoilers in the URLs too. The clicks they get from people who come across their articles via search engine are more important than spoiling everyone else.

    • Anon says:

      Absolutely agree with this. I was going to watch it online (via TNT) and absolute spoilers. TVLine should be ashamed of themselves. If this happened with GoT or something bigger than Quincy, I’d be furious

  19. cindy says:

    best show on tv

  20. charlene says:

    If possible, would give it an A+. One of the most powerful, fast moving shows I’ve seen in a long time. Even started liking a couple of characters I’d not cared for a lot before S2 premiere. Great job from writers, directors, cast, and all of the crews (makeup, wardrobe, etc.).

  21. WOW! What an awesome season premiere! It played out more like a movie, which is a good thing! Absolutely LOVED season 1, and if this premiere is a sign of things to come, then each week’s episode can’t come soon enough! Like another commenter said, I would give it an A+ if I could! And please, more of TEX!!!

  22. Fontane says:

    Really? I Google “the last ship” and the top result is your spoilerific headline. Thanks.

  23. sandy says:

    yes quite well done

  24. Ali says:

    I only watch for Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane (in that order) but I’m starting to lose interest as IMO it’s not that good. The book was WAY better.

  25. The Last Ship is awesome

  26. Donna says:

    One of the best shows I have seen, it’s a reality that could happen, maybe we could all just learn something about what human character is all about from this one.

  27. Matt S. says:

    I had just binge watched Season 1 (kept on my DVR almost a year) and I have an interesting ‘Take’. Could this season premier have been filmed last year, and had been intended as the series finale if it hadn’t been renewed, but since it was they held it over? Either way it was awesome and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait 9 months to see it.

  28. jfk flyguy says:

    So far best on TV, great show !!!

  29. Laura says:

    Terrific first three episodes! I’m seriously trimming down on my TV viewing this year, and this show made my short list.

  30. isurfraz says:


    Seriously what kind of stupid idea was that? I Google “the last ship season 2” and straight away the FIRST link says “the last ship season 2 preimier recap: Quincy Dies”.

    I don’t understand how you both thought that was a good idea and that its not something that should be taken down after users have already commented on it.

    Sort it out. Or at least put SPOILER in front of the title on the address/Google listing.

  31. aaj says:

    I really enjoyed these first few episodes of season 2 – they were just as strong as season 1 was, if not more. However, what do they do with the bad guys they take down- put them in prisons that don’t exist or let them go hoping they won’t start trouble again? Also, the end of the third episode was not at all ominous- who really thinks that a group of backwoods religious zealots are going to be able to do anything against a ship full of trained navy sailors? There has to be something more to Mr. Patient Zero’s plan.

  32. yeayeayea says:

    so is awesome……..

  33. carole hughes says:

    Last Ship Season2, was embarrassing it was so bad, worst case of overacting and just over the top, I enjoyed Season 1, but certainly not Season 2 . Its GI joe on steroids ick, but the kids will enjoy it im sure