19 Kids' Michelle Duggar: Daughters Now More Victimized 'Than They Were 12 Years Ago'

19 Kids and Counting stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are under an “unprecedented attack” by the media and want to become advocates for protecting the contents of sealed juvenile records.

Those were two of the messages the reality TV stars hammered home to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in a Wednesday night interview regarding allegations that, as a teenager, their son Josh molested five underage girls — including four of his sisters.

Still, while much of The Kelly Files‘ sitdown at the Duggar family home in Arkansas centered on the couple’s actions in the days, weeks and months following Josh’s confession that he’d “inappropriately touched” minors on at least five occasions, it was Michelle’s end-of-the-hour assessment of the scandal that was perhaps the most surprising.

“They’ve been victimized more by what has happened these last couple weeks than they were 12 years ago,” she said of daughters Jill and Jessa (now 24 and 22 years old, and who’ll appear on Kelly’s Friday broadcast) and Josh’s three other unnamed alleged victims. “Because they didn’t even understand or know that anything had happened until after the fact — when they were told about it.”

The Duggars repeatedly claimed that none of Josh’s victims “were aware of [his] wrongdoings” — and reiterated multiple times that it was Josh who came to them and reported the molestation, several instances of which allegedly occurred while the girls were alseep.

The interview took place as the fate of 19 Kids hangs in the balance; TLC yanked the show from its schedule when the allegations of Josh’s crimes came to light, but has yet to officially cancel it.

If a full hour of “Duggars in Defense Mode” fills you with nameless dread, here are some more takeaways from Kelly’s Q&A:

* The Duggars said that Josh first confessed to fondling underage girls when he was 14; a subsequent admission of sex abuse at 15 prompted them to speak to close friends, then reach out to “a man who mentored young men — and he really helped young men who made unwise choices in their life to get straightened out.” Josh was sent to live with the mentor and undergo Christian counseling, but the couple did not contact police because “as parents, we are not mandatory reporters,” Jim Bob added.

* Upon returning home, Josh “asked God and asked those he offended” to forgive him, Jim Bob explained, calling their decision to send the teenager to live with a mentor “the best decision we made through this whole process.” Pressed by Kelly about whether they feared their son might relapse and commit further abuse, Michelle noted they’d “put safeguards in our home” — including not allowing boys to babysit, not allowing boys and girls to run off together during games of hide-and-seek, and making sure children are always “out [and] visible.” Furthermore, “little ones don’t sit on big boys’ laps, or people you don’t know, or even family members, unless it’s your daddy,” she added.

* The Duggars also said they brought Josh to the nearest outpost of the Arkansas State Police — Jim Bob admitted he “knew a lot of the officers around here” from his towing business — where their son confessed his crimes to “a man” who “put the fear of God in Josh.” They claim they remained uncertain for months later if Josh might be arrested. Michelle added that subsequently, “all of our children received professional counseling — including Josh, who paid for his own counseling himself.” Kelly did not press for further details about the length or intensity of the counseling, or ask if the Duggars ever questioned whether or not to keep adding to their massive brood after learning such terrible acts had occurred in their home without their knowledge.

* The Duggars said they had no qualms about launching a reality TV career — and inviting cameras and scrutiny into their lives — with the abuse scandal tucked away in their closet. “All this had been taken care of five years before,” said Jim Bob. He added he hopes that with the knowledge “God can forgive [Josh] for these terrible things, I hope other people realize God can forgive them and also make them a new creature.”

* When Kelly asked about whether Michelle felt hypocritcal, “knowing what you know about Josh,” for having recorded a robo-call comparing transgender people to child abusers, the Duggar matriarch deflected, stating, “I think that protecting young girls, and not allowing young men and men in general to go into a girls’ locker room, is just common sense.” Jim Bob then went on to differentiate “child molester” from “pedophile” — arguing “Joshua was actually 14 and just turned 15… a child preying on a child.” When Kelly rephrased the question, Michelle said “this is more about… there’s an agenda, and there’s people that are purposing to try to bring things out and twisting them to hurt and slander.”

* The couple also questioned why the media has not investigated more thoroughly how Josh’s sealed juvenile record was released to In Touch magazine, which first broke the abuse story. Whatever the fallout, though, even a possible cancellation slip for 19 Kids, Jim Bob said “we are fine whether they film us or not.”

* Kelly also teased Friday’s broadcast (9/8c on Fox News) in which Jill and Jessa will discuss how they’ve handled the public revelations about their alleged abuse.

What did you think of Jim and Michelle’s sit-down? Were there additional questions you’d have liked Kelly to ask? And did the Q&A do anything to change your feelings on how TLC should proceed with 19 Kids‘ future? Sound off below!

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  1. sara says:

    what a completely ignorant, heartless, brainless moron that woman is. The media is abusing the girls?? No, you stupid cow – your SON abused those girls. And you and your pig husband ignored it. These people are nothing but scum, exploiting their children and turning a blind eye to their daughters’ abuse. Sick.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, I’m not even a little surprised by all this deflection, blame-shifting, and obfuscation but – dang, Duggars. Y’all are seriously messed up. TLC should cancel this show, immediately.

    • Chris says:

      Exactly. No sympathy for these people at all. If the daughters feel victimized today I put that blame on the parents. What Josh did was horrible, but they knew this while signing a contract and putting the entire family in the spotlight and on television. Don’t become a “celebrity” (very heavy quotes) with this type of dirt on you because there’s a good chance the media will find out. It’s their job.

    • David4 says:

      Sick… just sick. You said it perfectly. They are sick. They will go on TV and pretend to be “good little Christians” then just try and blame everyone else for their wrongdoings.

      “The children didn’t know what being molested was, so what our pervert son did was fine! But the media attacking us for being hypocrites is so bad! Shame on you media! Shame on you! The media is run by liberal, godless gays who just want to bring this family down! For shame!”

      I mean they should be locked up for being mentally ill.

    • Valerie T says:

      Sara, you are absolutely correct.

  2. Kate says:

    So much of this makes my blood run old. They are truly delusional, dangerous people. And they never found a problem or wrong choice that they couldn’t blame on people who don’t hide behind the Bible like they do. I’m not religious myself but I know enough to know that they’re the ones who will have to answer to their God.

  3. Bull, Mrs. Duggar. I call Bull.

    There’s all of this focus in the deflections about Josh, and nothing about what was done for the girls he molested. DCF really needs to do some investigating here. Saying, “oh, they’ve been fine with it,” is not an acceptable response. The value of women is so much less in that home, it makes me ill.

  4. GraceM says:

    These types of families always rely on the Bible for everything, it’s their way of life. You’ll never get a straight answer on certain questions, because they refuse to answer them.

    • B says:

      Just want to say–please do not lump all Christians in with them! This is not biblical Christianity–the Duggars are part of a little known subculture that is more of a cult than anything. There is a whole lot of stuff they believe that has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. For example, the reason they wear their hair curly is because the leader of this group said it was more godly–turns out he was grooming girls as victims and that was his own kink.

      • Kathy A says:

        They also believe in severe corporal punishment for babies who can’t even walk yet. Children who aren’t happy and smiling all the time are punished for it. These are sick, sick people.

  5. Angela says:

    but the couple did not contact police because “as parents, we are not mandatory reporters,” Jim Bob added.
    First off, WTF kind of response is that upon finding out your own kids have been molested?
    Second, after saying that, his wife then has the nerve to say this about trans people and protecting young girls:
    “I think that protecting young girls, and not allowing young men and men in general to go into a girls’ locker room, is just common sense.”
    Somebody definitely needs to be educated on common sense here, and hint: it ain’t transgendered folks or those who support them.
    Their sheer ignorance, stupidity, and hypocrisy is stunning. And terrifying. Cripes, what a couple of idiots.

    • :-) says:

      Parents are on the must report list in Arkansas. I don’t know when the law was passed but I know that it was. I think some journalist might need to follow up on her answer on that to see if that law was in place at that time.

      • KatsMom says:

        Foster parents are on the list. I’m not seeing anything about biological or adopted parents though. Out of curiosity, where’d you see/hear this?

      • Angela says:

        Thanks for the info. Yeah, that’d definitely be something to look into.
        Course, I would think that’d just be a “no duh” rule as it stands.

    • David4 says:

      Nicely said. What they did was wrong and they are trying to blame everyone else but themselves to make it look like they are the victims and not the ones at fault.

      And as a gay guy the comments about trans people is simply stupid and sickening. When I go into the guys’ bathroom I go there to pee and not check guys out.

      • Angela says:

        Yeah, don’t you just love that warped narrative that gay/bi/transgender people can’t seem to control themselves around others, unlike those oh-so-perfect straight people?
        Fortunately, I think the more people like the Duggars, or politicians who believe similar things, spout their ignorant nonsense, the more quickly their messed up thinking becomes less and less popular and supported. Anyone with half a brain can listen to them and realize how utterly stupid they sound.

  6. Karen says:

    I’ve never seen this show or know of these people.

    • Tai says:

      I’ve never watched the show either but unfortunately knew of them quite well prior to all of this coming out. That being said, not really surprised. The most hate speech spewing people are often the biggest hypocrites.

  7. I watched thinking that the “hard” questions were going to be asked and she tip-toed around it, but never really pushed the envelope. The main question she should of asked was…where was Josh? He’s 27 years old, he’s old enough to answer questions himself; if the girls are being put on display, why not him? I also wanted to know why it was ok for their son to repent his actions, but if a female has an abortion, she’s going to hell. Why couldn’t she repent also? Why can’t she be “truly” sorry like Josh? I don’t know, but I do know that this isn’t going to get them their show back! If so, I want my Cosby Show back too. 5 or 45, unwanted touching is unwanted touching!

    • Kathy A says:

      Hard questions? From Fox News? Only if the Duggars were a family of liberals (and then you’d be seeing anti-Duggar pieces on Fox at least once every half-hour). Please don’t mistake anything they do for real journalism.
      No, this was a pure softball show, designed to engender sympathy for a family that spews hatred and 15th Century attitudes toward women.

  8. Kristen says:

    Their comments about their safe guards are disturbing. It’s like they think all men and boys are molesters, and that Josh’s behavior is typical. They don’t let little kids sit on men’s laps?! Way to convince your children that all men are pedophiles and can’t be trusted. His behavior was not normal or typical of all boys, he should have been the one punished not the other children. I don’t think I would have been able to allow him back in my home, 15 or not.

    And the reason the kids are being victimized again is because they’ve been parading them around in front of cameras for years. If they didn’t want their family talked about they shouldn’t have put them on tv to begin with. I betting their will be psychologists in the future that will specialize in children raised in front of cameras and the problems it causes.

    • Kristen says:

      Also, the picture you chose for this article is hilarious.

    • kt says:

      in this day in age you can not be more careful with your children. Better to be safe then sorry because if they DO get molested by that man ur daughter sat on, then you will be singing a different tune . Its not about thinking everyone is a child molestor but protecting your kid from ANY harm, whether the intention is there or not.

      Parents dont let their kids go to the corner store alone because they COULD be abducted, no? Or is it that they let them and then after if someone robs them or even tries to take them. THEN they want to make a big deal and raise hell.

      Its different when child abuse happens by someone outside the family, but I haven’t met anyone yet who has has this same situation happen, where a brother abused a sister OR vice versa and the parents RAN TO THE COPS to report their UNDERAGE child . As a parent you are hurt for BOTH of them. It baffles me that people cant see that. I feel bad that Josh’s JUVENILE record was released to the public. thats ILLEGAL. but who cares about his rights because he commited a crime? Wow.

      • Anna says:

        So your brother comes over for dinner and can’t hold his nieces because all men should be treated like molesters? What kind of logic is that? Kristen was just pointing out that their “safeguards” sound more like they are expecting all men to be pedophiles and excusing their son’s behavior because it’s just something that men do. Which is BS.
        And of course people understand that these parents love their son – they just disagree with the way the parents handled the whole situation, especially given the fact that their daughters had to continue living in the same home as their molester. We do live in a country where people are allowed to disagree.
        And I haven’t seen a single comment saying that Josh Duggar didn’t have the right to have his juvenile records stay sealed, so I’m not really sure why you’re up in arms about that one. But the fact of the matter is they were somehow released, and the crimes he committed against those five girls far outweigh the leaking of those documents, so that’s why no one is falling over themselves to express sympathy for him.

        • Lorelai says:

          No sealed juvenile records were leaked. It was a police report and he was no longer a minor when the report was taken (waited out that statute of limitations!)

          He SHOULD be on a public sexual offender list. Everyone should know to be on guard around him.

      • radmcawesome says:

        Josh’s juvenile record was not released. An unsealed police report was turned over though a Freedom of Information Act request. The irony is that report would have been sealed had the parents actually let the authorities do their job and prosecute.

        As for the interview – it’s no surprise that they were willfully ignorant.

      • Angela says:

        Actually, some parents DO let their kids walk around their neighborhoods by themselves. They keep an eye on things, sure, have their kids tell them where they might be going and all that, but if it’s within neighborhood limits, some parents don’t see a problem with that. And there are plenty of kids who walk around their neighborhoods without parental supervision who don’t have anything bad happen to them. Heck, this story about the Duggars is proof that kids aren’t automatically any safer in their own homes with their own families than they are out in the world amongst strangers.
        And “in this day and age”-children in danger has been happening for DECADES, this isn’t some new phenomenon. It just wasn’t as publicized decades ago because there weren’t 24 hour news channels broadcasting this stuff on an almost daily basis. But it still happened.
        Or is it that they let them and then after if someone robs them or even tries to take them. THEN they want to make a big deal and raise hell.
        …well…yeah, generally, logic would dictate that it makes sense to “raise hell” once a crime’s actually been committed or attempted. It doesn’t exactly make sense to arrest somebody on the mere assumption they MIGHT commit a crime. You kind of need, like, proof, and evidence, and stuff like that first.
        I haven’t met anyone yet who has has this same situation happen, where a brother abused a sister OR vice versa and the parents RAN TO THE COPS to report their UNDERAGE child .
        Really? I have. There’ve been true crime stories with family members turning in their kids for serious crimes they’ve committed. If I had a son and I found out he’d done that to my other kids, I’d certainly call the police.
        As a parent you are hurt for BOTH of them. It baffles me that people cant see that.
        After reading their quotes in this interview, no, I don’t hurt for them at all. They show more concern for their son than they do the girls he abused. They’re insultingly hypocritical-protecting young girls from transgendered people is necessary, but protecting them from a child molester living in their own home apparently isn’t as important. And they’re painting themselves as victims and can’t seem to understand why people are so outraged. They’re clueless at best, incredibly disturbed in their thinking at worst, and I cannot find it in me to show any sympathy for them. The only people I hold any sympathy for are the young girls, aka the actual victims.

      • Kristen says:

        It is actually a myth that the society (at least in the US) is becoming more violent. Violent crime has decreased in the United States since crime statistics have been recorded, so I’m not more worried about children “in this day and age” compared to the past.

        I also would have no problem allowing children to go to the corner store allowing that they were mature enough to handle the trip alone. Stranger abduction is incredibly rare in the United States, and I wouldn’t want to keep the from gaining independence because of my misplaced fears. Here are some kidnapping facts from the Polly Klaas Foundation:

        Nearly 90% of missing children have simply misunderstood directions or miscommunicated their plans, are lost, or have run away.
        9% are kidnapped by a family member in a custody dispute.
        3% are abducted by non-family members, usually during the commission of a crime such as robbery or sexual assault. The kidnapper is often someone the child knows.
        Only about 100 children (a fraction of 1%) are kidnapped each year in the stereotypical stranger abductions you hear about in the news.
        About half of these 100 children come home.

      • :-) says:

        If it had happened one time to one daughter you get your children help. Multiple times to multiple girls means you are a predator. That goes beyond “handle it internally”. There’s also the fact that his victims got increasingly younger.

        Also in many states the legal term for pedophile is if the abuser is more than two years older than the victim, which he was. He should have been on a sex offender list not babysitting for his next victim. That’s why those list exist.

        • Valerie T says:

          And I seriously question how many other girls he’s done this do over the years. Sex offenders do not stop on their own. I bet there are a whole bunch of other victims.

    • Kathy A says:

      One of their associates has claimed that this sort of behavior is common in their circle. Another also said that anyone would abuse a child. Truly sick, and true cult behavior (please, don’t anyone mistake this for true Christianity – it’s about as far from it as you can get). But it’s just what I’d expect from a family where mama is a glorified broodmare, where the children are homeschooled with a warped curriculum, where the girls are indoctrinated to believe that their father is their lord and master, and that once they marry, their husband will take over that role, and that all they have do to to find salvation is to be subservient to his wishes and spit out kid after kid.

  9. Hodan says:

    “They’ve been victimized more by what has happened these last couple weeks than they were 12 years ago,” “Because they didn’t even understand or know that anything had happened until after the fact — when they were told about it.”

    SAY WHAT? So, the guy who victimized these girls was the only one to get “treatment”?

    There is just soo much wrong with this whole thing. Like WTF is wrong with this family!?!

    • Maria says:

      It all smacks of b.s., doesn’t it? Michelle claims that the girls got some type of counseling and that Josh asked for their forgiveness. But then she also claims the girls didn’t know what happened to them because “they were sleeping” when Josh molested them. Those two things don’t add up.

      • Debbie Y. says:

        I caught that part also. They didn’t know it happened until the media leaked it, yet they “poured their hearts out” in counseling at a Safety Center (whatever that may be.) What did they pour their hearts out about then? How their mother is a brood mare and a Stepford Wife, that the whole world is going to hell because of the LGBT community? These people are seriously deranged. Did you catch the moony-eyed look that Michelle kept giving her skeevy-looking husband, like she was asking his permission to speak? So much wrong in this whole family…..

      • B says:

        No way we’re the girls sleeping throughout all of these instances. My guess would be that they were awake and maybe froze, out of fear or whatever, and then said they didn’t know or were asleep out of the fear the blame would be placed on them.

  10. Bandslee Lee says:

    I can’t begin to express how these people make my blood boil. Their son committed crimes – juvenile or not – at least five times and they covered it up. They have the nerve to be pissed that people found out about it?! They need to find a very large rock for their entire family to crawl under and stay there. Somehow it was less because the girls were unaware he was molesting them. Jesus Christ.

  11. John says:

    These people aren’t fit to be humans, let alone parents.

  12. Ashbash says:

    Judging from the online response this interview did more harm than good for the Duggars and now all eyes are on TLC over what they are going to do next because this incident doesn’t seem to be something that is going to blow over and the parents just keep digging the hole deeper for the whole family. This interview didn’t at all change my view on the Duggars at all I still see them as false prophets skewing the bible to fit their needs and biased ideologies. I just hope that all of Josh Duggars victims eventually get the justice that they deserve.

  13. Joni says:

    “They’ve been victimized more by what has happened these last couple weeks than they were 12 years ago,” “Because they didn’t even understand or know that anything had happened until after the fact — when they were told about it.”

    That has to be one of the most asinine statements I’ve ever heard. If someone so much as touches me on the shoulder when I’m sleeping it wakes me up so it stands to reason someone touching my chest or privates would have me wide awake in a nano-second!

    Thank you Michael for watching this travesty of an interview so I didn’t have to. Saw a few seconds of “highlights” and that was more than enough.

    • Hodan says:

      Yeah. I really don’t understand how they could think the girls didn’t know what happen to them? Were they soo worried about their son, the abuser that they forgot about the victims or what?

      • kt says:

        so a 5 year old, which was the youngest victim, should remember 14 years later what happened to them one night that they were sleeping? My now 10 year old doesn’t remember much from being 5 and definitely not when he was half asleep, i cant imagine when they are 18! They wouldn’t understand what was going on because it seems that all he did was TOUCH he didn’t actually penetrate? The touching is inappropriate hands down. But i guarantee they didn’t remember because they didn’t KNOW that what was going on was inappropriate because kids that young are too young to understand what is going on, ESPECIALLy while they were sleeping. and when its someone they lived with and knew since they were born. I’m not condemning what he did. But damn as a society we cant understand he was 15 and had raging hormones with stifling parents that keep them under lock and key? It makes sense something like this happens with the way they are being raised as virgins til marriage and cant even kiss! e

        • Ruthie says:

          KT, I agree that Josh probably had raging hormones and had to suppress them in this setting. My question is why did he not touch his oldest sister? Why did he have to touch five girls? What kind of creep fondles a five year old? The jury is still out on whether the girls were of aware of his actions or not since the Duggar parents admitted in the televised interview that some of the later fondling was done when the girls were awake. How do we know Jim Bob is telling the truth about all that went on? His biggest interest was covering up for his son and moving on. I wonder what stopped Josh form going further since his hormones were in control rather than his brain. Fifteen is not so young. He knew what he was doing. And young girls can be pleasured by being fondled even in situations such as this. They may not understand it and they may later feel dirty or responsible, but their bodies physically respond to the fondling. That’s what so messed up is that these girls had their innocence stolen. Then they see their parents fondling and kissing all the time and reproducing like bunny rabbits. I don’t know why Josh did what he did but it is pedophile behavior. I don’t know if the girls are ok or not because they are told how they must feel and think. I don’t think all is well in this group. Cover up is never the solution for a problem. I do know they do not need to go on TV and model purity for other teens and families.

          • Ruthie says:

            And one other thing I find incredulous is what kind of kid repeatedly molest his sisters and goes and tells his Dad each time. If the parents are as strict as they seem to be, I feel he would have covered up his bad behavior as long as he could. Something is just not making sense here. This seems like a rehearsed fire drill.

          • Winnie says:

            “I don’t know if the girls are ok or not because they are told how they must feel and think.”

            This is what worries me. I like when people have a great support system (that includes good, trustworthy friends and at least some family), but I’m scared the “counseling” was something like talking to the elders at their church (the same ones that say “bind your breasts more/the boys are still “finding ways” to become aroused”) or worse, counseled by the parents who had the interests of both their son (understandable, but this is why some kids are provided a guardian ad litem in court or people are supposed to cite conflict of interest, because they cannot be sure the interests of both/all parties are being served).

            If they saw an independent counselor, were their questions/concerns then rerouted to the parents, who seem to have wanted to keep this under wraps (again, understandable, to an extent, but not something I think was right). I would think that this situation would work similar to a cult, where emphasis on the unit would prevent the leadership from providing truly independent counseling even if a girl had asked.

            I have never viewed the show and do not plan to. I don’t proclaim to know those people or have sweeping statements for people based on comments, but I just know that I hope these girls have a better outlet

          • Kathy A says:

            He didn’t get counseling. Jim-Bob took him to see a family friend, a police officer (who is currently doing a long term in prison for kiddie porn), who supposedly put the fear of God into him. Then good ol’ Jum-Bob sent him to live with another family friend for a few months, so the kid could help the friend renovate his home. That’s what passes for counseling in the Quiverfull world.

        • Kathy A says:

          Sorry, KT — I remember things that happened when I was three. Something like this? Not easily forgettable.
          And why do you keep finding excuses for this kid? It’s not excusable, and neither was the cover-up. And it CERTAINLY doesn’t make sense that it happened, even in a warped family like the Duggars. Fifteen? That’s certainly old enough to know right from wrong, especially when the family rams purity and virginity for both genders down their throats.

  14. Tammy says:

    So I guess we have Jill and Jessa on so we can start the spin for them to get their own show on TLC. Someone has to make the money for this family.

  15. damroberts744 says:

    I was legitimately hoping for the family to come out and acknowledge the horrible things that the eldest son has done. The only thing more appalling is Kelly’s odd and blatant sympathy for them…this is the same woman who explodes at guests on her show who have an inkling of support for the democratic party, but apparently if you’re a conservative family the fact that one is a child molester is alright? Only on Fox News…

  16. Why hasn’t Child Protective Services taken all their other kids? What a freak show this family is. I bet Megyn Kelly wouldn’t let them in the same room as her kids but will shill for them on demand.

  17. DarkDefender says:

    FOX news people. Of course they get it all wrong and miss the point. CPS needs to step in and investigate. 15 yo sex offenders are routinely tried as adults, especially if the victims are under age 8.
    Epic parenting fail. EPIC.

  18. pamill says:

    Considering all the lies they told in the last few days, I not only don’t have any reason to believe this hard-to-believe-to-begin-with version of the story, but I also have a horrible hunch :

    1. Josh didn’t confess to the parents, Jill outed him (This was pointed out in an article : in the “All About Jill” Episode, Josh mentions that he often got into trouble with their parents because Jill always told on him. He clearly got into serious trouble if he still holds a grudge enough to bring this up in her wedding episode.)

    2. I don’t think this over-the-clothes inappropriate touching covers the whole truth. I do think that’s the most the parents can own up to without ending their careers once and for all. And considering the parents only know what the abuser (who could clearly sugarcoat it) and the victims (who were taught that sexual abuse is always the woman’s fault (courtesy of Advanced Training Institute Homeschooling Program, founded by that lovely minister who was accused of sexually harassing 34 women including a 16 year old) told them, even if that’s all the parents were told, it could be still not the whole truth.

    3. This “the girls are just so naive they had no idea they were repeatedly molested and they are all such heavy sleepers that clearly not even inappropriate, heavy groping could wake them, not once” is a bunch of BS from the “stop insulting my intelligence” kind. Of course they knew they were molested. Of course they didn’t forgive him. Again, info from another article : Josh’s wife and daughter was in Jill’s wedding, Josh was not, and none of Josh’s immediate family was in Jessa’s wedding. A good 12 years later they are not holding a grudge for something they weren’t aware of and traumatized by.

    Again, this is just a hunch based on observations. But it does make sense…unfortunately and disturbingly.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I think these parents know WAY more than they’re letting on. Either that, or they were involved in some way themselves. They seem far too understanding of and sympathetic towards Josh and his behavior for this to be a simple case of parents struggling to come to terms with their son committing a crime. I’ve mentioned before how creepy I’ve always found the dad with his “barefoot and pregnant!” attitude in regards to his wife. This just confirms his creepiness quite likely knows no bounds.

    • Ruthie says:

      Always wondered why Jess did not wear white on her wedding day since this families mantra is exhibiting and maintaining purity. The white dress signifies one’s purity even though regular society does not always follow that tradition.

  19. sheila says:

    You people are all a bunch of freaking high and mighty sitting in judgment of these people, let’s be real here, most of the fourteen year old boys should be dragged out into the street and shot by the mob, you people

    • Angela says:

      *Watches the point of our outrage sail waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over your head*

    • Cathy says:

      Wow. Equating the actions of other 14-year-old boys to what Josh Duggar did is just ridiculous. Read the police report, or go on the Washington Post website and look at the timeline of what happened. Then you’ll really look at how much they lied in this interview. And ask yourself how one of the Duggar girls could say she was a victim, and then say that people are basically overreacting. What does she think she’s a victim of, then? And her response denigrates what other victims have gone through.

    • CK says:

      Most 14 year old boys don’t molest 5 year olds or 4 of their sisters and a family friend.

    • dee123 says:

      You’re an idiot Shelia.

    • dancmh says:

      Do I sit high and mighty over a cult family who concealed their own child molester while attacking vast groups of others as pedophiles because they’re different? You’re damn right I’m judging them. The fact that you’re not says a hell of a lot more about you than me. And in all the 14 year olds I’ve met i my life, none of them groped their five year old sister and then went on to head a Family Values organization.

      You’re a fool.

      • marion says:

        Thank you for that reply to Sheila. I was going to write something similar. As the mother of teen boys, aunt to several others, and the “house mother” to their friends and I can say with confidence that “normal” teen boys ARE interested in girls and sex, but they ARE NOT sexually interested in their sisters or children.

      • Lorelai says:


    • :-) says:

      Most 14 year old boys are trying to touch a female. They prefer ones that have actual development. Trying to touch a 5 year old is sick

    • Mary says:

      Careful your intelligence is showing. My favorite expression is people who live if glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. This interview was a farce. These people do not want to lose their gravy train so they try to deflect and blame everyone else except them. Yes Michelle the girls feel victimize now because you cover for your son and they were taught that God would forgive him and their feelings don’t matter. Safe guards my a.. one time might be excusable but why weren’t those safe guards put into place after the first time. These people are not fit to be parents and sorry Meagan Kelly did a terrible job interviewing them. Just as I thought a puff piece, which I think did more harm than good. If they didn’t want their dirty laundry aired maybe they shouldn’t be on TV spewing their hate toward people who have more class then them.

      • Brenda says:

        Michelle & JimBob are DIRECTLY contradicting the girl’s accounts in the police report.

        Two girls told JimBob and/or Michelle about Josh after being touched by Him “while awake” One on the couch when He was reading a book to them/Her and One girl was fondled under her dress in the laundryroom.

        So are Michele & Jimbob saying that the Daughters/Victims are also Lying?

        They also tried to hire a Lawyer for Josh TWICE as stated in the report. Both REFUSED to represent Him. So Jimbob & Michelle DID NOT allow Josh to be interviewed by the Authorities.

        So I ask how can this report be considered SEALED since Josh was not interviewed or questioned AND He was 18 years old so NOT A MINOR! Had he answered to the FORCIBLE FONDLING accusations The record would have been sealed to protect the girls!

        Just saying ..Josh being so remorseful, repentant and filled with The Victims FORGIVENESS and all.

        As for TLC CANCEL NOW! These Children will never get any of the money that is being made off them so its not like they could go to a College of choice (if they ever want out of this craziness)

      • Kathy A says:

        Megyn Kelly did just what she was supposed to do — make this disgusting family look sympathetic. I find it incredible that even Fox News would give these disgusting people a platform to rationalize their sick behavior. Fox has stooped to a new low — which I didn’t think was even possible.

        • Mary says:

          I think it backfire because it made them look even worse if you ask me. I for one don’t watch Fox news at all, but I thought She had a reputation for being a hard nose reporter, I guess that is reserve only for attacking political parties who do not agree with her. Sorry this family is disgusting and anyone who sides with them have a screw loose.

  20. Et al says:

    They disgust me.

  21. deb says:

    Hopefully they won’t be on television again and honestly its over with and I’m sick of hearing about it ,its their family their sin they can handle it without us hopefully he’s different as a young man than he was as a child for his own children’s sake.

  22. Ben says:

    People who do not understand how this media reporting, and even your own comments, ARE revictimising these girls do not actually have any understanding of sexual violence at all.

    Honestly, the public reaction to this whole thing is what makes my blood boil. Polls about should the show go off etc. When are we going to get over the idea that WE have a say about what victimises others and how they feel.

    As someone whose mother and wife have both had to deal with sexual abuse, I really can’t stand the media circus that the Duggar thing has become, but even more I can’t stand what we humans turn it into.

    • Ben says:

      Not that I condone the implication that they weren’t victimised the first time.

      • Ruthie says:

        If the girls were fine after their counseling, then why do our comments bother them? They probably are understanding the matter for what it actually is for the first time since before, Jim Bob told them how to think. These people seem more upset about losing their fat pay checks and not being TV personalities than they do about what has happened in their family. I always wondered why Josh was so much heavier than anyone else in his family. Tiny Mom, tall trim dad and trim brothers and sisters; just a thought.

        • Ben says:

          As I say, you don’t know what sexual violence is like – especially if you can write your first 8 words.

        • michael says:

          To answer your question,iit’s probably because everyone and their dog is turning it into a hate train against the entire family twelve years after the incident! Everyone is saying the entire family is sick and delusional, maybe they are off-camera, but as far as you, me, or anyone else unfamiliar with the family knows, this is all that has happened. Yes the interview is fishy, but whatever they say is for them to decide, lie or not. And that is all we have to work with until new information surfaces. Typical of dull people, to attack people with opposing viewpoints, wherever they may be,up to God

          • Mary says:

            Sorry I disagree with you. THEY chose to go on TV and spew their hateful view at people, so to claim the media is attacking them is double standards. Yes it happen 12 years ago, but once a predator always a predator. None of those children were given professional help. It wasn’t a mistake, a mistake is a one time occurrence and you learn this was repetitive. They can live their lives as they see fit, if they want to reproduce like jack rabbits that is their business. God will have the ultimate final judgement, but people who claim to be high and mighty shouldn’t go on National TV. Read the reports, no names were given, it was the family that gave out that information. Once again they are using the girls for their own agenda. Maybe their son should be a man for once in his life and own up to his actions.

    • Ruthie says:

      The family hopefully will retire from TV, stop blaming the media for their problems and try to focus on all their children’s well being and not living a lie before the public. Michelle needs to find time to spend with her children and stop relying on her older daughters, especially Jana, to be Moms to them or she is going to have more trouble down the road. Any man who would subject his wife to that many childbirths and not provide hired help for her is out to lunch. Allow those kids to get in touch with the real world and think for themselves. Allow them to leave the compound and then he will see if his training has been effective. God gives us all free will.

  23. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I do wish the media had never released the names of the victims. That was a wildly inappropriate for them to do, and I hate myself for agreeing with Michelle Duggar on this issue. Identities of victims of sex crimes should ALWAYS be kept secret unless the victims choose to speak publicly about it. Remember what happened to Kobe Bryant’s alleged rape victim after her name was released by the media? She was harassed pretty badly and people were sending her death threats and rape threats. It was so sad. I believe she dropped the charges for her own safety, and not because he didn’t do it.
    And for the record, I do wish they would cancel that horrible Duggars show so that my mother would stop trying to give me recaps of all the episodes. So there’s that. It is incredibly exploitative. And while they’re at it, they should cancel Duck Dynasty, Sister Wives, the K***ashains (I don’t say their name because it’s a forbidden word in my home), and pretty much every reality show produced by “The Learning Channel”.

    • dancmh says:

      The names of the victims are public record. All you have to do is watch TLC to get the names of the victims. And two of the daughters came forward on their own right before this interview for damage control. Don’t blame the media when a cult family steps into the spot light and screams, “Look at us.”

      • guest says:

        Actually no, the stories came out and were all over the news and media and it was only AFTER that the girls decided to do the interview for FOX. They should never have had to be blindsided with any of this. This is their business albeit something TLC needed to consider whether to take them off the air or not–but it is not anything WE needed to know about re; the sealed records and their protection taken away how it has with the WORLD now knowing it all–they will now have to live with this all over again in a way worse than before because they have lost their anonymity to have suffered through this and be allowed to keep it to THEMSELVES.

    • Lizo says:

      I agree that all these shows should be cancelled; but the Kardashians haven’t actually done anything awful and offensive, they’re just spoiled. Which of if its not your thing, don’t watch…but they are actually pretty supportive of LGBTQ rights, women’s issues, and race politics. Whereas the other shows are about people who hate other people. Really not the same shows.

  24. Patt Platt says:

    Why didn’t Megyn Kelly ask the Duggar parents if they and their son Josh would easily forgive and forget a perpetrator who touched Josh’s daughter’s vagina while masturbating which obviously we all know he was doing. If their son should be forgiven because he was 14 and 15 at the time, then why don’t we just forgive all the offenders who are incarcerated and release them if they were only 14 or 15? Shouldn’t we be christian to all people? These people lack any modicum of intelligence and Ms. Kelly’s questions don’t reflect much more
    intelligence either.

  25. Chuck says:

    The Duggars are monsters, plain and simple. Child molester, cover-up artists, brainwashed women … and TLC has yet to cancel their show and is trying to cook up a spin-off just to keep those Duggar dollars rolling in. If they don’t kill the show(s), then TLC is just as complicit in endorsing child sexual abuse as is Mike Huckabee and Fox News.

  26. Michelle says:

    The Duggars= Deeeluuuusional!!!

  27. KevyB says:

    I LOVE that bad parenting choices and sexual-predator incest are both worse than what’s happening to them NOW!! Call CPS!!!

  28. Ric says:

    He committed a crime and should have been on trial. He is a sex offender and should be on the registry for life. Whoever leaked his file should be honored and given a PrimeTime “news” special on legitimate channels like Cnn.

  29. Tony Lang says:

    In the wise words of John Oliver’s announcer guy, How is this still a thing?!? Stop giving them a spotlight, it reinforces their behavior. Just ignore them.

    • Kathy A says:

      How is this still a thing? You have to ask? Maybe it would be better if this was ignored? Not hardly. You shine a light on this kind of crap and expose it.

  30. Luís says:

    Sadly, the decision to have such a large family has led to the parents not being able to police their own children. And wether you are religious or not, forgiveness is a wonderful thing but not for the unforgivable. With so many kids, how do you spend the time necessaryto teach all of your kids right from wrong. It is ridiculous now that the parents can’t trust their own children with their other children.

  31. Jim says:

    19 Hypocrites & counting. Funny how he goes from incest should be a capital offense to this crap. You don’t mind the money rolling in, but now you’re worried more about how the documents were unsealed than the truth.

  32. Sheryl Pena says:

    I am a Christian, and I find these people delusional.. and enablers of sexual deviant behavior…. so they think that because their girls were sleeping when he did this and didn’t know about it…therefore it isn’t as bad as if they had been awake and knew their brother was touching them?give me a break….does that mean when a female is ruffied or sleeping and someone rapes or takes advantage of them sexually …then it’s not rape? You can make excuses all you want….but being a 14year old or whatever excuse you want to call him does not mitigate what he did…..he is a child molester… end of it…period…..and if the girls are traumatized now…maybe it’s because their own parents were so busy protecting their son…from getting a jail sentence… that they didn’t respect their daughters enough to let them know what happened to them….their bodies….and that they day in day out had to fraternize with their molester….their own parents kept them around their molester….these people are asb parents andhaving all of these kids to make money for using their bodies to pop out babies like an assembly line…. Is also pathetic and they should be prosecuted for child endangerment…as they are still. parading a child molester in front of their brood of children.
    Oh and when a child molester gives up one person they touch or molest they are probably hiding five more they did something bad to….you don’t change that kind of deviant behavior it just moves from touching to pwnitration to rape and they always make excuses….and something will always push them more deviant practices….and they say it’s always the nice person next door so beware if you live near these people…you kid may be next…

    • guest says:

      You say a lot of right things, and in a good way that is easy to understand, isn’t overboard so as to lose the reader with too much emotion, yet say it in a way that makes sense and stands out as something to pay attention to.

  33. Jake says:

    Honestly I don’t think it’s any of the media or our place to scrutinize these people. Yes, Josh did horrible things. Yes they had a TV show regardless. But if it happened 12 years ago and solved itself out 5 years ago, there is no need to bring it back up. Besides, the magazine who got the info most likely did it illegally, since juvinile records are confidential and not released to the public understanding any circumstances. So Kelly doesn’t need to ask the girls about it, and we need to stop making a big deal out of it. People are murdered every day and we choose to get mad over this? I thought we were better than that, America.

    • betsy says:

      yeah, it ‘solved itself out’ by having the family sweep it under the rug and pretending it didn’t exist, lying for years about it, protecting their son at the expense of their daughters, you know, normal, healthy ways of dealing with problems of serial child abuse and incest. NBD.

      and really, you’re going to try to pull the ‘worse crimes are happening so why aren’t we focusing on those’ card? the duggars would probably applaud your terrible deflection techniques.

    • Mary says:

      It is the media place to scrutinize these people. They chose to have a National platform to spew their hate of people who have a different belief then them. They Chose to put themselves up on a pedestal saying they are high and mighty. Yes it happened 12 years ago but it didn’t solve itself out it was only pushed under the rug so their son wasn’t exposed. Sorry, it needs to be made a big deal about it. Abuse has lasting effects on a person, even if they don’t understand it at the time. Your statement is questionable at best. How can the records be sealed if he was never charged with anything??? Yes the show should be cancelled and CPS should scrutinize that family.

    • Sheryl Pena says:

      Yeah…..because it happened so many years ago…..he guarantee s he won’t reoffend…we should let them be…. That’s what they should do maybe for all sex offenders… who usually start young and “just” touch..to predator rape..as they get older and have moved from one step to the other..as it takes more and more deviant actions to satisfy their sickness…and no you do not get it under control….it controls you….and what the heckler…he was just a boy…Well bully for you….blame the media and anything else to deflect that this was NOTa one time thing he is a serial molester and he will always be one…he will soon molest his children when they get to his preferred age that excites him…..shame on you….

  34. Jennifer says:

    This show needs to be cancelled, they don’t need to do a spinoff and they all need to just go AWAY. This family marries their kids off as soon as they are legal and then they are pregnant before they even have their first wedding anniversary. For Michelle to say that the media is hurting those girls more than what Josh did is so stupid she should have been slapped. If your Son hadn’t done what he did then they would not have been victims to begin with. No names have been released but it doesn’t take a genuis to figure out what sisters he touched. I think they brought Jill and Jessa in to “Play” the victims because they are the ones they are trying to do the spinoff for. Either way I wouldn’t let any of my kids around this family and for the young girls wanting to date any of the Duggar boys all I can say is run and run fast and long. Josh should have had years of therapy not months, he should have been locked up in a youth center and not in the same house, your “Safe Guards” didn’t work and he went on to do it again, and again, and again. I believe in the Lord all mighty and I do believe in the power of Pray but when something like this happens you need other help as well. I pray that all the victims can finally get the help they need and I even pray that Josh gets the help that he needed years ago.

  35. dman6015 says:

    I thought the Duggars lived in Arkansas, not the State of Denial.

  36. Yolanda says:

    I love when religious hypocrites are exposed for what they truly are. I really do. When you’re hardcore Christian I know there’s something wrong with you and you don’t want people to find out. I have lots of Christian friends who don’t shove their religion down someone’s throats. They’re good people. But when someone shove the Bible into other people’s faces then clearly he or she is dirtier than Augean stables.

  37. Marie says:

    As a victim of molestation I find the continued support of this family by the TLC network and any other network to air “their side” to be absolutely disgusting. This family including his victims; are minimizing what went on purely to salvage their image and their television career. It is not just a mistake. It is not okay that is happened when they were asleep. It is not okay that he did
    this just because he was curious. The sister says he isn’t a molestor….yes, yes he is. You may not like that word, but guess, what he is classified as one even if there are no new or current victims. How many victims is this story going to stop from reporting actions because of how this was handled? By supporting this family you are saying to all the current victims and future victims “well if a family of good Christian values doesn’t think it is serious….it is no big deal.” Wrong!!!

    They say the police documents were sealed to protect the girls. I don’t buy that. If they were truly protecting the girls it would have been public. For me it honestly made me feel like there was something to be ashamed about in being a victim when mine was finally made public. For this family it has all come down to defending him for what he did and shifting blame.

    I really hope that any victims out there today don’t think what is happening to them is okay by how one family that seems to be everywhere is trying to sweep it under the rug. I sincerely hope that they don’t feel like they can’t report the crime now.

    • How was it that the girls that told on Josh…told if they didn’t know it was happening? And they keep attacking liberals and LGBT so how does that make them at all Christian. Worst of all in their interview they put up the picture of the police oddicer they feel is responsible for the leak making her a target and now a possible victim of hate…how hypocritical…..they cry we have been victimized and then victimize the police officer them selves.

  38. Linda says:

    Please do not misunderstand this!! What he did was inexcusable, absolutely, positively wrong. However, one of my biggest fears is that other offenders out there contemplating coming forward will not do so because of these posts. Let’s be careful in our judgement of others and how we handle these things going forward. No doubt these offenses must be dealt with but let’s do it with at least an ounce of understanding for all involved. If in fact he did come forward – that has to account for something. It’s not everyday a wrong doer does come forward about the crimes he/she has committed. Think about what kind of world it would be if we all took responsibility for our actions.

  39. Pat says:

    This is unbelievable that they do an interview and refer to it as JOSH’s WRONGDOINGS. Are you kidding me???? Oh and they were all fully clothed when he fondled them. Again, really?? How do you justify fondling a 5 year old who supposedly was clothed? What did you fondle on her Josh??? SICK, SICK, SICK!!! Anything coming out of the Duggers mouths are just bold face lies. TLC needs to make it perfectly clear that they have cut ties with this whole family.

  40. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    Your son is a pedophile and a child molester and you helped him cover it up. No amount of deflections and right-wing victimization will ever change the fact that your son is a child molester who molested five girls ranging from age 4 to 11 including your own daughters. There is a special place in hell for you two

  41. LM says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the Duggans feel getting forgiveness from God trumps our laws, BUT go directly to our laws in questing the sealed file being opened.

  42. Kate says:

    You are all idiots. This is a good Christian, God fearing, family, whose son made a mistake when he was 14. God sees all and he forgave that family years ago. They are defending their children. We should have nothing but support for this great family.

    • Pat says:

      WE ARE ALL IDIOTS???? Do you have a direct line to God and he confirmed to you that he has forgiven? Oh yes, their son did not make a mistake He made many by molesting these girls. How do you justify him touching any of these girls let alone the youngest being 5? Great family, I think not, because they did not protect their daughters from him even when they knew. So quit rationalizing on the parents and their son because this was not an innocent playing doctors between to 5 year olds.

      • Kate says:

        God forgives if you ask for forgiveness. You would know that if you had ever picked up a bible. You should try it sometimes. You need it!

    • Mary says:

      That is calling the kettle black. This group is far from a good Christian. A good Christian does not judge another or spew hate toward another human being. A good Christian parent would protect all involved not just the son. This family is what one would describe as a cult. They are not defending their children, well maybe their son, but surely not their daughters. These parents are perfect example as to why birth control should be afforded to all. A good Christian would admit when they are wrong and accept the punishment and not try to point fingers at others. Like I taught my children, every action has a reaction – could be positive or negative you choose. This so call great family are not fit to be parents.

      • Kate says:

        And how would you know that. Everyone makes mistakes, that doesn’t make them bad people. At least they have forgiveness Fod the only one that matters. All sin is equal in God’s eyes, so that means any sin you have ever committed is the same as this.

        • Mary says:

          People do make mistake, and one usually learns from their mistakes. He didn’t make a mistake – he was a 15 year old Male that knows right from wrong, I don’t care how you try and justify it. Not all mistakes are equal. Sorry I don’t believe that in God’s eyes all sins are equal, if that was true – why do some go to H..l. They are bad people when you don’t protect your own children. If an outsider did that to one of the girls would they be labeling it as a mistake – I think not. If you cannot see that they are extremist than there is no hope for you.

          • Kate says:

            It was a mistake. You clearly don’t know what a mistake. Just because someone knows the difference between right and wrong doesn’t mean their action wasn’t a mistake. A 5 year old knows the difference between right and wrong. Would you be saying the same thing if a 5 year old did something wrong? If you don’t think that all sin is equal in God’s eyes then go read the Bible. Don’t you dare try to talk about hope for me!

    • Amy J says:

      Clearly God revoked his forgiveness, otherwise it wouldn’t have been made public. Perhaps God is not a fan of the hatred these folks spew, hmm?

      • Kate says:

        God does not do that and loves every one! Everything happens for a reason! Go read Job! The Lord gives and takes away. The Duggars don’t care what gets taken away from them the, Lord has a plan.

    • Sheryl Pena says:

      He didn’t make one mistake…he made five that we know about…believe me he did not tell the whole truth or give the complete list of his victims… the ones that were more then touched….his favorites…. are still his secret…. he should be in prison getting his (Junk) just fondled and more

    • Angela says:

      This is a good Christian, God fearing, family
      No. They’re sorry excuses for Christians and are a horrid example for that faith.
      whose son made a mistake when he was 14
      Molesting kids isn’t exactly a “mistake”, but thanks for playing.
      God sees all and he forgave that family years ago.
      Until God himself comes down to Earth and makes a public statement and has a press conference stating that, I’m gonna call BS on this.
      Also, not all of us are Christian? So the whole “God forgave, so you should, too!” mantra isn’t exactly going to fly for some of us? Yeeeeeah.
      They are defending their children.
      They’re defending ONE child. The one who committed the crimes. They seem pretty blasé about the effects of his actions on their daughters. I dunno about you, but I find that pretty chilling.
      We should have nothing but support for this great family.
      Thinking, thinking…nope, can’t muster up the support. And you call US idiots?

      • Kate says:

        Like you no what a good Christan God fearing family or person even is. Your a sorry excuse for a person.

        • Mary says:

          Wow are you related to these people. Don’t think God would approve of your remark.

          • Kate says:

            Nope but they are my sisters and brothers through Christ. Don’t try to tell me your take on what God would say! Like you would know anything of that

    • Kathy A says:

      There’s absolutely nothing Christian about this family. They’re cult members, about as far from mainstream Christianity as they can be. Christ said “Suffer the little children to come unto me” — and he didn’t follow that up with “so they can be molested”.
      As to them ‘defending their children’ — seriously? Their daughters were molested, and they covered it up. The only one they defended is their pervert son, who abused several of his sisters as well as another child. They covered it up, and now they’re playing the victim card because what he did and what they did to hide it has been revealed.

      • Kate says:

        You think they are cult members? Having 19 kids dose not mean your in a cult. Being modest and trying to follow God’s word as best as you can does not mean your in a cult. And knowing that Christ came to earth, humbled himself, then dying on a cross for our sins when was perfect and never sinned does not mean you are in a cult. Go read what that verse in context and see what Christ really said.

  43. Nan says:

    Most of TLC’s programming is aimed at the same types who thronged the freak and geek tents at circuses years ago. The sick mentality that wants to stare at hermaphrodites, two headed calves and “the lion boy”. TLC shouldn’t even be on the air. JMO

  44. noy says:

    This people will go to hell for sure by covering the crime that they son did. Shame shame on you using the bible for their excuses.

    • Kate says:

      No they won’t they have accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior. That is all it takes. But you can tell me what it’s like when your there.

      • Mary says:

        But will God accept them at the pearly gates, maybe not? I guess your saying God will accept all the murderers and child abusers, maybe you should re-read the bible. Not everyone makes it to heaven.

        • Kate says:

          Don’t tell me re-read the bible! I am willing to bet you’ve never even touched a bible in your life! Go read it for the first time then come back!

  45. Although it is true that the girls have been victimized twice, I think that Mr. and Mrs. Duggar believe that they are the true victims here, which is just disgusting. I’m not sure, exactly, how NONE of these girls/victims “knew or under[stood]” what happened when only some of them were asleep at the time of the abuse.

    Unfortunately, I think that TLC will choose to keep them on the air to take advantage of this media frenzy. More people know about the Duggars than ever and so many people are supporting them.

  46. Ringo Pasquale says:

    I am more appalled by the ignorance reflected in the comments than the somewhat ignorant statements of the Duggars. Putting yourself in their shoes — the parent part, not the crazy religious part — who wouldn’t have done what the did re 1. Reporting their minor child to the police, feeling that dredging this up in the media is and putting the girls through public humiliation was worse than the bad act experienced as children, and being outraged that the juvenile record of their son was unlawfully disclosed. I am non-Chrustian, liberal, father of 3 and would be just as upset. Fair is fair.

    • Shaun says:

      You protect the pack from all enemies,even those within.I would have had my boy sent to Juvi if my daughters were at stake.

    • Mary says:

      To be fair, I could see their predicament; however, how to justify putting one child above the other. If this was a one time incident okay however; it was repeatedly done. They did not protect those girls after the first time. Lets be real here, they went to a family friend who was a policemen. It is obvious that he stupidly thought the records were sealed, however they couldn’t be sealed if no charges were brought about. They are putting a spin on it due to the fact that his holier than thou image has been shattered. Maybe they should put their own house in order before attacking others that quite frankly is no threat to society whatsoever. I don’t know how you can say the comments are ignorant where as their statement made on National TV do not add up, people are not that dumb.

    • KCC says:

      I agree, there are many ignorant comments being made. But more in the sense that very few people commenting know the facts and are commenting based on what they read/heard and picking and choosing what they want as facts. Given that I don’t really know what happened any more than anyone else here and even if everything happened as the Duggars say, a crime was committed. I understand not wanting to turn your child in to the authorities. It is difficult, if not impossible to fathom. Choosing one child over another might be easy to do in theory but it’s very difficult in practice. Do you ruin your son’s future by having him labeled a pedophile or the future of your daughters’ lives by keeping it quiet and not getting them proper counselling. The Duggars appear to want it both ways but that really isn’t an option. Harm has been done to everyone involved. The son committed the crime and really should be held accountable to society not just his God. The parents should be held accountable for thinking they could “fix” this on their own. I have to wonder what kind of sexual education these kids are getting if the parents think it’s just a boy misbehaving. Every child should be fully instructed in sex ed once they become physically able to reproduce. Too many people say, not my child he’s/she’s too young. But it’s not up to the parents to decide what’s too young, nature does. Perhaps if he was better informed he wouldn’t have felt the need to go exploring on his own. If he was informed about sex and what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable and did it anyway then he definitely needs professional help and not just prayer.

  47. If ever two people deserved to lose custody of their kids. What cluelessness.

  48. N says:

    Michelle Duggar is an insult to real mothers everywhere. Her obnoxious attempt to avoid taking responsibility for her knowledge of what happened to her daughters at the hands of her disturbed son is unbelievable. I imagine an ignoramus like Mrs. Duggar told her daughters to just forgive and forget and now the spotlight of her coldhearted, self serving ways are showing her true colors, so she’s trying to hide behind the Jesus shield (what an insult to JC, by the way). Christianity does not allow you to pick and choose what parts you want to follow while disregarding stuff you don’t like. She and her moronic husband are just as much to blame as the perv son at this point. No more Duggar BS, please.

  49. Jana says:

    One of the most telling parts was when Jim Bob mentioned that he knew of other families in their circle in which similar incidents happened. That’s not surprising, though. Instances of sexual harassment, molestation, and rape tend to be more common in sexually repressive, close-knit environments, such as, say, extremist religious cults. And it appears their cult is a quiver full of sexual abuse.

  50. CMarie says:

    What is the statute of limitations on child abuse? There is no mandatory reporting, but there is common decency and trying to do what’s best for ALL of your children, not just one. They should be prosecuted for allowing it to happen.