Scandal Recap: Foxtail Is Revealed!

Scandal Season 4 Recap

This week’s Scandal succeeded on the Case of the Week, the Mellie-for-Senator and, yes, even the B613 fronts.


The COTW fired a missile at the hotbed issue of military rape, as VP Susan Ross gets wind of a female ensign (The Bridge‘s Emily Rios) who’d been assaulted. Stonewalled by Fitz, who’s not about to upend 200 years of doctrine by having the government intervene with military self-jurisdiction, Susan enlists Olivia, who sets out to prove that “decorated and celebrated” Admiral Hawley raped (and got pregnant) the ensign.

Liv’s investigation hinges on proving Hawley’s whereabouts, and the Navy’s not about to turn over such “sensitive” data. And though Fitz fends off Liv’s request at first, one bedtime strategy session with Mellie later, and Fitz gets the needed docs into his ex-mistress’ mitts. And though the logs do support Hawley’s supposed alibi, Liv suspects that his captain was faking the card swipes. After a corroborating video “leaks,” Hawley confesses and Mellie seizes a chance to use the big win for women on the campaign trail, even firing a few (agreed-upon) barbs at her husband in the process.

Meanwhile, in the apartment across from Olivia’s posh digs….

When Huck and Quinn take a breather from torturing Russell for info on Command’s mysterious “Foxtail” op, Jake chats up his brother from another father figure, seeing as Rowan would regularly compare them to one another. That sets up a rather entertaining game of “Who can do the best Joe Morton impression?,” as they take turns quoting Command chestnuts. Jake urges Russell not to kick himself for being found out by Liv, because that is always Rowan’s plan, to prove to his daughter that he is always in control, by manipulating her life and those in it. Later, the COTW dovetails with the B613 sitch, when Judge Advocate Travis Cobb, the “goofball” who’d been (barely) helping Olivia with the rape case, turns out to be a cold-blooded B613 grunt who KO’s Huck and sets Russell free.

As Quinn & Co, bemoan that they now may never find out what Foxtail is, we hear a Secret Service agent refer to Mellie by that call sign as she slips away to meet with a deep-pocketed donor — Rowan.

What did you think of “A Few Good Women”? And what is Command’s plan for “Foxtail”?

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