Wayward Pines Recap: Rules Are Rules!

Wayward Pines Juliette Lewis Leaves

Fox’s Wayward Pines this week laid out the “rules” for living peacefully in the unusual Idaho town — as well as made clear the ramifications of running afoul of same.

Picking up right where the pilot left off, Pope had pulled over Ethan, ostensibly for the theft of a townsperson’s car — and no amount of declaring his credentials as a federal agent wins Ethan any favor with the sheriff. Heck, even a rando kid pedaling by on a bike warns Ethan: “Don’t try to leave — Rule No. 1!”

The next day, Ethan slips away to check on colleague Bill Evans’ dead, rotting body, only to be caught by Pope just as he caught glimpse of a notebook tucked in Evans’ shoe. Then at the bar, Ethan rings the Secret Service office but is stonewalled again by “Marcy,” whom he catches in a lie. When Ethan lobs questions at Beverly, she turns the music up and pulls him into a “dance,” whispering that there are microphones everywhere. They agree to meet later to discuss his latest findings.

Ethan’s next stop is the toy store where Kate works, and where he formally meets her husband, Harold. When Ethan presses Kate about her new life, the town’s funny money and whatnot, she lays out for him the four rules, as posted throughout town:
1. Do not try to leave.
2. Do not discuss the past.
3. Do not discuss your life before.
4. Always answer the phone if it rings.

Forgetting for a second that Nos. 2 and 3 are redundant…. Kate at least drops a clue for Ethan, pointing him to the house of Bill’s widow. But Mrs. Evans has no answers for Ethan, only more mysteries, maintaining that her husband A) did not work for the Secret Service but mowed lawns, and B) killed himself, was not murdered. Ethan of course is chastised by Pope for grilling the widow, as well as told not to check out Evans’ body at the morgue. So of course he does, where he lifts the small notebook that he spied in Bill’s shoe.

After being ushered away by Nurse Pam, Ethan sees his wife Theresa being wheeled down the hospital hallway on a gurney, but his race to find her only turns up a worried Dr. Jenkins. Afterward, Ethan shares with Beverly the “escape plan” he found on Bill. She says that before they can even think of utilizing it, they need to remove the tracker implanted in Ethan’s arm. During this process, Bev notes that she came to Wayward Pines “a year ago,” in 1999. But it’s 2014, Ethan counters. And doesn’t she look good for 54!

Ethan and Beverly plot to RSVP for dinner at Kate’s house, then leave their trackers behind and make a run for it. When Bev slips and discusses her past (a daughter in Portland), she gets nervous and basically fast-tracks their escape plan. Harold and Kate, though, rightly suspect that their guests are making a run for it, and as Ethan and Bev scramble through the streets, phones begin ringing throughout town, alerting all to the rule-breaking. After Ethan and Beverly split up, the latter is cornered, and Ethan can only look on from afar as Pope strings up Beverly in the town square, announces, “We cannot tolerate people who don’t play by the rules” and slits her throat.

Meanwhile, we see that Theresa and son Ben are on their way to Idaho, suspecting to a degree that Ethan disappeared to reunite with ex-mistress Kate, but obviously wholly unprepared for what they might actually find, in Wayward Pines….

How are you liking Wayward Pines thus far? Sticking with the 10-episode series?

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