The Vampire Diaries: Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec Reveal 7 Fun Show Secrets

Vampire Diaries Secrets

Vampire Diaries masterminds Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec convened at the ATX Television Festival on Sunday to reminisce about their 15-year working relationship — and ended up dropping some serious gems for TVD fans.

Here are seven of our favorite revelations, both about the CW drama’s history and what’s still to come.

* Williamson initially balked at the idea of making a show based on LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries books; he wanted to make something that was more Dark Shadows, less Twilight.

* The show looked very different in its early, pre-pilot days. While figuring out what it was going to be, Williamson and Plec even toyed around with the idea of a gargoyle that comes to life. (Editor’s note: This is all I can think about.)

* Everything really started to click for Williamson, specifically the show’s voice, while he was writing one of Stefan’s monologues in Episode 2 of Season 1.

* The decision to have Damon (temporarily) kill Jeremy at the top of Season 2 was born because the producers realized he’d become “too heroic, too quickly.” This allowed them to slow that process down.

* Plec spoke with Chris Wood (Kai) about becoming a series regular, but it was their mutual decision to keep him an irredeemable villain.

* By now, we’ve all heard about a “darker” Damon in Season 7, but as Plec explains, he’s simply going to have the “freedom to be messier with his choices” without Elena.

* Following the departure of Nina Dobrev, Season 7 is also going to explore a concept Williamson believes the show has always been about: “finding family.”

Your thoughts on these (mostly) new nuggets? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Gilded Lady says:

    Glad they decided to not make Kai a regular. Keeping Klaus and the Original family around meant they had to be nerfed and they just weren’t as interesting. To an extent, Enzo was nerfed and we saw how well that worked for him in season 6. It’s not unreasonable to think they’d have had some of the same issues if they kept Kai around. So A+ decision there.

    As for Damon being free to be “messier in his choices” only confirms for me that he he was only trying to be good because Elena wasn’t accepting him as he was. Just more personal confirmation as to why I don’t personally ship Delena. :)

    • Kimmy says:

      Agree with you. I would be afraid to see what would’ve happened to the character of Kai if the actor stayed. Not sure the writers would know how to write for him next season without destroying his character some how and I enjoy Kai just the way he is. Would rather him go out being a fan favorite than see him like Michael Malarkey’s Enzo character where we are wondering why he’s still on the show. Kinda like this show, should’ve went ended when it was a fan fav now we are all wondering how many fans are going to be left watching next season.
      Also agree with you about Damon. They changed not only him but the other two characters so much just to get that relationship.

    • ???? says:

      What are you smoking? Damon changed and became a better person BECAUSE OF ELENA. Find a different show because you clearly don’t understand sh*t about this one, Jesus Christ.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        Damon’s motivation to change should have been because he wanted to change FOR HIMSELF. That the change is so fleeting (hell – he still went off murdering Whitmores without telling her) tells you that that change was not genuine and did not stick. And just because I’m not a Delena shipper does not mean that “I don’t get” this show.

        • Elizabeth says:

          We get the show the delena lovers make nothing but excuses and look the other way. It’s ok for Damon a sexy semi villain. That’s what he is. He is mostly loving to the people he cares for but that’s it. When he almost killed Jeremy and let enzo stab Elena in season 5 just because she wouldn’t get back with him I was all set. No excuses for that he did not.known it was Katherine.

          • Gilded Lady says:

            Agreed. He’s more of an anti-hero than anything and that’s okay. Stefan does the white knight better than Damon ever will and that’s okay too. The brothers bring balance to each other, which is why they are so much stronger when not fighting.

          • AddieM says:

            I’m a an SE & DE lover and I know what Damon is…he’s never pretended to be anything he’s not. He always admits to being selfish, he does things that benefit him somehow. He’s a very lovable villain much like Kai & Klaus, I don’t hear people complain about them. Leave Damon be :-)

          • !!!!! says:

            Then again, Stefan didn’t change to be with Elena, he didn’t change to keep Elena after she dumped him for his brother and he hasn’t changed to be with or to remain with Caroline. Why should his brother do so?

      • !!!!! says:

        I think Damon shouldn’t have changed,period. It’s what I like the most about his interactions with Bonnie: it feels like we finally get to see the real Damon, the whole flawed, semi-heroic, capable to show affection or be despicable (with the same ease) individual. Someone not afraid to show who he is, to be accepted for who he is, to embrace what he is.

        • Val says:

          YES this!!! Damon (and Stefan) were not able to be themselves for three seasons all because the writers had to change them for the delena relationship. His interactions with Bonnie are real, that’s who he is and the writers are showing that. I just hope the writers keep on the path and don’t get off it again with the series finale. It would be nice if the writers show Damon’s realization of how he doesn’t need a Petrova in his life to make him worth while.

    • Elizabeth says:

      True I agree Damon is very sexy but he was only a good guy to impress elena Stefan wants to be good for no other reason but his own morals. But.mostly I don’t like how they changed Elena completely so she could be with damon. That’s not natural love. Plec had to change a character so completely it was a mistake

  2. alistaircrane says:

    The show went downhill when Williamson left.

    • charlotte says:

      yes it did. I know for me the show lost me and a lot of people mid season 4 because it just was Damon or Dullena. I did read recaps and did watch the last show for Nina. The show is still horrible. Forcing Caroline and Stefan is uncomfortable to watch. Like watching a brother and sister creepy. Honesty zero chemistry between them. Have to admit it was Stefan and Elena’s relationship that grabbed me and kept me coming back for more. Then Julie and that other one just destroyed this show. Kinda felt like they had a crush on Ian and couldn’t focus on the show. No idea why they weren’t fired. I mean the ratings were proof they had lost so many fans. Season 7, let me guess. Damon hero, Stefan whining about Caroline. Good-bye, I’m bored and will NOT watch

      • sadforTVD says:

        Totally agree Charlotte. Stelena brought me to tvd but DULLena drove me away. I also did recaps and would watch only if there was a chance to see Stelena again. I can’t watch Stefan and Caroline either because of the no chemistry free zone and who even believed anything that they wrote for Stefan in the finale anyway? Even if SC had chemistry what they did with SE in the finale would’ve made me not like SC right then and there. Not to mention they copied what Klaus said to Caroline at the end of season 4. What is wrong with Julie Plec???

      • Elizabeth says:

        You are so right!!! God it’s ridiculous. The people that started the show from season one like me I can’t believe they don’t see Caroline loves everyone matt Taylor Damon Klaus now Stefan ya how.can I feel a love story with a girl who loves everyone and Stefan never liked Caroline as anything but a friend. It’s strange

  3. Jeri says:

    It will be different with no Elena but I really like Caroline, when she has her emotions. Guess we’ll just see how the others continue on with no Elena. Hope it will still be a good show.

  4. natasha crowder says:

    will elena ever return to tvd

  5. AddieM says:

    Hi Andy, may you please explain further what the EPs said about the love-triangle. How does it still exist, Stefan is in a new r/ship and Elena is gone?

  6. AddieM says:

    I don’t know why Jo had to die, she was a very likable strong female character. I’m hoping she can somehow return next season even as a vamp. I don’t see Bonnie and caroline being able to carry the series for long.
    I may be one of the very few people who have enjoyed almost everything about this show since day 1. Yes some seasons have been weaker but enjoyable nonetheless. I have enjoyed both Stelena and Delena and obviously my heart broke for Stefan as well. The only arcs I was/am not crazy about were Silas/travellers & now Steroline.
    Going into season 7 without Elena could either be very good for the show or really really bad!

    • Ohmar G says:

      Bonnie actually could of they gave her a better storyline and stop using her as a backup.

      • !!!!! says:

        I think Bonnie built a pretty solid rapport with Damon for an heroic quest, they could explore the Salvatore’s history with Katherine’s handmaiden and Bonnie’s experience in the prison world while she was all alone and then reconvene whenever it’s time to defeat the episode-of-the-week main foe.

  7. solari says:

    I think a gay storyline with Damon and Ric would add to the fun of the show… Make Damon and Ric the new power couple?? Look what fun Xena was with the subtext added… The fans loved it.. I think Julie Plec is a lesbian so I doubt the crush happened.. She just saw Ian’s beauty and talent and knew he would be a major draw for men and women alike..

    • Geo says:

      An actual storyline centered on an LGBT character would be great, but TVD has always been disappointing on LGBT content or characters. Over on The Originals, the gay characters (Josh at least) actually get lovers, storylines, etc., but on TVD they’re pretty much background characters like Caroline’s father or Luke, whose primary role on the show seems to be to not have all that much to do, never have an onscreen lover, and then get killed. It smells a bit like tokenism, which TVD can and should do better on.

  8. solari says:

    And for those about to say, but Ian and Matt aren’t gay.. OK!! Neither was Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor, but with Ian and Matt’s talent they could pull it off..

  9. laura says:

    Stop calling steroline incest beacuse is not second stop Uses this term beacuse is disgusting and improper calling others shopping this way , incest existence in really his is big problem .
    And no steroline is not forced . steroline is slow bulldig so IF you dont llke this show anymore so stop watching stop looking site about spoilers its simple get out this site. And steroline have great chemie so IF you dont like it stop watching

    • Elizabeth says:

      If everyone stoped watching a show just because they don’t like something about it all shows would be over. Caroline and Stefan may have happened slow but I just don’t feel right about it. But I’m open to see if they can change my mind next season. If they can find love at least they are both really good people. They deserve love.

    • Val says:

      That’s just naive to say ” if you don’t like stop watching”. Agree with Elizabeth no one would be watching tv period then. Steroline for a lot of people just don’t work, whatever their reasons are. You have your opinion but realize others have and will share theirs as well. It’s unrealistic for you to think everyone is going to like this ship, of course not everyone is going to agree. The problem is the writers need to get a clue and put relationships in the background for awhile…put the focus on the brothers like they said then build from there.

  10. laura says:

    Stop calling steroline incest beacuse is not second stop Uses this term beacuse is disgusting and improper calling others shopping this way , incest existence in really his is big problem .
    And no steroline is not forced . steroline is slow bulldig so IF you dont llke this show anymore so stop watching stop looking site about spoilers its simple get out this site. And steroline iż great so IF you dont like it stop watching

  11. Traci Waller says:

    I am really looking forward to Season 7. I haven’t watched Season 6. I feel the writers lost focus when the fans wanted Damon and Elena together. I felt that they dropped the moral compass on that relationship showing that it’s okay to change yourself for someone but more importantly, it’s okay to steal your brother’s love. I was never okay with that and it soured me on the show. To me, it would have been more interesting to see how Damon handled being in love and not having her and keeping Stefan and Elena together but going through major ups and downs, like real relationships which I think would have put the show in a better, stronger position going forward.

    • Ashlan says:

      Could not agree with you more!! I feel like JP relied too much on her twitter account and not enough on making this a good story to tell. We can only imagine what tvd would’ve been like if more capable hands were involved.

    • AddieM says:

      One of the core elements of this show was always the love triangle, and surely whoever did not see Elena and Damon end up together was just in denial.

      • Rebeks says:

        The only ones in denial are the DElusional delena’s. Julie herself said that if Nina hadn’t left that Stelena would’ve gotten back together. She said Nina happened to leave when she was still with Damon. Julie always said that it was Stefan and Elena’s love story and Damon was the third point of the triangle. If you don’t believe look it up.
        I don’t think anyone was surprised that the writers put them together but it’s how they went about it and the way they were written that turned people off (not all). Their whole storyline was just messed up from the very beginning.
        It was so much better when it was the will they or won’t they then the actual getting together of delena.

  12. B says:

    I watched the first season on DVD and wasn’t impressed. I find it hard to believe the woman responsible for creating this series created The Originals. The Originals first season was epic! Hard to believe Plec is involved in this series! The second season of TO was epic as well. The finale was a little underwhelming but it serves it’s purpose thematically. The season began with Bex telling Hope a bedtime story and ended with Klaus telling her a bedtime story. The only fault is the writers didn’t explain what changed Esther’s mind about her children, what made her decide to save them after trying to kill them! The Originals season one A+ The Originals season two A- I’m looking forward to the third season and I hope they find a way to bring Aidan back because Aidan and Josh were a light this sometimes depressingly dark series desperately needed and his death served no purpose

    • Val says:

      The reason TO is a better quality show is because Michael Narducci is running it now. Maybe he needs to move back to TVD for awhile to get it back on track!

  13. Stella says:

    Stephen and Elena’s love was so pure …the best ever. Miss Kai…loved the chemistry between him and bonnie. #hoped for a bnkai

  14. Steve says:

    As a red bloodied MALE fan of TVD (Yes female fans We DO EXIST – If you all stopped screaming about which is best, Deleena or Steloine, you’d realise this !); May I state that most of us hetrosexual blokes don’t want any homosexual relationships in the show. This is because we find it stomach turning !
    There seems to be an agenda throughout the entertainment industry run by the politically corrrect & gay mafias, that tries to make out that ALL men are either secret homosexuals or bi-sexuals. Well we’re not!
    I watch the Originals too, & the two gays kissing in the last series was disgusting – All you right-on types can scream & stamp your feet as much as you like – I not apologising for this view ! – A lot of people around the world share it ! And True Blood was even worse – In almost every episode it seems half the characters had to be gay, & TB went a lot further than The Originals. They even had th e biggest womaniser in the show dreaming about having sex with another male character several times. How daft & how politically correct !
    No, I don’t want to see Damon & Alaric (or any of the other male characters) kissing each other or worse. Damon & Alaric are just good PLATONIC friends. All you politically correct types – get used to it !

  15. SalvatorBros says:

    I’m excited for season 7 as long as they don’t continue the brother/sister relationship of sterocest. The brothers need to be front and center and want to see their relationship grow and see how Mama S interacts with her sons. Love to see more Bamon too!!

  16. david says:

    I’m looking forward to more Bamon in Season 7.

  17. bernice says:

    Has any one read the books? Nothing like the show .But I loved the show until now.Damon was bad ,but his love for Ellana changed him. That is real life. If you love some one it changes you.Even if for some reason you are no longer with them, you don’t have to hurt them so much that they have to leave. I’ve been sick for nine months I found the show and loved it .I have watched it at least 100 times.I have read the books that the show was made after.And the ones at TBD kindle worlds novella. Which has a lot of new writers.So if your like me ,I would go there because it’s not real people so no one can screw it up.The story was about the three of them ,not just the brothers .I think to make it right, they should have Damon leave .Why on earth would you stay there and wait for 60 years. Go find a way around the spell like he did for Katherine at least try .Because in the show and the books Damon would have died for her. Now he is just going to go bad.I don’t think so.I would die for my true love and he would do any thing for me. I no because ,he is taking care of me because I can’t is not always right ,But you should never get a head by hurtting someone else.Good luck with the show.
    I’ll read the books. And watch the Originals .
    Thanks for 1-6 ,they helped me get throw some hard times

  18. I still like Elena and Damon together and I hope she returns to the show but in the mean while I am gonna enjoy watching Damon and Stephen get closer as. Brothers as a family which is what really this season is going to be about and not about fighting over the same girl or having to save her every two days . I do hope that Nina returns because Damon still deserves to find love but family is equally important so can we just see what happens and stop fighting each other the fact is we all enjoy watching this show even if we have different opinions over it

  19. I still like Damon and Elena together and I hope she returns to the show but I’m also excited to see Damon and Stephan grow together as brothers and family which is what this season is really going to be about . I love the idea of Damon and Elena coming back but it’s certain to say that it is not going to happen this season but let’s stop fighting over it we all like the show let’s respect the screen writers and stop arguing

  20. Please bring Elena back,there’s always a way to break a spell without killing off Bonnie.She put a spell on the casket but there are plenty of witches to find a way to break it. Elena may be human,but there would be a long line to feed off of her then she can return to being a bad ass vampire.

  21. KC says:

    I´m still waiting on the dark Damon. Not the non careful Damon. Julie have said in multiple interviews and also Ian that Damon will be like the s1 and s2 Damon. Dark. Not messier. But dark and killing. So.. ?