Wayward Pines Recap: Invasion of the Body Snatcher

Wayward Pines Recap

So… that just happened.

This week on Fox’s Wayward Pines, in Episode 3 of 10, it became ever more clear that no one is safe in this highly unusual Idaho outpost.

In the wake of Beverly’s horrific “reckoning” in the town square, Ethan again confronts ex-lover Kate about what the Sam hell is going on, arguing that the Kate he knew was “fearless and strong” and would not be party to such “evil.”

Ethan next pays a visit to the back of a delivery truck, secreting himself away until it arrives at its origin — a sprawling warehouse of some sort. There, Ethan stumbles upon his banged-up, very dusty car, inside which he finds a bag containing wife Theresa’s personal effects. Theresa, though, hasn’t set foot in town yet… or has she? Last we saw, she and Ben were en route to Wayward Pines when Pope pulled them over for a bogus reason, before sabotaging their car. Hmm.

Speaking of the sheriff: Like the bad penny he is, Pope interrupts Ethan’s warehouse snooping, the men get into a scuffle, Pope oddly remarks, “I don’t know what they see in you,” and Ethan winds up tranq’d. He comes to in the hospital, where Nurse Pam informs him that Theresa and Ben have arrived in town and are staying at “his” (meaning: dead Bev’s) home. Ethan reunites with the fam, who simply don’t ask nearly enough questions for my liking about the WTF?! situation they have gotten into. (Seriously folks, what are the odds you both had car “trouble” and then woke up in a town that has no wi-fi or outgoing calls?)

Following another exchange of terse words with Pope ‘n’ Pam at the cop shop, and after being told by Dr. Jenkins that the town “needs” him, Ethan slips away to rendezvous with Kate, who insists that she hadn’t seen their colleague Bill Evans for a decade before he showed up in Wayward Pines — and he hadn’t aged a day! But Ethan again contends that they’ve only been apart for five weeks. Meanwhile, Pope pays Theresa a visit, to mooch some of her ice cream and ultimately seethe that he’s had it up to here with the ungrateful Burkes. “This is my town!” he harrumphs.

When Ben tattles to his mom that their worst suspicion is true, Dad is hanging with Kate, the two of them grab their suitcases and begin hot-footing it down the main road. Pope gives pursuit in his truck, chasing them off the road and into the woods. Just as the sheriff begins losing his cool, Ethan shows up and grappling ensues. Pope gains the upper hand and is about to shoot Ethan when Ben mows down the sheriff with his own truck. (Quiet engine, it must have.) For good measure, Ethan puts a bullet into his adversary, then uses Pope’s keychain fob to remotely open the nearby electric fence.

But before the Burkes can drive through the opening and away to… freedom?… something scurries inside the fence, grabs Pope and drags the dead body away. As the giant metal door closes behind… whatever that was… the Burkes smartly throw the truck into reverse and get far away, fast!

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