Teen Wolf Stars Take It All Off for DVD's 'Shirtless Montage' — Watch

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Attention, Channing Tatum: The men of MTV’s Teen Wolf have put together their collective audition tape for the next installment in the Magic Mike saga.

Just kidding! (Sort of.) The above video, literally titled “Shirtless Montage,” is actually a special feature on the Season 4 DVD, which officially hits shelves Tuesday. And while the added dance music puts the memorable scenes in a totally different context — like when Parrish was set on fire, or when that wendigo kid heard his parents killed in the next room — something tells me the fans won’t be complaining.

Of course, this skin-tastic DVD extra does have a bittersweet undertone, as it’s probably the last time we’ll see the great Derek Hale in various states of undress. Tyler Hoechlin not being a series regular in Season 5 means no more Derek-on-Braeden action in the foreseeable future, though newcomer Cody Christian does an admirable job of picking up the torch.

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment below: If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one Teen Wolf character (and zero shirts), who would it be?

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