TVLine Items: Sarah Shahi's TV Return, Seinfeld's NYC Pop-Up and More

Sarah Shahi Ray Donovan

Person of Interest‘s Sarah Shahi has landed a guest-starring role in Ray Donovan‘s upcoming third season.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Shahi — who took leave from POI to give birth to (and spend time with) twins —  will appear in one episode as Hasmig, an Armenian pop star. The gig will also reunite Shahi with her former L Word co-star Katherine Moennig, who plays Ray’s assistant on the Showtime series.

Ray Donovan Season 3 bows Sunday, July 12, at 9/8c.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* As part of Hulu’s Seinfeld launch — in which all episodes of the series will become available on June 24 — the streaming service will construct “Seinfeld: The Apartment,” an interactive replica of Jerry Seinfeld’s iconic living space. The NYC installation, located at 451 West 14th Street, will be open from June 24-28 and will allow fans to engage in key moments from the series, including George’s Valentine’s Day photo shoot and Kramer’s famous barge-in entrance.

* Every Late Show With David Letterman clip and full episode was removed from YouTube and on Thursday, as the rights reverted back to producer Worldwide Pants. “Now that the show has ended, these digital rights revert back to the show’s copyright owner, Worldwide Pants,” a CBS rep told Vulture.

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  1. Dean says:

    nice to see her in something given that she’s a new mom its understandable that she’d take her work at a slower pace.

  2. Skittles&Bits says:

    Um….excuse me good sir, what’s this I hear of the amazing Sarah Shahi “departing POI”? Aw, someone say it ain’t so!! Don’t take Shaw from us! Not Shaw! I’ll trade Root and ugh, even Bear (bless you dear canine companion) if we can keep Shaw!!

    • LynnH says:

      Ditto. Except the part about Bear. :) Shaw’s story is not finished!

    • Wordsmith says:

      By “departing” I think they just mean she’s no longer a series regular right now. I’d be shocked if they didn’t have her appear at all in the upcoming season – they’ve been hinting at it frequently since she left.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Go read some interviews she did after the episode aired where she left, she was clear that she would be taking quite a lot of time off (1-2 years) before she went back to acting in TV on POI (or a show with that much required of her). She said she HOPES to be able to be back on the show before the show ends but that she was going to be taking her sweet time taking care of and raising her twins (along with the son she already has).
        Quote from an article regarding POI potentially being over after next season:
        “Deadline reports that, of the CBS shows that have been renewed, POI was the only one to not receive a full season order. At this point, season five will only have 13 episodes.

        This is just what happened with The Mentalist a year ago — a series that was also produced by outside studio Warner Bros TV. It was rumored to be that show’s final season many months before the network would confirm it. With this short season renewal, it’s looking like history may repeat itself with POI.

        If CBS does indeed cancel POI, the studio could potentially try to find another home for it. While the network doesn’t have a financial stake in the series, the studio does. By the end of next season, there will be 103 episodes — enough for a decent-sized syndication package.”
        So maybe if it is true the 13 episodes are the last we could get a cameo or her in the final episode to tie her up a bit (show shes alive, etc) but to come back full or even part time? Gonna have to be in season 6 or 7 if they exist.

        • JC says:

          A lot of what you said is incorrect. She never said she’d be taking 1-2 years off. A misconception that keeps getting said over and over. She also never said she hopes to be back before the show ends. Neither Shen or any castmember has ever commented on the show possibly ending.

        • crazyforsushi says:

          She did leave POI, her name was even taken out of the credits. But she is confirmed to be back, so we should expect to see her in a few guest appearances in season 5. With her and her twins living in LA and the show shooting in NY, I don’t think we can expect much more than that.

          • JC says:

            She has always lived in LA and still joined the show as a regular. So I wouldn’t put much stock in her living in LA as a deal breaker.

          • Toots says:

            Living in LA and working in NY with a kid is one thing. Living in LA and working in NY with a kid and twin babies is a whole other animal.

          • JC says:

            Neither you or I know what she is capable of doing or how the show can work out a schedule with her. Bottom line, she said when she feels able shed return. So only her and Nolan knows when that is.

          • m3rcnate says:

            Since when is she confirmed to be back? Never saw that anywhere.

    • Mandie says:

      Bear? BEAR?! Surely you jest. ;)

    • Grey says:

      @Skittles&Bits now thanks to you I hate Sarah and shaw. I hope she will never come back to the show only to make you and all fans of the show who hate Root unhappy.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    POI won’t be the same without Sarah Shahi.

  4. Jericho says:

    So she has officially permanently left POI? Everything I had read (and what the finale seemed to hint at) pointed at her eventual return. Please confirm or deny that she has officially left the show so I can start my mourning period now so I can be past it by February when POI returns.

    • AVansh says:

      Jonah and Greg have said repeatedly that they have a storyline prepared for Shaw, and it’s just a matter of when Shahi wants to return. So she isn’t gone for good. By “departed”, I think the writer just meant that she’s not a regular anymore. She’s been temporarily written out.

  5. Pia says:

    How will I watch old J-Law interviews now? :(

  6. HAP says:

    I think it’s fairly simple. Sarah and hubby Steve live in LA. Ray Donovan shoots in LA. POI shoots in Brooklyn. Much easier to do a one ep gig in LA now that she has a baby.

  7. rebecca says:

    Shane & Carmen!!

  8. Nero tTVf says:

    Thank you Rebecca for the updates – I’m a fan of Sarah S, and happy to see her coming back to TV post POI after starting her family. I do hope to see her back on POI, even if just for one last time! :)

    Also, thank you for the heads-up on the Letterman Show. I do have a small ‘channel’ up on YouTube with a variety of old TV show clips (really done just so that I could learn about video editing and posting upon YouTube) and do have a couple of WorldWide Pants video clips up there. I suspect I’ll be given a notice soon that those clips have to come down. Certainly understandable. I’ve got one up there with a NPH interview w/Letterman just after the end of HIMYM that just became very popular (someone with a popular blog must have linked to that clip) – lots of views. Will miss losing that clip, but oh well, that’s show biz. ;)

  9. DanielleZ says:

    Awesome! I love Sarah Shahi on Person of Interest and am also a fan of Ray Donovan. Looking forward to seeing her on the show in Season 3!

  10. Oniraptor says:

    * Every Late Show With David Letterman clip and full episode was removed from YouTube and on Thursday,

  11. hud says:

    POI is one of the few network quality programs. Of course they will cancel it, it’s what they do…Thoughtful, good writing, good talent, interesting stories, doomed for failure. Under The Dome, Extant, Survivor, NCIS:Guam.(in production I hear) these are the programs the “people” want.Ya just can”t fight it. Or as Finch would say “that’s not prudent Mr. Reese.