Supernatural Recap: 'Brother, I'm Done'

Supernatural Season 10 Finale Recap

Wednesday’s season finale of Supernatural posed a question we weren’t prepared for: Are the Winchesters so evil that the world is better off without them? (According to the fans who still watch, 10 seasons in, that answer is a resounding “no.”)

As the hour begins, Sam is still determined to rescue Dean, but Cas is worried about the consequences of Rowena using the Book of the Damned to remove the Mark. As far as Sam is concerned, no one can tell him exactly what bad things could happen, so he declares, “We save Dean,” and that pretty much ends the debate. There’s still the problem of getting the ingredients needed for the spell: forbidden fruit, the Golden Calf and something that Rowena loves to make the ultimate sacrifice. “The problem is, I don’t love anything,” the witch says, but her memories tell a different story.

Cas summons Crowley (“You’re not in my contacts list”) and asks for his help, to which the King of Hell replies, “Blast me or beg!” Once the two make good, Crowley tracks down the one thing his mother cared for: a Polish peasant boy whose family took her in. In exchange, she cured the young child of his ailment and gave him immortality.

Meanwhile, Dean gets sloppy drunk and makes harsh judgments about a murdered girl while on a job. Even worse, he lets another hunter get killed. He trashes his hotel room, leaves behind a note for Sam (“She’s all yours”) and his car keys and makes his own summons. Greeting Death with a buffet of “the bad fat” foods, Dean says, “Consider it an offering: I want you to kill me.”

Supernatural Season 10 Finale RecapUnfortunately, nothing can kill him because of the Mark, Death explains. And removing the Mark? Not an option either, because it is the lock and key that keeps the First Evil The Darkness at bay. The only way out is to pass on the Mark to someone else, which Dean isn’t willing to do. But wait, there’s a backup plan! And it involves… space? Death offers to send Dean somewhere not even on this Earth where he will still be alive but not a danger to others.

“Brother, I’m done,” Dean tells Sam, who has no idea yet that Dean traded his ‘lil bro’s life so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else. (Guess he forgot to mention that on the phone.) On top of that, Dean is now convinced he should have let Sammy die during the trials. “You knew that this world would be better without us here… Evil tracks us.”

Sam, however, is not willing to give up. “We are not evil,” he replies. “We’re far from perfect. But we are good.” Then Dean points out all the questionable things Sam has done lately — leading that man to sell his soul, getting Charlie killed — as evidence of his evil doings. The two break into a fight until Sam finally relents, saying, “You have to be stopped at any cost.”

Death requests that Dean do the honor of offing his own brother. “Sammy, close your eyes,” Dean instructs as he wields Death’s blade. As if the tears weren’t flowing enough already, Sam pulls out some childhood photos with Mary in the hopes that they will one day be Dean’s guide back to goodness and love.

In the end, that Winchester bond wins out — the only genre show that possibly has more unabashed heart and emotion is The Flash — as Dean instead kills Death, who disintegrates. (Does this make Dean the new Death?) Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Dean and Sam, Rowena works her witchy magic and successfully removes the Mark, unleashing The Darkness, which consumes the town and the brothers as they sit helplessly in the Impala.

But those are not the only lives in jeopardy at the end of the finale. After completing the spell, Rowena orders Cas to attack Crowley and walks off with her freedom and the codex.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the season-ender? Are you excited to see what The Darkness brings? Do you think Cas took out Crowley? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. KayeRavyn says:

    crying like a baby haha

    • The Watcher says:

      That’s how you end a Season of Supernatural!

      I was having flashback’s to the “unlocking” of the Samuel Colt’s ‘Devil’s Trap’ at the end of Season 2!

      I knew as soon at the ‘Mark of Cain’ was mentioned as being the Lock God created to hold back THE DARKNESS that it would be destroyed by the end of the episode.

      AND YES, I saw The Death of Death coming but only seconds before it happened. All and all a great little romp. Knowing Death though, It’s possible he’s just screwing around.

      Final Thought, if GOD aka Chuck is the embodiment of THE LIGHT, then what can we expect as the embodiment of THE DARKNESS?

    • Dawn says:

      I was too!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

  2. Mare says:

    My take: If people would listen to Dean, less bad crap might happen, sigh.

    • Jane says:

      Love this comment!

      • Dawn says:

        Me Too!!

      • Dawn says:

        Me Too!! To all Supernatural Fans, come on now San n Dean gave been killed so many times how could we know if Dean wasn’t going to kill Sammy! Agree needs more Cass…! That would be HUGE MISTAKE TO TAKE HIM OUT!! AND I’AM A FAN SINCE DAY 1 AND WILL ALWAYS BE!!! This show will go down as a CLASSIC!!!! HOPE IT KEEPS ON GOING THOUGH!!!! I’LL WATCH NO MATTER WHAT!!!! SO CHUCK, FOR SURE IS GOD???

    • Lin says:

      Hah, yeah. Dean is a good voice of reason – so is Cas, for that matter. And no one ever listens to either of them!

    • Ari says:

      Well, he is Dean Winchester after all! Think how boring his life would be if people listened to him once in a while.

    • trish says:

      Nice…good one

  3. Linda says:

    Wow, there’s actually a recap for Supernatural. It must be the Apocalypse. ;)

  4. Fran says:

    That was such a great episode. I haven’t felt this excited about Supernatural in quite a while. The scenes with Sam, Dean and Death were definitely the highlight of the episode. All of those actors were great. Sam crying had me crying too. And I loved that we got to see some of the heart that Supernatural has been missing for awhile. Heading into Season 11, I still absolutely love the Winchesters and their bond.

  5. Desiree says:

    Sadly I thought it was predictable :/
    But at least Sam didn’t die; for a sec there I thought he would.
    Also would have liked more Cas in it. I really hope Cas is ok, that’s my cliffhanger.
    I hope season 11 brings more action, less filler.

    • Lin says:

      I do wish we would have had more Cas, but he survived – that was my big hope for the finale! I mean, the attack dog spell is fatal to humans, but Cas isn’t human and his grace has been restored, so I think he’ll be okay!

  6. Elle says:

    That’s what I wanted: Sam and Dean in the end. TOGETHER! The others are just window dressing for me.

    • RowdyBug says:

      OMG WHAT SHE SAID!!! Dean is fixed the boys are back together! The Darkness can wait and then it better watch out!!!!!!

    • ninamags says:

      Yes!! Absolutely! SamnDean forever. Sam could have just decided to go with Dean. I wonder if that would have been an option.

  7. Lilykep says:

    It was boring. I was bored. Anyone who’s ever seen a second of Supernatural knew Dean wasn’t going to kill Sam so there was no dramatic tension to that “showdown” at all.

    • Elle says:

      It wasn’t 100% sure that Dean wouldn’t kill Sam with Carver in charge.

    • Carl says:

      That was kinda obvious, but did you expect him to kill DEATH?

      • dean says:

        um, here’s my opinion, dudes. this episode didn’t suck, but it totally didn’t meet any of the other season finale standards. it was really predictable. i wish he’d have killed sam. it’d been a lot more dramatic. i called death being killed right at the start of that scene.
        what they should’ve done is reopened the cage and had lucifer go into sam so that they could throw dean in. then, lucifer should escape or something when they’re trying to lock him back in the cage. and it could be the apocalypse all over again with lucifer released on the world and dean stuck in the cage and all that crap. sounds like season five, i know, but it also sounds better than any of this ‘darkness’ crap from some percy jackson book.
        and kill rowena and metatron already. they’re not even good villains. they’re annoying jerks.

        • Mattjoejenkins says:

          I completely agree.. I’m sorry but I do. It seemed ridiculous that they have to fight something that took God and his entire army to contain! Not only that but

          • Mattjoejenkins says:

            Stupid phone. Not only that but the whole dark smoke is way over done. Ugh I love supernatural I’ve been watching it from day one but I just don’t like where this is going. …

  8. I’m glad Rowena lived! She was the best thing about this last season.

    • team_e says:

      I really hope she’s coming back next seasson. For me her scenes were the highligh5 of the last few episodes.

  9. Susan says:

    I don’t know. It seemed to jump the shark a bit. Still, will be back next season. The show seems to have an unexplained, dare I say, Supernatural hold on me.

  10. Carl says:

    If not THE, at least one of the greatest season finales the show has had. Thank you for not disappointing me Jeremy Carver. The season overall was a bit slow, and the fact that it didn’t have an actual big bad, was kinda hard to get use to. Those visual effects were as good as the ones in “Sacrifice” when the angels fell. I have so many questions now, how is Death’s death going to affect what happens on the show? Is Dean Death now? Since the Darkness was “the first evil” does this mean Season 11 will be the final season? Can’t wait for Comic Con I guess…Great finale though!

    • hallows17 says:

      I’m glad for no big bad, myself. That got old for a while, there. Trying to force a too-fast change into every single season with another new villain, I mean. It was nice to get away from the cliche for a bit.

    • jaytrhe says:

      There’s no way death, DEATH (the end of all) is dead. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. And no way the darkness can be dealt with without God or something/someone old enough to have knowledge on the subject….like death

      • Jake says:

        Death is dead. If you’re a long time watcher of the show you will remember when Dean went to kill Death during the Four Horsemen story arc and Death said his scythe was the only thing in existence that can kill both himself and God. He also mentioned how one day he would use it to trap God himself or vice versa so I’m gonna say he’s pretty dead.

        Would love to see God/Chuck come back for the fight against the Darkness. And even better would an ark angel team up from Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel (if he was confirmed still alive, I’m unsure) to recreate how they beat the Darkness the first time.

        • Chol H Yoon says:

          Too bad, I liked this show’s depiction of death. The actor portrayed the character as a benevolent and non-malicious force that kept the natural progression of things. I wonder if the reapers will be like the angels, lost without their master /god.

  11. You know that gif of Jerry Seinfeld throwing up his hands and walking out of a theatre? That was me as soon as it became apparent that Dean was gonna turn on Death.

  12. hallows17 says:

    How can they kill death…? Death is… well, death. I see it as an easy phone in for a new episode or two focused on restoring “the natural order of things”, but I so wish for the days of looking for dad and wondering what mysteries surrounded the loss of their home and family life…

    The photos of childhood were a nice touch, though, and thankfully the “Dean-mon” crap is over. Hopefully, we can start winding down, now; this has really gotten to a place that could undo the improvements made over the last couple years. Before we get there, end it on a good note. As in, NOT the one that was supposed to end it back in season five.

  13. slasher48 says:

    This is the worst season finale in 10 years. 10×21-10×23 numbed me to any emotional investment in this show, and it’ll take a good while and hopefully SOMETHING BETTER THAN THIS CRAP to get it back. What’s a Castiel? What’s a First Blade? What’s anything other than disgusting, destructive codependency damning the world again.

    • Katie says:

      Yep, slasher, I agree. This was the worst Supernatural season finale I’ve ever watched live. Huge letdown, and if it wasn’t for Cas I wouldn’t even tune in next season. I’ll literally never understand why the fandom seems to think it’s super romantic (or whatever) what the brothers constantly sacrifice the world to save each other. It’s ridiculous, it’s stupid They need to go back and watch some Charmed.

    • Rick says:

      The brothers (and the writers) need to realize that the toxic codependency keeps completely damning the world – and it isn’t healthy. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be close, but sometimes they need to consider the greater good. I was really hoping they would this time.

      But seriously.. First Blade? What happened with that? And I do need more Cas. He wasn’t utilized as well as he could have been, but the scenes he did have were fantastic.

    • Kit says:

      bitter slash shipper on line 1. Every time you see the words toxic codependency please feel free to translate that into my OTP is unfairly impacted by one half of the OTP being too focused on someone other than who I want them to be. Boo hoo if only the show would change after 10 years.

    • Carl says:

      Did you really think Dean was going to kill Sam? Come on, we’re talking about Sam and Dean, of course they would do anything to stay with each other. Putting an end to their lives was not going to help that much in the end of the day. There’s still a lot of supernatural evil out there (Rowena, Crowley, demons, evil angels, METATRON, etc.). The world is not better off without them. Like the brothers always say: “We’ll figure it out.”

    • Mel Thomas says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Between the numerous inconsistencies and plot holes this season, all the finale did was manage to piss me off. The boys need to take a clue from Buffy. The world is more important than their codependent, destructive crap.

    • dean says:

      thank you. finally someone who agrees with me.

  14. Charles Wilson says:

    Somehow I think that next season they will be dealing with H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Anyone who has read the stories knows the couplet from the Necronomicon that goes, “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may die.”

    And Death just died. Played right, this could be worse than the leviathans or the apocalypse.

  15. Ines says:

    So The Darkness will be possessing people like regular demons? If they do this then the show would go full circle with the boys hunting things every week. But if it is so powerful that only God was able to lock, how will they fight it? They just killed Death which is as old as time itself.

    And am I the only one that thought the whole Darkness plot came from Marvel movies and Once upon a Time?

    • Jake says:

      I instantly went to DC comics in my head and thought I’d see Darkseid rose from the Darkness haha

    • xmelaniexthomasx says:

      I see The Darkness as more like The First in Buffy. It’s the original evil that corrupted the world.

      • xmelaniexthomasx says:

        I meant the premise of The Darkness. Not the lame Smoke Monster that rose up from the depths of the Earth.

    • smith simpson says:

      yes its exactly the same even the idea of dagger is similar and hat the darkness passes on from one person to another and the animation when the darkness is freed
      but i guess when they stop the apocalypse and the leviathans there is pretty much not a lot of scary and powerful things left to fight.
      maybe Death isn’t completely dead, maybe his abilities were transferred to the person who killed him aka dean

  16. Sally says:

    I knew when Death was standing behind Dean that he was the one who was going to die. Dean would never kill Sam he just wouldn’t. Now that Death is dead does that mean that no one can die now or will Dean take over and become the new Death to restore the balance of the universe.

    • Stubee says:

      If the time was synced up between Rowena and Oskar, and Death and Dean and Sam, then Death died before Oskar did. And it sure looked like Oskar died. If that is the case then maybe Dean became Death and does not know it yet. It also could provide an out for Crowley not dying if Cas got to him.

  17. Michael Giustini says:

    I’m just happy that Mark of Cain story is done. Went on for WAY TO LONG.

  18. ninamags says:

    I think Dean had his own “Swan Song” moment when he saw the pictures of his family. That’s when he decided to change things up. Don’t think Death can die, though.

    Didn’t the girl that Rowena turned into a savage animal eventually die? Hmm…

    I thought for sure either Crowley or Cas would die in the end.

  19. Jacob Austin says:

    better than the last three season finales

  20. What an awesome Finale love those boys, humor, saving the world, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I have been watching this show from season 1. I love the cliffhanger, can’t wait for season 11 ! Jared and Jensen absolutely love what you have brought to the Sam & Dean characters and how you’ve made them your own, love all the cast chemistry is excellent. I don’t watch TV except for this looking forward to next season. Thanks again

  21. nickchoo says:

    I would love it if a stretch of Season 11 took place in the dark, with no daylight scenes because the world has been blanketed by darkness, and where all the scary things that go bump-in-the-night could now go bump-in-the-ALLTHETIME! Probably unlikely though, since that would require the cast/crew filming primarily at night time or on soundstages…. Still, one can dream! Great finale!

  22. Ellie says:

    That was unspeakably bad. I don’t understand who voted for anything other than F in that poll. Mostly I can’t believe someone got paid to write that piece of garbage.

    • Bob says:

      Probably because it was great and you’re wrong.

    • Dmac says:

      Exactly how many people do you comment under and how do you have the time?

      We get it, you hated it as much as Karen and any other name you post under. If you hate it and continually harp on how much you hate each and every episode what makes you keep watching? Do you like whine and complain and do you think it makes you clever…because it doesn’t, it just makes you sad.

  23. Dj says:

    All season long I’ve wanted one thing to happen. That was Crowley killing Rowena. Yeah so I’m not happy that she walked away untouched. But besides that it a good ending to a pretty good season. Side note “The Prisoner” ranks as my all time favorite episode of Supernatural.

  24. ejdax37 says:

    I really hope Crowley and Castiel are both ok, I would miss them both if something happened. The only thing was the whole Rowena killing Oscar bit. I mean I know it was suppose to be sad, but he did live for 300 years it is hard to feel sorry for someone after that.

  25. ibox55 says:

    I’m kinda surprised dean didn’t make a joke about the darkness, as in the band. Would have been great. Also If either cas or Crowley die I’m done.

  26. aplwrites says:

    Must the big bads just keeping getting bigger? Honestly, it doesn’t have to one up all the other big bads. If they had set-up the Frankensteins to be the big bad for season 11 I would totally be on board. Sam and Dean are still just human, anything with enough wiles is dangerous no matter what they have faced previously.

  27. Stoli89 says:

    Again one might wonder how they’ll manage to get out of this mess. My take…they’ll need God and/or the Arch Angels (those that remain) to intervene and stop the Darkness. I can’t recall if they have the four Horsemen’s rings…but they might try reopening the Pit and begging Michael & Lucifer for help. Another one of those “the enemy of my enemy” compromises they seem to make from time to time…and always at a cost that thankfully requires another season to rectify!

    In any event…this is the only show that’s managed to keep me consistently watching for such a long time. The story-lines…characters…actors…directors…it’s an excellent work product. Plenty of new talent has also been nurtured by Supernatural and successfully went on to other shows.

    Another season should be enough to finally and formally introduce the character of God in the story-line (Chuck’s exit didn’t cut it for me). As well, to resolve the fact that Michael is still stuck in the Pit Then again…there’s always season 12???????. One can only hope.

    • Killme says:

      Did you see the Musical episode? Fanfiction? Right at the very end, the character of Chuck returned.

  28. jen says:

    I was underwhelmed. Like, I already knew Dean was never going to kill Sam, that’s been covered 750 times in 750 ways. It was lame that they brought Death back just to kill him, he was an interesting character and a cool part of the mythology of the show. I don’t like how nowadays Sam and Dean will let their issues wreck the world, or how they choose personal stuff over saving people now- that’s a newer attitude that I really don’t enjoy. It only started at the end of season 8 but it’s not heroic at all, and it makes them harder to like. It doesn’t help that they pretty much stopped ‘world saving’ as season-long arcs and instead spend most of their time ‘dealing with personal problems’. I mean it takes up time, but it hardly makes me cheer. Maybe season 11 will get them back to their ‘kill the bad guy, be the good guy’ roots.

    • Carl says:

      I don’t think one brother would let the other die, NEVER, EVER. The Sam and Dean from seasons ago would have done the same. “Swan Song” was the exception because there was nothing Dean could do ( and it was going to be the series finale) to save Sam; but Dean would’ve brought Sam back if he had the power, even if it would’ve cost him bringing Lucifer back and start another Apocalypse. So doing what they did in this year’s season finale ain’t something new. With Metatron and Rowena running around earth free and the darkness now, season 11 should be one to look forward to.

  29. hello says:

    I have to say i have not been a fan of the mark of Cain storyline so i am so happy it is over

  30. Danielle says:

    I love this show. I have since the beginning, but lets be honest here.. These boys are selfish.. I mean, how many times have they gotten into trouble in some hell on earth type of way only to say “Whatever it takes” to fix this.. and then fix it, thus bringing about something a million times worse than their previous problems. How can anybody stand by them and be on their side when in all actuality they have always been the ones who (in trying to do good) actually end up screwing everyone! I mean.. Sam you couldn’t take like two effing seconds to call Cas and say “Don’t do it, don’t do the spell” EVIL AFOOT or something. I know that without the show having every single season end with them unleashing more evil and more hell it wouldn’t be as entertaining but for once, can these boys use their heads. And think of someone besides themselves. & I’m kind of bummed Death is well, you know.

  31. Lin says:

    OH HOLY CRAP. Wow. Okay. Now that I’ve managed to calm down and collect my thoughts.. wow. No idea where to start. ***SPOILER WARNING, obviously**** 1. Last week Cas, this week Sam.. hopefully now that Dean is missing the mark, he’ll stop beating up the two people who love him most in the world. :) 2. Rowena’s sass was on point again this week. 3. There is definitely going to be some sort of repercussion to killing Death, isn’t there? I thought Dean might take over for him, and I suppose he still could, but now I’m thinking.. no Death, no dying. That could be a whole new issue to deal with. 4. The Darkness. In addition to being a great band (I Believe in a Thing Called Love, anyone?), I’m REALLY interested to see how they get out of this one. I’m also glad that Team Free Will will be fighting an external evil again and not each other. 5. Oh my god, that cliffhanger with Cas and Crowley. I had a feeling she was going to use the attack dog spell to get rid of Crowley, but the real question – did it work? Does Crowley know some way to counteract it? And how creepy/cool was Cas as he advanced? Obviously, it looks like all our boys will be in season 11 – and hopefully can present a united front: humanity, heaven, and hell working together to fight the Darkness? Bring it on.

  32. Gerald says:

    Obviously not thrilled that removing the Mark from Dean meant unleashing the Darkness (Question: Did Rowena know this would happen?) BUT I am so Happy The Mark Of Cain storyline is OVER. I am looking forward to Season 11.

  33. Vijay says:

    Can anyone xplain hw rowena managed to escape… She was chained right??

    • ninamags says:

      After she did the spell, she must have gotten a whole hell of a lot more power. She did stop The King of Hell and the angel in their tracks.

      She just put her arms up and the chains came off. :/

      • CountryQueen says:

        Right. She told Crowley that he had no idea what a real witch could do with real magic. And Regina has always been very powerful – probably the most powerful witch of all. Did they ever say why she was kicked out of the Grand Coven? I do think she knew she would become powerful if she could pull off that spell. Not sure if she knew about The Darkness or not. I wonder if Crowley even knew.

  34. G says:

    Damnnnnn I actually wrote on a forum back when we were on season 6 that they should introduce the mark of cain and one brother would have to kill the other. They really out did themselves with the story.

  35. Lou says:

    Grade F, as in I’m finished with this mess of a show with two of the most unlikeable “heroes” on TV.

  36. Anthony says:

    So Death, the second most powerful entity in the universe, a being who is approximately 14 billion years old, is killed in a fraction of a second with barely a second thought. That scene deserved more.

  37. Taylor says:

    season 10 of spn was an amazing episode of all time and is dean becoming the new death or is becoming a reaper ???? I felt sorry for Sam because he got his butt kick by his strong brother and he thought he was going to die not death

  38. Dani says:

    Lol why do Supernatural blow all their special fx budget on the finale. They did the same thing when angels were falling from the sky.

  39. CountryQueen says:

    I was wrecked from this finale. Just wrecked. My boys are just the best, and my heart was breaking. And I am now stoked for season 11!

  40. BettyFate says:

    OMG!!!! I love me some Supernatural….Sam and Dean are still my heroes….this finale brought me to tears….when when when will Season 11 begin…that’s all I want to know..I’m so sad…I make sure nothing stands in my way on a Wednesday…

  41. BettyFate says:

    I’m too ready for season 11…plz hurry up and come on again…

  42. purewinchester says:

    Why can’t you people just be happy. Obviously the cast, crew, and writers are doing something write to be able to even KEEP A SHOW GOING FOR 10+ years. it drives me bonkers that people don’t care what these actors do for people all over the world…their “story” is sometimes the one thing that keeps some people from doing bad things ie., kill themselves, turn to drugs, self harm…etc. check out the stories “lives” that Jared (Sammy) has helped by doing his Always Keep Fighting campaign for TWLOHA… and all the thinges Misha (Cas) does with his Random Acts and GISHWHES…Jensen (Dean) is helping Jared with his charity. These people truly care about their fans and treat us like a family. Stop fussing about how you don’t like the finale or storyline. Be appreciative of them. They keep doing this show because they love us (the fans “viewers”) and because they love what the show is about. it’s about life, death, resurrection, family, struggling with your “inner” demons… Be grateful for something for Petes sake… Geez.

  43. trish says:

    no cas doesn’t kill Crowley Crowley and cas can’t die they just got signed on to the show. season finale was great and of course the cliffhanger I love that I can’t wait to see next year.

  44. DG says:

    Ugh, this episode proves what I’ve thought for a while now: this show peaked in seasons 1-5. I’ll still watch because I’m stubborn but the writers are just phoning it in now. The frankenstein thing was idiotic, the Oz thing was laughable, characters being killed off for shock value, regardless of how it damages the story….the show has just hit so many lows in the past few seasons. It was on it’s way back for a few episodes this season, around ep 10-13 or so, where it felt like the old days, then it went right back down the drain soon after. The writers constantly ignore their own mythology in an effort to go even bigger than whatever came before and it just comes off as lazy and unoriginal. I imagine this year in the writers room went something like:
    ‘Hey, we need a new villain, any ideas?’
    ‘Emmmmmm……let’s just say there was darkness before god and they had to fight it and the mark of cain, which is kind of a misnomer now because Lucifer had it first so should it be the mark of Lucifer…….. anyway it was made by god as a symbol of this darkness and it keeps it locked up…..yeah that works.’
    ‘Ok sooooooo why did we never mention anything about any of this when we were doing the 5 season long arc that was ALL about Lucifer and God and all the great biblical stuff?’
    ‘……..shut up! that’s why!’

    Seriously, Lucifer and that whole arc was amazing. Brilliant TV. It simply can’t get any better or bigger than them being caught in the middle of an impending apocalypse, the angels and demons, the devil himself being the foil…….it was a story everybody could buy into and they should have either stopped after season 5 or had the foresight to save Lucifer for the last season. Instead we get horrendous attempts at making bigger and badder villains (evil Cas, the leviathans, metatron, now ‘the darkness’) and they’re all so weak and forced. I hope next season is the last and they can put this to bed with a satisfying conclusion. If it gets another after that then they have to let Lucifer out of the cage and end with the one villain and revisit the one arc they got right the most.

  45. Carina says:

    I love season finale i love supernatural and i love Dean e Sam.

  46. Chiller says:

    So, a glam rock band from the UK is going to wreak havoc on the world, everyone will become possessed and start singing “I believe in a thing called love” over and over again…

    Brilliant final episode!
    Really wish they did a trailer or give us some information about season 11!

  47. Donna says:

    The finale was perfection. Jared and Jensen brought their A-game and the Sam & Dean scenes at the cantina were heart wrenching. After so much conflict I loved that we got back to the heart of the show – Sam & Dean’s overwhelming devotion to one another. In the end they will always put each other first. I hope S11 will give us what Jensen said he wants -Sam and Dean, united and fighting a common enemy. Sam & Dean against the world.

  48. Darrion says:

    The movie “Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight” had a similar plot as well. Before the light there was darkness and chaos… bla bla bla.

    Excellent episode.

    Maybe they bring back Adam now.

    • Auntie Jean says:

      People people people, it’s a TV show. With all the junk on TV the writing, acting and (at least it has one ) plot puts this well above most shows. Entertaining and well developed characters. I hope Supernatural goes on for years. Hey, I liked Firefly.

  49. Daniel says:

    Am i the only one who saw the giant feet in the darkness right before it hot the Impala?

  50. AndyOh says:

    I wonder if the next season if people are going to find out about the supernatural. I mean, the supernatural has been escalating in doomsday stuff like the “brief” opening of the gates of hell, the apocalypse, angel civil war, angels falling from heaven and now the pre-biblical darkness.

    In season 1 of the series, Bobby mentioned that the demonic possessions used to only be 3 or 4 times a year but then it became 27+ at that time in which we all knew increased by a lot during the opening of the gates of hell and the apocalypse. Prior to the start of the Winchester’s story, many supernatural incidents were sparse and isolated incidents.

    There should be a limit to how people’s “common sense” would keep them ignorant of the supernatural. It’s becoming quite an elephant in the room, one that’s big enough to flatten everyone in the room.

    At least someone new not part of the supernatural should be noticing a pattern.