Community Season 6 Finale Recap: #AndAMovie?

That has to be it, right?

Community aired its sixth — and presumably final — season finale Tuesday featuring multiple character exits and visions of a not-too-practical Season 7.

“Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television” found Elroy exiting for a West Coast gig at LinkedIn, Annie leaving for a D.C. internship with the FBI and Abed departing to Los Angeles to work as a production assistant on a new Fox sitcom.

Though the last shot of the Nipple Dippers faded to black and the hashtag “#andamovie,” even Abed acknowledged that the notion of “#SixSeasonsAndAMovie” was more of a pipe dream than a practical business or creative decision. And so this current iteration of Community came to an end with Jeff realizing the best thing he could do for his friends was to put his own insecurities aside and accept the fact that life moves on.

Before we start Troy crying, here’s a brief summation of the episode — plus thoughts on any possible extension of the Greendale brand:

ADVANCED REMEDIAL CHAOS THEORY | With their sixth year at Greendale officially behind them, and the community college ranked No. 2 by officially saved, the current version of the Greendale 7 pondered what life might look like following summer vacation.

After Abed declared the unlikelihood of a seventh season, the rest of the gang (minus Annie, who was off on an internship interview) filled in with their own visions of an alternate reality where Season 7 is a go. Though Abed agreed that the return of Shirley would get the show “back on formula” — paving the way for Yvette Nicole Brown’s brief return in multiple versions of the future — no show that hemorrhages characters as fast as latter-day Community has been forced to do has ever peaked in its seventh year.

After versions of a continuation that found Dean Pelton stripped down to a diaper, Chang inventing a new animated friend and Britta leading Greendale as a sovereign nation, it became quite clear that now was the time to wrap things up. And though Jeff, Britta, Chang, Pelton and Frankie would continue their lives as-is, the group’s youngest and brightest minds were off to face the world that once scared them into enrolling at Greendale Community College — a world where a happy ending for Jeff and Annie would’ve been Dan Harmon playing it safe.

SEVEN SEASONS AND A MOVIE? | To paraphrase the great Elroy Patashnik, the current Community brand is “unique, simplistic, phonetically-memorable gibberish.” Why on Earth would we want to go disrupting that for the sake of defying the odds of survival again? If Abed were indeed a real human being — no pun intended — he would never want Harmon to “Scrubs Med” the show for the sake of creating more product. There’s an argument to be made for a movie that finds the original Greendale gang (presumably sans Chevy) saving Troy and LeVar Burton from those pirates, but at this point it’d feel more like fan service than anything else.

After surviving the darkest timeline, a gas-leak year and a transition from broadcast television to an improbable new home at Yahoo, it might be time to accept that the end has come and file for graduation. Against all odds, we got 110 episodes of a show that broke all the rules and expectations of a traditional sitcom, and that’s pretty cool… cool cool… cool cool cool.

But enough about what we thought! What did you think of Community‘s sixth season finale? Did it provide the closure you need if the movie doesn’t happen? Grade the episode in our poll, then sound off in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. The Kaibosh says:

    Sebastian was actually quite adorable. “go back to your child area” “yay”.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Fingers crossed for a Season 7. On the other hand, I give the season or series finale of Community an A.

  3. dman6015 says:

    That’s a wrap! #nomovieinsight

  4. The starting premise of the movie writes itself. It’ll be a reunion set some years in the future, and may involve Jeff becoming dean of Greendale after Pelton. The ultimate nightmare for the guy who started his journey trying to cut his time at the school to the shortest amount possible.

    • Patrick says:

      Yupyup…it could be something like 6 years later, and jeff is still working in Greendale, same as Frankie and Dean..chang has moved back to his ex-fiance, and britta went off to be a psychologist.

      And all of a sudden, another strong force starts to conquer Greendale Community college, threatening the school to shut it down and destroy to build a futuristic shopping mall of some sort. Remember Project Spyder? City College will be using this to desstroy the Community College, and affiliated with this “Outside force. However, little they did know that the “outside force has a plan of its own to BOTH City and COmmunity college. What will be the outcome of this?

      –yuri– *^^*

  5. D says:

    This is what TV needs to be CREATIVE and intellectual… This has been a fun, nail biting, humorous run… We made it… Six Seasons #andamovie!!!!

  6. Mike B. says:

    I’m gonna really miss the show… btw, Joel McHale was on Conan last night and pretty much said that they could do the movie, if Dan Harmon writes a screenplay for it. it seems like yahoo would still like to continue, but a movie would be the only (kinda) realistic option..

    • Mike B. says:

      and yeah, I know that my word order sucks… but I’m not a native speaker :D (just spotted a few mistakes… should check my posts before I send them^^)

  7. I liked it… This season is what the show should have been last season – fun and entertaining. The “inside joke”of the cools was once again just spiteful – I said it a million times – season 4 > season 5. I do think a movie should happen and it should include cast members of all seasons and maybe a short 8-bit game again, because that was very signature episode for the show.

  8. Et al says:

    If that was the series finale, it’s one of the best series finales I’ve ever seen.

  9. “I farted after the fourth… it’s kinda an inside joke” – LOL, gas leak year :-D

  10. Azerty says:

    Definitly the best episode of this 6th season and the way to conclude the show. Everything that was missing this year was in this episode. I only regret (Fat) Neil and Magnitude’s absence they should have been in Jeff imaginary new group with Garett, Leonard and Rhonda. But everything was so great. I guess a reference to the darkest timeline would have been great but that’s ok. I never wanted this show to start doing couple but that kiss between Jeff and Annie was the best one ever.I am very grateful that Yahoo brought it back last year but with this espiode, it’s time to go. Probably. Maybe. But for first: #andamovie.

    • Azerty says:

      And another thing I was surprised not to hear is the song “Greendale is were I belong” by Ludwig Göransson. It was a big thing in season 1-4 and I think the last time it played was when Jeff and Pierce graduated (last scene of season 4). Would have been the best moment to bring it back.

    • Philip Adams says:

      Rhonda is the Dean’s assistant. That was Vicki. :-p

  11. Anna says:

    While I did rate the episode with an “A”, I did feel like the “Pitch-season-7”-thing felt kind of forced at some points. A bit too meta. Nevertheless, I loved the episode and it would be a satisfying series final! Now the movie! Give us the movie! Let’s save Troy from the pirates! #andamovie

    • Dee says:

      Yes! A movie is totally feasible! As much as it pains me to say it, I don’t see how they could do a season 7 that does the show justice, so I’d prefer that it go out on a high note, but I’m not ready to say goodbye! #AndAMovie would be perfect! #SaveTroy!

  12. pakegler says:

    Joel McHale alluded to a Community movie last night on Conan.

  13. robandco says:

    Wonderful finale!
    I sure hope the movie is a go. I want a final pinball fix with the whole gang from every season! Even Pierce can be alive, the dude was crazy so he could have faked his death.

  14. Ron says:

    For a while there, I was really yearning for a season 7. But after that finale, I don’t think I want season 7 to happen. Not because the finale was bad, but because that finale was, in my opinion, the most perfect way this show could end. So many feels. I loved it. I even loved the random f-bomb drops by the Dean and Britta. (I love a good swear word in a TV show.) This finale definitely receives 5 meowmeowbeanz from me. Now, I’ll be anxiously awaiting that movie (with every cast member back…) Long live the #nippledippers

  15. Lizzie says:

    I think they have all said they are down for a movie. (Yes including Donald Glover, he’s never renounced the show). Now it’s all of a schedule thing & budget I guess but a simple kickstarter could pay for that. Watch for Joel McHale, Allison Brie to do more movies.

  16. Tom says:

    Community can’t just be over. There won’t be anything like it ever again. It’s wonderful and quirky and absurdist in a way that most American television just isn’t. I mean seriously, how long before Ow My Balls! is a real show? At least Silicon Valley is a real thing, even if Monica is a filthy smoker.

  17. Diana says:

    I know this is gonna sound weird but that finale just made me incredibly sad in the most amazing way. It was the perfect ending even if I wasn’t quite ready for it yet.

  18. Joey Padron says:

    great finale. it was good to see Shirley again with group & interact with Elroy and Frankie. can’t wait for movie!

  19. m3rcnate says:

    Loved it, would love another season but i gotta agree that given the talent level of the cast and how many things have already been done in the 6 seasons, i think its time for a movie then time to call it a series wrap. BUT….if they can get Troy back for the movie, that would be HUGE. He is so insanely funny and how great would that be….i mean the easiest setup for the movie is a school reunion or something and Troy shows up having finished sailing around the world? Sweet.

  20. canadian ninja says:

    Felt less like a recap and more like an essay on why the show should call it quits now.

  21. Harbatkin says:

    Do you know what makes people different from animals? No, not feet. We have imaginations, and we are capable of extending our thoughts beyond food and sex into transcendent concepts and possibilities while we are eating and screwing. We have Community, a brilliant meta concept show about meta concept shows.

    I loved the season 6 finale, even though there was no appearance by Troy or Pierce in the season 7 pitches. I have been a huge fan of the show from Dean Pelton’s speech on the quad to the Community Board Game commercial. And I will miss the Greendale 7, in all of its incarnations. And should there be a season 7 and/or a movie, I will be right there with candy cigarettes and a bowl of olives in one hand and U.S. Army surplus taco meat in the other.

    Go Greendale! Go Greendale! Go!!!!!!!

  22. Bandit77 says:

    Anyone else think Abed and Annie eloped? They have been living together, but wanted to spare Annie’s reputation with the rest of the group. A perfect season 7 would be if Abeds pilot were successful enough to hire all of them to work on it. His show could be called “Community”.

  23. David Allen says:

    Reblogged this on Allen Fiction and commented:
    I don’t think I’ve ever reblogged something. But I truly loved this show. I think it taught me a lot about writing, about what a story can be, and what to do when a story start to fail. I had such an amazing time watching and looking forward to new episodes of this show that it’s an odd feeling to know that it’s over. I hope they do a movie though. It would be nice to see the original cast wrap-up all the variables the last episode left us with.

  24. Angela says:

    That finale was brilliant. I’m with others here-on the one hand, I don’t want to say goodbye to this show-I never do! The ending with Annie and Abed leaving totally had me crying (as did Abed’s thing at one point about TV being a comfort, and his reference to Troy. Ohhhh! Abed :(!).
    And yet, if this is the end (aside from the movie), then I cannot think of a better way to go out. The whole thing of everyone imagining their own season 7s in their heads was just perfect. And I loved the gang’s own theories, particularly Pelton’s and Britta’s :D.
    Also, I would totallly buy a “Community” board game. That ending disclaimer/rant was a perfect way to cheer me up after all that crying-TV Line, if you can manage to get that entire end disclaimer in for “Quote of the Week” I will love you forever :).
    Fantastic finale. If this is not the end, then see you later, “Community”. If it is, it’s been an awesome ride, guys. Thanks for all the wonderful moments and episodes and laughs.

  25. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I cried twice during the episode. Once during the scene between Jeff and Annie, which was just so sweet and heartfelt (and a little bit sexy). In my pitch of season 7, Jeff follows Annie out to DC. I also was really touched by Jeff’s speech in that scene. I think many of us wish we could be 25, heading out into the world. On a side note, Jeff Winger and I are exactly the same age with our birthdays in the same week. So I really got where he was coming from. It sucks to be old. The second time I cried was during Dan Harmon’s voiceover during the fake commercial. That felt very heartfelt as well. It really seemed like the end. I wonder if it will be. I just saw on another website that Yahoo is in talks to do more Community episodes. I suppose if it’s the end, we got a great send-off. I just wish Donald Glover could have put in an appearance.

  26. ? says:

    It’s not the end until Donald Glover comes back for an encore. C’mon movie!

  27. Princess_Irulan says:

    Loved the finale. Jeff/Annie was too forced but everything else was en pointe. But Harmon addressed that bit in the disclaimer in the end – “Characters may hook up with no regard for your emotional investments”. This is what makes the show great. You will be missed.

  28. Raen says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but until they pointed out that the dean went the whole thing without a crazy costume I didn’t notice!!!!

  29. Mark says:

    Thank you Yahoo, enjoyed being able to watch episodes on my laptop anytime anywhere. Please keep them available for viewing so o can binge watch again :)