The Whispers Preview: Is ABC's New Summer Drama Really About Aliens?

You’ve probably heard a lot of whispers about ABC’s new mystery drama — something about creepy children and imaginary friends, possibly with an extraterrestrial twist — but star Barry Sloane suggests you block out the noise and let the show speak for itself.

“By the end of Episode 4, you’ll know exactly what it is we’re dealing with,” Sloane tells TVLine about The Whispers, premiering Monday at 10/9c. “We don’t drag [the mystery] out for 13 episodes. You’re learning as the characters are learning, and the whole thing takes place in nine days.”

What we do know about The Whispers is that it also stars Lily Rabe (American Horror Story) as Claire Bennigan, an FBI agent following a string of violent incidents, all of which involve children and their shared imaginary friend named “Drill.” But despite The Whispers‘ super-human aspects — whatever they may be — there’s also a great deal of relatable human drama, particularly when it comes to Sloane’s character’s home life.

“He’s a father and a husband, first and foremost, and he’s very driven in his professional life,” Sloane explains of Wes, a high-ranking official with the United States Department of Defense. “I mean, the guy above him is the Secretary of Defense, so he’s done quite well for someone in his mid-30s. But the story picks up at a time when his life is starting to spiral. He’s coming off an affair with [Claire], which has been revealed and he’s trying to rebuild the relationship with his wife and daughter.”


And as you’ll see in the first few episodes, the spark between Wes and Claire is far from snuffed.

“There’s a definite connection between them, but they’re going to try to make the best moral decisions to make their family lives work,” Sloane says. “Claire’s in a slightly different position after losing her husband; Wes has been allowed to make amends. Wes and Claire are like magnets, so it’ll be interesting to watch them struggle to pull apart.”

Will you be checking out The Whispers‘ premiere tonight? Drop a comment with your thoughts on ABC’s deliberately vague new drama below.

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