The Whispers Recap: Cold Shower

The Whispers

If you were to make a guess about Monday’s episode of The Whispers based on the photo accompanying this recap, you’d probably think it was a feel-good hour of television, right? You might surmise that the mystery surrounding Drill was solved with no loose ends dangling, and Minx is hugging her dad because she realized that Drill’s game was sort of weird after all… right?

So, so wrong.

Because other than Minx’s triumphant board-game victory against her friend early in the episode, there wasn’t much about Week 2 that you could put in the win column for these characters.

Take, for example, Lily Rabe’s Claire, who started to realize that not only is her husband alive and looking very unkempt, but he’s gotten violent and won’t hesitate to snap the neck of anyone who gets in his way of solving the Drill mystery (or complicating it further — it’s not entirely clear what Sean Bennigan is up to right now).

Or take Kristen Connolly’s Lena, whose husband is almost definitely still in love with his workplace mistress, and whose daughter is becoming more and more susceptible to the super-creepy, definitely dangerous requests of Drill.

But before I depress you, let’s go over what happened in The Whispers‘ second episode:

YOU KNOW THE DRILL | Although he’s far from the focus of this week’s episode, Drill still makes his presence known throughout. At the hospital, where sweet little Harper is starting to realize her mom is actually dying, she begs Drill to make good on his promise to help the comatose woman. He sorta does, allowing Harper’s mom’s pulse to spike and her eyes to flutter — but if Harper wants more than that, she’ll have to carry out the next part of the game. (I think we can all agree that if Drill were actually human, he would be the schoolyard bully that you don’t really want to play with, but it’s better than having no lunch money.)

The Whispers Milo VentimigliaDrill also appears to Henry, Claire’s son, at the beginning and end of the episode. First, he causes a power surge in the Bennigan household, creating a mysterious number — 111215 — that flashes on the microwave. Later, after Henry is scolded by his grandmother for watching TV instead of sleeping, Henry apologizes to Drill for nearly revealing that he can hear (“I’m sorry, Drill. I know it’s supposed to be a secret.”), then approaches the static-filled TV screen to pay homage to Poltergeist wait for his next game instructions.

As for Minx — who might just be the child most connected to Drill at the moment — she introduces a friend to the creepy game, instructing the girl to take Wes’ top-secret flash drive and print a file from it. Easy-peasy, right? Well, for the kids, yes. For Wes and Lena, things get even more complicated for their already-shaky relationship when the FBI shows up at their house to grill the couple about how Wes’ restricted files could have been accessed. It’s unclear whether it was Minx or her friend who ultimately printed the file, but Minx is the one who decides to take the fall, admitting to her dad that she’s the one who deserves his anger. (Full disclosure: I stole bubble gum from a convenience store when I was 5 and didn’t even admit that to my parents. I envy Minx’s moral compass, if I’m being honest.)

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS SEAN BENNIGAN? | Meanwhile, when he’s not comforting his accidental criminal of a daughter, Wes is at the Department of Defense, instructing his team to track down Sean Bennigan, assuming he did survive the plane crash in Africa. (Which, as we know, he did.) Wes’ boss reveals that on the night Sean’s plane crashed, he had been sent to test a new weapon, but he went off the grid before he could conduct an official test launch — and he must have had help. Later in the episode, one of Wes’ employees points him to satellite footage from the night Sean’s plane went down, and it looks as though a person (or a creature of some sort) emerged from the fulgurite shortly after the crash.

Claire and her partner have better luck tracking down Sean, who has since spent his portion of the episode dismantling a storage unit full of news clippings about Drill and his twisted little games. From there, Sean breaks into the home of Dr. Benavidez and grabs a gun she’s got stashed in a purse, before taking a shower and collapsing from an overwhelming vision. When he eventually comes to, Sean scrambles out of the shower and grabs a marker, furiously sketching a symbol on the tile floor.

The WhispersClaire, meanwhile, tracks down Sean at Dr. B’s house, but by the time she reaches the bathroom, Sean is already out the bedroom window, and the foot chase that follows is essentially fruitless. (Claire doesn’t actually catch Sean, but she does make eye contact with him long enough to start realizing this man is her husband.)

At the end of the hour, Minx grabs a blanket, a flashlight and some of her dad’s paperwork and heads to the playground, where she strikes up another conversation with Drill, who informs her that this next game will be a maze. On the paperwork is a mysterious logo (pictured at right), and whaddaya know, it’s the same symbol that Sean etched on the bathroom floor (and has since gotten tattooed on his arm, because he had time for that at some point). Sean, meanwhile, has unfinished business with Dr. Benavidez, and when he tracks her down at the hospital parking garage and holds a gun to her head, he says, “There’s something I need to do, and you’re going to help me.”

OK, your turn. What did you think of Monday’s episode of The Whispers? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and theories!

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