The Blacklist Recap: 7 Biggest Moments From the Season Finale

If The Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp ever decides his series needs rebranding, I’d like to suggest the alternate title Elizabeth Keen and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Life. (The hashtag might need some work, but I’m willing to rally around the #EKATTHNGVBL cause if you guys are.)

As if it weren’t enough that Liz has spent the last two years living a Truman Show existence — Your marriage is a lie! Your childhood memories have been blocked! Everyone else knows more about your life than you do! — our protagonist started the Season 2 finale with the new knowledge that she’s been framed by The Cabal and must go on the run. And the only person who could clear her name? The same one she either tolerates or despises on a daily basis.

But how did the hour end for Liz, and all the others entangled in her accidental web? First, Agent Keen was taken in for questioning by Tom Connolly and his creepy henchmen, but Red — who had someone on the inside, naturally — worked with Cooper to get Liz out. While she was on the run, here are the seven biggest moments that went down:

Liz discovers how she was infected
Try as she might, Liz can’t quite get the rest of the FBI to believe she’s being framed — especially not after her blood tests positive for the virus that killed Senator Hawkins. Cooper helps Liz get her hands on the surveillance tapes at Union Station, where she recognizes virologist Leo Andropov mugging for the camera. Not only did Andropov create the deadly virus, but he infected Liz with it when he knocked her down at the train station.

Red tells Liz he is a sin-eater
Nope, you’re not watching an episode of Sleepy Hollow, promise. While Red is chatting with Liz about how she can get out of her current legal pickle, Red tells her that he absorbs others’ sins, blackening his own soul in the process. There’s not enough time for Red to actually elaborate on what this all means, but it’s revisited later in the episode. (Scroll down now, if you must!)

The Blacklist - Season 2Andropov is killed
After Tom tries to get in touch with Liz, to no avail, Liz takes it upon herself to visit her ex — on his boat, no less. (The Blacklist sure does love its symmetry, eh?) She tells Tom about Andropov, not only that he infected her with the virus, but that he may have the answers about Liz’s mother that she so desperately craves. Before long, Liz and Tom have spotted Andropov and chased him down to an alley — an “extraction point” where he’s meeting a few important-looking men in suits. But when the men realize that Andropov has been followed, they waste no time in drawing their guns and putting a few bullets in Andropov’s chest. After they drive off, Liz holds Andropov as he dies, crying over all the information from her past that will die with the doctor.

Tom and Liz have sex
True, watching a virologist die in your arms might not be the most romantic ambiance in the world. But when Liz returns to Tom’s boat later, and he patches up her wounds, Liz admits that she doesn’t want to regret anything — and her biggest regret would be saying no to a future with Tom (who I really should be calling “Jacob” at this point, but it just sounds wrong). Tom, who wanted Liz to run off with him in the first place, has now decided she shouldn’t become a fugitive… but there’s nothing wrong with some sssssteamy bedroom action, which totally happens.

Cooper’s doctor works for The Cabal… but Cooper never had cancer to begin with
After spending some quality time between the sheets with Tom, Liz takes a look at the flash drive she found in Andropov’s safe house, and the information on it is dizzying. Stay with me on this one: Tom Connolly & Co., the skeezy schemers that they are, got in cahoots with Cooper’s oncologist, who showed Cooper brain scans that weren’t even his. (Meaning, Cooper never had a brain tumor of any kind.) What’s even more messed up? Andropov designed Cooper’s medication to mimic the symptoms of a glioblastoma, then altered them to make Cooper feel either better or worse during various points of treatment. There was no clinical trial, and nothing to be treated in the first place. That. Is. Cold.

Liz kills Connolly
Cooper and Liz track down Tom Connolly, where he’s preparing to host a swanky fundraiser. Liz tries to get the upper hand over the attorney general — demanding that he drop the charges against Cooper’s wife and prosecute Karakurt, among other requests — but Connolly reminds Liz just how deep his influence runs in the bureau… before she shoots him dead.

Liz remembers The Fire
Having murdered Connolly and officially begun life as a fugitive, Liz meets with Red, who plans to whisk her away to a safe place. She tells Red that pulling the trigger on Connolly also triggered those elusive memories of the fire that claimed her childhood. And herein lies Liz’s biggest confession yet: After all these years, she finally remembers that she killed her own father on that fateful night. When her parents were fighting, and her father got violent, Young Liz grabbed a gun and shot him. What’s more, Liz realizes that Red didn’t block that memory to protect himself — he did it to protect Liz. “You’re my sin-eater,” she realizes, to which Red replies, “Tried to be.”

And, although Red confesses that he didn’t want Liz to become like him, it’s too late. At the end of the episode, Liz’s photo goes up next to Red’s on the list of FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives, while the two criminals sit in the back of an unmarked van, en route to… a place I imagine we’ll learn of in the opening moments of Season 3.

Oh, and we also learned that Agent Keen’s real name is Masha Rostova. “Liz” is probably simpler, if we’re being honest.

OK, your turn. What did you think of The Blacklist‘s Season 2 finale? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give it an A. Hope Liz Keen goes all out Evelyn Salt in Season 3.

  2. sladewilson says:

    One of the best season finales of the year so far. I almost teared up (and I don’t do that) when Red hugged Dembe goodbye. And yeah, that was a goodbye hug and kiss on the cheek. Red and Liz are running somewhere where they won’t be found unless they want to be. How they even work next season will be so interesting. At least we now know that Red really isn’t Liz’s dad but he ran into the house to save her. That we know, but really – why? Awesome season finale…..

    • Mishie says:

      Red could still be Liz’s father. Maybe that’s what her parents were arguing about. Maybe her “Dad” found out that Red was her real father.

      • Anon says:

        there ya go…I like it

      • JMill33 says:

        Dark horse possibility?

        Red is Liz’s (much ) older brother. We know the ‘family business’ involves espionage, maybe Red was back home/ coming home trying to make a case for sparing Liz that same fate. It comes out that father has already entangled Liz in their world by making her a part of hiding the Fulcrum.

        This moves Liz’s mom over to Red’s side. Argument. Gunfire. Fire. Red arrives/returns. Rescues Liz. Only enough time to save Liz. Mother’s final words boil down to ‘Save Liz/Protect Liz’.

        At this point , I like that angle better than the by now sort of stale father angle.

        • D. says:

          I think Father is pretty much off the table unless it was an affair but Uncle maybe

        • Ray says:

          How about “Harry Potter and Snape” analogy?? Liz’s mom could have been Red’s true love and Red would have done anything including to promise to take a good care of Liz!

      • Liz says:

        Exactly this, yes.

      • Olivia says:

        I am convinced that Red is her father. I’ve been since the beginning. And I hope that’s the case. That’s fatherly love right there, the lengths he went just to keep her in the dark is a totally selfless act and we know Red is not that kind of man with people he does not consider family. The only other person we’ve seen him acting like that with is Dembe and he partially raised him.

        There is no reason he would be willing to risk his life and Dembe’s several times and feel that way about Liz even before bonding with her if he’s not her father. Your theory is very plausible! Especially with this hesitation on the phone when Liz asked him is he was her father. Semantics. Genitor/father/dad… He could have been sincere in his answer without telling the truth if that makes any sense.

        • I reckon there have been too many pointers towards Red being Liz’s father. Even in the finale, he came across as holding things back. You just knew he wasn’t being honest. It suited him to let Liz draw her own conclusions. Also, are we really sure Liz killed Tom Conolly. We didn’t really see that her gun did the damage. Her shot could have gone askew and someone from the Cabal could have shot Conolly from a concealed point. Either way, good finale and looking forward to season 3.

      • nanodelle says:

        Ayup. That’s what I think, too (Liz’s mom was having an affair w/ Red, Liz’s dad found out and massive fight happened; tragic shooting) I opted for the Blacklist season finale over Scandal….from what I hear, I made the right decision cuz a lot of people who watched “Scandal” were disappointed

        • Andrew says:

          Didn’t Liz test his blood and it came back negitive

          • Olivia says:

            People can make the unit boss believe he’s terminally ill (and knowing that Red can have people on the inside himself) so I personally wouldn’t take it at face value.

      • My thoughts exactly, in fact for Readington the statement about not wanting her to be like him was nearly a confession that he at least donated the lucky sperm. And honestly if he is not her father the near obsessive way he loves her is just too creepy.

    • Spirit dog says:

      Agree about the hug and kiss to Dembe from Red. Similar to Kate kissing him goodbye after shooting. He loves his team and they love him. Great part of Red’s humanity.
      I haven’t given up on Red as Lizzie’s father. The speech to Lizzie when he is wheeled out after shooting sure sounded like he was saying he stayed away from her because her tie to him would put her in danger. What else would cause him to turn himself in if as he said to be close enough to protect her. Made me believe. If that was her father she killed then he looked like monster. Where and when did Red come in and the fire? Glad they left more secrets for next season.

      • dman6015 says:

        Red is very European.

      • Shannon says:

        Either he was deeply in love with Liz’s mother or he is her father. He’s gone to way too many links to protect Liz to just chalk it up to him being a good Samaritan. She’s the only person he will expose himself for. If he just wanted to get her to safety he could have disconnected from her completely to keep her safe. No one would have ever known who she was. It’s his connection to her that draws attention to Liz, so I think there must be some deeper connection for him to not just let her go.

      • Captmath says:

        The only reason I don’t believe he is her father is because he said no when she asked him. And he already promised he would not lie to her.

    • Heather Breedlove says:

      Do we really know that? To me that said he was, that line was such a line a parent would use…. biological dad had affair with mom

  3. kalinis says:

    does anyone else see a bit of a time jump? just saying i loved this episode. but i liked how arrow ended there season also. looking forward to flash finale. can’t wait to see where blacklist goes from here.

  4. Susannah says:

    I’m not so sure about the finale. It was very entertaining tying up some of the loose ends but the whole premise of the show will change next year so drastically that I’m finding it a little disconcerting.

  5. Julie says:

    I’m kind of annoyed… I thought we would’ve found out how and why Red cares so much for Liz. I was hoping he was her father… but if that’s not the case than what else is he? I just don’t want them dragging it out an entire season again…I like the show and the dynamic but move it along.

    • Anon says:

      agreed….I thought for sure that Red was her father

      • Spirit dog says:

        I think he still may be. When he said ” I didn’t want you to be like me” it could be taken as a father or relative. Mother? I hope not..I like Red as he is..a father figure but loving to his dear friends like Kate and Dembe. The man Liz shot could still be someone other than her father. More mystery to come.

        • ejdax37 says:

          I have always leaned toward him being her Uncle, we know her mother was Russian but have they said about her father? But it could be he was in love with her mother and doesn’t know if she is his or not, but cares for her either way.

        • arial2 says:

          Given how dark the room was and how young Lizzie was, I think you could be right. She may have assumed it was her father because he was in a place she was used to seeing him. She was just a toddler. I had hoped for a little more information on what happened that night. Still not sure how that scene led to a fire. And how does Red fit into the actions of that night?

    • dman6015 says:

      The producers can’t spill ALL the beans. They need to save some things for future seasons.

    • fiberlicious says:

      Telling her would have ruined season 3, just as letting characters finally get together after years of sexual tension does. It’s the tension that keeps us interested.

  6. Sad Panda says:

    Alias is one of my favorite shows ever… but I always wished Vaughn was a legit bad guy… I really appreciate that The Black List lets us enjoy Tom as a baddie and the banter between him as Liz as their old and new lives blend. I’m hoping for more Tom… and more Dembe (concur with sladewilson on that hug!)

  7. S says:

    Well i’m just gonna say it, I would not be surprised if Red is Liz’s Mother. If you think about it Red has talked about getting plastic surgery in season 1. Hes very Flamboyant in Nature to begin with and has a motherly like instinct for all his people. Its entirely possible, if out there, that Liz’s mother had a sex change and became Red in order to hide. Plus, how classic would it be if Liz gets that Picture of her and her mother fully developed to see James Spaders face on a woman’s body. It might be the craziest theory out there, but at this point im at a loss for how else they could be related. If this proves true you heard it here first.

    • Glenn says:

      so now we have Masha and Jacob?

    • Scott says:

      This is the best answer yet…awesome, let it be !!!!!!

    • A says:

      I have been saying that for a season and a half now! He says he’s never lied to her and he has stated he is not her father. We’ll never said anything about mother. And Red aludes to knowing what it feels like to be a mother at one point. Agreed!

    • Susannah says:

      Was the story about the first wife and daughter that were murdered on Christmas Eve just a story? When did the sex change operation take place? Did Naomi know too and Madeline Pratt? I like the story twist but I’ve always figured Mr. Kaplan to be transgendered, I never thought about Red himself. I like it!

      • Jupiter says:

        I remember Naomi hinting “he’s not who you think he is” or something like that. It makes you wonder :)

    • Doug Mac says:

      I think you might be crazy, and I don’t think that this would actually happen, but I am all in for it if it does.

    • wdigaf says:

      Genius! I’m a lady of a certain age & I remember Spader as a member of the Brat Pack many, many moons ago. I went to see Sex Lies & Videotape purely because of the title. Anyway, he looks nothing like his youthful self, almost like he had surgery to make himself someone else. Rambling, I know, but every show I think about how different he looks now.

      • Spirit dog says:

        Thirty years have gone by and we all change a great deal. He was very handsome, gorgeous golden hair (which still shows in his shave and his golden eye lashes) well built. To me it’s middle age taking its toll. Still think he is handsome and his voice soooo smooth. Loved him in Boston Legal and he was 44. Can’t imagine him having surgery,,he’s too into reality.

        • nancheska says:

          Yeah, an’ he don’t have a “pretty boy” vibe. Too down to earth. Has some of the best one-liners on the tube.

    • Trish says:

      Hats off to your theory!!

    • B says:

      I think it would be interesting if this were true, but I don’t think it’s possible. Red was a well-known military figure before, it’s not like his history is that unclear, at least to the U.S. government, his ex-wife, etc. If his backstory were unknown like Liz’s, I could see the argument for this.

  8. Spirit dog says:

    Why was there no comment about Red releasing all the fulcrum info to the top journalists in the country? HE is still the star of this show not just Lizzie. I had to turn away from Tom/Liz so glad she left with her true protector and the one who loves her as a father. Great ending!

    • TJ says:

      Exactly. With everything else going on, I thought Red’s dropping the fulcrum bomb was the big moment. Loved the look on the director’s face when he saw the headline…

  9. Lil says:

    Great finale! I am going to predict that Liz is going to be preggers with Tom’s baby (I know, I know it’s Jacob, but I prefer Tom)! :) It is still possible that Red is her dad. He may have had an affair with her mom and had Liz as a result of it. Red said he didn’t want her to become someone like him remember….normal folks don’t go around worrying about other random people becoming like them. She keep saying her dad (dude she shot) because that is all she remembers. Oh, why didn’t Liz tape the confrontation with Tom Connolly?? She could have totally given it to her task force crew, so at the very least they know the truth about her and about the fact that had she not killed Connolly, they would all be framed too! Can’t wait for next season!!

    • B says:

      I agree. It seemed so dumb to me that they didn’t tape it, especially since they were threatening him with releasing tapes.

      • Sheila says:

        Maybe they did……. It certainly was a planned confrontation…..But that could be a part of the plot next year……

  10. Alichat says:

    It would seem Agent Keen suffers from ‘Annie Walker Syndrome’. Secret Agent for a government agency with your face plastered everywhere, everyone looking for you – can’t even be bothered to wear a hat or a scarf or shades.

  11. Carol Wright says:

    WT? Absolutely rediculous ending. Really? Liz shoots the AG? Is there no real creativity as when the series began. Seems you have wandered from the ‘black list’ ideology. Why make Liz ‘s victim character digress to villain and hunted vs the original focus of the series. I see you series demise in the future.

    • She seemed pretty disoriented when she made the decision to shoot. Contrary to what this summary says, I would say she was experiencing it in tandem with the situation and influenced her greatly during that scene. Having memories “blocked” doesn’t seem like a very friendly process. it’s entirely possible that she was coerced in the moment to do something she would not have normally done.

  12. Lisa says:

    Why hasn’t Red Said ~ ” I Am Your Father and healed from the Bullet Wound you gave Me”!!!!!

    It is Sooooo Obvious… Why are dragging
    It Out?
    I Guess that is why there is Season 3!!!

  13. CPAG says:

    Only succotash and the collective good suffer. If Connolly visibly buckled even an iota, I might have given the finale a B-.

  14. evrybdyhas1 says:

    The premise needs to reign in the shadow government aspect some IMO.

  15. davido says:

    Honestly, the episode was rather meh for me. The only interesting fresh development was that now Ressler was hunting for Liz. That relationship just got complicated and interesting. I might just tune in for S3 for that development, as I’ve lost interest in Red/Liz connection long time ago.

  16. margaret bailet says:

    I just look forward to whatever convoluted plot these wonderful writers conjure

  17. AddieM says:

    Amazing, that’s how to conclude a season… The best season finale this year IMO
    That was some cliff hanger, what next..Red and Liz on the run.

  18. Ryan says:

    Great episode!! I think that the guy she shot when she was younger was her father however they were arguing over the affair her mother had with RED and that LIZ is actually REDs daughter not his!!

  19. arial2 says:

    I liked most of it. I had trouble with Liz shooting Connolly, but I can buy the idea that it was the sudden flashback that pushed her over the edge in that moment. I agree with others here that a time jump forward would work well; it would give the reporters time to do their research, get the story Red gave them widely disseminated. If they did that, the season might begin with a whole new situation than the one we last saw. One thing I learned last week was to dvr the episode and fast-forward through the tons of commercials every seven or eight minutes. Much better continuity, though I did slow down for the Mustang commercial because it was appropriate to the show. And then I laughed as it showed up in the chase scene. Good product placement, but would have made the Mustang look better if it had actually caught up with the other car before the alley. Still love this show, mainly because of James Spader. He’s got amazing timing.

  20. Steph says:

    Anyone else think that what happened to Liz is also what happened to Red?? Trusted government employee suddenly “turns into fbi’s most wanted” (framed by high ranking officials)?

    • AnnieM says:

      That’s a very interesting possibility – “I didn’t want you to end up like me.” Hmmm…

    • B says:

      I have wondered if this is what happened to Red and his family. Because why, if he’s just a criminal trying to earn money or power, would he bother to go after an organization like this? Why accumulate the blacklist at all? He obviously has his own selfish motives in a lot of situations, but that would be completely understandable if the Cabal (sp?) set him up originally and the government he worked for hung him out to dry. I was thinking, while he was showing the Fulcrum to the journalists, that is was actually a very patriotic act. Of course, the main point is to bring them down so they can exonerate Liz, but it still occurred to me that it could actually be a belief that they need to be brought down for the sake of the world at large.

    • 221bsam says:

      Nice deduction!

  21. Lana Rehkopf says:

    Love this show! Can’t wait to watch season 3!

  22. Is it TVline’s policy to put huge spoilers right within the link to its articles? Anyone doing a simple search for “The Blacklist” will easily see the full link with the spoiler information.

    • dman6015 says:

      You mean, “the-blacklist-liz-kills-tom-connolly-season-2-finale-recap”?

      • Yes. You don’t have to be googling for information on the season finale recap. Anyone doing a search simply for “the Blacklist” will see that URL prominently listed in their search results. There was zero need to include “liz-kills-tom-connolly” in the URL. Just “the-blacklist-season-2-finale-recap” would have been sufficient information.

    • KCC says:

      No sympathy for someone doing an internet search the day after an episode airs and being spoiled. Watch the show live or don’t search it until you watched it. Common sense if you want to avoid being spoiled.

      • Actually, I already saw the episode before making the search so personally, I wasn’t spoiled. But you know what? Not everyone knows about the show and has watched it “live” as you so condescendingly put it. Someone might have heard others recommending the series and wanted to find out a bit more about its premise or which channel is airing it or whether it’s on DVD yet by googling its title. You certainly don’t expect a key plot twist to be embedded in an article URL when doing so is completely unnecessary. THAT is what I would consider “common sense”.

  23. Lynn says:

    I find it interesting that people think this proves he’s not her father. I had the complete opposite reaction. At the end he says he didn’t want her to be like him. Why would he have said that and why would he be worried about her being like him unless he’s her father or maybe step father. She called the other man her father because that’s what she knew him as. That doesn’t mean he was her real father. What a great finale although I don’t know what they’re going to do next season.

    • lori says:

      Exactly what I said.

    • leo21 says:

      I was more focused on the fact that no one has really said that her mother is dead. And all Liz really recalled is shooting him – is she sure he died?

    • Pat says:

      I agree. Great season finale! Hoping S3 will reveal more of her memory and open up that flashback to show Red’so true reality. Sappy conclusion for Scandal. Hated it!

  24. Beth says:

    One of my fav season finales ever!

  25. Curtis says:

    Bring on season 3 right now!!!!

  26. Joe says:

    You know, Liz was a little girl. She “thinks” when she shot her father, she killed him.

    But we never saw either the mother or the father.

    My theory? Red is still the dad and Liz shot Red that night.

    The fight is because Red was married to that soviet superspy woman and finally found out that she was a spy and leaking secrets, since Red worked for the CIA. That is what Liz walked in on, and shot Red. Maybe there are further complications to that, but that’s the gist.

    We’ll know once and for all when we see the bullet hole in Red’s gut.

    He’s been protecting Lizzie from the shadows ever since.

  27. LadyKarinsky says:

    Jerk move, putting the spoiler in the headline.

  28. Jenn W says:

    I have 2 theories on how Red could still be Liz’s father:
    1. Liz shot him as a child but he didn’t die. He fell on his stomach after she shot him – remember last year when they showed the burns on his back? It would fit…
    2. If Liz’s mom was a spy, she could have been fighting with her handler/former handler. Maybe her mom wanted out? Or she was just discovered hiding in the US with Red? Faces couldn’t be seen because of the lighting, so maybe little Liz just *thought* it was her father fighting with her mother.

    Either way I’m still pulling for Red’s her father.

  29. iea laj says:

    The finale did a good job tying up loose ends. Just my opinion what can happen, perhaps Red os either her uncle or a man who is inlove with Liz’ mom… or can be her father too (though I’m not banking on it) that her mom and her supposed dad where fighting that he found out Red was the real dad and about th fulcrum.
    It can be that season 3 can have a twist like liz getting pregnant… dunno. But I’m very much looking forward to season 3 now that liz is a fugitive.

  30. BrianR says:

    So is mommy still alive?

  31. Greg Pronger says:

    Is Kate Kaplan Liz Keen’s Mother?

    Age could be right. Reddington gives Mother’s name as ‘Katarina Rostova’. First name works – last name an alias. Kate’s skillsets would seem to be a potential fit for a top Russian Agent that’s gone feral.

  32. Weezy says:

    so am I the only one that was left more confused by the “reveal” of Elizabeth’s past? If this whole stupid thing was covering up her shooting her dad, then what the heck does Red have to do with anything? Why would he take it upon himself to be her lifelong sineater? What’s the connection?

  33. Nellibly says:

    Still not clear about Red’s interest in Liz. I hope we get to that not-so-little plot point in the next season.

  34. Katherine215 says:

    Seems like I’m the only one who really did not like the episode. First, Liz and Tom – gross. He’s a sociopath who has lied to her and tried to kill her. How about we not propagate the idea that women go back to their abusers? And for tv purposes, stop these ridiculous redemption arcs shows seem so obsessed with lately.
    Next, the devolution of Liz’s character is disappointing. It seemed like they were shooting for Sydney Bristow at the start of the series and landed on crazy Carrie Mathison.
    Finally, very few answers about Liz and Red’s connection, and the ones that were revealed were lackluster. 4 year old Liz thought her Top Russian Spy mother was that incapable of defending herself from her “father” that she shot the guy? And then went into a fugue state as an adult and shot another guy? I have to say, I’m rooting for Ressler to catch her.

  35. zivia says:

    if Liz had the virus why didn’t she get sick?

    • shunda1177 says:

      The virus was DNA specific. Liz could carry it but only the person with the targeted DNA sequence would get infected.

  36. kirads09 says:

    Quite a finale and I loved every minute of it. Everyone’s theories on the Red/Lizzie real family relationship are great!

    Either S3 is going to take a completely different direction from the series thus far (which will be truly interesting and exciting) OR they will quickly resolve the “on the run” issues in the first few episodes. It may come down to a race against time whether it is the FBI or Cabal who track down Liz and Red first. Have no idea where this may be going but will certainly be along for the ride.
    I will kinda miss the “blacklister” of the week, with the number and tie in to Red. Wonder if they will find a way to still incorporate that SOMEHOW.

    The fulcrum was dropped. All the potential consequences and fall out from that is making my head explode.

    I love “Tom” Jacob/Masha “Liz” together – I think they do truly love and care for each other. Hope they end up together when all is said and done.

    • herman1959 says:

      Tom Connelly, # 11, was the case of the week. He was the evil Attorney General who manipulated Harold, and the show has been revolving around him for weeks.

  37. Brady says:

    Tom and Liz driving after Andropov in a 2015 blue Mustang GT (with many closeups of different views of the car) was the most shameless product advertisement in the history of TV. It was no more than 3 minutes after the Ford advertisement with the character Tom driving an identical 2015 blue Mustang GT.

  38. Awesome! I love “the Blacklist”. Please, can we have another season? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  39. Captmath says:

    I listened to Red’s speech to the journalists. I don’t really believe in conspiracy theories, but when I look back over the past 50 – 60 years and rule out incompetency. . . .

    • Pat says:

      Yeah, that speech was spot on! And that laid back way in which

      he delivers makes for an even more compelling argument.

    • Mikeoooooooooo says:

      It seems clear that Red Reddington, the “concierge of crime” was himself set up by the Cabal. He was a patriot working for the US Government and the Cabal destroyed his life. He lost his family and his reputation; he only kept his life because he was able to convince them he had the Fulcrum. So they settled into a decades long uneasy truce, until he felt he had to inject himself back into the scene to get close enough to protect Liz. So he shows up at the FBI and turns himself in.

      Is the fire that destroyed his family home where he got his burns? Or was it in Liz’s fulcrum fire? Did he create an new identity for Liz to protect her from the Cabal? If so, why did he come back into her life so spectacularly to make a connection between the so apparent?

  40. lizmoo says:

    A+ absolutely the best show on TV and the finale seals the deal. Hats off to the writers, producers, production staff and actors.

  41. agent86 says:

    OK. BL steals Fulcrum find Chuck, KGB mom from Alias and shoot the boss in cold blood from Covert Affairs. All of them better shows.

  42. P. McNulty says:

    I loved this finale…it makes next season really interesting. Red and Liz could go off in a whole new direction and catch Blacklisters. I like that Liz was able to complete some of her quests and get some answers. I don’t believe we know all the answers yet. The childhood flash back showed her mother fighting with a man. I believe Red had an affair with Katerina and Liz is his daughter. Katerina’s husband found this out, fought with her, started the fire and Liz used the gun to kill him. Katerina called Red to rescue them and he arrived in time to rescue Liz but not Katerina. Red made arrangements for Liz to be cared for and he went on this journey to the dark side. I think he returned to that house and burned it and the memories, to the ground in Season 1. I like that Liz followed her heart and met up with Tom/Jacob on the boat. Red hired Tom to get involved with her but did not count on them falling in love. The way Tom drove the boat off into the sunset makes me think that story line is not finished. Liz made some defining decisions to stop the constant “tool-train” she has been riding. Unfortunately, it took her to the dark side too. Red and Liz are now partners in life and in crime. Excited to see where Season 3 goes. James Spader is iconic in this role. Megan Boone finally rose to the part she plays too.

  43. John says:

    What is the deal with NOT revealing who Reddington is to Keen????

  44. Diane Tingen says:

    A+++ from me. It thought it was great. I’ve thought Red is Lizzie’s father all along, but after last night’s episode, I’m not so sure. I’ve read some of the below comments, though, and now I think it’s still a possibility. Very interesting with Red saying that he never wanted her to become like him – seems like something a father would say. Maybe she shot her father and Red is her biological father from an affair with her mother? Liz shooting Tom Connolly was interesting, too, especially since his name with No. 11 was the episode title, meaning he was already on the Blacklist. I keep hoping that their interaction was taped somehow.

    Can’t wait for next season!!

  45. Jimmy says:

    Red is not her father. Why not? Think about it. He hid everything from Lizzie to protect her from knowing she shot her “father” When Lizzie remembered everything, I’m sure that’s something terrible to find out, that you killed your own father when you were a child. If Red were really her father this would have been the time to tell her to save her. He could have been like… “No Lizzie, you didn’t kill your father. That man wasn’t really your father. He was a bad man who was abusing your mother and you saved her” If Red were her father he could have instantly taken a lot of the guilt away, but he didn’t.

    Here’s a possible “off the wall” theory that might make more sense. One of the Russians that Lizzie had asked said that Katerina Rostova was a myth, never existed. Maybe she didn’t. What if Katerina was Red’s wife, and also a deep undercover US spy who’s mission was to infiltrate the KGB and maybe also recover the fulcrum to protect the Cabal. While on the mission she got pregnant with Lizzie. Maybe she got in a fake marriage (like Tom with Lizzie) to a high ranking KGB officer to get in deeper, or maybe she was raped by one, but either way she ended up with a child. As Katerina was closing in on the fulcrum she told Red everything in case something happened to her and she was found out. She found the fulcrum and hid it inside one of Lizzie’s stuffed animals. Her “fake husband” one of the KGB leaders found the fulcrum missing and figured she was up to something, and confronted her. A fight broke out and the fire was started and Lizzie picked up the gun killing her father to save her mother. Red being close by keeping an eye on Katerina came to their aid, and Katerina asked him to protect Lizzie and do whatever he could to help her. She knew she’d likely be tracked down and killed by the KGB and she didn’t want to endanger her daughter, not to mention it would be close to impossible to always be on the run with a child. Red promised to treat her like his own daughter (well would actually make her his step daughter if he was really married to her mother). In the meantime, it also explains why Red turned from Naval officer to criminal. He blamed the US government and the Cabal for losing the woman he loved and for her having had to “marry” another man and father someone else’s child as part of her mission. Knowing that they wanted the fulcrum so badly and having been told its importance by Katerina, he used that to blackmail the Cabal and ensure his own safety. He knew that if they found out about Lizzie she would be a target instantly, so he found someone else to raise her but kept an eye on her from afar.

    May be a little out there, but it would explain a lot, and actually be a pretty good storyline.

    • xfiels says:

      cool analysis.. I don’t think even the real writers know, you may of just wrote this for them … LOL :)

  46. Martha says:

    Awesome!!!! My guess is that Lizzy, Red and the ex Fbi Director are coming back as a team. Lizzy may be pregnant and even though Lizzy remembers who her father is, it’s not definite. After all, why did Red have her mothers picture at his apartment. Good twist to keep the adrenaline flowing. Can’t wait till Fall.

  47. Was the Red/Dembe goodbye permanent? Red never goes anywhere without Dembe….I’m worried that his character isn’t coming back for season 3.

    • Olivia says:

      I think he left Dembe because he needs him to stay around as he’s the only person he can trust to protect them and their location from afar and keep tabs on what’s going on. I’m sure we’ll see Dembe, maybe even rescuing/teaming up with Harold.

  48. JLW says:

    Still not convinced that Red couldn’t be Liz’s dad. All Lizzie knows is that she killed a man she believed (being very young remember) was her father. Why was Red at the house? Why would he want to block the memory from Liz’s mind if he had no connection to her? Red could easily still be her father….I’m not convinced that he isn’t.

  49. nancy says:

    I still don’t understand who Red is to her. He said he didn’t want her to turn out line him so that would make one assume he is her biological father. But she supposedly shot him. So why does Red care so much for her.

  50. nancy says:

    I forgot to add. He is her father or maybe he is her uncle. He has to have some blood relation to her.

    • KCC says:

      Red does not have to be a blood relation, just someone that sees parallels in their lives. Both were government agents that were being manipulated by the cabal. If Liz did not join the FBI, but instead became a private sector accountant or some such thing, Red would not have placed Tom in her life. I don’t believe Red is in any way a blood relation to Liz. Just someone that feels responsible for her for reasons yet to be divulged. I’m looking forward to next season.

      • Chloe7 says:

        huh? with that much endearing emotion? No way on this earth. When a non-biological father shows THAT much emotion to someone other than his own blood, it would be incestuously creepy.