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Finding Carter EP Talks Ben's Bomb, Max & Taylor's Future and More

Finding Carter Finale

Come on, did you really think Finding Carter would go on hiatus without first introducing a game-changing twist to leave fans choking on their croutons?

In the final moments of Tuesday’s summer finale — which also featured Madison’s exit, Max’s reunion with Taylor and a mind-boggling custody trial — we met Ben, who claims to be the biological son of Lori Stevens and… wait for it… David Wilson. [Insert infinite screaming emojis here.]

Yes, Carter’s already-complicated family tree just sprouted a brooding new branch, and TVLine got executive producer Emily Whitesell on the line to discuss the epic twist — along with what else we can expect to see when the show returns.

Who’s ready for some answers?

TVLINE | Going back a bit — and I feel like I know the answer to this, but I want to be sure— why did you decide to kill Kyle?
I think we made good use of the character for what we needed, basically. The actor wouldn’t have had very much to do moving forward, based on the fact that Elizabeth and David have gotten back together. There’s something interesting about someone remaining in your life who you’ve been involved with and now you still have to work with — but for the actor, I felt like that wouldn’t interest him a lot. And because it’s such an emotional thing for her to lose him, I thought it’d be great for Elizabeth’s character, which is also something we like to service. And we were sorry to see him go; We loved Eddie so much.

TVLINE | I’m glad Carter and Taylor are already over the Max thing; I was worried that would be dragged out for the rest of the season.
We felt like there’d already been so much conflict between Taylor and Carter. We like their relationship and wanted to get back to the closeness of the sisters, and Taylor had already struggled with so many things. It was also important to us to show that when it’s your family, when it’s your sister, you can forgive. We wanted to get back to the Taylor that we knew so we could send her on other paths in the future.

Finding Carter FinaleTVLINE | Will it be full-steam-ahead for Max and Taylor, or will the Carter incident still haunt them?
I love the Max-Carter relationship and the very deep friendship between them, so I think we’ll always continue to play that. But I also love the idea of getting back to Max and Taylor and not having [him sleeping with Carter] haunt them. He made a mistake, and when that happens, you just have to move forward and keep living your life. It doesn’t have to destroy everything you had. Those kinds of teenage friendships that can turn in a moment, or that once were something and now they’re not … constantly evolve. You change your feelings about people, but that doesn’t mean you stop loving them or you can’t be friends with them. All three of them are so mature, so the fact that they can move past it was really important to me.

TVLINE | Speaking of people who made mistakes, have we seen the last of Madison?
We’ve seen the last of her for now. We wanted to bring her in to play the role I think she executed really well: the idea of bringing yet another person back from Carter’s past that we could use to fill things in a little more and get a feeling for what her life had been before so we could keep it alive. In many ways, Max also fills that role, so we just needed Madison for the season. We’re moving on to other places and towards a more Carter-centric dynamic coming up.

TVLINE | I feel like the Bird-Madison fans will be disappointed.
And I love that that relationship took place, but as we all know, Bird has many different colors. I think we’ll all be very surprised to see what she does next.

TVLINE | And what about Damon? Bird doesn’t want him and Gabe doesn’t seem to care about him. What’s your plan for him?
We’re going to take a bit of time with him. There was so much going on when he was first introduced, so we were in a bit of a rush. We planted the seed that he has a crush on Bird, and I like the dynamic of this very cool, daring girl with this very nerdy, normal, straight-laced guy. … We’re going to play out that relationship/friendship in a different way.

TVLINE | Moving on to the trial, did you research any real-life cases when writing this? I can’t imagine this would actually hold up.
Oh, yes. In doing our research, it became apparent that Virginia state law has some loopholes for parents who have abducted their own children. They’re very lenient about penalizing them, and we all know juries are insane and can do whatever they want. If Lori and her attorney could prove that she was, at some point in time, Carter’s mother, she could get off with time served. It was real, so we decided to use it.

TVLINE | Carter made it clear she doesn’t want to be with Lori, yet Lori remains intent on gaining custody. What’s her endgame?
First of all, Lori’s just trying to get out of jail. That’s certainly one of her endgames. We also explored the aspect of her mental illness; when she’s medicated, she’s pretty damn terrific. A lot of what happened isn’t always her fault. I felt like we spent a lot of time making that a real, sympathetic thing. … But then there’s this trial, which is so crazy, so we really wanted Carter to say, “I’m fed up. I’m done with this.” She can’t live this way anymore, so it was time for her to be fed up a little bit with everything we’ve put her through.

Finding Carter FinaleTVLINE | Have Ben and Lori known about his parentage this whole time? Why did they wait until now to reveal it?
These questions will be answered very early on in the next sequence of episodes. But he didn’t know. He was subpoenad. They’d been looking for him for a very long time, and Lori will claim she’d been looking for him for years, so he’ll have his own resentments about everything.

TVLINE | Is Ben’s sudden presence in David’s life going to be an issue for his marriage?
Elizabeth knows what to be supportive about and what not to be; we’re not going to rehash the “Oh, you slept with her” thing. We’ve played that out extensively. But she’ll have feelings about what he should do, and we’ll see she’s resentful of certain things, but I don’t think we’re going to play anymore “How could you have done this?” stuff. We’ve seen all that before.

Finding Carter fans, how surprised were you by the big Ben twist? Will you miss Madison? And what are your hopes for Max and Taylor? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. kierra says:

    When ever I heard the boy said Carter’s dad was his dad I freaked out! OMG I am going crazy I gave this episode an A+.

  2. AlexsHairBun says:

    That trial was a farce, it would never happen. I don’t care what the show runner says. Ever heard of stockholm syndrome… the girl was kidnapped for 13 years and lied to by Lori. Of course she will have emotions towards her and that Lawyer leading her on with the questioning… just no would never happen. Lori has no rights she gave up the eggs. That’s the biggest issue I have.

    I actually liked what happened with Gabe, Max, Taylor, and the Ben kid, he obviously lived in foster care so I don’t think he will be a good witness for Lori in the long run. Now end the trial with Lori in jail and I actually think they can turn around the second half of the season.

    • johnhelvete says:

      The trial was not a custody hearing. Lori is on trial for kidnapping Carter, and Carter is 17 years old, there is no way Carter would not have to testify. Lori’s defense is that as the egg donor, she is the biological mother of Carter. You might not agree with. I might not agree with it. But in a real life situation, who knows what 12 members of a jury might do.

      • ? says:

        No, it’s completely absurd. Nothing that happened in this episode would happen in real life. But this show is a melodramatic highly contrived soap opera, so if you’re gonna watch it and enjoy it, you just gotta let things like this go and have fun with the ride. Shake your head a little if you must, but that’s all.

      • Diva Diary says:

        This totally wouldn’t fly in real life. Once you give up your rights as the mother, you are no longer considered the mother, even if you’re the biological mother. So she should have been considered just a regular crazy person kidnapping a child.

      • John says:

        Being held at gunpoint is not speculation. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. And why would Ben have any relevance to the trial?

    • robandco says:

      Silly trials happen every day. If someone not paying rent can win a trial against their landlord then I can totally buy this trial. And it is in Virginia where the laws are less strict for that situation. And it is just a hearing to soften the sentence on Lori.

  3. Sydney says:

    I need more 😐


  4. Stephanie Greeno says:

    WOW! I’ve been watching this since season 1 & I never imagine how far the show would come. So many plot twists! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next season!

    October needs to hurry up & get here. Lol. Definitely rated this show A+

  5. Jason_V says:

    Now with the introduction of Ben, the question is if he’s David and Lori’s son, where has he been for the 13 years Lori was raising Carter? Unless David made Lori give him up for adoption(he was subpoenad) so Lori took Carter as revenge on David.

    • brinley says:

      that might explain some things… but (as much as i don’t trust david) i would have liked to think that there would have been some hint that he’d been keeping this huge giant secret. everything else came out.

      • Dpula01 says:

        Where in the show did it show she was pregnant? Wouldn’t Carter notice she was pregnant for 9 months? Where did the son go once she had him? Just think of that. I understand it is an awesome twist to Davids secrets but the fact that there is no sign of Lori actually carrying a child makes it so far fetched and a desperate reach to keep the show going. Its a good show but it doesn’t need this amateur mistake.

        • Brenda says:

          Actually, heentones being in and out of courts for 16 years, so he’s 16. Carter and Taylor are 17. Lori would have been pregnant when Carter was still with the Willson’so as a child.

          • Dpula01 says:

            Valid point. but when did Lori and Dave meet in the park and have the affair? They made that huge plan and stuff and Lori waited 2 years later to take her? I don’t know for her to have a kid in those two years doesn’t explain where the kid went and her to NEVER bring up or anything point to her having a kid. I mean its a great twist to a story but for this show its almost a last strand to grasp at before they deny another season.

  6. Mikylah says:

    This show is def an A+
    Lorri needs to get tf up outa there lives for real.
    Carter and crash are my fave.
    Didn’t expect carter and max to you know what. I didnt see ben coming either, it actually makes me mad that lorri didn’t say anything about him up until the trial. I cannot believe kyle died! I literally cried. Lorri makes me really mad, i mean she had no right to kidnap carter, yeah it is her daughter but she was an egg donor? It’s messed up. Elizabeth is her real mom. Maybe lorri shouldn’t be donating if she’s just going to be kidnapping her own child. Doesnt make sense. And where the heck was ben this whole time. I’m waiting for you october.

  7. blovely says:

    okay am i the only one who feels some type of way about Carter being a twin. if lori was justified in kidnapping her “Daughter” then she should be able to be tried for abandoning Taylor right. its just not right to say oh well she was biologically her daughter well so was Taylor.

    • robandco says:

      You’re absolutely right. It is a pretty big double standard and I do not think the Wilson’s lawyer could ignore that if she’s a good lawyer. The trial is just beginning so there is more to see :)

  8. robandco says:

    I love courtroom drama. I love when the heroes are in crazy and helpless legal situation. It makes me wanna punch Lori and her lawyer in the face, and that’s good.
    If the jury goes for not guilty they are insane and should be in a mental institution after carter’s testimony where the lawyer made her cry. But I like good twist so it could be fun. Either way this show is good.

  9. I.seen.most.of it.but

  10. Dpula01 says:

    You know, I love this show. Some viewers are saying dragging Lori is just getting boring and far fetched. I didn’t completely agree until this whole son thing. Where in the show did it show she was pregnant? Wouldn’t Carter notice she was pregnant for 9 months? Where did the son go once she had him? Why is he NOW coming up in conversation, I feel when she was blackmailing that is something she could have used instead of going to the mental hospital for so long. All it takes is one DNA test to prove he is not Davids. Lori acted like Carter was the only thing keeping her alive… so her loved son who is there to defend her means nothing to her that she would kill herself over Carter?? I think this whole son thing was a mistake, a very amateur mistake. Someone cant have a child the same age as carter or younger or older without there being evidence for 13 years.

    • Kyli says:

      The affair with David happened when Carter was only 1. That leaves 2+ years for pregnancy and adoption of the new baby or losing the new baby, before Carters kidnapping. They made it clear that no one could find him or track him down. If Lori lost Ben or gave him up for adoption or had him taken away, she may have become depressed because of that and that may explain why she chose to kidnap Carter. Yes, Lori could have brought Ben up to Carter when she was blackmailing the Wilson family, but if she couldn’t find Ben, then Carter would just assume she was lying because Carter was beginning to drift away from Lori and not believe the things Lori was telling her. Lori also kept the secret that she was the bio mom for a while as well.

  11. Nikki says:

    I only got to see Ben go up and then my cable went out!. Whos Ben!? What happen?

  12. Kyli says:

    A couple of things that I think absolutely NEED to be incorporated in the new season are
    A- we cannot lose the bond between Carter and Taylor. They are twins, after all! Maybe in season 3, they do something “just the two of them”, something actual twins would do.
    B- Carter can’t wait around for Crash forever. It cannot be played out like Carter is in love with him if there is no relationship what-so-ever. That’s not realistic, so either bring Crash back or give Carter a different crush in season 3.
    C- spend a little time on Grant. He gets shoved aside so often.
    D- Lori can’t just keep kidnapping Carter. That would make for one boring show! I think Ben was a great twist, but there is no way his character won’t cause problems with the Wilson family. Ben is Carter and Taylor’s FULL brother. He is more their blood than Grant is!!
    E- (last one, I swear) It was pretty dramatic when Kyle was killed off, and in real life, that would be incredibly hard on a parent less teen. In fact, most teens would commit suicide or come close to it! Something NEEDS to happen with that Gabe situation. Here’s my idea…. Gabe was talking a lot about a hot girl named Diane and he was sleeping with her on the season 2 finale. I think his character should get Diane pregnant, because then he has some responsibility in his life!

    • Jan says:

      AND … we need to know who the egg donor was for Grant.

      • Jay says:

        Grant wasn’t the result of an egg donation. They’ve already stated that he is Elizabeth and David’s biological son. They mentioned Elizabeth was very stressed and they were having a lot of trouble getting pregnant when they decided to do egg donation for the twins, but that doesn’t automatically mean she’d never be able to get pregnant without fertility treatments. Or, maybe they did seek treatment for conception of Grant, but they didn’t need the same sort of help (i.e. were able to forego egg donation).

  13. maddy says:

    Having Madison leave instead of trying to help out a the trial as a witness for yet another person manipulated by Lori made no sense.

    And Max could have testified as well.

  14. Flashrow says:

    Is Ofe gone forever? Was just me or someone else feel the incest vibre between Carter and Ben? Also I hope I’m not the only one that feel the bro-no homo- feeling between Gabe and Damon after Gabe told the story of the girl, and Damon would spend the night with him :p

  15. Jalia Broaddus says:


  16. Tess says:

    I watch MTV for this one and only show. It’s sooooo amazing! I can’t wait for season 3!

  17. Diamond says:

    That really took me for a loop. But I’m worriend where crash is now,and I’m just waiting for season 3 to come.

  18. Ann doran says:

    Speaking for women and men donating Sperm, eggs, and/or embryos we sign all parental rights away and go through psychological evaluation before being accepted to be a DONOR because we are NOT the parents. In no way at all are we the parents (emergent medical needs is why I’d be contacted only ). We are donating a gift, and I’m a resident of VA and an egg donor and a mother through adoption. I am my daughters real/own mom, so as much as I love the show the producer needs to get her facts straight. “OWN child” is a faupaux word in the adoption and embryo, sperm, egg donation world!!! DNA does not make a parent period but especially when kidnapping is invoked. Insane asylum and law suit by the reproductive bank/family for sure.

  19. Shianne says:

    A+ it just started in Australia on Fox 8 and I couldn’t wait weekly so I just had to watch episode after episode and next minute it was the finale on Season 2 OMG I am feeling lost and reeling from this show I love it can’t wait for next season hurry up.

  20. Lori is ruthless. She cares nothing about Carter. Nothing at all.

  21. Jaime says:

    Please let all these kids get a paternity test done. I wanna know without a shadow of doubt who their parents are