Grey's Anatomy Recap: Tunnel Vision

Grey's Anatomy Recap

You ain’t slick, Grey’s Anatomy. This week, the show tried to move us past the shock of Derek’s death and the “aww” of Ellis’ birth by distracting us with another of the mega-calamities for which the series is infamous. But did it work? Read on, then we’ll discuss.

FRESH MEAT | As “Time Stops” started, Richard was welcoming a new group of “chicks and ducks” – interns – to Grey Sloan. “Were we ever that young?” asked Mer, eavesdropping on Webber’s speech with her peers in the gallery. In short order, a bunch of them – including The Mentalist’s Joe Adler – were assigned to Stephanie. “We are learning to be surgical gods,” she said, channeling Bailey.

CRUSH GROOVE | After a catastrophic tunnel collapse, ambulances were used more as hearses to drive the deceased – 13 at first – to Grey Sloan. When survivors finally started being brought in, Mer, Amelia, April and Maggie were sent to the site and tasked with operating on a man named Keith who’d been crushed — and was still trapped — in his car. “It’s pretty bad,” Mer admitted to him, “but I’ve seen worse.” Alas, he was beyond repair. Sending Mer, Amelia and Maggie back to the hospital, April (extra tough since her tour of duty) stayed behind to be with Keith as he was cut out of his vehicle and presumably died.

PAST TENSE | In the wake of Amelia going off on her over leaving the site of the accident when maybe, just maybe, they could have helped Keith, Mer tried to explain why she’d gone radio silent during her year away. But, of course, that that wasn’t why her sister-in-law was pissed — she was pissed because Mer hadn’t called to give her a chance to save Derek before pulling the plug. “How far away was the hospital?” Amelia asked (more like “accused”). “How long were you sitting there waiting for them to declare him brain-dead?” Though Mer insisted that it had already been too late for Amelia to have done anything, the neurosurgeon refused to hear it. “I pull off miracles for a living,” she said. “I should have been there.” Twisting the scalpel and gutting Mer, Amelia added, “I didn’t get to tell him goodbye because of you.”

THE HONEYMOON’S OVER? | Though it was her and Richard’s wedding day, Catherine showed up at Grey Sloan to help with the tunnel collapse victims. “Surgery is sexy, honey,” she told her intended. After a while, he asked her whether, under the circumstances, they should postpone the nuptials, and stunningly, she was cool with it – and already had done so! Almost immediately thereafter, the bride-to-be shut down Owen’s untried treatment plan to save a teenage victim of the collapse… and Richard sided with Hunt – against maid of honor Jackson – to allow the procedure. Learning what her future husband had done, Catherine fussed that she didn’t need him to explain the situation, “I need you to follow orders!” (Ca-rack!) “I made the right call,” Richard insisted after the treatment worked. But Catherine assured him that she’d pick a replacement for the interim chief who could toe the line. (So much for his recommendation of Bailey to take over since Owen didn’t want his old job back!)

JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE | In other happenings, Reign’s Giacomo Gianniotti made his debut as Andrew, an intern who happened to witness the tunnel collapse (nailed it, Ausiello) and then stuck by an injured expectant mother – Keith’s fiancée – who was treated by Stephanie. (Mind you, at first, he passed himself off as a bona fide surgeon!)

(NOT ALL) UNHAPPY ENDINGS | As the hour drew to a close, Richard confessed to Bailey that he didn’t think of the wedding as postponed so much as cancelled. “I’m not sure I wanna go down the road” again, he said, “if it’s gonna go nowhere.” Jackson admitted to Owen that he and April weren’t on the same page since she returned from overseas. “Give her time,” Owen advised. Alex balked at Jo’s notion of following in April’s footsteps and working with the army. Mer told Alex that she’d come back to Seattle, but it didn’t feel like home… so could she stay with him for a while? Absolutely, he replied. Maggie got an upsetting phone call from her mom (we didn’t hear about what). And April showed up outside Grey Sloan with Keith still stuck in his car – he’d have a better chance of pulling through to meet his newborn if he was cut out there than at the site of the collapse!

OK, your turn. What did you think of the Kevin McKidd-directed episode? Did you forget for even a second that Derek was gone for good? Hit the comments!

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