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Revenge EP Explains Nolan's Spinoff-y Ending, Victoria's Mother of a Twist and Emily's Future With [Spoiler]

Revenge Series Finale

Revenge‘s series finale (almost) had it all: multiple deaths, a splashy wedding and a paternity bombshell, to name just a few twists. It did, however, forget to include one small thing: Answers!

Fortunately, TVLine got showrunner Sunil Nayar on the horn to clear up our confusion about the final hour’s biggest surprises, including Nolan’s potential for a spinoff, Victoria’s true parentage and, of course, what the future holds for Amanda and Jack.

TVLINE | Let’s start with an easy one: Is Margaux in prison?
Yep. She’s in prison, paying for what she did. She’s probably faring better than one would imagine. This is a woman with dignity, smarts and class, so she’ll be treated like the celebrity criminal that she is. But she’s not having an easy time with it, and I think she knew that would be the case when she decided to pay for her sins.

TVLINE | What was the thought process behind that final scene with Nolan and the “innocent” woman’s son?
One of the journeys he’s taken in the show, which we wanted to emphasize in the finale, is that he can stand on his own two feet. He can handle the mental, they physical and psychological, which we saw when he told Emily he was going to go after Margaux and White Gold. He said he could do it on his own and you see him do it. The fact that he can stand on his own two feet, that he doesn’t need Emily to define him anymore, is what we really wanted to say. It was also a nice little cliffhanger that says, “Hey, maybe Nolan’s going on a new journey.”

TVLINE | Was there ever a discussion about continuing for a fifth season with Nolan as the focus?
There was a thought about continuing it, yes. We knew that Amanda and Jack would be out there somewhere, and whatever we decided to do with the story — whether it focused on Nolan or not — we would try to get some of the gang back. Amanda Clarke is now Amanda Clarke, so there’s a totally different dynamic there. If we were to start a new story, we’d have to factor in that she has a different presence in the world now. When she first met Nolan, he was more famous because she was trying to be Emily Thorne. It would have been fun to see that dynamic flipped, re-focusing the show on Nolan in a Better Call Saul kind of way.

TVLINE | Funny you should say that; I immediately thought of Saul. Is a spinoff totally off the table?
I don’t think so. I think the network is going to hear what the excited response has been to that, and if I was over there, I’d certainly discuss it. So it’s out of my hands, but I think it’s a fun idea.

TVLINE | And then some people, myself included, thought there might be some connection to the Kingmakers pilot.
I think the thought was that whatever story we were kicking off at the end of the finale wouldn’t have anything to do with Kingmakers. But I’d spoken with Sallie Patrick while she was shooting her pilot to see how it was going, and the idea had been floated that a character or two from Revenge could show up on her show. The idea was to build them in the same universe, but nothing that happened last night had anything to do with Sallie’s pilot.

TVLINE | Moving on to Victoria… is Jimmy her father?
No, and it’s funny because there seems to be a degree of confusion. Prior to Jimmy Brennan, she had taken the fall for shooting her mother’s boyfriend and had to do six months in the juvenile evaluation center. When she went back home, her mother had started dating a man named Maxwell, who was the man who molested her; when her mother caught that happening, she kicked her out on the street, which is when she ended up in the building where Jimmy lived.

TVLINE | Is that something you might have explained more if you’d gotten another season?
The father thing? Not so much, and I’ll say that Madeleine was the one who helped us realize we hadn’t said who her father was. Ever, oddly. And it was in discussions with her that we all got on board with it. It was the perfect way to fill out the crazy Victoria family tree. She almost never had a chance.

Revenge Series FinaleTVLINE | I know it was supposed to be open-ended, but did Amanda really get Victoria’s heart?
What I’m hearing from people’s reactions is that they don’t know whether that’s true or not. For me, I think that’s great. I think that the show lives in the world of nightmares and memories, so for the psychological nature of it, it’s good regardless; you realize this is going to haunt Amanda for the rest of her days. It’s a fun question for the audience to toy with: If it did happen, what does that mean? It’s a bizarrely theoretical cliffhanger, which I hope inspires conversation. I like the debate of it.

TVLINE | As for Emily and Jack, can they really just take off and have a normal life? I can’t imagine that.
That’s another great thing to leave people asking: What would that life look like? It’s strange to think about, because whether they like it or not, they’re a famous couple in this country now. She’s skirted around the reality of that existence, and he’s never even come close to embracing the reality of it. It would re-frame them in a way. Does she drive Carl to school? Who picks him up?

Revenge VictoriaTVLINE | Lastly, I found it interesting that Emily, the “hero,” wore black in that final confrontation, while Victoria, the “villain,” wore white. Was there any significance to that?
That was discussed, definitely, with Jill M. Ohanneson, our amazing costume designer. On our show, the hero wears black. Emily had reached the darkest part of herself. There was such an elegance to swapping what you’re used to seeing. Madeleine’s performance spoke almost to a surrender, which is what the white was representing, and Emily’s performance was so dark — like gunpowder. That was the intention of those color contrasts.

Revenge fans, did we answer all of your questions? Would you watch a Nolan-centric spinoff? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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