Bones Finale Trailer: Emily Deschanel Previews Big, Life-Changing Moves

Bones could look very different in Season 11 if TVLine’s exclusive video preview of tonight’s finale (Fox, 8/7c) is any indication.

“You see a lot of the characters questioning what they are doing in this profession and whether they want to continue working this way anymore,” star Emily Deschanel teases in the trailer.

And that includes Booth and Brennan, who after dealing with marital troubles, stabbings, imprisonment and the loss of a friend, could use a fresh start somewhere else.

“Don’t you think we might need a change?” Brennan asks her hubby.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek — which features a lot of emotional goodbyes and hugs! — then hit the comments with your thoughts on what the future holds for the Jeffersonian team.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A says:

    As long as Booth & Brennan are the center of the show with a side serving of Hodgins & Angela I am fine if they want to shake things up….for a while.

  2. It needs a shake up. I truly enjoy the show and will keep watching, but these characters need to keep progressing forward. No one sits and doesn’t grow and change. Even move on.

  3. Jennifer says:

    This trailer plays more like a series finale. I guess they planned that, in case it wasn’t renewed? Makes me sad. Hopefully by the 2nd or 3rd episode everyone comes back.

    • ChicagoDan says:

      Exactly. When the filmed this, negotiations were still underway. They can certainly utilize a time-jump, which I suspect was the plan, to skip the birth, how Angela/Hodgins in Paris (and ready to move back), etc.

  4. AT says:

    I’d love to see them move on to something else. I’m not sure what the show would be about if they did, but it would be a nice (safer) change for them.

    • Karen Graham says:

      Perhaps one with Brennan’s expertise at the forefront, archeological. Digs, tomb raiders, people who buy and sell items on the black market, individuals who are wealthy that pays an individual for these items exclusively, etc. Brennen could have a team that collects the evidence from the site, museum, all kinds of places. The could identify the thief, Booth could capture and convict the criminals in a similar manner. Brennen could also work on mass graves and confirm the guilty people that inflicted these horrible acts. Even if Booth couldn’t get a conviction because of the age of the sites, it would be great to clear up history some. This is something that I would enjoy watching.

  5. Trista says:

    Thank you to our new friend Aubrey for pointing out the freaking obvious. The kind of trauma that Booth has experienced in the last year would drive even the most straight and narrow person to go a little crazy.

  6. Jeri says:

    I’ve watched this show since the beginning and still love it. I like the entire cast and really miss Sweets, wish they hadn’t killed him off. I don’t want to see any of them leave the show. Everyone evolves but that doesn’t have to mean loss.

    • Pat says:

      I totally agree. Love the cast, their roles and how they work so well together.

    • Ron L says:

      I really like this show and don’t like to see any character changes! I’ve watched it from the beginning and feel invested in it. I really disliked the demise of sweets last year and felt it left a hole in the series that hasn’t been filled but that’s the risk these writers take when trying to show their skills. I quit watching another series because they kept killing off their main characters to get a ratings boost for their season finales. Ziva was irreplaceable!

  7. Carole says:

    First I like everyone on the show but enough is enough. It’s time for it to end. I’m sure they would like to try other things it’s really to bad David didn’t make it to the silver screen when he was younger would of been big. I would like to see all of them move on. I would watch new projects with them other then bones.

    • Ron L says:

      I’ve had enough dramatic changes in my own life, it’s nice to be able to escape to a series where there’s a continuity of Characters that are familiar and well developed. If the writers are wanting for new storylines may I suggest that they try reading the newspapers for just the last two weeks. Many of the headlines required FBI involvement!

  8. B says:

    I’m dreading watching this finale! I hope they at least bring the characters back together in a natural and organic way and not a jarring unrealistic way but as long as they all end up together as friends I’ll be fine

  9. kmw says:

    I am looking forward to this. This was filmed before they knew they were coming back. ALL of them reflecting and move on even if this wasn’t a series finale, is natural especially after the year Booth and Brennan have had. I still think they have enough story to tell at least for one more year. These actors obviously like and respect one another and enjoy their job. If next season is their last one I hope they can do a good ending that respects both show and fans alike

  10. Karen Graham says:

    This is a great show that I enjoyed for many years. I must say, if Booth and Brennan are not the main characters as always, I don’t see me continuing to watch. They really bring you into the show. It has been my experience of series that I have watch for several years, when you change the main characters it is no longer as exciting. When you have two people that carry the show so well, replacements cannot fill their shoes and as a viewer you become frustrated, anxious, stressed and so many more adjectives from the same category. I say this because the whole time you are watching you dwell on them not being there and everything that the replacements are not doing as well. I mean really, most time the new people are not given a chance because of this. Now the supporting group can really come and go. Next you would not want to change Angela, Hodges or Cam. The others we are used to them being interchangeable. I am pretty upset about this one. Sorry.

  11. cynthia burdick says:

    it wont be the same without those two characters.

  12. John NYC says:

    I liked every bit of the season final episode but the last moments of Booth and Brennan leaving felt very flat.

    Maybe a acting hard sell since they DIDN’T really know it that was a final walk or not?

  13. Cookely says:

    How bout concentrating on murder cases. A little less Parenthood and a little more Law and Order! Just sayin…

  14. Linda Loza says:

    The mistake of Booth & Brennan leaving is all wrong. If this does happen hope you bring back the Mexican doctor to take her place. He is liberal to all rules & regulations. He goes with his GUT like Booth does. As for Hodges & Angela great you are keep them here. Have Angela start her own Art Museum and Hodges stays at Smithonian. Cam & (forgot his name) get married and have kids of their own. All other cast members continue what Brennen taught them and has camio’s every now & then to have her say if they can’t figure it out. Another set of eyes are good to have always.

  15. lana rose says:

    I really like the show forever and the messenger I hope you cans bring one of them back

  16. George says:

    It’s not a matter of wanting to come back, they need to come back, we need to see a reconnection of Bones and Sealy’s marriage in a time when 90 percent of marriages fail and a reconnection of them both with the Bones family then the show can end in beauty and happiness rather than sadness and regret! Thanks to Bones, Sealy and the bones family!

  17. Edna says:

    I love bones hope they have a wonderful life

  18. R.rybus says:

    With Brennan not being on the show for the 2016 season you have lost 2 viewers as we feel that they were the heart of the show, to bad liked the program as it was.

  19. cindy burdick says:

    It wont be the same without the main chacteracters emily and david

  20. justme says:

    If Brennan and Booth are not on the next season, I will probably not watch the show. They ARE the show!