The Simpsons Update: Homer & Marge Are (Still) Not Divorcing in Season 27

Homer Marge Divorce

Worst. Rumor. Ever.

The Internet has been freaking out all week over “news” that The Simpsons‘ Homer and Marge are headed for cartoon divorce court, a revelation that snowballed into countless tweets, Facebook rants and think-pieces since hitting the web on Sunday.

But here’s the thing: No one is divorcing anyone.

So how did this whole mess get started? In a nutshell, executive producer Al Jean spoke with TVLine’s sister publication Varietythe interview is a great read, for the record — and mentioned that, in an upcoming episode, “Homer and Marge legally separate.”

If you know anything about The Simpsons, you know that storylines — save for major deaths — rarely stretch beyond a single episode. And if you were a true Simpsons historian, you’d recall that Homer and Marge have already divorced once before; he filed back in Season 8 in order to re-marry her as the kind of man she deserved. They also re-married again in Season 20 after discovering that a clerical error voided their previous re-marriage.

But this is the Internet, where people often act first and think never, so Springfield’s powers that be were forced to set the record straight. Even the official Simpsons Twitter account got involved Wednesday, posting these couldn’t-be-more-clear refutals of the divorce rumors:

(That last tweet translates to “Marge and Homer forever.” … Yes, forever.)

Yet the public remained convinced that the show’s “it” couple was headed for Splitsville, forcing Jean to tweet about the issue again on Thursday, directing panicked fans to his original interview.

And on that note, let’s all agree never to speak of this nonsense ever again — until, of course, the episode airs this fall, at which point uninformed fans will likely freak out anew.

Your thoughts on this (hopefully dead) scandal? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. AddieM says:


  2. Smarmel Judy says:

    Do you think if they DID get divorced that Marge could fall for a human man that likes the show and likes reading stories about it on TVLine? :)

  3. Wordsmith says:

    Three decades of raising young children who never seem to get any older would be enough to strain any marriage to the breaking point. Glad to hear that they’re working through it.

  4. n says:

    How did this even become a thing. I too saw all the think pieces on the subject and was shocked by so many people were convinced this was going to last longer than an episode. Then again these are probably the same people who thought Brian’s death on family guy was a permanent when if you checked the family guy Wikipedia page Brian was very much involved in many of the upcoming episodes. Personally I think it would be a bold and interesting choice to have Homer and Marge break up for a multiple episode arch in order to shake things up a bit, but alas it will only be for an episode. At the very least, it shows people still care very much about the show and Al Jean has to feel good about that.

  5. Bark Star says:

    Wounded animals get shot out of mercy to put them out of their misery. Yet, The Simpsons still live. A divorce or ANY change would have been good about 10 years ago to refresh the show. Now it is just a travesty. Necrophilia.

    • Kleia says:

      Why do people like you comment on articles about the new episodes? I mean, what are you hoping to accomplish here, bashing away at your computer keyboard, bemoaning the loss of the good old days? In many ways I don’t even disagree that I enjoyed the older episodes more; I just can’t see the point of actually watching the new episodes just so that I could log on to some random site on the internet and whinge about them.

  6. Lenny says:

    Dumb. Simpsons haven’t been good since 2000. Also no Harry shearer no watch. Boycott till Harry comes back. Pay the man.

    • icystorm9 says:

      What do you hope to accomplish by typing this? You think that 1 single comment is going to do anything? You are wasting your time. Also, you say it’s dumb. It’s not dumb, it’s bad. Bad and dumb aren’t even synonyms in any way. Learn your facts, think a little, and maybe then you wouldn’t be so disliked.

  7. Ben Dover says:

    Hope they will get to season 30-if 27 and 28 are already in the bag; Glad its not true-the show would jump the shark if that happened, Hiring the best and new writers is the way to keep the show fresh

  8. Andrea says:

    OMG! This is the weirdest rumor that isn’t coming true for Homer and Marge Simpson. They’re friendly cartoon characters. Divorce in the cartoony world is tricky, unless the animator wants to add something to it.