Orphan Black Recap: Gimme Brains

Orphan Black Season 3 Recap

Orphan Black Season 3: Year of the… Noggin?

On the heels of Seth’s grisly brain displacement last week, the BBC America thriller exposed another male clone’s cerebral matter in Saturday’s episode.

Meanwhile, Sarah got one step closer to the original Leda DNA, and Alison’s suburban drug venture led to a blast from the past.

Let’s review the hour’s biggest reveals and suss out what they mean for the seestras’ future.

WHAT’S IN A HEAD | After Helena purposefully hurts herself so she will get transferred to the infirmary and can find an escape route, she discovers a horrifying sight at Castor’s home base: Mother is doing experiments on her own “son,” slicing open his head to expose his brains. Helena mercifully puts the clone out of his misery even though it means sacrificing her getaway plan. Prognosis: Popuk says, “Get the hell out of there!” Clearly, Castor is willing to do whatever it takes to fix the male clones’ neurological defect, including cutting into their own. So what’s stopping them from doing the same to Helena (after the baby is born)?

IT’S ALL IN THE DNA | Sarah discovers that Johanssen successfully made a clone, which his wife carried. Unfortunately, the child died, but you can still get DNA from the remains, Mark points out. So, as they’re digging up the biology, Rudy arrives to swipe it and take out Sarah. As Rudy’s superior officer, Mark ends up saving Sarah’s life by ordering him to stand down — or does he?! “We don’t leave loose ends,” Rudy notes as they stand over her body. “No, we don’t,” his brother replies.

Orphan Black Season 3 RecapTHE PAST IS PRESENT | Donnie worries that he’s being followed by the police, so Alison suggests they move their goods in time to make it back for the kids’ swim practice. “Oh my God, is everyone else’s life this chaotic?” Oh, Donnie. You are the biggest drama queen on this show, not Alison. (Nice cut from Sarah excruciatingly trying to extract a bullet from Mark’s leg to Donnie complaining about carrying heavy boxes.) It turns out that Ramon’s drugs were on consignment and now Alison and Donnie owe his dealer a lot of money. Luckily for them, he happens to be Alison’s high school ex-boyfriend Jason Kellerman (played by Shameless‘ Justin Chatwin)! She dumped him, for the record. But he’s not bitter. In fact, it feels like he wouldn’t mind it if Donnie was out of the picture. But back to business… Alison promises to double what Ramon was bringing in, and Jason praises her “soaps” cover.

LITTLE GIRL LOST | Gracie’s mom takes her to yet another creepy Prolethean compound with a patriarch. While there, she loses the child, which Bonnie is none too happy about. “Our legacy, and you lost it,” she says with venom. “You ruined the last chance for this family. You will not be welcome back here.” Honestly, I’m ready for all the Proletheans to disappear. There are already enough foes this season.

Orphan Black fans, what did you think of the episode? Have the Proletheans overstayed their welcome? Did the Alison-ex twist surprise you?

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  1. Joey says:

    Bonnie is definitely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I also can’t shake the fact that Justin Chatwin is playing a character here that seems as equally douchey to his Shameless character, and that unfortunately doesn’t do his character here any favors.

  2. TV Gord says:



  3. Andrew says:

    As I watched Sarah start to pull the bullet out of Mark’s leg, it dawned on me that —in the premiere—Rudy was making out with Krystal Goderich in the elevator, right before he and Seth attempted to unsuccessfully kidnap her.

    Now that we know they’re biological siblings, that means Rudy was basically making out with his own sister. That’s just gross! :-X

    With that it mind, it creeped me out even more when Mark rested his forehead against Sarah’s (after she got the bullet out). *Shudder*

    Anyway, I liked this episode, for the most part, although I wish Allison’s arc didn’t feel so disconnected from the main plot. Also, I’m growing bored of all the Prolethean crap—even though it was revealed that Johanssen was a former lab assistant to Duncan.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree on Alison’s arc feeling disconnected from the action. on the proletarians I presume now Grace has left them and Castor has the baby remains that they’ll hopefully be written out in favour of more focus on project Castor, because story wise they don’t serve much purpose anymore.

    • Joey says:

      It does feel like Allison and Donnie are unfortunately on an island. Hopefully either their storyline ends up looping back in with the main plot or at least the main plot crashed into them at some point.

    • Amanda says:

      I do have to agree about Alison. I usually enjoy her but I just thinking “not this” when the story turns to her. It feels so disconnected with everything else that is going on. We only get 10 episodes a season so every minute counts and I dislike seeing any of them wasted on Alison and Donnie drug dealers of suburbia storyline.

  4. Cate53 says:

    Need more Felix and Cosima! I’m hoping they kill off most of those Castor clones quickly and tie Alison to the rest of them. Her plot line is so disconnected. When will we see DYAD, Rachel and most of all DELPHINE back again?? More invested in the Leda clones than those annoying military clones.

  5. DJ says:

    How is no one ever after Alison? Every other clone is directly in the middle of everything that’s going on and Alison somehow gets a pass away from the danger. Wish she would be more involved with what everyone else is doing instead of just popping up everyone once in awhile to pose as a seestra.

  6. Luli says:

    As much fun as Alison’s storyline has been this season I want her more connected to the others. I need more clone club scenes.

  7. Amanda says:

    Alison had to have a monitor or monitors before Donnie could this high school ex have been one? On another note I wonder if Henrik tried more than once to get Bonnie pregnant using Castor genes to do it? Could Gracie be a product of this? Over the past few episodes more than one character has referred back to when Gracie was younger. I wonder if they are foreshadowing a big secret to come out.

    • maggie says:

      I hadn’t thought of that, but it would be an interesting twist if Gracie’s origin was part of the Castor story.