Fall TV Preview

Longmire Season 4: Ally Walker Lands Mystery Role, as Series Heads to Netflix

Longmore Netflix Ally Walker

TV’s erstwhile Profiler is now hanging her hat at Longmire.

TVLine has confirmed that Ally Walker will be appearing on the Western crime thriller during Season 4, which will be released on Netflix sometime this fall.

Details on Walker’s role and episode count were not made available.

Longmire was cancelled by the A&E cable network in late August, weeks after Season 3 closed, then was plucked from the ashes by Netflix in November.

Per a Netflix press release, the 10-episode Season 4 “picks up moments after Season 3’s exciting finale. Walt Longmire (played by Robert Taylor), having found out who was behind the murder of his wife, succumbs to his darker impulses and takes off in pursuit of the killer with murder on his mind. Meanwhile, Branch Connally (Bailey Chase)… believes he has already figured out who the real culprit is. But during his confrontation with this suspected killer, a gun goes off. Now the audience will finally learn what happened, and whether Walt can be stopped before he makes a fatal choice.”

In addition to her aforementioned 1990s run as NBC’s Profiler, Walker’s TV credits also include Sons of Anarchy (as ATF Agent Stahl), Taxi Brooklyn, HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me and Lifetime’s The Protector.

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  1. yaskme71 says:

    Thanks! Can’t wait!

  2. Emily says:

    My guess is that she will be Walt’s dead wife. So much of this show has been about her murder and the mystery around it. I bet we will flashback to Denver and get her perspective of it

  3. Lilly says:

    Big fan of Ally Walker. Hopefully she’s Longmire’s love interest because I can’t stand the forced sexual tension (which is lazy writing, IMO) between he and his deputy.

    • Jimmy says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff have a more father/daughter vibe.

    • Badpenny says:

      You are aware that Vic and Walt do have sex in the book series, right?

      • Jake says:

        Maybe it’s the casting, but I agree about not wanting Walt and her to be together, and yes, I’m aware in the book series they hook up.

        • Badpenny says:

          Well as far as the difference between the book and series, in the books Vic has been with Walt 2 years whereas she has only worked for him 6 months when the series started. So you are getting a slightly earlier version of the eventual Vic/Walt romance. As far as the casting, it is going to look basically the same no matter what 50+ actor is hooking up with 30+ actress. It is going to be a 20ish year age difference no matter what.

        • maxxie 17 says:

          Why not let them be together, the show should follow the writer Johnson’s creation, personally I think they make a great couple, love Katee Sackoff.

      • Lilly says:

        Actually, no, I hadn’t read the books. And I thinks others here are correct on both fronts: (a) poor casting (these two actors feel more like father-daughter), or (b) them getting together after Vic’s not been working there that long AND arrives with a troubled marriage. Just feels lazy. And forced.

        • Badpenny says:

          Where you see “lazy and forced” I see character development. Vic married the wrong man – and she did so primarily to escape a bad situation in Philly. She is not the first person to ever do that. Lots of people get married for the wrong reasons. It is not like divorces are an uncommon thing in the US. :)
          She comes to Wyoming and finds herself attracted to Walt. What is not to like? He is a loving man, a kind man, a caring man to his friends and family. A man who is willing to break the rules for the right reasons. He is a good man.
          At the end of the day people get together for a lot of different reasons; and they can all seem “forced” is that is the only way you want to think about them. :)

        • maxxie 17 says:

          READ THE BOOKS, you will get a better feel for what is happening. I do hope Vic and Walt get together I think that will follow the books plots better.

          • Steve Tilton says:

            Yeah, but in the books Walt is overweight and out of shape. Robert Taylor isn’t. If you’re going to keep ture to the books in some things, why not all things?

          • maxxie 17 says:

            You are so right, the books are why I started watching the series in the first place. O lets get back to the way Johnson wrote the books.

          • Bri says:

            Thank you!! I agree. Vic and Walt have great chemistry on the show… Nothing feels forced. If it’s awkward, it’s because Walt doesn’t know what he feels or how to respond fully. He cares for her, seems attracted (based on the disappointment in the motel when she knocked). Meanwhile Vic is raw from a divorce (and before that didn’t want to cheat and was even trying to get Walt to be unavailable). All to say, very much enjoyed it.

          • maxxie 17 says:

            When will season 5 start, or will Netflix bring us no. 5?

      • Beverly Mcintosh says:

        I hope so they need to be happy for a chance .

    • Totally agree with you on the Walt/Vic situation. I usually just skip over all that in the novels. I really don’t like Vic. She’s too damn hard.

    • I agree! There is no chemistry between Walt and Vic, and any romantic connection feels fabricated. Vic’s aggressive, would-be-lover acts of jealousy and Walt’s deer-in-headlights deadpan are almost laughable. Knock it off, will ya’.

  4. ChrisGa says:

    I’ve been an AW fan all the way back to when she was on—Michael A should appreciate this–Santa Barbara! Sure wish someone would coax that other beloved Walker from SB–Marcy–out of retirement.

  5. Jimmy says:

    I haven’t heard if the full cast will be returning, but if Cassidy Freeman is still in the cast I hope they can find something else for her character to do other than being the annoying daughter or the pathetic girlfriend. Hoping Ally Walker will be more than just Walt’s dead wife. Would be a waste to only have her in a few flashback episodes. Personally, I wish they’d move on from the whole dead wife plot — it completely bogged down season 3.

  6. BarbaraDarlin says:

    Damn! Don’t have Netflix….

    • Maryann says:

      Get it, the monthly fee is cheaper than one movie ticket.

    • Brian Pickell says:

      Do the free trial when it comes out then cancel after you binge watch it. Rinse and repeat every year with a different email address and credit card. Your welcome.

      • Scott Hansen says:

        Not a good idea. The reason the site was cancelled in the first place is because the age group that watches the show doesn’t by anything.

        They went out on a limb. Let’s support then as best we can by encouraging others to join Netflix. I’m sure you meant something like that-didn’t you?

        • Scott Hansen says:

          Not a good idea. The reason the site was cancelled in the first place is because the age group that watches the show doesn’t by anything.

          They went out on a limb. Let’s support then as best we can buy encouraging others to join Netflix. I’m sure you meant something like that-didn’t you?

  7. luke says:

    Finally a mention of a decent TV Show. Thank you TVLine. Keep it up.

  8. Bobbrackett says:

    Great pick-up! Hope they do as good a job with it as they did with The Killing, which possibly had its best season with the Netflix finale…

  9. Sheldon W. says:

    I was already committed to watching season four, so this is just particularly tasty gravy.

  10. javadude54 says:

    Vic’s mom in the books is a bit of a cougar, and the ages are about right, so I could see Ms. Walker playing Vic’s mother.

    Speaking of the books, I’m reading the new one (Dry Bones) and it is awesome, just like all the others in the book series. If you like the series you will LOVE the books.

    • Karen Wiedmeier says:

      I’ve only seen snippets of the TV shows, but the books ROCK! They are SO well-written…Craig Johnson is a superb storyteller. Our public library has the shows on CD…I will have to check them out…

    • Dena Richards says:

      We got Netflix just so we could keep on watching the series. We have read and own all the Longmire books. Got to meet Craig Johnson at a book signing in Polson, Mt. and enjoyed his speaking very much…such a nice gentleman. Can’t wait for the next book next year!

    • thanks; this is good news, as I just purchased the first book and am soooooooooooooo looking forward to it…finally a good READ series!!

  11. Will says:

    Are Seasons 1-3 streaming on Netflix yet?

  12. Aunt Rose says:

    I can’t wait for the new Longmire season 4, thank You #Netflix

  13. JJGrandma says:

    She’ll be great. I like her.

  14. Maple Leaf Momma says:

    Delighted Walt will be visiting me in my living room again…I enjoy the stories, though glad
    the murdered wife mystery has finally been solved…(The smarmy detective gave me
    the creeps). So welcome back Longmire…with the great cast and addition.
    Thanks Netflix, for picking up the slack.

  15. Jess says:

    i swear it’s a great nothing like it all most has good has homeland

  16. MARY ANN says:


    • Diane Henrie says:

      You are spot on. They were nuts to cancel. I can’t wait for season 4, I’m going crazy. I wonder why I’ve never heard of this fantastic series, but I absolutely love it.. Smart move Netflix. Very smart!

  17. laceytraceplatt says:

    Thanks for the article Matt. Finally, Longmire season 4 is available on Netflix. For those who live outside USA and want to access Netflix, you can use UnoTelly. It changes your IP address so you can get US Netflix.

  18. ibtherese says:

    So excited!!!! Love Ally Walker! She will be a wonderful addition to Longmire!!! Thanks Netflix for picking this series up!!!

  19. Al Patzke says:

    Absolutely hooked and I mean HOOKED on this show. Was heartbroken when I got through the Ashes to Ashes episode last night only to realize that was it. Dammit!!!!!!!

    Come on Fall.

  20. Still the best show ever made in this genre. Please keep making it. I keep spreading the word and getting positive feed back. My niece recommended it during the first season and I will always be grateful to her for it.

  21. Joe Andrew says:

    i love Longmire and I am thrilled that Netflix has picked it up. Way to Netflix and many thanks.

  22. Joe Andrew says:

    Well you didn’t like the praise so I will watch if it shows up.

  23. Joe Andrew says:

    I’ve tried thanks and praise but you didn’t like it so thanks

  24. Patty says:

    When does season 4 begin on Netflix?

  25. Love the Longmire series. Thanks to Netflix for picking it up. I hope we will go on and on – like a series 15 haha. The series displays real life racial tension without any prejudice. The way life is and should be. We like the good Indians and we don’t like the bad, we like the good white guys and don’t like the bad. We dislike the slimy black detective from Denver. to because he is black but because he is a bad guy! Great series – thanks Netflix.

  26. Jewel says:

    When will the new episodes come on Netflix?

  27. Nic0137 says:

    God bless Netflix!!! I love Longmire! All i want to do is talk about it

  28. Cursedwatcher says:

    Dont have Netflix, another great show I will miss

  29. Bets says:

    Love this program! Longmire is smart and a western/detective program that keeps the viewer interested throughout the season! Thanks Netflix!

  30. maxxie 17 says:

    LONGMIRE YES, Ally Walker NO. this actress is not the one to cast on Longmire. The show is too good to have her in the cast line up, mystery or not.

    • Betsy H. says:

      I’m with you. Can’t stand Ally Walker. She has two expressions – the blank wide-eyed I’m TSTL, and the pout. Love everything about this show, so I hope she doesn’t get too much air time.

  31. Judi london says:

    Great series…..each season is better than the last. Big mistake for A& E to drop it. Can’t wait for season 4. Thanks Netflix!

  32. Sharon says:

    I just watched all three seasons on Netflix, now I am anxiously awaiting season 4. When is it going to air?

  33. Reid says:

    I’m THRILLED that this show was picked up again – and even MORE thrilled that Ally Walker is joining. Fantastic news on both fronts. Way to go Netflix!

  34. Jeff says:

    Great acting and story line very entertaining looking to season 4

  35. Maryann Rodehaver says:

    Thank you, Netflix for picking up the series! I love you for it! Hope it goes to season 20 or 30….

  36. does anyone know if they will have the DVD available like they use to because I am a big fan and I don’t have DSL so I cannot watch it on computer.

  37. Kim Bridge says:

    thank god for netflix i love longmire would of been devastated if cancelled

  38. Dorothy Palumbo says:

    Wow I can’t believe A&E let this 1 go……now I’m going to have to figure out a way to watch it on Netflix….u should be kicking yourselves in the ars by now !!!!

  39. Melody J Haislip says:

    I think the two of them are great together. I haven’t read the books, but I thought the they were interested in each other right from the beginning. I’m going with Craig Johnson’s vision. Love this show!

  40. Chris johnston says:

    I hate ally waker face since the plastic surgery, grt her off longmire

  41. maxxie 17 says:

    I think Ally Walker is too old looking to play the part of Walt’s love interest.
    I am happy with the new season ,so far Longmire is living up to my expectations for season 5, to be exciting. I hope the role Ally Walker is playing will go by the book and end like Craig Johnson wrote in the book.

  42. Greg Persons says:

    I Love This Series. Longmire. I got Netflix Just So I could Watch It.

  43. Greg Persons says:

    I hope There is a season 5.

  44. maxxie 17 says:

    I ‘m ready for season 5. Love LONGMIRE, guess I was supposed to have been born in Wyoming instead of Florida the scenery this season is so beautiful. Boy Howdy!!

  45. Jenna Smith says:

    I love Longmire! but Goodness, what a shock I had when I saw Ally Walker. She looks terrible!! I used to watch her in another show years ago, she was so beautiful then! Maybe gaining a few pounds may help iron the wrinkles???

  46. Nora says:

    I have totally fallen in like with this Longmire show! I think Walt and Vic should keep the flame going…Thanks so much for this type of entertainment! Lovin it! (Lou Diamond Phillip, so very good to see you again!)

  47. Nora says:

    I totally am ‘in like’ with The Longmire series!! More!!!!

  48. maxxie 17 says:

    I agree, Walt and Vic should finally get together > their romance would make a very interesting plot for the story.

  49. Maria Lakis says:

    Got completely hooked on this series and can’t wait for season five. I like all the characters. But please please don’t go for the young woman hooks up with older boss. Ugh. It’s such a bore. It would really ruin the experience for me. She and Cady could be sisters. Bleh. Yes, we see Vic with shirt unbuttoned as low as possible and posing hand on hip etc. But it’s so old. Not their best moments. It would be so refreshing if the good looking, strong, sexy female deputy was neither infatuated with her boss, or the object of his desire — but rather admired for her own power and abilities. And they worked side by side with, their individual love interests. OMG where is Joss?

  50. maxxie 17 says:

    I want the young woman and older boss to get together like the story line Johnson lays out in his books. I have read all of the Longmire books from Cold Dish to Dry Bones and enjoyed them so much that I started watching the series on TV. I only signed up with Netflix so I could continue watching