Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Cast Unveiled: Who's the 'Mystery Woman'?

Bachelor In Paradise Season 2

A new crop of broken-hearted — and, in some cases, just plain broke — rejects from The Bachelor and Bachelorette will look for love yet again when Bachelor in Paradise premieres Aug. 2 (ABC, 8/7c), and we’ve got a full rundown of Season 2’s eager contestants.

Ready or not, here they come…

* Jillian Anderson, the news producer who won the mud run — but not Chris Soules’ heart — in Season 19 of The Bachelor.

* Ashley Salter, the hair stylist who will forever be known as “the onion girl.” She also competed for Soules in Season 19 of The Bachelor.

* Jade Roper, the cosmetics developer — and self-proclaimed “wild mustang” — who was dumped just days after Soules met her family in Season 19 of The Bachelor.

* Carly Waddell, the cruise ship singer who hit a sour note with fellow Bachelor contestant Britt in Season 19.

* Clare Crawley, the hair stylist who failed to find love with Juan Pablo Galavis on Season 18 of The Bachelor — but totally made up for it by romancing a raccoon in Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise. (I can’t wait to find out if they’re still together!)

* Ashley Iaconneti, the freelance journalist who ultimately fell victim to a two-on-one date with Soules in Season 19 of The Bachelor.

* Tenley Mohizan (pictured), the nutritionist who has suffered two broken hearts thanks to this franchise: first with Jake Pavelka in Season 14 of The Bachelor, then with Kiptyn on Bachelor Pad.

* Juelia Kinney, the full-time mom who shared her tragic story — her husband committed suicide — with Soules on The Bachelor Season 19.

* Dan Cox, the small business owner who wasn’t fast enough for to get the attention of Bachelorette Desiree in Season 9.

* Kirk Dewindt, the personal trainer who also appeared on Bachelor Pad. (His dad is a taxidermist, if that helps jog your memory at all.)

* Mikey Tenerelli (also pictured), the business owner who struck up controversy with fellow Season 9 contestant James Case shortly after exiting The Bachelorette.

In addition to these 11 shining stars, one “mystery woman” and four eliminated members from The Bachelorette‘s current season will also join the ranks. Anyone you’d particularly like to see on the show? Drop their name(s) in a comment below.

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