Jane the Virgin Recap: Special Delivery

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Finale Recap

Welcome to the family, Nina Solano-Villanueva! You’re in good company.

Oh, wait — Monday night’s season finale of Jane the Virgin didn’t deliver a daughter, but a son for our titular heroine. (“We don’t know anything about boys!” Xo exclaims.) And oh, boy, did the birth end with a twist when Sin Rosetro snatched the ‘lil one and took him to an unknown location!

But that wasn’t the only crazy cliffhanger, so let’s talk Michael vs. Rafael, Petra’s shocking decision and an impromptu wedding. (Never say Jane doesn’t pack in story!)

THE LOVE TRIANGLE | Before giving birth, there are two other boys on Jane’s mind: her exes. Rafael confesses that breaking up with her was a mistake and that he still loves her. Meanwhile, Michael makes his intentions known, too. A slight edge goes to the latter at the start of the episode for being a good friend to Jane, bringing her food and a hilarious delivery playlist, featuring “Push It,” “Born This Way” and “Everybody Hurts.” But then Rafael reveals to his ex-girlfriend that he cancelled his trip because he didn’t want to risk missing the birth of his child, and it feels like Jane finally believes him when he says he doesn’t want to be like his father. After the delivery, she promises to think about their relationship. As for Michael, he tells her to just focus on her son. So with everything laid out in the open, who’s the guy for Jane? With a full heart, it’s her baby boy, Mateo Gloriana Rogelio Solano Villanueva, named after Xo’s dad (and about 50 other people, but most importantly, Rogelio).

THE COMEBACK | The villainness Sin Rosetro isn’t the only one who makes a return. Nadine shows up at Michael’s apartment hoping to strike a deal: She’ll give him the location of the plastic surgeon who knows what Sin Rosetro looks like now, and in exchange, she wants protection for her family. When the cops discover the doc’s dead, Nadine snags Michael’s keys and uncuffs herself. Lest you underestimate the detective, he left them there on purpose so she would lead him back to Sin Rosetro’s people. This has to be key in finding Mateo next season.

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap

WEDDING BELLS | After a wild night in Las Vegas — #Rogelifans like to party — Xo and Rogelio find a mysterious video… of them getting hitched at a chapel! Hmm, will Alba and Jane be thrilled that the twosome is married if neither the husband or wife remembers it?

ANOTHER BUN IN THE OVEN? | Petra (AKA “the devil in a pretty package,” per Luisa) gets her hopes up when Rafael invites her to dinner, unaware that he’s just playing the playboy to get her to sell her stake in the hotel. On top of that, he then breaks their date when Jane goes into labor. But silver lining: Rafael’s original sperm sample was split in two, and Petra takes the remaining half for herself. (I never said it was a silver lining for Rafael, but there kind of is one: At least it’s better than my original suspicion that the calls were about his cancer coming back.)

Jane the Virgin fans, what did you think of the season-ender? Are you happy with Jane’s choice to focus on her baby boy? And why do you think Sin Rosetro wants the child? (Having to take care of a newborn might put a damper in her criminal activity, after all.) Grade the episode via the poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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