The Voice Top 6 Results Recap: Chick Filleted

the voice results

Maybe it’s time to stop saying The Voice does nothing to promote its alumni (even though none of ’em have achieved Carrie Underwood- or Kelly Clarkson- or even Chris Daughtry-level success).

Sure, Tuesday’s Top 6 results featured a random (and interminable) interview with the cast of the Entourage movie (did I hear The One With the Hair call it a “bigger, more epic, better… fantasy ride”?). But the one-hour telecast also made room for performances by four former contestants — Season 1’s Vicci Martinez, Season 3’s Avery Wilson, Season 5’s Jacquie Lee and Season 7 champ Craig Wayne Boyd.

So let’s say “thanks!” to Mark Burnett & Co. for giving us a tempting pu-pu platter of tunes from a wide variety of genres. (I won’t lie: Vicci’s “Bad News Breaker” was my fave, though the fascinating patterns carved into Avery Wilson’s hair were also rather memorable.)

And yes, while the result of this week’s Twitter Save was as painful as a baseball bat to the shin, let’s keep in mind that maybe a season or two from now, Season 8’s sixth-place finisher will be back on the stage rocking our faces off with a new single. So instead of “I’m never watching this blasted show again!” — I’m gonna take the path less traveled and offer gratitude for being introduced to a thrilling artist whose name I wouldn’t know without the help of NBC’s reality singing competition.

OK, enough good vibrations! Let’s get to the results:

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks
Team Blake: Meghan Linsey
Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne
Team Adam: Joshua Davis

Singoff for the Twitter Save
Team Xtina: India Carney — Pink’s F—in’ Perfect” — Grade: B
Team Xtina: Kimberly Nichole — The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” — Grade: A

Naturally, I did what I could with only 140 characters, as evidenced below:

Alas, it was all in vain.

Saved: India Carney
Eliminated: Kimberly Nichole (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!)

OK, your turn. What did you think of Top 6 results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 2? Was the right artist saved? If not, what would you have done differently? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Vincent says:

    I’m upset with the outcome. Kimberly definitely won that sing-off and deserved to make it through. But good luck to India, she has a hard battle to fight.

    • Chill says:

      Kimberly is an exciting performer. India is a boring pageant performer. India will be gone next week and Christina will have no representation in the finale. She blew it!

      • MC says:

        I hope India pulls it together and gives a great performance.

        • Tyler says:

          I wouldn’t’ exactly count on it. It’s funny how a month or two ago, almost everyone thought Xtina might finally win the Voice. Now she only has India left. Fat chance she’s going to win. If Xtina was a better coach–she probably wouldn’t find herself in this predicament. Hopefully she’ll learn that all that diva screaming does not win the Voice. And supporting stupid song choices like Take Me To Church, Creep and Dirty Diana aren’t going to help either. But I doubt she’ll learn from it.

          • Kaykhaslider says:

            I liked “Creep” and “Dirty Dianna, go figure, you didn’t. Sawyer sounds a lot like John Denver. The thing that sets him apart is his natural ability and the old school soul of the greats of another era. It’s the reason he has multi-generational and cultural support. That he will absolutely be the Voices’s first super-star is a given. Love this kid, but I also love other talents on the show, for very different reasons. I like the stage performer and the 16 year old with her own unique sound. What I can’t understand are the mostly supposedly moralistic adults who harass the other contestants, some of them teenagers. Just because million of people like ” cherry jelly beans” doesn’t make the other flavors bad. Other people like those other flavors no matter how unpopular.

          • Tyler says:

            I didn’t say I didn’t like them. I actually like the songs that were sung by the original artists. But I thought they were stupid song CHOICES.

          • You’re a hater. The songs from team Xtina were good till now.
            And you’re talking nonsense about screaming, how do you explain Meghan? She screams more than everyone else this season.

            Pressed housewives don’t like Xtina cause she’s an assertive woman who knows what she wants. The best example was at season 2, she said to Tony Lucca he was one dimensional (bland and repetitive week after week, the HONEST TRUTH), after that he stepped out his comfort zone singing Baby One More Time, but instead of being thankful, Tony and Adam resolved to paint Christina as a villain creating intrigues with her every week till the final episode. Tony was at the finals only because of this childish fight, because Katrina Parker was so much more worthy, America chose her, but Adam gave more points to Tony go on.

            Kimberly made good song choices, and she was the best this season, but, unfortunately, another assertive woman that pressed housewives usually dislike. Sawyer is good, but he is also one dimensional, he sings the same way every week, again and again. I really don’t understand America choosing him as The Voice.

      • CHB says:

        America blew it for her, because it can’t handle women of that caliber.

        • dstein4000 says:

          You hit the nail on the head! And I would have to add women of color to that – Amanda Brown, Judith Hill, Vicci Martinez, The list goes on and on. Tessanne managed to break that because she had a huge amount of support from Jamaica.

          • A.R. Vega says:

            My boss, who is black, just said that black people don’t vote and that’s why it happens. Let’s face it, white people are more inclined to vote and hence why they make it above women of color. #facethefacts

          • @AR Vega: There’s no need to make it about race, especially considering your statement is some next level racism.

            I could not care less what color skin a performer has, and I’m on a white viewer. This season, it’s been the complete other way if anything, as my favorites in the Top 6 were India, Kimberly and Koryn.

          • Arlene says:

            Please let’s not make this about colour. I was sick last night at Kimberly not being the first one saved and I was worried because she didn’t have a big week. I believe it is more to do with the judges popularity and the fact that a lot of Americans love country and western. We have one judge for c& w and three for the rest. xtina had two competitors and her votes got split. A real shame, I really respect and like xtina but Blake is popular and so is Farrel. As for talent Kimberly is the best of the bunch and I’m sure Farrel will be scooping her up as well as other big names. Please, please don’t think this is about colour. It is about the judges popularity only.

          • UBSD says:

            india won because of that celebrity who has like 3m followers. i forgot his name, it was ansel or something. stupid thirsty twitter fangirls. they need to be eliminated in this world.

          • Tyler says:

            IMO Kimberly got eliminated because of her constant diva screaming. And America was turned off by her Dirty Diana performance. Plain and simple. If Kimberly sang Amazing Grace–she would still be on the show. I guarantee it.

          • shawnuel says:

            Don’t forget Sisaundra. That woman could BLOW!

          • shawnuel says:

            Vicci Martinez just doesn’t have a very good voice.

          • Kaykhaslider says:

            Please don’t make this about color. No FEMALE “soul sing” has ever made top three.

        • sunshyne77 says:

          I believe it was about song choice. Some songs don’t click. She really got everyone’s attention with What’s Up and Creep. Sawyer is the only contestant whose performance or song has no bearing on voters. His fans will vote for him no matter what. He has a sweet, mellow spirit that people are drawn to. I do admire his commitment to being true to who he is and I believe Pharrell helps him and Koryn grow in ways that the public does not see. Pharrell is a top producer right now and that takes good instincts, They can stop the competition now and give Sawyer his prize.

        • sunshyne77 says:

          Sawyer is the only contestant whose performance or song has no bearing on voters. His fans will vote for him no matter what. He has a sweet, mellow spirit that people are drawn to. I do admire his commitment to being true to who he is and I believe Pharrell helps him and Koryn grow in ways that the public does not see. Pharrell is a top producer right now and that takes good instincts, They can stop the competition now and give Sawyer his prize.

        • Violet says:

          I respectfully disagree. I love powerful women, but I did not find Kimberly likeable, and I would find her voice grating if I had to listen to an album of it. She has great stage presence, and does know how to perform. I just don’t find her voice pleasing at all, so the voting is a matter of taste.

          • Violet says:

            My disagreement is not with the comment above mine. It’s with the one that said American blew it by not voting for Kimberly.

          • @Violet…..I agree with you. Kimberly is harsh and it gets old if you hear it a lot. Also, Free Falling was a poor choice for Kimberly. She already has a thin tone quality and it is made worse with a continual eeee vowel sound as in “Freeeee, free falling.” You must hide your weaknesses and accent your strengths!!

          • Birdy says:

            I tend to agree with you, Violet. I really liked a few of her performances, but week after week of the belting-it-out and theatrical performances got to be just too much. I could never listen to an entire album by her. It would wear me out. I could say the same of some of the other divas, too, so it’s just not her. And I think her choice of songs this week were very poor. It would have been nice to hear her dial it back and do some songs that required some subtlety. Does she not know how to do that? (Again, same could be said of others, including some who are gone now and a couple who remain.)

          • KP Wannaknow says:

            You are correct Violet. Plus she seemed to think that she was a diva and that is a complete turn-off.

          • Yes I got tired of hearing her voice. Everything the same. Same with Josh

          • Violet says:

            Thanks, guys. I thought I was alone in my assessment. :-)

          • Julie says:

            I agree. I’ve always felt that way about Celine Dion. I know she can sing, but I dislike her voice and every song she’s ever released. It’s obviously a matter of individual preference.

          • mae says:

            So you are saying that all the folks that liked her suddenly didn’t like her on that night. BS! Just like Sawyers fan would vote for him whatever he sang Kimberly’s would do the same.

          • Kaykhaslider says:

            I like “ROCKERS” and stage productions. This rock ballerina does it for me. been following her for years. You ain’t seen nothing, she toned it down quite a bit for the voice. You will probably never go to her shows. I tell ya’ her kind of music is suppose to be Ugly, Beautiful. You love it or you hate it. It is what it is. a couple of days off the Voice, and she was already back on stage.

        • Birdy says:

          I think that’s baloney. And I’m a woman.

      • JT says:

        I really loved CWB’s song tonight. And it’s already charting on I-Tunes. Maybe the Voice has their first big star…

      • Jenna says:

        Christina herself did not blow it, America did. I guarantee she wanted Kimberly to win the save and expected her to. India is very talented, but she has been very weak the last few weeks and will not win. She is almost guaranteed to be gone next week, unless she has a standout performance and Joshua goes home. Regardless Christina just lost her last chance at winning this season, which is a shame. She had a very good team this year, but America loves Sawyer and he will win.

        • I agree, Sawyer is going to win. He’s really a remarkable talent.

          • Shelley says:

            Sawyer is a sweet breath of fresh air in this competition. His voice has more purity and power than that of the late John Denver. He is not jaded. He is entirely the total package as he stands there with his guitar. When he sings……………..everyone listens.

          • Yes he reminds me of John Denver but John Denver could sing. Had a better voice. Sawyer is really warbbly and no range what so ever

          • Jill Moy says:

            I’m not saying Sawyer isn’t good, but he’s no John Denver! Denver had range; this kid has no range whatsoever! He sings in monotone, no highs, no lows. He may win because he’s popular on social media, etc. To me, this should be about talent and Sawyer is just ok, nothing more. To me, he doesn’t sound like John Denver, PERIOD! I just don’t understand how on the blinds the chairs turned in 1 second. That is comical! He’s good but not worthy of WINNING THE VOICE….NO WAY! But it is a popularity contest, not a true talent contest. At least as a winner he is 1,000 times better than JAX A$$, who may win AI! That would be a joke. At least Sawyer basically, can sing. It wouldn’t bother me if Sawyer won!

        • Pennagirl65 says:

          I just don’t see the love for Sawyer or Megan. Sawyer is talented but not that talented, Megan …. wow…she’s not in it to win it.

          • With Megan it’s non-stop head voice which is really annoying. It’s also upsetting because she probably has as much range and dynamic as anyone in the competition, but she just won’t use it because she’s learned, or been coached, that loud = better. Nevermind the fact that you get no meaning or feel from her songs.

          • She is a screamer and every song sounds the same

          • Jill Moy says:

            MEGHAN IS TERRIBLE. She, I still say would be better to play Frankenstein’s Monster’s Bride in the remake of THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN! But, producers may feel she
            isn’t pretty enough to plat the role!

      • Birdy says:

        You’re right about Kimberly being an exciting performer, but the performance should not take precedence over the singing voice. I really don’t see how anyone can think that Kimberly showed a better singing voice than India Monday and Tuesday nights.

        • Alas, Kimberly chose a song that made it sound like she was shouting, not singing; and that did her in. As soon as I heard her, I knew India was going to make it through. I predict a knockout performance by India and India vs. Sawyer in the finals, with Sawyer taking the trophy.

          • I predict either Sawyer and Koryn for the top 2 or EEEEK! Megan(who I dont like and Sawyer in the top 2. Just because Blake has tons of voters! But I hope its India or Koryn in the top with Sawyer!

          • Birdy says:

            So true about Kimberly, George Baldwin. This week and many weeks before. Sawyer is my #1 pick to win, and India #2. Not sure she’ll make it to the finals, but Sawyer will!

          • margo1949 says:

            I sure hope not. Just not feeling it with Sawyer or Josh.

          • Sharon says:

            I agree Megan needs to go. It is not a sign of talent if all you can do is scream through every single song you sing even something as beautiful as “Amazing Grace” could have been without the screaming. She has no diversity and she really is too old for this competition. Blake goofed because she is a friend of his and if for some reason she wins that will be why not because she is the most talented. I would never buy her music and mute my tv when she on because i can’t stand to listen to her.

        • Nedsdag says:

          It’s too bad that Kimberly sang “Seven Nation Army” as her save song. She should’ve sang it Monday night.

        • Jill Moy says:

          Meant *PLAY* the role!

      • UBSD says:

        it baffles me why people blindly worship sawyer like he is a vocal god or something. are they liking him because everyone else is? they seriously need to get their ears checked. SAWYER has half an octave range, he has no stage presence, he is always predictable, and HE CANT SING. all he has is a beautiful (yet goaty, nasal) tone. america is full of stupid people who bash people for their looks (meghan and kim for example) while they are THE VOICE. this world is full of judgemental people who criticise people WAAAAY more talented than them. what a shame.

        • Fuego says:

          did you realize when you were writing this you were in fact bashing a simple child of 16 from upstate NY. Who where I come from would be picked on for his looks. The kid is amazing and if you can’t see that you do not know music. You criticized Sawyer just like others would criticize Meghan or Kim. The real reason ppl are disappointed is because all 6 singers are impeccable and it is coming down to preference now. ps. Meg is only on the show because of Blake’s popularity

          • Fuego Thank you I could not have said it better!

          • JM1 says:

            UBSD was criticizing Sawyer’s VOICE, not looks, on a show called THE VOICE, and I do think it’s valid to discuss our feelings about their voices.

            Personally, I don’t think any of these singers warrant really harsh criticism, and Sawyer can, in fact, sing. That said, is he a wee bit overrated? Yep.

          • Sharon says:

            Very True!

        • Newbie says:

          “they seriously need to get their ears checked. SAWYER has half an octave range, he has no stage presence, he is always predictable, and HE CANT SING.”

          “this world is full of judgemental people who criticise people WAAAAY more talented than them. what a shame.”


      • Kim says:

        I agree with that about her being boring heck Corey Kent White was better then her and so was Kimberly but yet both of them got voted off.

      • mae says:

        Christina didn’t blow it. She had the best singer on the show in Kimberly. The show and tenny boppers blew it. There is NO WAY India sang better than Kimberly and that tweet save is a joke! How can you say the “fans” saved India when only people on the East coast who have twitter can vote. I don’t have twitter and the West coast fans don’t even get to vote to save. Unless ALL fans can vote they need to do away with the save. Kimberly should not have even been in the bottom. How do we know where her songs fell on itunes, we only know what they tell us. She was eliminated for the sole reason to remove compitition cause NONE of those 5 left can outsing her. How does a person go from never being in the bottom 3 all season to being voted off. FIXED, YES.

    • Nancy says:

      There is seriously no reason to watch the season anymore. And typical. Every year talented women lay it on the line and get stepped on. Ugh. I hate you twitter idiots.

      • Runner says:

        I thought Kimberly would win in a landslide. There was all kinds of wrong with India’s vocal tonight. I wonder if the whole rocker thing didn’t feel current enough. #annoyed

      • OhMy says:

        They love goaty voices.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Which would explain why Sawyer hits the top 10 on iTunes each and every week!

          • newsdee says:

            Sawyer has that teen following that you can’t really beat. Two weeks ago he really messed up a song and it became an instant top 10!! It is what it is. I simply hoped to see a really good singer like Kimberly Nichole make it to the finals. There ‘s no way that anybody will beat Sawyer (I’m happy for Pharrell!)

          • fat says:

            Thats the thing where tweens and teens witht theit obsession over Bieber, 1D and the likes prioritise looks and adorableness over pure raw amazing talent

          • Sam says:

            I, too am not a teen but a silver fox and don’t have a twitter account. BUT Sawyer is awesome and a shoe-in for Season 8.

          • vargento says:

            Not a teen and love Sawyer’s songs!!

          • TC says:

            sorry newsdee, but Sawyer’s fanbase is made up of people of all ages. My 70 something parents love him, my friend’s 10 year old adores him and my work colleagues (most in their 30’s and 40’s) vote for him. He appeals to all ages…..

          • Fuego says:

            newsdee: Sawyer hasn’t sang any current songs. Have you missed how well mannered and how old his soul is throughout this whole show. I don’t think he messed up any songs, but even if he did lets remember that he is 16.

        • JM1 says:

          It’s def the season of the goaty voices!

        • Nancy says:

          Exactly — a goaty voice = a thin veneer of vocal pyrotechniques that masquerades as talent. Versus a deep reservoir of power, charisma, artistry generated by soul + intelligence. Aka: Kimberly. Does Sawyer have soul? A sense of artistry? Apparently America prefers the blank stare of a blue-eyed boy who, week after week, looks exactly the same and performs by standing still, mouth open wide.

          • Cassie Moede says:

            I am NOT a “tween/teen” but a musical fan in my 40’s… Sawyer carries a deep presence and level of maturity of an old soul. I don’t care for the “howling” sameness of others… I don’t care for Indias nor Koryns voice AT ALL? I couldn’t sit through an album and that is what I seek… a talent. Have you ever been to a LIVE PERFORMANCE of any type? performers “mess us”all the time–I love that Sawyer isn’t performing “karaoke” but PERFORMING

          • Roger says:

            That’s why they call the show “The Voice!”

          • You sound like an idiot. The kid has only just begun his musical career. By the way I am well into my 50’s.

          • UBSD says:

            sawyer’s worshippers need a huge slap in the face. that might make them wake up and see and hear better.

          • Everyone who thinks Sawyer can’t sing or has no soul or has no voice needs to ask themselves why, EVERY SINGLE WEEK, Sawyer is in the top ten of itune downloads. This week his two songs were numbers 2 and 10 on iTunes!!! No one else was in the top ten !!! He has a wonderful magnetic voice and can put as much true soul and feeling into a song as one of the greats, like an Adele. If you can’t see and hear what he has, you are not musical enough to even comment on here…but go ahead and show your stupidity!!

          • You lost it with “AKA Kimberly.” She is a performer like many many others. Years of honing her stage presence, but without a truly distinctive sound!! And this show is called “THE VOICE.” That’s why she is GONE and Sawyer was the first saved last night!!
            And a child who is capable of the soul, charisma and artistry that he has is very very rare.
            Sorry you cannot see what is right there in front of you. You have no fine ear for music, but so do most people. Listen the next time people sing “Happy Birthday” and you will find that most people (like you probably) cannot sing !!!!

          • Nancy says:

            @Steve Brister. I do love your passionate response. But … don’t speculate about what you don’t know. (i.e., whether or not I have an ear for music or an ability to sing. You just might find that I’m a working professional in the music industry.) The cliche applies here: people have different tastes. Every week, Kimberly was different and differently amazing. Sawyer bores me. He merely opens his mouth. Sounds come out. People like you happen to be mesmerized. I am not. I, instead, would like to give him a haircut.

      • CHB says:

        Kimberly Nichole is soooooooo head and shoulders above any of the rest of the contestants. She has the voice of a legend, the swagger of Jagger, the style of a panther, the soul of an artist. Really, I am so disappointed with America’s lack of taste and vision. Hopefully Clive Davis was pulling her aside after the show and offering her a mulitmillion dollar contract.

        • Kathy says:

          You said it all.

        • analythinker says:

          I don’t mean to burst your bubbles, but I don’t think anyone in this era gets a multimillion dollar contract anymore. Also, Kim’s age and genre preferences these days probably prevent that from happening even more.

          • Julie says:

            I don’t even think JHud can get a song on the radio without singing with a “rapper”. I use that term loosely for Iggy.

        • JMay says:

          CHB: Someone needs to sign her and quick.

        • jennilee says:

          That would be amazing!

        • Segwii says:

          many yeses to this

        • nr says:

          Don’t know about shady Clive Davis, BUT you said it all …. Kimberly is incredible and seems like a beautiful soul on the inside as well. I thought it was tough when Mia Z left. This one hurt so much more.

          • Jill Moy says:


            You’ve got marble mouth Mia Z and the screamer Kimberly….what a combination! These 2 are going NOWHERE….maybe to singing in bars!

          • Kaykhaslider says:

            Kimberly Nicole has been making a pretty good living.,”Singing in bars”. Some of the Top Clubs in NYC. European tours, all that. A week after the Voice, she was back on stage in a SRO house with a Famous rock band. Go figure, she must really stink, “huh”?

        • KP Wannaknow says:

          @ CHB, you need to immediately seek medical help for your inability to hear correctly also a trip to a good psychiatrist seems to be in order as you have lost touch with reality.

        • Birdy says:

          Even the great Jagger knows how to tone it down and be soft, soulful, and touching when the lyrics and music call for it. Kimberly seemed to go full blast, all out, most of the time. Where’s her versatility?

        • Kaykhaslider says:

          2nd, notthe head and shoulders part, but all the rest yes!!!!!

      • The problem is a lot of people dont do twitter or want it or have it, so it doesnt help all the votes! So I think a huge fraction of people arent involved in twitter so its almost like incomplete voting!

        • cathycmn says:

          so – what I don’t get is when I watch the Voice on the west coast – it already says the voting in closed. How does that work ? how are people in Pacific time zone supposed to vote ?

          • Cathycmn, I am west coast also! I think you have to be near a computer around the time it airs there or follow on twitter. If it airs at 8 over there you have to be involved 3 hrs prior here on west coast, by computer voting or on twitter and vote at that time that carson says to vote! I Guess, but that is what I heard.

        • Jill Moy says:

          HEY BECCA,

          I’ve always said I didn’t like Kim! To ME she had an irritating, screaming high pitched voice! She was to much with her crazy tone!

          Because of you I watch the show! I only saw India when I said on the blog when she did her blind, that she is the winner! Well, if she doesn’t finish 2nd or better, my long standing streak of first or runnerup on all shows is over! I need Nick over on AI to finish the same way to keep streak alive!

          I’m not a big fan of Sawyer! To me he sings in monotone, not much range and sounds the same on every song. Even when his performance isn’t very good, he sells well! I guess it’s a popularity contest anyway! I respect your opinion! Your 2 original picks you loved were Sawyer and Cody! Cody was very good and got robbed!

          As for Megan and Josh, they are not very good! But, Joshua was good for awhile! Maghan, aka, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER, is just horrible! How is this terrible singer here! Michael gives her an A on one song! OUTRAGEOUS!

          I also think when a singer talks when not necessary, or something else turns off voters (this underwear thing with Kim), the contestant gets eliminated! Had that not happened, I believe Kim would have got the save! I think Michael puts the wammy on the save situation LOL……he’s only won 1 save when he tweets….LOL!

          So, we’ll see what happens on both shows! Idol is boring, BORING! That JAX A$$ is the worst ever! If she wins, AI will be the laughing stock of the industry! And I thought Fantasia was bad!

          • Jill Moy says:


            I’d like Sawyer better if he didn’t have that empty look on his face and to ME, his smile is unattractive! He’s a good kid! We can’t always agree but maybe 98% of the time! We even in the past have agreed on singers others dislike! Sawyer is popular, he’ll be hard to beat! I just hope India starts singing well again! It’s coming down to the finish line!

          • 1) Stop yelling.

            2) Stop crying about a television show. If you put this energy toward something production you could probably be on the 2016 Presidential Election ticket.

          • Jill Ughh! Yes idol is boring. I have never stopped watching before because of boredom. Everyone else says this top 4 is sooo great. I dont think so at all! Everyone interesting went home!

          • Newbie says:

            Seriously though…if you end EVERY SENTENCE with an exclamation point, they lose all meaning. You know that right? Mix it up once in a while. A few periods, maybe even a semi-colon if you want to get all fancy-pants on us. But for pete’s sake, enough with the !!!!!!!!!!

            Or not, just a suggestion. k, bye.

          • Simon says:

            Wait, really? You don’t like Jax? I never would have guessed!

    • When she ‘crotch rubbed’ approx 1 min into her performance last night… I thought immediately at the time… wow, she does not want to win… she is only using the show to inroad into a certain genre. This is primarily a family show and crotch rubbing does not go over very well.

    • dlraetz says:

      Honestly thought Kim would win without breaking a sweat. I hate the Twitter sZve

    • BobbieJo says:

      What many of you naive folks fail to realize is that many of us use the Twitter save as a tool to eliminate the strongest competition. I and a huge group who have supported a certain contestant still in the running since the very beginning jump at the chance to make sure any minor roadblocks are removed as soon as possible. The two we wanted out starting Top 12 were Mia Z and Kimberly and we finally pulled it off!! Now there is no competition left and the deserving winner will be crowned here in a few weeks!

      • newsdee says:

        “The deserving winner” couldn’t win without trickery??? Now that’s sad. Obviously “the deserving winner” doesn’t deserve to win.

        • trimaran12 says:

          When there is a public vote, people are able to vote however they want, for whatever reason they want. Doesn’t matter who is more marketable or deserving, trickery happens.

          • The issue isn’t the trickery, but rather the claim that they are THE deserving winner, but needed trickery to win.

            If they really thought they were deserving, why wouldn’t just voting for them suffice?

        • Mariah says:

          Boom. Totally agree.

        • BobbieJo says:

          Don’t hate the players, hate the game, darling. I would of course vote to save my favorite had he ended up in the bottom but since that hasn’t happened it’s all about strategizing in the meantime! I am just giving everyone a head’s up so they know in the future that the SAVE isn’t always about saving someone. It is used for other reasons by many. Now with Mia Z and Kim gone the Top 5 is just how I wanted it. Four dull contestants who form a big lump of plain vanilla ice cream and my favorite (and clearly the best!) being the chocolate swirl running through it that gives it real flavor.

          • JM1 says:

            Golf claps for you, Bobbie Jo.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Oh, you love Koryn too? Awesome!

          • BobbieJo says:

            I have never once perceived Koryn as a real threat. For starters, she has always been second banana to the real star on Pharrell’s team. Second, she is repetitive and people are tiring of her wobbly voice, depressed looking pout face and seizures every single performance. Third, she served a temporary purpose in the greater good by snatching some of the “diva” vote away from Kimberly. Now that Kimberly is gone and Koryn is no longer of any use, she is welcome to go at any time.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            By clearly the best are you talking about the long haired singer who performs as if the he were the winning exhibit in a robotics”create a soulless singer” competition. Sorry but if he is as you say the “deserving” winner then you shouldn’t have to resort to twitter rigging(although this boast that you have a large enough group to effect the vote seems bogus to me anyhow) but you shouldn’t have to resort to trying to get rid of the stronger contestants anyhow. But lets be clear about something, his TMTTR last night was one of the worse and cheesiest performance by any contestant this entire season, he completely sucked every ounce of soul out of a classic. Children of the Corn sings Al Green, sorry not entertaining.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Koryn is repetitive, but you’re supporting Sawyer? You do realize Sawyer has given the same exact performance each and every stage of the game, right?

          • BobbieJo says:

            For starters BOB, I never said there was a large group. There are a little over 300 of us and we had about 200 last season pulling for Craig Wayne Boyd. We have an email list, develop a plan early on and follow protocol from there. It’s quite easy and apparently effective since we helped to clinch the victory for Craig last season with our thousands of votes and tweets per week plus iTunes purchases. People kept wondering how Ryan Sill made it so far. Well guess what? We tweeted like crazy to keep him around as long as possible. This year has been much easier though. The only singers we actively tried to get rid of were Mia Z and Kimberly and they ended up easier to eliminate than we ever imagined! India has worked perfectly as a pawn this year. Actually she should get down on her knees and thank us personally because we are the ONLY reason she is still in the competition. Last week she won by 2 tweets and we sent her hundreds knowing with Corey gone, most of his votes would transfer to our favorite (i.e. the Season 8 The Voice Champion!). Now victory is totally 100 percent assured.

          • Mack_attack says:

            I love Sawyer & am glad to see Kim gone, but this whole ‘plan’ seems a little much to me. Why do you think that you should be able to engineer a strategy to ensure a win for your favorite? And if it were true, why would you give away your plan before the end? Smh

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            wow imagine what you and your merry little band of insaniacs could accomplish if you put all that time and energy into something useful like solving world hunger, or finding a good group rate for the psychiatric help you all obviously need. I don’t know too much about this but I am told if you line the bottom of your doors and windows with tin foil, it stops the voices from coming in, you should give it a try.

          • BobbieJo says:

            You people can say whatever silly gibberish you want but our thousands of votes, tweets and iTunes purchases make a huge difference. If we hadn’t gotten together to mass vote for India the first time she was in the bottom, Corey would have lasted another week and then Kimberly would have easily beat him in votes. We made sure that scenario did not happen and I couldn’t be happier about it!! India and her fans should bow down and personally thank us for what we did for them! Though no one can stop our boy at this point (WE made sure of that!), the icing on the cake would be for India to inherit Kim’s votes and then knock Koryn right out of the competition. I don’t like the idea of Pharrell having to waste his time praising Koryn on finale night when ALL attention should be on the rightful and deserving winner of Season 8 of The Voice!

          • Ma Megs says:

            Wow…wow…you are making my case for me. The Voice needs to get rid of two things for next season: the twitter save is one of them. Just my opinion, but votes should be based on merit. Yes, it is a popularity contest, but that is sort of the point. If you want to say that Kimberly should go home because of her style of singing, or poor song choice, I get that. Just to weigh in, I support Sawyer too. I just don’t agree with manipulating the vote in this way.

        • I completely agree with you. I miss Mia Z like crazy, and it really upsets me that people think that she might have one if not for jealous haters purposely kicking her off. No wonder Koryn stayed longer on Team Pharrell than she did. I love Sawyer, don’t get me wrong, but if people purposely voted Koryn through instead of Mia Z, just to insure that Sawyer wouldn’t have intense competition to face, that is extremely upsetting to me. I really hoped for top 3 to be Mia Z, Hannah, and Sawyer. But since the elimination of two of those contestants, I have started pulling for India more and more. She or Sawyer should win. If y’all think voting India through means an instant win, for Sawyer, think again. I love them both, but I feel like the more times India ends up in the bottom, the more passionate she gets and the fight in their eyes her fans get, and that may be the very thing that kills the chances of your precious Sawyer, which is not necessarily something I’m happy about bc I do like Sawyer, as previously mentioned, but it would teach y’all jealous haters out there a good lesson if India takes home the prize! And those of us who love an underdog, especially one with a killer voice and stage presence and oodles of creativity like her, will throw our own private party, no haters allowed!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Even Reba told Mia Z (ZOMBIE) that her words one can’t understand. She sounded like she had a mouth full of marbles MARBLE MOUTH). So get over it….she’s gone and we won’t be hearing from this ug mug!

      • Gailer says:

        Wow, wasn’t even thinking of that, a sorta vote for the worst via twitter. Indias win certainly helps the other teams and hurts XTinas team.

        • BobbieJo says:

          Kimberly was obviously a bigger threat to pull off a showstopper than India. Now Xtina has a 0% chance of winning and will be extremely lucky to even get India into the finale. I know some people may get mad at this, but I will admit that I voted for India (who I don’t like at all) specifically because I wanted Kim out of the competition just like I voted for Deanna specifically to eliminate Mia Z. Like it or not, it’s time to come out in the open and admit this is actually a big part of the entire “save” process.

          • Choir Girl says:

            Wow, Bobbie Jo…are you for real? Your rants sound like the dialogue of some moustache-twirly villain on a children’s sitcom.

          • BobbieJo, You sound like someone who gets up early, says “I wish it was light out” and then thinks she is responsible for the sunrise.

            Your favorite Sawyer is the overwhelming favorite. He’s going to win. There is no need for shenanigans.

          • BobbieJo says:

            Choir Girl and Amy Beth, green is not a very good color on you! And of course Sawyer is going to win! I hope the other contestants realize how fortunate they are to be sharing the same stage with a him as he will be the most successful person ever to come from this show!!

          • JM1 says:

            I could be wrong (I am not wrong), but I’m pretty sure no one is sitting around being envious of you, Bobbie Jo. Worried for your sanity, perhaps.

          • Jill Moy says:


            BEST EVER????STOP SMOKIN’! He has no range and sings in monotone!

      • danin says:

        Ooo, you tricky naive devil..that’s the oldest trick in the playbook.What you don’tknow is many of us have been aware of this since Season 1 of Idol.

      • Jules says:

        BobbieJo… do know there will be a wildcard vote again this season don’t you??? Don’t get too cocky. Kimberly will more than likely be back. Sawyer will win regardless, not because of you and your band of merry morons but because of I-Tunes. I love Pharrell so I’ll be happy for HIM but Sawyer is boring. Talented but boring and predictable. You know he’s gonna wear a hat. You know he’s gonna play the guitar and you know he’s gonna sing something folksey. And yet he will still win as it ALWAYS goes with these types of shows.

      • Simmer says:

        I Am naive! I didn’t have a clue. Even though sawyer is my favorite I still voted for Kimberly and still would. She is amazing

        • Jac says:

          Ditto! I love Kimberly and never really factored in the deviousness of others … wow, still smh on that revelation!

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, good for you, but I don’t think most voters care so deeply that they would concoct and execute a season-long plot. Kimberly could have won this save if she’d picked a different song.

        • BobbieJo says:

          Apparently they care enough to come here and whine around when their favorites get cut though, don’t they? Their lack of commitment to their “favorites” are what’s sending them home early.

          • Wow I never really thought of the strategy of the twitter thing like Bobby Jo is explaining! But it totally makes sense almost like” vote for the worst” to get rid of all competition! I still think these shows should not have a twitter save and go back to just normal voting! sawyer is still my favorite, but I also like Koryn! Remember the old days when we could only vote 10 votes over the phone? The old days of AI. Also very shocked Megan is around and Kimberly isnt! Never would have guessed that would happen!

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            Commitment? hmmm maybe something you should start to consider. I work in a hospital that has an excellent psych program, I think you should check into it because I get the feeling that if somehow Sawyer doesn’t win, you might just launch yourself off the Tallahatchie Bridge Bobbie Jo.

          • saucie says:

            YEP. ^^

      • Shannon says:

        A contestant in the bottom 2/3 has basically zero chance of winning the season …

      • tex says:

        Do you master manipulators think that Sawyer is going to get the Kimberly votes? Or do you think those people just won’t vote anymore?

        • Rbennie says:

          I think that India is going to receive the bulk of Kimberly’s voters and that will boost her into the final 4.

      • Becky says:

        You are sad for even posting that. You say you help eliminate the “strongest” competition, but that a “deserving” winner will be crowned? That makes no sense. You need to reevaluate your life if this is what you do. I can only agree with your assessment of Koryn. If your favorite artist is truly STRONG enough to put on great performances and win LEGIT votes to stay, then that’s what the show in intended for.

      • Nancy says:

        @BobbieJo: What a nice life you must be enjoying. Looking for ways to undermine and cheat, and then puffing yourself up with pride. You go girl! Oh, and, yes — relish that smarmy ugliness!! You wear it so well.

      • Birdy says:

        BobbieJo, that is one of the most bizarre, childish, ridiculous, and mean-spirited things I’ve ever read. One should vote for an artist because one wants that artist to win. Not to try and get rid of the competition. The best will win, regardless. You sound like a fourth grader out in the school yard getting her friends to gang up on one of the “unpopular” kids. Sheesh. Let’s at least be adults in this voting thing.

      • mae says:

        For someone like myself who is 72 years wise I am not naive by a long shot. In fact I posted several times that Kimberly was voted off to eliminate the compitition.

      • mae says:

        @BobbleJo-If Sawyer is so great why would you need to eliminate the compition? That says to me that he is not so great because if he was then he would fairly beat the compition. When folks feel the need to eliminate someone in order for another to win, that is not winning but winning by default. So Sawyer can explain to folks that he only won because the compitition was eliminated due to his fans being dishonest. Great lesson to teach the kid.

    • JT says:

      Kimberly made POOR song choices — should have danced with the one that brought her. Every year you get someone trying to show America “a different side” get shown to the door instead. Usually it’s someone on Adam’s Team…

      • Smokey says:

        Right, song choices are the real key. Even though they may have a big powerful voice,,,,,,,If all the singer wants to do is continually chase after Carrie, Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah, Whitney, Kelly, Alicia, etc/the Diva chase—. and show no crafty, different, appealing song choices— they eventually get busted………………………

        When the coach or the Judges or the contestants friends and family push them to do something that is out of the strong part of their wheelhouse, or changes the “character” the voters have been getting familiar with,,,,, take a big risk,,,— bam, boom, pow — the singer falls-out of favor. Their fans are outraged, the voters are stupid and tone deaf……
        and it was all predictable when one has seen enough of these shows over time….. Many of us knew that Kimberly would not win, due to the nuances of how these shows work. Adam almost got Joshua eliminated by asking him to do a song that had little appeal a couple weeks ago. ……………………………….

        Years ago Colton was a big fav on Idol, did a silly song in a weird looking outfit, to show his showman side,…bam, gone. Pia sings sweeping ballads at the mic, doesn’t run around, always easily safe – Judges convince her to “expand, take a risk”, so she dances and runs around the stage while trying to sing, in a dress…..bam, gone. Kimberly went a little out-of-her wheelhouse/character in the song choices and fell to bottom 2 — then twitter becomes the only voting method, nobody else has a choice.

    • Gina B says:

      Am I the only one who noticed that Ansel Elgort promised to follow anyone who retweeted to save India? #VoiceSaveIndia is still trending even now bc of his fangirls trying get follows.

      • TrueConfessions says:

        Also BassCannonKaplan aka Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix was tweeting his 225K followers to vote for & save India. Apparently she’s his good friend & a director/counselor of A Cappella Academy.

      • Cy says:

        It seems they went to the same school.

    • Jill Moy says:

      BOY, I SEE THE TROLLS ARE OUT TONIGHT! You all attacked me before I posted up anything! Oh well, I guess you all can’t handle my comments coming true!

      I knew for obvious reasons Kimmy was going! But, when the singoff began for the save, anyone who knew Michael was pushing for Kim to be saved knew she would be history! The odds of him winning 2 saves in a row is huge! I love his comments but for some strange reason, his save picks don’t win, not 2 in a row, I doubt ever!

      Come up for air trolls! Let me comment first, then attack! You are all members of THE MOMMY AND DADDY DEAREST CLUB! I WILL SAY ONE THING: PLEASE, NO WIRE HANGERS!

      • Jill Moy says:


        • Jill Moy says:

          We need MEGHAN (TBOFM) and JOSHUA, both who have never been good, to leave, then we have our top 3! Especially the wannabe 28 year old (she looks 40), who is terrible AT BEST! She can sing at, perhaps, funerals! The plastic surgeons are waiting….what a face!

          • Sharon says:

            I agree Megan needs to go home ASAP. Too old,too loud. Why is she still there? Just because of Blake??? I put the tv on mute when it’s her turn to sing.

          • Ur a douch says:

            lmao, go keep bashing meghan! it makes me laugh how all you do in life is say non-constructive criticisms. she is actually the only person left who can sing. and why even bother comment on others singing when u dont even have any music related knowledge? MEGHAN can knock whoever your favorite is out of the water. Also, she is richer, more successful, and more talented than you ever will be. YOU DISGUST ME.

          • shawnuel says:

            Meghan is 29. How is that old? Wish I was that “old” again.

      • Jill For me I dont care one way or the other about Kim Or India, because I think Koryn is better. Im surprised though,that Megan is there over Kimberly, because I think Megan is the worst. I do like Kimberly and India better than Megan!

    • UBSD says:

      those who bash the best artist left (meghan) because sawyer or another is their favorite, NEED TO BE KILLED WITH FIRE.

      • UBSD Hey everyone has their favorite and everyone who has a favorite is bashing everyone else. now that its top 4 , I guess no one is playing nice in the sandbox!

    • Julie says:

      Most people couldn’t even hear the sing-off because you can’t watch it live unless you’re on the East Coast.

  2. Kim Moores says:

    Love India, I really do.
    I just really, really, REALLY wanted Kim to go through instead.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      India had a really good night last night. It was her best night of the live shows. You wouldn’t know it from reading this board or Slezak’s review, but she did very very well. Kimberly unfortunately flopped a bit despite a truly stellar body of work.
      I just wish the singoff would have been Kimberly and Joshua. She would have eaten him for a snack.

      • Kim Moores says:

        I know India had the better night…but I really just enjoy Kim on that stage much more…
        This is ridiculous.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I love them both. Hearing Joshua’s name called to safety was one of those gut-wrenching moments. I really hated seeing the two of them fighting for one spot when Joshua should have been in India’s place.

          • Mariah says:

            Seriously, Joshua sucks big time. Those two girls were a hell of a lot better than he will ever be & he should be off the show, not Kimberly.

          • JM1 says:

            That is, +100 to feeling gut-wrenched when Josh’s name was called. He doesn’t suck but he just shouldn’t be here anymore.

      • Greta says:

        Kimberly looked like she hadn’t slept a wink last night. I think the pressure was getting to her. I also thought (for the very first time) that India outsang her for the Twitter Save.

        • Kim Moores says:

          Can’t agree that India outsang her, but Kimberly probably didn’t go to sleep cause she was tweeting her voting stuff like…all night.

        • NotVirgin Mary says:

          The second half of the song was so overdone and I’m pretty sure I heard India botch runs. Kim was definitely better.

          • Alexis says:

            India over-embellishes pretty much everything with unnecessary runs. I guess it’s all she has in her bag of tricks since her musical identity is murky at best.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            She’s doing the runs because everyone keeps complaining about her vibrato. There’s no vibrato if the voice is moving quickly through a series of notes.

          • dlraetz says:

            India has no concept of how to let a note shine cleanly

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yes, she does. But sustained notes for a singer like her are going to have vibrato, which is what she’s trying to hold back. Her first two performances were awesome because she was singing with vibrato. And it finally came back again last night and voila, she sounds good again!

        • Birdy says:

          India definitely was better last night. Her lovely voice came through. I thought Kimberly’s performance was flat last night.

      • Christine says:

        Oh come on Angie. America always goes with the safer, most inoffensive option in these showdowns. India won over Kimberly because she’s less polarizing. Same reason Ra-yawn won over Qaasim, Joey and Quentin on Idol.

        • MC says:

          There’s plenty of truth in that statement.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          They do have a history of voting in the most milquetoast performers into the winner’s circle. Sad, but I can’t disagree with you.
          Now, Koryn is also inoffensive…. :) Just saying…

          • Christine says:

            None of the five left are anywhere near as bold and ballsy as Kimberly. Even though I think Kim deserved the save tonight and was robbed of the finale I hope Joshua goes home next week because he is limited and boring.

          • estelle borchardt says:

            Kimberly was the best, most talented on day one and is the best, most talented tonight.

        • Z says:

          You’re spot on Christine. And Kim’s a rocker chick as well! Too much for the public to embrace.

          • J. Scott says:

            India is talented, but Kimberly Nichole is dynamic! Too many times is the past people have chosen someone who is the equivalent of crustless Wonder Bread served with a side of white rice. A popular carb rush followed by an empty crash.

          • Ann Dye says:

            Too much sophistication for the teeny boppers who vote! Kimberly rules!

        • newsdee says:

          Now that’s the for real truth! I had a friend tell me that she didn’t like Kim because she acted too polished!!! Yikes!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ding ding ding! The best singer has never won this competition. Ever. Idol they occasionally win, but The Voice? Never.

          • Simon says:

            Angie, I would argue that Tessanne was the best singer on her season.

        • Runner says:

          LOL. Ra-yawn. I needed a laugh. thanks.

      • Birdy says:

        Angie, once again, I agree with you. Kimberly just didn’t get it done last night, and India did. But I admit to being perplexed over the one-sided POV on his board, including Slezak’s comments. One or two of Kimberly’s performances blew me away, especially House of the Rising Sun, but week after week of listening to her became tiring. I would liked to have seen her do something quieter, softer, and with fewer theatrics, so I could really, really hear the range of her voice. But I think India has the better pure singing voice. Kimberly got to be kind of “one note” for me (not literally, of course). She’s a great performer, but strictly as a vocalist, I think India’s better. At least she was better last night and the night before. I don’t understand Michael’s A rating for Kimberly for last night; I didn’t think she gave an “A” performance on that song. JMHO, of course.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Hmmm… that’s a tough one because I love them both. I would say Kimberly had much better control of her voice than India does. When Kimberly told her voice to do X, her voice would without fail do X. But her tone is a bit ordinary. India however has a gorgeous tone and a more agile voice, but what she’s lacking is control. India also really struggles on her top notes. If she was nailing all of her top notes, I don’t even think we’d be having this discussion.

          • Birdy says:

            I agree Kimberly has better control, but India’s beautiful tone trumps that for me. I also agree India has more agility. If she can gain that control, she’ll be unbeatable (and that’s coming from someone who’s supporting someone else–Sawyer–for the win).

      • Birdy says:

        India did have a great night, and was simply better than Kimberly. I don’t know what Slezak was watching…. I know he’s in love with Kim, but how could someone who writes about music not be able to look at this objectively?

  3. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    I am both heartbroken and shattered for the immediate smoking elimination of kimberly. I wish her all the luck in the world. Happy for india though

  4. Angie_Overrated says:

    Thrilled for India, but devastated for Kimberly.
    Should have been Joshua. That guy is in so far over his head at his point. But not even Desire could sink him. Huh?

    • analythinker says:

      I was okay with Joshua, but yeah, I wish it was him instead.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I was ok with Joshua for a minute after Budapest. Everything since Budapest has been unspectacular at best. India at least is on an upward trajectory (only to get eliminated next week with Joshua for a final three of Meghan, Koryn and the winner Sawyer).

        • Kim Moores says:

          It’s a final 4 finale if I recall correctly

        • analythinker says:

          Yeah, it’s written in the stone, heh. Although, in defense of Joshua (and the people that really like him), I feel what you feel towards Josh, but towards Sawyer. People really LIKE Sawyer and I don’t get that.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I did agree with you on Sawyer until his first performance last night. It was admittedly pretty good. I won’t be happy when he wins in two weeks, but I’m ok with it. If we could survive Danielle Bradberry, we too will survive this. :)

          • analythinker says:

            Ah, right, yeah. Or Cassadee Pope, in that matter. It was clear as day on her season. Anyway, will they accumulate votes or reset it in the finale?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            To quote Blake from last regarding Sawyer: “It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t friggin matter!!!”
            Reset of the votes or no reset of the votes, Sawyer wins. He could release a cover of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday Mr President and it would hit #1 on iTunes. The people on this board will be saying “Wow, that Sawyer really is a genius! I could feel his lust for the our former president in his expressive voice!”

          • analythinker says:

            LMAO. That does not compute: Sawyer lusting over the president. Or anyone else, for that matter.

          • JM1 says:

            I have nothing against Sawyer, I just think he still has a ways to go before he should be winning a show like this against singers the caliber of Kimberly, Meghan, et al.

          • analythinker says:

            Yes, I guess that’s the thing. He’s just not in there yet.

        • I loved Budapest. Joshua also was on the top ten in ITunes this week. He does have to do something dramatic next week to stay though

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I liked Budapest as well. But I haven’t liked a single thing he’s done since then. I think it would be pretty funny if he somehow wins the entire thing. I think I’d be laughing for at least an hour straight.

          • That would be funny. Sort of like Blake taking it with one contestant left last year.

  5. Evan says:

    Terrible. Just terrible. HOW, AMERICA?! HOW?! You ditch the most interesting contestant in the competition in favor of…Joshua and India?!?! I guess I’ll throw my support behind the best vocalist left (yes, you heard me), Meghan. Although this all seems to be in vain with Sawyer’s win looking more inevitable with Kimberly’s outrageous elimination. I thought these next few weeks would be entertaining leading up to that because at least I could see some great Kimberly performances but now….now what?

    • sara says:

      Because America is pathetic. Once again, they choose he boring white guys over the strong uber-talented black woman. Ridiculous.

      • Alison says:

        Totally agreed. This is the point in the show that I get so annoyed that I stop watching. America votes and the most talented, dynamic voices lose. Of course, ratings wise, it has got to help that all 4 coaches still have a singer in the competition. Too coincidental for me, given the vast discrepancy in talent. Kim vs Josh? Are you kidding?

    • When she ‘crotch rubbed’ approx 1 min into her performance last night… I thought immediately at the time… wow, she does not want to win… she is only using the show to inroad into a certain genre. This is primarily a family show and crotch rubbing does not go over very well.

    • Ann Dye says:

      Meghan is the second best alternative and country wins the Voice a lot!

      • Evan says:

        Yes, Meghan was one of my favorites right with Kimberly, so I’m certainly rooting for her now. As far as the “country” part goes, I wonder if she still gets the country vote. It helps that there are no country artists in the running, but she’s definitely not 100% country, which could turn off that fan base. Her pure vocal talent, though, SHOULD carry her to the finale. Unfortunately, Sawyer just seems unstoppable right now. It’s a shame. I hate when the winner becomes obvious from weeks out from the finale, but I guess I can try and enjoy the journey, although doing that without Kimberly will be hard.

      • Sharon says:

        I hope not she is awful!

  6. Brooke M. says:

    What the hell just happened?? India over Kimberly? No. Just NO.

    • saucie says:

      or meghan over either one of them! sorry, not a meghan fan. her mom was sweet, though. GAH! i’m sick about kim!

  7. Kim Moores says:

    Can we also discuss how The Voice stage haaaates Jacquie Lee?
    Girl didn’t sound good at all and I’ve seen her perform that song very well.

  8. Ron says:

    I just…. I can’t even right now.

    • Ron says:

      And I should say, I’m generally a fan of India. But Kimberly shoulda won the whole dang thing! But the fact that it even came down to India and Kim is ridiculous. I mean, I like Josh and all, but srsly. I don’t know how he wasn’t even in the bottom after his performance last night.

      • Davey says:

        Because his fans were voting for him. He was No 14 on iTunes. He had more votes than Koryn but they didn’t want to show three black singers in the bottom three.

      • J. Scott says:

        I had Kimberly picked from the beginning as a potential winner, along with Sarah Potenza, Cody Wickline & Sawyer Fredericks. Down to one of them now. Why is bland America’s choice?

  9. Katie Killjoy says:

    If last night was indicative of anything:
    We should expect a good amount of runts trotting in to troll about their excitement over Kimberly’s departure.

  10. Jenna says:

    Why in the world is Megan Linsey still in? Ugh. Smart move on Blake’s part though to give her a religious sing though to sway some voters.

  11. Jasper says:

    We still have Koryn.
    *cries in the corner*

  12. kk3thess says:

    Regardless of being eliminated tonight, Kimberly is (followed by Juliet Simms and Tessanne Chin) the best contestant that has ever been on this show. I don’t think that anyone in this top 5, except for Sawyer, will be remembered as much as her in the future

  13. NotVirgin Mary says:

    I’m so disappointed with the results. I thought Kim was a shoe-in for the finals, but alas, she has followed the path of the other black women superior to their competition, leaving much too early. I really enjoyed Dirty Diana, but who wants that song on their playlist? Ever? And I cringed as soon as I knew she was doing Free Fallin. If she did Seven Nation Army last night, that would’ve been dynamite. Sigh…

    • MC says:

      A full-on version of “Seven Nation Army” might have saved Kimberly from this awful situation. Unfortunately, the song choices last night were a major factor in her downfall.

    • newsdee says:

      I have been buying her songs on iTunes, but I didn’t want “Dirty Diana’. I don’t know why Xtina would advise her to go with that tune. When it gets this close to the end of the season, you have to go with Christian music or Simon & Garfunkel type songs…..if you want to be in the finals. I voted for Kimberly on line and on the phone though. This season is really over for me with her exit ( and Xtina & Pharrell know this to be true).

    • Runner says:

      You couldn’t pay me to download Dirty Diana. She chose TWO awful songs. It was definitely the wrong timing for such a gaff. Still not liking tonight’s results. If India outsang her tonight, then fine – I would feel better. But India did her usual – part of the song passable/beautiful and the other part um… dog poo. She is too inconsistent for me and she has no real defined niche that I care about. Caterwauling diva singers is so 1980.

      • Birdy says:

        I would say that out of all the female contestants left over the past couple of weeks, India is the LEAST of the caterwauling divas.

  14. Kimberly could win this all. India is going to flop, no matter who wins(it wont be her btw).

  15. BobbieJo says:

    No one believed me when I said Kimberly was a goner after her “performance” of DIRTY (yes it was!) Diana this week. And look, I was right. Imagine that. I don’t even like India but I voted for her a bunch because I didn’t want to see Kim flashing her panties again. Plus I have to admit Kim was (very slightly) more of a threat to Sawyer winning so I advanced India who will be easy to take out next week. Bottom line: My boy’s got this in the bag!

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Katie Killjoy, I found one! :)

    • Katie Killjoy says:

      I watched every bootleg version of Dirty Diana imaginable and all this ‘panty flashing’ nonsense needs to stop.
      She didn’t, you’re crazy, you’re wrong.
      Quit making excuses.

      • BobbieJo says:

        People made screen caps of the whole thing so stop being in denial! Kim also GRABBED her crotch during the performance and there are photos of the whole thing. While you may like that behavior not everyone condones it. That is what cost Kimberly and she has no one to blame but herself!!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          People like you make me so proud to be an atheist.

          • danin says:

            Bobbi Jo, long lost relative of Jill Moy

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            Don’t say her name. It just encourages her to comment.
            I can hear the pitter patter of her insect legs making their way over here now..
            *sprays bug repellent*

          • Andrea says:

            Oh Angie, it has nothing to do with religion (at least it shouldn’t) This lady is just nuts. I am a proud Christian girl and I absolutely adore Kimberly. I was devastated that she left. There’s nothing better than a strong, confident woman showing us that it is ok to be yourself.

            I never comment here but I read the comments here every single time and I find myself agreeing with you many times. I think you are awesome… Just ignore people like BobbieJo. She gives true Christians a bad name. Jesus hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors, etc… Who are we to judge ANYBODY…

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            You’re right, Andrea. In retrospect I shouldn’t have made that comment. I do sincerely apologize if I have offended you as that was not my intention. I was reacting to the prudishness, but it was wrong for me to paint with such a broad stroke with my generalization.
            You should join the comments with us! It’s a (mostly) friendly group. :)

        • Katie Killjoy says:

          The word for the type of people you represent are big, whiny, baby b’s. Lol
          How pathetic, she grabbed her crotch so she can’t prosper? Give me a break, you sound like an idiot, though there’s not a doubt in my mind you are.
          The closest ‘crotch grabbing’ was her playing with the center spot of her tutu and pushing it backward.
          BobbieJo, you need to get out more if a crotch grab is so offending to you. You must haaaate Michael Jackson.

        • Runner says:

          BobbieJo, I love obsessed with Kim’s crotch you are. It’s hilarious. Do you, Boo Boo Kitty. Bring the comedy. Somebody has to.

        • JM1 says:

          BobbieJo – You are to me as an imaginary Kimberly crotch grab is to you.

        • Birdy says:

          I doubt that had much to do with it, Bobbie Jo…. Some of us just get tired of the overwrought performances, and the “louder and higher in pitch is apparently better” approach to singing.

        • Birdy says:

          Your holier-than-thou and poor offended sensibilities are hypocritical, BobbieJo, given that you come on here and think it’s such a great idea to vote for a person you think is weaker, in order to give your favorite an edge. Some righteous attitude that is….

        • mae says:

          @BobbleJoYou need to quit lying because on a later post you said you and your “group” voted for India to eliminate Kimberly because she was compitition for Sawyer.

    • Steph says:

      Wow… For someone to not vote for someone on a show called “The VOICE” based on a “crotch grab” or bc they “showed their underwear”, rather than their vocal ability is ridiculous! I mean really?? That girl had some major talent! I’m a huge rock fan anyways, but to see the way she’d make each and every rock song she sang her own… that’s an ARTIST! And that’s what this show does… helps turn people into artist! (Btw Josh should’ve been gone weeks ago… how he’s still there is beyond me!)

  16. The injustice wasn’t just that Kimberly left, it was that she and India were both in the bottom 2. How is Joshua not gone? Does America just really like boring Adult Contemporary artists? Idk.

  17. Lee says:

    Despite her enthusiasm and refreshingly lessened passive bitchy attitude, looks like Xtina is not going to win again after all – not with India.

    And now Kimberly can now join to the unfortunate sisterhood and Amanda, Amber, and Sisaundra AKA “unjustified best singers of women who didn’t make it to the finale – so close yet so far…” :(

    • MC says:

      Kimberly was so polarizing that she could not afford to have a mediocre set, but that’s what happened last night. I voted for her last night based on her body of work and I feel good about those ten votes. I chose to save Kimberly tonight, but India’s “Big White Room” and “Hurt” were awesome. I just think India peaked a little earlier than Kimberly did, but both are very talented.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Kim was so polarizing…yet she hit the top 10 once and the top 30+ on two other occasions…okay.

        • MC says:

          My point is there are some performers who can easily coast to the next round after a mediocre (or even poor) night. Kim imo was not of those folks; she had to work for every vote.

    • Runner says:

      You know? When this season started I thought that there is no way ever EVER that Pharrell was going to win with his dismal team and even more dismal song choices. Um, so… I take that back :)

      • Jules says:

        He had a great team but made some weird choices (Lowell??) Kim & Meghan were originally on his team. I think he was dead set on the kids. It will pay off but in the nost boring way. I’ll be happy for him though.

    • Jill For me I dont care one way or the other about Kim Or India, because I think Koryn is better. Im surprised though,that Megan is there over Kimberly, because I think Megan is the worst. I do like Kimberly and India better than Megan!

  18. Ginger Snap says:

    India should go home.
    Or Josh.

  19. scotty b says:

    I’m so depressed. First Joey, then Derek Shepherd, now Kimberly?!?! She got Amanda Brown’d. Dammit.

  20. analythinker says:

    Who was it that asked Kim to sing Seven Nation Army? Well, they got their wish. Although I was a bit annoyed with her coming up behind the pocket almost through the whole song, hence why I picked India.

    • MC says:

      Regrettable, but true. I believe that five of the top ten performances this season were from India or Kimberly. A sad night, but at least India gets another chance.

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      It would’ve been good if she did the full version. Check out how she does it on her other live performances, it’s about the tension, really. It just didn’t work in a 1 and a half minute performance. I thought her playing with the pocket worked, but maybe it’s because I replayed her other performance of it too many times.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        On your suggestion, I listened to her Seven Nation Army recording. Kimberly Nichole was born in the wrong era. This chica would have been ROCKING the 70s. Could you imagine her tearing up Studio 54?
        Unfortunately there’s not much of a market now for her type of singing and style. I hope I’m wrong on that as I’d love to see her do well.

        • Katie Killjoy says:

          Dunno, I’d be willing to bet your a bit wrong.
          Thankfully her style isn’t so throwback that you need an old ear to enjoy it. I wouldn’t pigeonhole her to classic rock only.
          Thankfully she also has a gimmick, her tutu’s.
          She’ll be harder to promote, but she’s so charismatic she could do it.
          Though, rock music has a big support group and if she can grab it…she’s good.

        • Reasonable says:

          No, yes …. you are right, not wrong. Cruise the top 200 videos and song charts,, and there’s not much out there in these throwback singing styles and performances we see on these talent shows.

          Once the show is over, they either get lucky with a modern hit song , or they are right back to singing at local area events or maybe opening for a known band or artist for their tours. Blake has done well by some of his contestants in that area. Xtina?? Don’t know.

    • Birdy says:

      Bad choice. Didn’t show her range (though I’m beginning to wonder just how much range she has). She had much better performances this season. I think India was better this week and deserved the win.

  21. Josephine B says:

    The problem this season are the song choices! Most of yesterday’s songs were a snooze fest. With all the songs they could sing! I mean BORING!! I mean seriously!

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      True on song choices – even some of the upbeat flashy performance songs were nothing more than generic pablum stage rock with screaming as a crutch.

      Joshua survived simply because he was low-key on his last song and at least let an easy listening moratorium take place, rather than shouting, screaming and running around the stage.

      • Elk says:

        As my husband said “caterwauling”. Each of us has our own taste in music… need for nastiness in any comment. Song choice is what brings many favorites down.

  22. waterbug says:

    Well, the only reason I stayed with the voice was to watch her make it to the semifinals, I knew she could not win against little lucky charms, but Kimberly is gone already? You could see the moment of disbelief on Xtina’s,,,anyway buh bye Voice.. See ya next season.

    • newsdee says:

      Sorry to say, but I feel the same way. I knew that Kimberly wouldn’t win, but I looked forward to her performances (and they were more than entertaining!) We all know that the teenagers and some grannies have already anointed the sweet little Jesus boy (honestly I have nothing against him….he’s just NOT “THE VOICE”!!), I simply hoped to be entertained by Kimberly until the finals.

  23. Z says:

    Really sad that Kim is gone. Her performances were something that I looked forward to every week. I hope someone in the industry picks up this girl! She’d be great opening act.

  24. Kaba says:

    What the hell happened tonight?
    I’m going to be really frank right now:
    America hates hard rock.
    They have to, it’s the only explanation as to how Kimberly outsings India in that sing off and still loses.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      America also hates overly confident women. Overly confident women are described as the B word whereas overly confident men are “strong.” I love Kimberly so so much, but this result does not surprise me much.

      • Kaba says:

        There are two types of performers that do not thrive well on this show:
        The handsome young man and the big voiced black woman.
        The last time if I recall correctly, that we got a ‘diva belter’ black woman in even the semis was season 1. I’d count Tessanne, but she’s half so….
        I’m amazed India and Koryn are still here, big voiced black women never thrive on this show cause everyone wants to call them screamers.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          India’s not a screamer at all. Koryn gets a bit shouty at times and her voice can go haywire when she’s nervous, but yeah, you’re right. No black lady has ever gotten to the finals (not counting Tessanne because I didn’t even know she was black… Tessanne CHIN is black? Who knew?!).

          • Kaba says:

            Tessanne was half chinese and half jamaican.
            Yes, India isn’t a screamer, but telling that to others gets us nowhere. If a black woman hits a big and extended note..they get the screamer card.
            All of them, it’s disgusting.

          • Miss O'Ginny says:

            Unless you’re counting her husband, Tessane Chin does not really have any “black” in her. And to Kaba below: “Jamaican” is not a race. It’s what you call someone who’s born in Jamaica. Anyone who saw her mother at the finale would know what her race mix is.

          • Birdy says:

            India’s definitely not a screamer, which is one of the reasons she’s my second-favorite of the ones left!

        • MC says:

          Perfectly on point.

        • newsdee says:

          You are so correct. Some people describe full voiced (really good) singers as “screamers”. Christiana is actually a “sceamer”……as well as Beyoncé, Mariah Cary, Patti LaBell, etc. and many of the better singers. Because they are able to hit high notes– the kind that lesser performers cannot hit , they reduce them to the word, “screamers”.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ding ding ding again. :)
            You’re on a roll.
            I also love how quick people are to point out when Koryn or India or Kimberly miss a note, but when Sawyer or Joshua miss notes (which is each and every performance mind you), it’s always “well, the way they recovered was amazing!” or “you don’t need high notes to sing well anyways!” or “I was so lost in the genius of their expression that I didn’t even notice!”

        • Shannon says:

          Jacquie Lee also got labeled a screamer.

      • saucie says:

        this is a sad day. i had her as one of the last 2 standing.

      • JM1 says:

        Angie – so sad but you are right. All too often people (men AND women) feel the need to smack down women when they are too confident and too strong.

        • Birdy says:

          I think this is BS about Kim not winning because people can’t handle strong and confident women. Lots of people just didn’t like her voice. What’s so hard to understand about that? I’m not saying I’m one of them (sometimes I liked her performances and sometimes not). But I’ve got nothing against her because she’s strong and confident.

  25. Kayla says:

    Seems like I’m the only one here who wasn’t a fan of Kimberly’s voice. It’s always tough this late in the game to go home, but I’m thrilled that India got through!

  26. Andres says:

    America hates talent

  27. Davey says:

    Even though I can’t stand Michael trashing Joshua Davis I, too, am shocked Kimberly is gone. I really hope Meghan leaves next week so we don’t have to watch Blake gloat any longer.

    • saucie says:

      meeeeeee toooooooo! what davey said!

    • newsdee says:

      Unfortunately, the last 3 standing will be Meaghan, Joshua, and Sawyer…..with Sawyer winning….and me watching “Dancing with the Stars” while this all goes down!

      • Mack_attack says:

        I really think Koryn will beat out India and Joshua, I’m not sure that she can beat Meghan, but I look forward to seeing what she does next.

  28. danin says:

    I lines Vicki during her season, but I thought her song was pretty meh.

  29. Kim Moores says:

    Time to just promote Kim’s music:
    Check out her song ‘Disconnected’!

  30. Karen R Clark says:

    I like India Carney but I think Kimberly Nicole should have been SAVED because she had what it took to go the distance!!

  31. Lyn says:

    Kimberly did fine with big dramatic solo performances but was off tempo and key on all the group numbers… Especially when she and India sang with Jason Derulo. He was terrific despite the gals. Kimberly doesn’t have a subtle side… Was entertaining… But Not particularly radio friendly. I think she’d be interesting as a TV personality.

  32. J. Scott says:

    First Cody Wickline then Sarah Potenza now Kimberly Nichole. WTF, Voice & fans? Talented & original doesn’t cut it? at least Sawyer Fredericks is still there. (and pls don’t force those dancing checkerboards on his performance again- annoying and distracting, poor Sawyer was in the eye of the hurricane)

  33. Don’t take this the wrong way but I think Kim was about to win until she opened her big mouth at the very last moment when India and Kim made their final comments to Christina. I think Kimberly was certainly more motivated than India but her final sentiments showed and unpolished side of her which I bet America was immediately turned off on. Public perception is tricky under the TV spot light and a few last minute tweets probably made that possible. Oh well, good luck to her and happy for India.

    • Katie Killjoy says:

      What did the girl so that damned her?
      Clearly it wasn’t that effective considering it only left them at a 50/50 split.

    • When she ‘crotch rubbed’ approx 1 min into her performance last night… I thought immediately at the time… wow, she does not want to win… she is only using the show to inroad into a certain genre. This is primarily a family show and crotch rubbing does not go over very well.

      • NotVirgin Mary says:

        What? She wasn’t rubbing her crotch. LMFAO. Ya’ll are crazy, I swear.

        • Re-watch her performance … not a grab … a rub. Do not get me wrong.. I like her a lot… but as soon as she did so, I knew oh crap.. knowing who votes on this show.. I knew she would be in trouble. The results of vote and total lack of show on itunes tells the tale…

      • The Duke says:

        How many times are you going to post this?

        • Jules says:

          She’s OBSESSED with Kim’s crotch! She said herself, she watched her performance several times just to make sure her crotch was “rubbed” and not “grabbed”.

          • I said I re-watched to show someone else why I thought she would be voted off.. they did not think she did till I showed them. Anyway, sorry that your lack of understanding of the country’s voting populace bothers you so.. but reality is a pill for many to swallow.

        • Maybe her underwear were to tight or she had an itch! LOL LOL LOL For God Sakes What is all this “crotch” talk. I hate that word anyway!

      • Katie Killjoy says:

        Basically artistry and personal expression is not advised here.
        And that wasn’t a crotch grab, though the real question is whether or not a man would have been dinged for the same thing.
        Probably not.

  34. Hattie says:

    I am super disappointed. So much so that I’m not sure I want to even continue watching the show. I don’t know why I bother to watch The Voice. Each season frustrates me because the most talented contestant rarely wins. Can anyone honestly believe Josh is more talented than Kimberly? I think not. Adam fans vote for him no matter how out of tune he is. Oh well, I least I’m gaining an extra three hours per week. As for India, she’s a decent singer but she bores me and shows zero personality.

    • Davey says:

      First Joshua doesn’t sing out of tune. You do realize that some people can like both Joshua and Kimberly? The only reason Kimberly was in the bottom 2 was her song choice. If she had sung something like Amazing Grace tonight she would still be here.

      • Reasonable says:

        and, there were a good number of indications that Kimberly was going to hit bottom 2….. She was outpaced on itunes by the other 5 this episode…………….. she was not rating all that high on the after-show surveys on several sites ……

        she took a big risk on one of her song choices that did not work-out. ……………..

        . some of us predicted she would be singing to stay, and would most likely be gone. Now,,, if she is just what America is waiting for, then she would get signed by a major label and booked and sell gold-level albums anyway. So…if we see her around the billboard charts and headlining Arena shows next year, then we’ll know the voters have no taste……. If not, then maybe she just had a good run and will get some work in her home state area from all her exposure on the show.

        • mae says:

          @Rwasonable- go take a look at Kim’s web site and you will see that she has quite a background in getting some work. For an unsigned artist she has done great.

      • Hattie says:

        Agree to disagree on Joshua. He definitely sings out of tune – as many of commented, including authors (not just posters) on this site. See the article covering last night’s performances, for example His lower register is awful. He is the least talented contestant left, by leaps and bounds.

  35. Rita says:

    I actually thought Koryn was going to be the one leaving this week. I personally don’t care of Kimberly, but she is a better singer–just not as likeable as Koryn.

  36. Lance Matthew says:

    Eh I won’t be watching anymore…

  37. wayne says:

    I am so hurt what do america.want in an artiste. Kimberly and India should not have been in the bottom 2. Again American has failed to get it right


  38. Mikal says:

    I love India and Kim! I just loved India a bit more. She is the best singer in the competition. Maybe now that Christina only has one artist to focus on, she will really push India to become even better and hopefully win over Kim fans. Kim will be missed though! Joshua should have left!!!

    • She would never be successful as a recording artist though.

      • Mikal says:

        Have you listened to her studio recordings? They sound amazing. Glory and Lay me down are so good! loved every bit of it.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Glory is amazing. One of the best recordings of the season IMO. The folks on this board are clearly not pro-India, but she’s a talent, that girl. She’s got something that isn’t very ordinary.

          • I agree. There are way too many Beyoncé wanna-be’s, etc. Originality is the ticket. Add to that her energy and fantastic voice. Korlyn or whatever her name is, bores me. I would not go across the street to hear her. I find a lot of people today just want the same old thing to be played. Whatever happened to enjoying real talent?

  39. Robert Rosero says:

    It’s curious that given Kim’s more positive reviews and body of work, her support system failed her at the last minute, both in Itunes and votes. Where were the people who put her in the top 10 a few weeks back? It’s like they just trip on one song and that’s it. I thought she was gonna be Sawyer’s toughest competitor.

    • MC says:

      That’s the question. I’m glad that I supported Kimberly with votes, even though last night was nowhere near her best.

    • Russ says:

      I was going to point out the same thing. Kimberly constantly charted in the top ten or close to it. Last night she was 100 and 103. Normally any artist with the voice logo is a lock for the top 100 and normally rather safely in the top 100. To drop like that her own fans did not support her. As Michael said last night, Sawyer could get up there and burp and his fans would have him in the top 10. Every other artist fans on the show has been of accused by some on these forums of voting for their favorite. No matter their performance.

      So what happened last night? Kimberly had an off night and her fans bailed on her? Did she have a personality change to cause her fans bail on her? Did her dancing last night really cost her fans? I do not know what it was to cause the lack of support. I do know if she had got her normal vote she would not have been in the bottom two.

      • tealeaves says:

        @Russ you raise a very good point. If her ITunes showing was that low then it means her fans did not support her. People who had been buying her songs stopped this week.

  40. wild_child says:

    Not getting America’s love affair with India. She hasn’t come anywhere close to her Stay performance. That was her only above average performance this season. Anything else has either been overwrought(Over The Rainbow) or melodramatic(Hurt) I also find that vibrato of hers to be so dang unpleasant to listen to, like when you were a kid and you used to sing into the fan just to here your voice vibrate, well, that’s how India always sounds to me. She really just needs to be on Broadway because the pop star thing is not working for her.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Funny. Aren’t you the one who rails me every week for not fawning over Sawyer and Joshua? Seems like you have something negative to say about India every week. Hypocritical much?

  41. Chloe says:

    I give up on America. Kimberly was the most talented and interesting performer – by far – this season and last combined. I think Pharrell was really disgusted. And I’m finished with the show – just sick of talented black women pushed aside for milquetoast performers.

    • drc says:

      A black woman won – in fact there are 2 black women in the final 4. You have your opinion, and so does the rest of the country. That’s voting for you. Will you quit the country if a President that you don’t like gets elected???

      • Kaba says:

        Tessanne is the only woman of color to have won, not that it’s important, but you mentioned it.
        Also, black women haven’t been in the semi-finals since…ever. Tessanne I guess counts as half and it’s a blessing we have TWO this time around this season.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Name the two black female finalists over the first 7 season. You have 25 finalists to choose from, and I can’t wait to see which two you are referring to.
        I’m waiting…

        • Kaba says:

          I’ll just name the finalists myself:
          S1: Beverly, Vicci, Dia, Javier
          S2: Jermaine, Juliet, Chris, Tony
          S3: Cassadee, Terry, Nicholas
          S4: Michelle, Swons, Danielle (*Sasha was the 2nd black fem semifinalist though! 1st of the new format)
          S5: Tessanne, Jacquie, Will
          S6: Josh, Grimmie, Jake
          S7: Not a woman in sight even at the semis.
          So yeah…aside from Sasha and Frenchie…black women rarely make the semifinals even.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Wow, so out of roughly 35 or so contestants, 2.5 of the semi-finalists have been black females. That’s grim. Because they make up a pretty big chunk of the final 12 in each season.

          • Kaba says:

            Pardon my freakish memory. I remember a lot about these shows lol.
            Yeah, looking back at the top 12s…
            Season 1: Frenchie
            Season 2: I don’t really recall any belting black women in the lives
            Season 3: didn’t watch it a lot
            Season 4: Judith and Sasha
            Season 5: Tessanne and honorary mention to Jacquie cause she was called screamer
            Season 6: Beastmaster Sisaundra
            Season 7: Anita was like…the only black woman left at this point
            Yeah, The Voice does not like big voiced black women.
            They like white girls who can hold a note at best.

          • newsdee says:

            Thanks for the info…..I hadn’t thought about that. Perhaps I need to give “American Idol” another try.

    • Ron Stephens says:


  42. Ami says:

    It was a tough decision … but I must say that I leaned towards India simply because her voice is the type of voice that I prefer to listen on daily listening. Kim was a powerhouse on stage but I never even downloaded/bought her songs because I couldn’t listen to them repeatedly. Just a matter of vocal preference I guess

    • Birdy says:

      Same here, Ami. I think a lot of people here are influenced by style over substance…. (That is, flashy performances over better signing voices.)

      • MC says:

        There are plenty of people on here who like both singers, including me.

        • Birdy says:

          I don’t dislike Kim, MC. But I like India better, because I think she has the better singing voice. She may not be as “exciting” a performer as Kim, but I think she has more overall range (in terms of the variety of styles she can do). I got rather tired of Kim’s loudness and sometimes over-the-top theatrics. She did wow me on a couple of performances, but Monday and Tuesday, I think India was better.

  43. Delorest says:

    I am so sad. Kimberly is such a great singer. Some of us do NOT tweet. This is not a fair way to “SAVE” someone. Just go with the previous night’s votes and I’ll be satisfied.

    • drc says:

      We live in MST and don’t even get a chance to vote for the save (not that I know how to Tweet anyway).

    • Russ says:

      You do realize based off of Itunes last night that Kimberly would have been going home. At least with twitter she had one more chance to stay in a very close vote.

  44. Davey says:

    It’s very possible that Sawyer fans tweeted for India tonight because they were scared Kimberly would be a threat.

    • analythinker says:

      This is my thought as well.

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      I agreed. I saw a couple people admit to doing that.
      #VoiceSaveIndia trended worldwide because an actor from The Fault In Our Stars tweeted “Ok my friend @indiacarney needs to be saved on the voice. Tweet me #VoiceSaveIndia and I’ll follow you!”

    • Robert Rosero says:

      Sawyer actually tweeted for Kim, I’m sure his fans would’ve followed suit. Clearly wasn’t the case.

    • saucie says:

      doubtful. it looks like sawyer tweeted a plea to save kim! and sawyer fans do what sawyer says, i bet.

    • Russ says:

      Actually Sawyer tweeted out for his fans to #voicesaveKimberly

    • Actually I looked on Sawyers twitter page and he tweeted to save Kimberly, which surprised me because last week he tweeted to save India! He said “save her because she is incredible” or something to that effect. I just looked up Sawyer Fredricks twitter and shows all of his tweets!

      • I also think that is sweet on Sawyers part. It shows that he cares about who he thinks is talented, and NOT about being strategic to win! I mean she could have been big competition for the top 3. Sawyer still wanted to save her. This says a great deal about his sweet and real character! Amazing singer but also amazing kid!

  45. Did anyone else notice that #VoiceSaveIndia was trending in the UK ? You think that INDIA the country influenced that #VoiceSAVE? Crushed…., but it’s the SAWYER Coronation, anyway.

    • Z says:

      In the legal small print below the Twitter save instructions it reads that you must be a resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico so I don’t think it had any influence. But an interesting observation as to whom the UK liked.

  46. Violet says:

    Sorry, Michael, but I’m very pleasantly surprised by this outcome. I found Kim’s voice grating, and couldn’t imagine listening to an entire album by her. I was worried she would win, but now I think Sawyer, who really brings something different, has a pretty clear shot, though any of this top 5 would be a deserving winner.

    • Tori says:

      The most different Sawyer brings to anything is that he is the living, breathing culmination for a guitar strumming man’s recipe to winning the voice.
      It’s always been said that acoustic, tender performances are what win the show on the voice and sell the best.
      Sawyer is just that, only that.
      The kid is not different. He’s a folk singer, we’ve got tons of those atm

      • Violet says:

        Maybe, but right now, folky type singers are more commercially viable than belting divas. Look at Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith as examples.

    • Birdy says:

      Violet, totally agree about Kimberly! Loved a couple of her performances, but wow, did she ever get tiring after a while. Sometimes exhausting to listen to. While I, too, would never pay for an album by her, I would pay for one by India–and will if she puts one out!

      • Violet says:

        At the end of the day, it’s not about who has the “biggest” performance on TV. It’s about whose music people are going to want to LISTEN TO on a regular basis. Kimberly was not really my bag. Different strokes, I guess.

  47. Z says:

    I have to admit that it seemed mildly suspicious that the vote came in so close two weeks in a row. Did the producers see the excitement generated by last week’s vote and think hmm? Not saying they altered the result just perhaps made it seem really close.

  48. TinLV says:

    I can’t believe Kimberly got eliminated..And yet Josh Davis keeps on rolling along ?? Go figure. He’s not bad, but he’s nothing special.. whereas Kimberley is so unique and powerful on stage. And when it came down to a choice between India or Kimberly.. no contest, it should have been Kim.

  49. Ron Stephens says:

    Ok short and unsweet. Neither of the bottom 2 should have been in this position. Here’s why I think this way.

    MEGAN has been performing in Nashville for a long time. No lable has picked her up. Blake didn’t choose her in the beginning, yet after the steal he says this girl has one of the best voices he’s ever heard??? And to end the show last night with Amazing Grace. WTF!!!

    JOSH has a nice voice but in my opinion he is BORING BORING!! He will not sell records.

    Two of the best vocolist are left as the bottom 2. UNBELIEVABLE! !!

    I the name of the show should be changed to ” IT’S NOT SO MUCH THE VOICE”


    I’LL stop my rambling with this. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JOSH AND MEGAN AT THE BOTTOM. But America would probably saved boring Josh!!

    Yeah I’m pissed.

    • Gailer says:

      Honestly with this show overall, does anyone sell records? I think it helps them to keep singing but that’s about it, none of them will be Kelly Clarksons.

      • Katie Killjoy says:

        Then stop watching the stupid show if you’re that concerned.
        That argument is so played out.
        American Idol hasn’t produced a Kelly, Carrie, or JHud since ever.
        All the winners past season 5 are barely heard of, P2 had a good series of singles and is now not huge.
        Lambert is thankfully on the comeup.
        Otherwise, nobody on AI has been so overwhelmingly famous since Kelly or Carrie.
        I’d also like to point out that The Voice came around the time of the decline of these type of shows.
        I believe the show premiered 2012?
        1st season during a decline? Nope.
        Then the decline continued and even AI has flop winners.
        At least these folks are usually better singers.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Not to mention it took Kelly Clarkson 3 years to really hit it big with Since U Been Gone. She released that in 2004. She won Idol in 2001.
          The Voice has been on for three years. Just by the law of large numbers, SOMEONE from this show is going to be huge. We just haven’t seen it yet.

          • patdamico says:

            Thank you, Angie (and Katie). I’ve said before there’s a couple of mantras about The Voice that are getting very old. Plus, I think it’s unrealistic to expect these singers to blow up overnight after the season ends. I see all kinds of evidence that The Voice is supporting their contestants (not just the winners, so Kimberly fans take heart).

          • Sierra says:

            Kelly Clarkson won American Idol on September 4, 2002. Her debut album, “Thankful,” was released on April 15, 2003, and by the end of 2003, it had sold 1.840 million copies.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            And still the average American had no idea who she was until she released Since U Been Gone.

    • Alison says:

      Nailed it. Josh and Meghan should have been bottom two. But then Blake and Adam fans would have been left out in the cold…now all 4 coaches are still in.

    • Birdy says:

      What’s a lable?

  50. Kaba says:

    Seriously, am I the only one who enjoys the crap out of Kimberly’s kind of rock?
    I go to so many house shows and am in possession of so many cool and local underground rock albums and EPs so Kimberly was just A1 for me….
    This is why you’ll rarely find a ‘rock’ artist on these kind of shows, they get 0 love.
    Like, no love at all even though they’re awesome.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      As much as I’m sad to see her go, I hope it means she will continue performing at The Box. As a NYC resident, I will be there. Frequently. She was amazing.

      • Kaba says:

        I’d totally go to see her too!
        Frankly, that the real important element nowadays. Singers don’t make the money from their songs like they make from performances.

        • MC says:

          Very true. The business has changed. The money is in the concerts. For those who want the proof of this shift in perspective, google, “The Death of Music Sales.”

          • Cheryl says:

            So true. Did you see that there was a Disney ad just after the comments? Doesn’t that just fit! I am a fan of Kim as a total performer and will miss her. But I think Sawyer is an up and coming performer. As young as he is he’ll just continue to grow and improve. Any of you know who Johnny Lang is? Sawyer is going to be just like him!!