Younger Season Finale Recap: Who Else Found Out Liza's Big Secret?

Younger Season Finale

The 40-year-old cat is officially out of the bag. Again.

Following last week’s ecstasy-fueled reveal, Liza was forced to have “the talk” with Josh on Tuesday’s Younger season finale, and it did not go well — unless, of course, she wanted him to call her a “lunatic” and tell her he never wants to see her again.

I’d be remiss, however, if I devoted all my sympathy to Liza without acknowledging Josh’s feelings; finding out your girlfriend has been lying about being 15 years older, divorced and the mother of an 18-year-old college student is a tough pill to swallow. So when he described her situation as being “some crazy s–t” before wishing her a “nice, fraudulent life,” it was kind of hard to disagree with him.

BLACKMAILFAIL | As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Liza later bumped into Cheryl Sussman (played by the always-enjoyable Martha Plimpton), a former co-worker with upsettingly accurate facial recognition skills. After hearing Liza’s whole story — over what were supposed to be innocent drinks — Cheryl demanded that Liza share Empirical Publishing’s opening bid for Ellen DeGeneres’ upcoming memoir, or risk her going straight to Diana with Liza’s big secret.

Younger Season FinaleFortunately, the ever-resourceful Liza had a back-up plan: By getting Cheryl to put her blackmail in e-mail form, Liza was able to counter-blackmail her into keeping her secret, or risk losing much more than just a “s–ty assistant job.” (It’s a good thing Liza wore her badass feather jacket to her follow-up meeting with Cheryl, because she handled that thing like a boss.)

THE FLASH (DRIVE) | Speaking of handling things, Liza figured out the only way to win Josh back was to completely open up, so she put together a flash drive full of her secrets. Like, all of them, including the heinous polka-dot dress she wore to prom. (So brave!) And although the couple didn’t immediately return to its former, bed-breaking glory, the promise of a coffee date leads me to believe they’ll be OK — at least until Liza inevitably fumbles again.

But we’ll save that for Season 2.

Your thoughts on the Younger finale? Do you hope to see more of Plimpton’s menacing Cheryl in the future? And do you think Josh and Liza can stand the test of time? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Bear says:

    I thought the blackmail plot was handled well. Starting over with Josh and her ‘secret’ is still safe at work. Just wish she had confided in Kelsey, but I suppose that is season two.

  2. Ian says:

    I find the show watchable enough, but I also think they’ve passed the point of making Liza a Hannah from Girls/Mindy from The Mindy Project – Mary Sue-ish type. She’s smart and very likeable, but how long can she really carry on this charade? She looks her age. And dating men out of her league physically? It’s too much stretching. I’m not the show’s target demo, so maybe I’m just less willing to see it all as possible because Liza isn’t a self-insert fantasy for me.
    I want her to have her happy ending though, with the right guy and with a career, and I think I can already see how the job side of this ends: by the time they all find out her real age, she’ll have already proven herself to be worth a publishing position to match her true age, so they’ll give it to her.
    But 15 years is just too large a gap for her and Josh to have a compatible future together.

    • Bartimeus says:

      Meh, I think she can very easily pass for being at least 13 to 15 years than she is. She certainly does NOT look her age to me by any stretch.

      • j. says:

        I think she looks a lot younger than her age most of the time. The blond highlights and make-up do a great job of making her look younger. I’m capable of suspending my disbelief.

        • I mostly can but a few times even someone else noted some tell — personally, she doesn’t look 25 to me and she must be in pretty darn good shape (especially after having a baby) she passes as one in bed. But, it isn’t that bad & these mistaken identity things tend to require suspending disbelief back to the days of Shakespeare.

    • ChrisGa says:

      @Ian–I’m mostly with you regarding the central conceit; maybe she doesn’t look exactly 40-ish but I think she looks closer to that than she does 26(not that she still isn’t fantastic looking because she most certainly is). That said, I always set that nugget to the side and watch primarily for the cast; I’m surprised how much I love Hilary Duff in this and not at all surprised how much I love Debi Mazar and especially Miriam Shor(loved her since the late, lamented GCB). The actress who plays Lauren is a gem too.

    • Liz985 says:

      While I do think Liza/Sutton could easily pass for younger than she is, the show ironically makes it a bit harder to imagine because of the way they dress the character. All the “edgy” fashion is a like a big sore thumb that draws attention to Liza in a bad way. If she wasn’t always in these crazy get-ups, you’d just think “what a nice looking woman” and wouldn’t give her age a second thought.

      • Chloe says:

        Exactly. When you dress far younger than your age, it actually ages you. The disparity is more obvious. Sutton Foster looks younger in her own clothes and makeup than she does with the “younger” outfits and hair/makeup.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          Absolutely! She looked so lovely at the Tonys on Sunday and IMO much younger than she does on Younger.

          • AT says:

            Agree! The outfits always bothered me. She should just dress like a young professional, like Kelsey.

  3. Krawummbatz says:

    I really don’t understand how (irl) she couldn’ t get sued by the company once the truth gets out. I am from another country, so is this honestly possible in the US????

    • j. says:

      Her employer probably wouldn’t sue her because it would cost them more money than just firing her and possibly preventing her from taking jobs elsewhere in the industry by warning other publishing companies. Fraud is fraud though and, I think (I can’t recall), she also has a fake driver’s license and other identification paperwork? I might be wrong, but if she does that’s definitely something that a judge might send her to jail over. As she was told during the episode, she’s committing a white collar crime.

      • Elibu says:

        The whole thing doesn’t make sense because she never would have been able to be employed without providing her social security number and then they would have learned her real age. If she had fake documents, that would be fraud, which is a criminal offense. Plus, she is betraying everyone by lying to them. How could the boyfriend ever believe her about anything? Plus, I’m sorry, as attractive as Sutton Foster is, she does not look like a 20-something.

        • Kate says:

          It’s one thing for HR to know your age when you’re hired. That’s just paperwork. That doesn’t mean every single other person in the workplace knows your age.

          • Elibu says:

            Maybe not, but she had to falsify all the details of her education, work history, etc. on her resume. I have a close friend who works in HR. They check those kinds of details when hiring new employees. Only in TV-land could she have pulled the whole thing off. It couldn’t happen in the real world without major repercussions for the fraud she’s committing.

  4. Amanda says:

    I was actually glad Liza and Josh broke up, I would rather she date her boss, they look more compatible to me! Now Kelsey and Josh might be cute together, I hate Tad! But I too agree that she can’t keep carrying this lie further, she can’t hide her age forever! One more season of her being in her 20s and then the cat needs to come out of the bag or this show will become stupid!

    • Erin B says:

      I was hoping their break-up would open the door for Charles. I thought maybe he would find out her secret but be okay with it since he is into her.

    • P says:

      As I commented earlier, before I saw your post, I really don’t see Lisa and Josh going the distance; her relationship with her similarly aged boss, Charles, could, indeed, be the better relationship. And, I say this as a 45yo divorced mother of 2 who believes age is a state of mind and has dated a spectrum of guys from 15yrs her junior to 15 years her sr.
      BUT, Lisa has turned a white-lie into fraud and can indeed, loose everything – Josh, friends, job, and even freedom (Perhaps when this premise wears itself out she’ll join the cast of “Orange is the new Black)!

    • AT says:

      I was really hoping the whole age thing could come out by the end of season 1. I like the characters and dynamics and story lines without the age thing. I wish they’d get past it and make the show more about her career and these characters. I also would like to see her and Josh become just friends (unless he doesn’t want a family, what kind of future would he have with a 40 year old? it wasn’t a small lie) and her date her boss Charles. They seem like they’d have a nice future together.

      • I agree. I would love to see her with Charles. What if her daughter comes home and bumps into Josh and they have a thing, without him realizing who she is. And of course the daughter doesn’t know either. How would Liza handle that?

    • Chris says:

      To me that goes against the whole point of the show, and it would be a major disappointment if it ends that way. Younger’s showing that youth is a state of mind, it’s not about who ‘looks more compatible’ together or ‘dressing your age’ by someone else’s standards. Just be yourself and forget the bloody number, that’s the whole point. If it goes back on that and says no it can’t work for Josh and Liz like it does in the millions of movies/shows with much older men/younger women, then it’ll be betraying everything it’s about, and so then I’d ask why is it here? Seeing two 40 year old divorcees hook up you can find on any soap opera. Her relationship with Josh, making new friends, having great times and new adventures, and starting a new career all when the world, simply because of a number, considers her past it on all those things when at the same time men are considered just hitting their prime, that’s what this show’s all about.

  5. Steven says:

    Martha Plimpton is just great. I miss Raising Hope. Her character on this reminds me of Patti Nyholm. She should really come back to The Good Wife for a bit this season.

  6. RUCookie says:

    I hope Martha Plimpton stays around – that is a solid foil! And we all know publishing houses compete. I loved how the blackmail plot was handled.

    I totally enjoy this show. Hillary Duff is loveable in her role… and in my eyes, Sutton Foster can do no wrong! Debi Mazer is the best friend we all want (and I love her “truths” and realism when she is giving life advice to Liza). And a shot out to Mirian Shor for being a hateable/loveable boss/mentor.

  7. P says:

    Above average season-ending episode but I really don’t see Lisa and Josh going the distance; her relationship with her similarly aged boss could be the better relationship. And, I say this as a 45yo divorced mother of 2 who believes age is a state of mind and has dated a spectrum of guys from 15yrs her junior to 15 years her sr.

    P.S.: A deal breaker was when a 29 yo banker who I seriously dated for a year said (ala Josh) I haven’t read a thing since I was forced to read in college?

  8. HAP says:

    Just to be clear, Sutton Foster is actually 40. She a Broadway veteran who has won two Tony awards and was married for 3 years to fellow Broadway vet Christian Borle, who just won a Tony this year.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I didn’t know Foster & Borle had been married. Interesting tidbit! I love both of them. (And he just won his *second* Tony; the first was for Peter & the Starcatcher a couple of years ago)

  9. Keith says:

    I just wish it was renewed for more than 12 episodes.

  10. Kat says:

    I love how the female friendships are portrayed on this show. They aren’t catty or backstabbing, as female “friends” often are on so many other shows. It’s refreshing!

  11. I don’t like Liza and Josh together. I would much rather see her with the big boss, the one she did the babysitting for. There was some natural chemistry there. I could see her dating him pretending to be 26.

  12. Marilyn says:

    this show is my favorite I never miss an episode I told all my friends about it it was hilarious I love it I can’t wait till January is it 12 or 13 love love love the show keep up the good work