Revenge Finale: EP Previews Emily and Jack's 'Dark' Reunion, Other Twists

Revenge Series Finale Spoilers

The last episode of ABC’s Revenge is just 34 hours away (Sunday, 10/9c), and while we’ve already spoiled you rotten with scoop from the finale, we’ve still got a few more teasers to share on the eve of Amanda’s big goodbye.

Let’s start with the bad news: You know that quick shot of Jack in the hospital bed in the finale promo? Showrunner Sunil Nayar tells TVLine we have every right to be worried about him.

“We called the finale ‘Two Graves,’ not just because it’s the Confucius quote that kicked the whole thing off,” Nayar explains, “but also because there will be two people in two graves by the end of the episode.”

OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, scroll down for more scoop (some of which is actually hopeful. I swear.)

SEXY TIME FOR #JAMANDA | “That’s been an inevitability, the two of them coming together,” Nayar admits. “It’s a lovely moment, but there’s still something so dark about the circumstances in which these things happen. It’s the scene you’ve been waiting for, but it’s not going to happen the way you expect it to.” (Honestly, I don’t care why they’re doing it, I’m just glad it’s happening.)

DAVID’S LAST STAND | Though Nayar won’t confirm whether or not Papa Clarke succumbs to his illness — did you really expect him to? — he says we’ll be blown away by David’s actions in the finale. “He does a couple of things that are so dramatic and powerful, and you get a sense of what these people have become to him in the short time he’s actually gotten to be with them,” Nayar explains. “David’s story, I think, has a really powerful and poignant resolution.”

HAPPINESS FOR NOLAN? | “There’s always a chance,” Nayar concedes. “We strive to answer that question at the very end of the show. You’ll see in what turns out to be Nolan’s very last scene whether he does find happiness or not.” (Anyone else find that less than comforting?)

A SATISFYING END | Despite the fact that this wasn’t filmed as a definite series finale, Nayar says, “It will end as if you’ve finished a novel. The audience will feel that they’ve read the last page and closed the book. You could think, ‘Now they can start writing a new novel,’ but the audience should feel as though we’ve finished telling the story — not as if they’re missing out on a thing that’s going to happen.”

Revenge-rs, how do you hope it all ends? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. KalEpic says:

    Can’t wait.

  2. Al says:

    I am really interested on how Mike Kelly would end the show. I never liked when this guy took over

    • Chris says:

      He never wanted David to come back, so I’m very interested in how he envisioned it as well. I’m hoping he’s just waiting until after the finale so people won’t be spoiled.

      • Dude says:

        I don’t know if this is exactly how he envisioned ending the series but he always said that his image of the end of Revenge was every character dead on the beach while Emily and Victoria claw at each other over their dead bodies.

        • Matt C. says:

          I would have loved this ending. Technically, this could still happen. Jack, Nolan and David’s bodies could be on Emily’s side, and Louise, Margaux, and Mason’s bodies could be on Victoria’s side. With Charlotte maybe caught up in the middle?

    • DL says:

      Disagree. Kelley took Revenge to its lowest lows in season 2, and Nayar, while not without his missteps, has done his best to bring us back to the show’s heights. I think the last couple episodes of season 3 were some of the best Revenge ever. Here’s hoping he manages to give us a satisfying finale this (last) season as well.

      • Arthur says:

        I agree with you, Kelley was responsible for the whole Initiative shenanigan and look where that got the show and while season 3 and 4 did had their detours there were serious moments of glory, S3 very final moment is still one of the best scenes of the show and when Emily got to see David for the first time in S4 was heartbreaking. So yeah, while S1 was the series at it’s prime Nayar did a good job with the mess he got from S2.

  3. Matt C. says:

    I just want as many Emily/Victoria scenes as possible. Of all the relationships on that show that I love – Emily/Jack, Emily/Nolan, Emily/David, Nolan/Jack – theirs is my absolute favorite. To me, their rivalry has been the best part of the entire show, and I hope it gets a satisfying conclusion. Their last scene at the end of season 3 will be tough to beat. As much as I’ve loved season 4, I still think that would have been the perfect ending to the whole series.

    My ideal ending would be Emily, Nolan and Jack escaping The Hamptons together and never looking back, but that seems too happy for this show. I have a feeling 1 of those 3 characters won’t survive the finale, if not more. David and Victoria’s deaths are inevitable, but losing Emily, Nolan or Jack would be a huge emotional blow.

    • D. Del Valle says:

      I agree…Amanda and Jack need to be together. Nolan needs a happy ending…the rest…meh!

      • I agree Nolan deserves a happy ending but they wrecked his chance by making the guy he was dating suddenly decide, “I’m a new dad now, I won’t have time for dating until my kid is 18 even though I didn’t even ask your opinion about if you want kids in your future, it doesn’t matter because “new dad.”. I could have believe the garbage they made him spit out for the sake of taking him out of the show but now If they backpeddle, it won’t make sense and since this is the last episode, there is no time to introduce someone new.

  4. DEE says:

    Amanda and Jack (2 graves)

  5. AddieM says:

    An hour is simply not enough time to tie everything up nicely. Two graves, I feel Victoria is definitely going to die & the other character is possibly Jack or David. I’m hoping NEmily get a happy ending.

    • amanda says:

      This is what I thought tooo ughhh I wish they could have made it 2 hours that would be awesome. I’m completely in love with this show and it’s making me crazy that it’s ending :-( lol

  6. donna says:

    Victoria and Margaux LeMarchal in prison together. Jack dies, Margaux’s bother Gideon comes back and Amanda and Gideon raise Jack and Emily’s baby and take over the LeMarchal empire. Amanda Clarke’s dad, David, confesses on his deathbed he did have something to do with flight 197 to his daughter and that he is not really Amanda’s real dad but her uncle. Victoria gives Charlotte the family money and who buys the family home and turns it into a rehab center. Declan is really alive and reunites with Charlotte. and what ever happened to the diary that Nolan supposedly wrote? i remember hearing him reading it aloud as if it were a transcript. Somehow the truth about what Amanda Clarke did comes to life and in time, Amanda joins Victoria and Margaux in prison. lol! it is an excellent show! i’ve enjoyed every episode. thank you all for a wonderful experience! i live for revenge! i wish the show would continue for decades. it is so much fun and so well written!!! thanks again! can’t wait for the series finale.

    • Cas says:

      Gideon? Really. That guy was a douche.

    • shazay says:

      Having Declan and Charlotte reunite would have been lovely, but terribly far fetched. That is one death that cant be explained away.
      Conrad coming back… that could pack a punch.

  7. donna says:

    and one last thing…. Victoria reveals she is really Amanda Clarke’s mother!!! woo! hoo!

  8. Roslyn Mendelson and daughter Dr. Jessica Mendelson says:

    My daughter and I are devastated that the best show on tv is being cancelled. We love the characters and have become so attached to them. This show has been such an important part of our lives….so sad….and so disappointed. Emily – you are the greatest actress – and I am sure a wonderful human being. Good luck to all of you….all of you have been great actors and played your parts to a tee. This show to us is the best show on tv. I think when the time zone was changed from 9 to 10 you might have lost some viewers. For me it was a very late night – but so worth it. I will miss this fabulous cast and this fabulous show immensely.

  9. sunflower says:

    I will be devastated if anyone other than Victoria Louise or Margaux die!!

  10. Elisabeth says:

    Isn’t Ben already one of the graves?

  11. Conrad is alive and he and Victoria are in the two graves

  12. I just hope that Jack and Amanda dont die, because if that happens who is going to look after little Carl, he will have noone! I hope that its Victoria and David that die. So Jack and Amanda can finally have their happy ending. I also would like Nolan to find happiness as well. I just hope it doenst end the way Secrets and Lies did, or any other show that ended with us just plain pissed off that it didnt end happy. They have all been ending crappy, sad and with death. So depressing!

  13. Kelly says:

    I hope Jack doesn’t die, I really loved him. Amanda gets her revenge and says goodbye to Victoria and David u both die and then she leaves the Hampton’s and moves to California with Jack & his son.

    • Susannah says:

      I like this. It would be so depressing and unfair if Jack died, he’s sacrificed more than any character, he lost His brother Declan and his wife Amanda/Emily who was also his son’s mother. I just want Jack to live and have a happy ending with Amanda and for them to raise Carl together somewhere peaceful with Nolan as a frequent visitor.

    • This is the end that I would love to see !

  14. I said it before and I’ll say it again.. soon as they killed off my hottie Aidan, I knew it was all down hill from there. This finale most def was sprung on them because we all knew the end game was gonna be love between Jack and Amanda except this way it seems really rushed together. I was sad to see the show go back when Aidan died, but I’ll watch the finale and call it a day tommorow night. I have Game of Thrones to satisfy my craving for wildness.

  15. helen hutchins says:

    again another good show whats wrong with people oh lets see another dam reality show stupid abc I thought would get less of those boy was I wrong oh yeah once a upon a town nows there something so stupid they should of cancelled that pretty soon tv wont be worth watching abc u suck

  16. Charles DiLaurintis says:

    After Four Years, Let’s End This With An Unforgettable Finale.

  17. Karen says:

    I’m just soooo bummed that ABC canned Revenge; I’ve been with Emily and company since the beginning and I personally think there remains another story to be told. Thanks Revenge crew for an incredible ride.

  18. salma umar says:

    As long as neither Amanda, Jack nor Nolan dies, I’m good.

  19. Craig says:

    Two graves = David and Victoria. Probably the two people who started the whole mess really.

  20. Paul D says:

    Just dying to know what Charlotte’s secret is. It can’t be that Amanda is Victoria’s daughter … with sleeping with Daniel as well as the blood test from Season 3 showing Carl had no DNA ties with Charlotte. Any ideas?

  21. sherry says:

    Jack and Emily have to be together in the end. Maybe, they are the 2 graves. As much as we want the show to return, after Emily came out as Amanda and Madeline stowe – Victoria saying that she was not going to come back for a 5th season, what would you do with the show. In the end, it ran it’s course.

  22. I am so disappointed that a Revenge is ending.I have watched it from the very beginning and I think there is a lot of room for more storylines.Now what am I going to watch on Sunday nights @10:00.So very disappointed.

  23. janet says:

    Hope hotty cop doesn’t die.

  24. Ann80 says:

    First, it saddens me that Revenge will now end. Dunno how my weeks gonna be after this. 😔
    I’m hoping that I’m wrong but I have a feeling that David & Amanda might end up in ‘two graves’ – infintyXinfinity; Jack&Ems might still have their happy moment as seen in the spoiler; Victoria probably might get what she deserves – she’ll not die but in agony of pain, no family, for the rest of her life.

  25. Cheryl says:

    Awesome finale and end to the show!

  26. Lori burton says:

    Need to know Charlotte ‘s secret and Emily needs to get pregnant

  27. Wilson says:

    I am confused did Charlotte really let Victorias heart go to Amanda? That bitch must be rotting in hell!!!;)

    • Bos says:

      Just a haunting dream. Jack would have known and he would have told her. Besides with a “destroyed heart,” Amanda would have died; and Victoria’s heart would have been useless – Charlotte would have never gotten there in time to have made that decision.
      Do like Jack told Amanda… Let her go. It’s over.”

  28. That was an awesome finale but so much more room for more storylines.I hope that maybe they will change 5 heir minds and try it again.Please, please, please.There is so much more that can be done with this show.

  29. Belva says:

    disappointed. Victoria should be the victor, not Amanda Clark (Em’s)

  30. Dmac says:

    And that is exactly how the ending felt. Well done final episode.

    • OK folks, I still think that there was a lot more room for more storylines.But I have to admit, last night was a good one . I’m really going to miss it though.I don’t know about anyone else but I’m liking the new show Secrets and Lies.Never even thought if the youngest daughter killing Tom

  31. Rachael F. says:

    Ok I love the finale, and I only have one question:

    Where is Carl???? Did they take him on the boat with him? Because if not that is SERIOUSLY messed up to just leave that beautiful boy behind.

  32. dan says:

    It can’t end….. Wt will i do with my life….. lol