Battle Creek, Stalker, The McCarthys Cancelled at CBS

CBS Cancelled Shows

The primetime bloodletting continued late Friday, as CBS dropped the axe on Vince Gilligan’s Battle Creek, Kevin Williamson’s Stalker and the family sitcom The McCarthys.

The freshman trio were done in by low ratings.

The CBS cancellations capped a lethal day at the broadcast networks, as more than a dozen shows were dispatched to the MIA network. Among the CBS bubble shows still hovering between life and death: CSI, CSI: Cyber and Hawaii Five-0.

Which of these three whacked CBS shows will you miss the most?

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  1. I like how EW phrases it as an unconfirmed rumor while TVLine phrases it like absolute fact, lol.

    • You have some sort of spam at the bottom of many of these pages, btw.

      • Kim R says:

        There is so much going on on this site now that it shuts the internet down on my phone. It never used to be like this. I’m not sure why it changed but it slows the navigation down to the point of needing to shut the page down when I’m on the laptop. I miss the old days. :) This is my only site for all things TV. :)

        • It’s been my only source of TV news too ever since TV Guide and EW changed their layouts and navigation a few months ago that made it impossible to find anything over there anymore.

          • Reality says:

            TVseriesfinale is a pretty decent site for all things TV and they give tons of graphs for ratings and such.

  2. Pia says:

    New game I’ve been playing at work:
    “How many more shows will be canceled by the time I come back from the restroom?”
    “How many more shows will be canceled by the time I get back from filling my water bottle?”

    • Ninoska says:

      Good one today at work I been doing the same coming to this siteevery 10 minutes to see how many more network shows had been cancelled in a 10 minutes period and so far I havent noot been dissapointed all the networks are axing and renewing shows in a matter of like 3 per minute today

    • Angela says:

      Haha, seriously. Man, these networks aren’t playing around with all the stuff they’re cutting.
      I do feel bad for the fans of those shows, though, as well as the people who worked on them. Especially if they’re brand new shows that didn’t really get much of a chance. I know that’s the way the business works and all that, of course, but still, it’s not fun to be out of a job or get into a show only to have it abruptly gone.

  3. Schatzi49 says:

    Sorry Stalker was cancelled. What will they replace it with. Not sure that I’m interested.

    • Bobbi says:

      Sorry about stalker. Waiting on POI

      • POI fan says:

        Ordered 13 more episodes for Season 5 on POI. Hopefully these won’t be the last. The talk is they’re receiving The Mentalist treatment. Should mean the end of Greer and it will make life a little easier on the actors and by seasons end, the lovely Sarah Shahi will be coming back by the finish of Season 5 and Season 6 they’ll continue.

    • Wyngate3 says:

      Stalker was very well done, good goosebumps kind of show. Great acting as well.
      I suppose American Crime will be next. I know- Let’s bring on some more of those reality shows. How about a new version of Hee-Haw to take Stalker’s place! Who actually watches network TV anymore, anyway? More commercials, more breaks, more distracting ads while the actual show is finally back. Thank goodness for the Hopper.

    • Kim R says:

      Oh the carnage!!! We really like Stalker and Battle Creek. The latter was getting better with each episode. Rats!

  4. Ro says:


  5. iHeart says:

    So will the Odd Couple get renewed? I don’t watch it, I want Matthew Perry to catch a break for once

    • dan says:

      its the highest rated new comedy of the season. It isn’t very good, but I’m guessing it’ll be back.

    • Bobbi says:

      Me too

    • MarynelleVickers says:

      It’s not a funny show at all. But like MP

      • Kevin says:

        I like MP too, but he’s really the weak link in this show. Why is he always shouting? It’s so unlike him. Tom Lennon is the best part of the show.

        • liza180 says:

          Actually…lindsay Sloane And yvette Brown are the best. MPtalks weird like he has dentureS about to fall out. I have been watching and its okay. Notbrilliant but not horrible. I prefer MP in more serious riles likehe played in The Good Wife. He’s great but works best in an ensemble like Friends.

          • flutiefan says:

            i noticed the strange speech, as well. odd.
            and the shouting is annoying.
            Lennon and Sloane are definitely the strong pair!

      • Dave Schwehr says:

        Matthew Perry has always had a speech problem, lisp, stutter with something else. On Friends he could control it but as he is getting older he is having a harder time with it. Sort of like how MJF is getting worse as he ages!! He spoke about it before.

    • Dawn says:

      I watch it. Its not as good as his 3 other shows that got canceled

  6. Glen Williams says:

    Only watch stalker..

  7. Kay Gialenios says:

    I really enjoyed Stalker! Sorry to see it canceled! Liked Battlecreek also!
    Not much McCartys!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Darn, I was really beginning to like Battle Creek. Doubt they gave it a chance to develop a following. Way better than some of the drivel ABC is keeping!

  9. thisismenow says:

    Well, this comes as no surprise. I liked 2/3. lol Next season, I am reading books.

  10. Ashley says:

    I’m so not happy Stalker was cancelled! I absolutely loved that show!! Very disappointed with this AND Battle Creek. I really liked that show, loved Josh and Dean’s chemistry. Hopefully both shows don’t end with a cliffhanger cause we’ll never find out what happens. Sad day, so many good shows being cancelled.

  11. Mr. Tran K says:

    The McCarthys truly deserves to get canceled in a bad way. Battle Creek didn’t do too well in the 10 p.m. Sunday night time slot from the beginning but is the series going to remain on the air until the series finale on May 24th? Finally for Stalker, CBS made the right decision though but who knows what will happen before the final episode on May 18th. Looks like Dylan McDermott now has another failed series for CBS just like what Hostages did for him last year and as for Kevin Williamson, looks like both of his series (The Following and Stalker) are history.

    • Amy says:

      Poor Kevin Williamson, he must be having a crappy day today. I hope that he has something else waiting in the wings because he creates great shows!

    • Stalker should be extend or picked up…it’s a great crime show, but oh yeah, no vampires, zombies, or the crazy goings with late night TV, or CNN’s Daily Share, who talk and act like people on drugs, trying to recapture their youth!! Desperate !! The following was so hard to follow, and all they did was kill people…that had to go…

  12. peter says:

    too bad !! i liked stalker

  13. Seriously CBS….Stalker and Battle Creek are great shows!!!!

  14. Nicf says:

    i will miss stalker, it wasn’ the worst. pity

  15. Barry says:

    I liked Stalker OK — but Battlecreek would have been a better show if they had showed us how Kelloggs makes corn flakes and Eggos. :-)

  16. ab says:

    I only watch a few stalker episodes and it was horrible. Maggie q was horrible and Dylan McDermontt was too.

  17. Ninoska says:

    CBS turn to furiosuly making the annoucncements early Oh NOOO!!

  18. onelastemperor says:

    “Death comes for us all. We can only evade it so long.”
    The today cancellations didn’t bothered me much, I wasn’t that much into One Big Happy, and I kinda expected the Constantine and the Following to end, but man, Stalker? Why? You have angered me CBS, and you do not wanna see me angry!

  19. I really liked Battle Creek… this has been one heck of a day for cancellations

  20. Grace says:

    Loved both Kevin Williams’s shows: Stalker and the Following. What a bloodbath today for him!

  21. DCL30 says:

    Why would you cancel Stalker??? WTF? It’s a great show, great music… Where am I gonna watch Maggie “Eye Candy” Q now?

  22. Joey Padron says:

    hope Hawaii Five-0 & CSI:Cyber will get renewed.

  23. Sophie says:

    I am very upset about canceling Stalker. One of my favorite shows.

  24. Ninoska says:

    CBS I bett will keep CSI Cyber I odnt like CSU Cyber is terrible. That should have gone not Stalker

  25. Hayes says:

    CBS shows don’t warrant individual articles about cancelled shows? Lol

  26. b says:

    Absolutely sad about Battle Creek.. however Dean Winters is free for a return to SVU

  27. Mandie says:

    I think that they should keep CSI: Cyber. It’s a great show and I am thoroughly enjoying it [if I’m not 100% paranoid by the end of the season it will be a happy moment for me].

  28. Pat says:

    I’ll miss Battle Creek. It grew on me.

  29. Andrea says:

    I’m not having a good day…first Forever, and now Battle Creek. Sigh…I thought Battle Creek was just finding its rhythm.

  30. Barbara says:

    Boo hoo. I really liked battle creek

  31. Today was a better day for me than yesterday was. Still bummed that another show, on another network got renewed when I was hoping it would be cancelled.

    But happy that Stalker got cancelled. I’m actually surprised it lasted this long. A little nervous about CSI, don’t care about CSI: Cyber though.

  32. Timot says:

    It seems that some truly bad shows like The McCartys bit the dust,and rightly so! The Sralker, I don’t think it had much of a chance. The plot never had an ending, before getting the ax. I also think that Dyan McDermott was waisted. He deserved better!

  33. Dan G. says:

    I never wanted to watch (bad title, redundant, and just TOO topical — matching the daily news, effortlessly) …. Butttt, even though she has No rack, and is not knockout Asian beautiful, Maggie Q shall be missssssed — damn, she’s HOT ….

  34. cold2712 says:

    Please Where is the exact list that’s coming out of CBS on The McCarthys announcement? I’d like to hear it directly from CBS who also runs The CW Network and The POP TV station I want to know if they are considering a spot for #TheMcCarthys on one of their other networks. Also can you tell me if when shows are cancelled by any network does that show go back into a pool where other networks are allowed to pick them up?

  35. MelindaB says:

    I don’t watch any of these, but I’m bleeding from stabbings to the heart by other networks. Sorry for those who watch and enjoy any of these shows–I know how you’re feeling.

  36. Prish says:

    Battle Creek! You will be missed.

  37. Amanda says:

    I really liked Stalker. Plus, I saw they canceled Constantine which I was looking forward to the 2nd season. I hope someone picks it up.

  38. What about person of interest did that get renewed I hope

    • dioxinblues says:

      The only reason I watch CBS is for Person of Interest. Otherwise I’m BBC America, HBO, Showtime, Starz, and, of course, Netflix. Hope CBS doesn’t bungle this one.

  39. Judy Hubbard says:

    I LOVE CSI: Cyber and hope it gets renewed.

  40. Oddie says:

    Wow today all the major networks are really having a blast with announcing their shows cancellations

  41. MarynelleVickers says:

    Battle Creek. It didn’t have a chance coming on after sports. It was a fun show. Disappointed CBS

    • liza180 says:

      Super tired of spinoffs getting time and new shows getting axed before they have a chance. Battle Creek was actually really sick of all the CSI and NCIS shows. I think BC would go great with Elementary.

    • Anne says:

      They didn’t exactly do much to promote it either. Why pick up a show if you don’t believe in it enough to really promote it. Very disappointed.

  42. I know that there are a lot of disappointed STALKER fans out there. I would have cancelled CSI: CYBER if I had a choice of getting rid of one or the other. The fact that STALKER is made by Warner Bros. didn’t help. If it had been made by CBS, it might of had a better chance of staying around.

  43. MarynelleVickers says:

    Csi cyber problem is Arquette. She has no personality Replace her and it would be a hit. She’s like a stone wall

    • Celyn says:

      I agree. I’ve watched Cyber but she seems so emotionless that it’s hard to get a feel for her as a character.

    • John NYC says:

      Interesting. I stopped watching based on her. Just nothing there.

      • connerc says:

        I was like all of you. But, I stayed with it. Kinda fun to watch a train wreck. But, in the last few episodes, things changed. I think she and everyone else are starting to find their legs.

    • Faye says:

      “stone wall” Exactly. I tuned in once and couldn’t finish the episode and it was totally due to her.

  44. m3rcnate says:

    Called it, Called it, didnt care (McCarthys).
    When you (TVLine) post the articles with the pilot’s trailer videos i always give my opinion on them, and am batting probably .800 or better. Stalker didn’t have a shot, love Maggie Q but 1) who wants to watch a show about stalkers? 2) what can be done about them? they have to DO something to get arrested 3) just not a good idea. Trying to do a cop show with a “spin” that is not very inciting.
    Battlecreek: Another cop show trying to partner up two wacky different people and take you on a fun wacky journey with two partners that dont fit. Bleh. Boring. Unoriginal. Shallow.

    • MC says:

      I watch Dateline often and many of the real-life homicides on there were preceded by long periods of stalking. It’s very creepy stuff that happens all too frequently in real life. It’s not my cup of tea for a fictional show.

  45. Dawn says:

    Can we please save Battle Creek? Get rid of CSI its been on for a very long time and I think its time to go. People never give these new shows a chance. I’m about done with TV. I just seems that every time a new show starts I know it will be canceled. Its very disappointing!! Get rid of all the reality shows please.

  46. BrianR says:

    I like Maggie Q nut the whole premise of these shows is getting tedious. I stopped watching Criminal Minds 4 years ago because it was one deranged killer after another that they had to keep upping the crazy.

  47. Rosspaul says:

    Don’t know why I bother watching new shows, all the good ones just get cancelled whilst the same boring formulaic crap gets renewed!!!

  48. tahonia2 says:

    I liked Stalker, and Battlecreek was something that I would tape or watch on demand. Is Person of interest renewed? That is one show I can’t deal with. Hawaii 5-0, eh. But I think Battlecreek had possibilities…. Phooey.

  49. I’ll miss stalker and battle creek, a lot

  50. jj says:

    I hope Cyber stays. Already lost Forever.